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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Institute for Economic Strategies

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1 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Dec―28 The EAEU Demography and Human Capital: Trends and Losses in the Context of a Pandemic Aleksandr I. Ageev, Olga A. Zolotareva
2 [GO] Microeconomics 2021―Jul―07 Влияние пандемии COVID-19 на управление предприятиями высокотехнологичных отраслей промышленности в контексте их цифровой трансформации: проблемы и новые возможности Татьяна Владимировна Кокуйцева, Максим Михайлович Харламов
3 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Jul―02 Appraisal: Business Development Trends After COVID-19 Sergey A. Pobyvaev
4 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Apr―28 2020 is a Disastrous Year, but Not Hopeless: Lessons from the Pandemic Alexander A. Frenkel, Boris I. Tikhomirov, Yakov V. Sergienko, Anton A. Surkov
5 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Apr―20 Globalization of the World Economy and Pandemic-2020 Viktoriya V. Perskaya
6 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Apr―20 Total Figure: Pandemic as a Portal to the Future Tatiana A. Ivanova
7 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―17 War and World: Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Terms of Hybrid War. Psychoevotional Factors and Psychomatic Medicine in Combating SARS-CoV-2 Svetlana B. Epikhina
8 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―17 Reflexion of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Subject-Oriented Approach Vladimir E. Lepskiy
9 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―17 Results of Nine Months 2020: Economy in Waves of Coronavirus Alexander A. Frenkel, Boris I. Tikhomirov, Yakov V. Sergienko, Anton A. Surkov
10 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 COVID-19 in Russia: Realities Justified by Statistical Analytics and Forecasting Natalia A. Sadovnikovа, Olga A. Zolotareva
11 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 Agglomeration Confines and Coronavirus Diffusion Dar'ya M. Radchenko, Yurii Yu. Ponomarev
12 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 Coronavirus Superstrategy: Global Projection of the “Just-in-time Catastrophe’s” Financial Model for Overcoming the Crisis and Entering into a New Geo-Economic Normality Aleksandr I. Ageev, Evgenii L. Loginov
13 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 Panacea for Pandemic Igor’ Yu. Sundiev, Andrey B. Frolov
14 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 Refunding for Cancelled Applications During a Pandemic Elena V. Zakharova, Angelina K. Malkhasyan
15 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 COVID-2019 Pandemic - a Catalyst for the Possible Loss of the Democratic Foundations of Society Viktoriya V. Perskaya
16 [GO] Economic Strategies 2021―Mar―16 Uncertainties in Pandemic Assessment. Chronicles of Appraisal Business Sergey A. Pobyvaev

16 Results       Page 1


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