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1 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2022―Aug―04 Non-productive exposure of PBMCs to SARS-CoV -2 induces cell-intrinsic innate immune responses Julia Kazmierski, Kirstin Friedmann, Dylan Postmus, Jackson Emanuel, Cornelius Fischer, Jenny Jansen, et al. (+11)
2 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―Jul―28 After 2 years of a pandemic, students are struggling to find strong reference letters David R Smith
3 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jul―27 SARS-CoV -2 spike protein enhances MAP4K3 / GLK -induced ACE2 stability in COVID -19 Huai-Chia Chuang, Chia-Hsin Hsueh, Pu-Ming Hsu, Rou-Huei Huang, Ching-Yi Tsai, Nai-Hsiang Chung, et al. (+2)
4 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2022―Jul―14 Attenuation of SARS-CoV -2 replication and associated inflammation by concomitant targeting of viral and host cap 2’-O-ribose methyltransferases Valter Bergant, Shintaro Yamada, Vincent Grass, Yuta Tsukamoto, Teresa Lavacca, Karsten Krey, et al. (+23)
5 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jul―04 Clinical grade ACE2 as a universal agent to block SARS-CoV -2 variants Vanessa Monteil, Brett Eaton, Elena Postnikova, Michael Murphy, Benedict Braunsfeld, Ian Crozier, et al. (+29)
6 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jul―04 Spleen tyrosine kinase mediates innate and adaptive immune crosstalk in SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination Sebastian J Theobald, Alexander Simonis, Julie M Mudler, Ulrike Göbel, Richard Acton, Viktoria Kohlhas, et al. (+9)
7 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jul―01 A novel platform for attenuating immune hyperactivity using EXO-CD24 in Covid-19 and beyond Shiran Shapira, Marina Ben Shimon, Mori Hay-Levi, Gil Shenberg, Guy Choshen, Lian Bannon, et al. (+9)
8 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2022―May―17 Human phospho-signaling networks of SARS-CoV-2 infection are rewired by population genetic variants Diogo Pellegrina, Alexander T Bahcheli, Michal Krassowski, Jüri Reimand
9 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―May―17 Olverembatinib inhibits SARS-CoV-2-Omicron variant-mediated cytokine release in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells Marina Chan, Eric C Holland, Taranjit S Gujral
10 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―May―12 Potent neutralization by monoclonal human IgM against SARS-CoV-2 is impaired by class switch Ilaria Callegari, Mika Schneider, Giuliano Berloffa, Tobias Mühlethaler, Sebastian Holdermann, Edoardo Galli, et al. (+9)
11 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―May―09 ADAM10 and ADAM17 promote SARS-CoV-2 cell entry and spike protein-mediated lung cell fusion Georg Jocher, Vincent Grass, Sarah K Tschirner, Lydia Riepler, Stephan Breimann, Tuğberk Kaya, et al. (+11)
12 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2022―Apr―26 Toll-like receptors matter: plasmacytoid dendritic cells in COVID-19 Jennifer Becker, Ulrich Kalinke
13 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―Apr―25 A human coronavirus OC43-derived polypeptide causes neuropathic pain Veronica I Shubayev, Jennifer Dolkas, Glaucilene Ferreira Catroli, Andrei V Chernov
14 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Apr―01 SARS-CoV-2 Spike Spurs Intestinal Inflammation via VEGF Production in Enterocytes Fa-min Zeng, Ying-wen Li, Zhao-hua Deng, Jian-zhong He, Wei Li, Lijie Wang, et al. (+12)
15 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Mar―14 RNAi to treat SARS-CoV-2-variant proofing the next generation of therapies Nigel A J McMillan, Kevin V Morris, Adi Idris
16 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―Mar―07 Biparatopic sybodies neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and mitigate drug resistance Justin D Walter, Melanie Scherer, Cedric A J Hutter, Alisa A Garaeva, Iwan Zimmermann, Marianne Wyss, et al. (+17)
17 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―Mar―03 A simple reverse genetics method to generate recombinant coronaviruses Julien Mélade, Géraldine Piorkowski, Franck Touret, Toscane Fourié, Jean-Sélim Driouich, Maxime Cochin, et al. (+4)
18 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Feb―25 COVID-19 vaccination, time for a second breath? Christiane E Gerke, Bernd Pulverer, Philippe J Sansonetti
19 [GO] EMBO Reports 2022―Feb―23 Lamarck redux and other false arguments against SARS-CoV-2 vaccination Emanuel Goldman
20 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2022―Feb―18 TLR2 and TLR7 mediate distinct immunopathological and antiviral plasmacytoid dendritic cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection Renée M. van der Sluis, Lamin B. Cham, Albert Gris-Oliver, Kristine R. Gammelgaard, Jesper G. Pedersen, Manja Idorn, et al. (+20)
21 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2022―Feb―14 High diversity in Delta variant across countries revealed by genome-wide analysis of SARS-CoV-2 beyond the Spike protein Rohit Suratekar, Pritha Ghosh, Michiel J M Niesen, Gregory Donadio, Praveen Anand, Venky Soundararajan, A J Venkatakrishnan
22 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Feb―09 A siRNA targets and inhibits a broad range of SARS-CoV-2 infections including Delta variant Yi-Chung Chang, Chi-Fan Yang, Yi-Fen Chen, Chia-Chun Yang, Yuan-Lin Chou, Hung-Wen Chou, et al. (+18)
23 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jan―27 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron emergence urges for reinforced One-Health surveillance Xavier Montagutelli, Sylvie van der Werf, Felix A Rey, Etienne Simon-Loriere
24 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2022―Jan―07 Decreased memory B cells frequencies in COVID-19 Delta variant vaccine breakthrough infection Matthew Zirui Tay, Angeline Rouers, Siew-Wai Fong, Yun Shan Goh, Yi-Hao Chan, Zi Wei Chang, et al. (+24)
25 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2022―Jan―04 Molecular basis of cross-species ACE2 interactions with SARS-CoV-2-like viruses of pangolin origin Sheng Niu, Jia Wang, Bin Bai, Lili Wu, Anqi Zheng, Qian Chen, et al. (+10)
26 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Dec―23 COVID-19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of virus-host interaction mechanisms Marek Ostaszewski, Anna Niarakis, Alexander Mazein, Inna Kuperstein, Robert Phair, Aurelio Orta-Resendiz, et al. (+133)
27 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Dec―20 Biparatopic nanobodies protect mice from lethal challenge with SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern Teresa R Wagner, Daniel Schnepf, Julius Beer, Natalia Ruetalo, Karin Klingel, Philipp D Kaiser, et al. (+10)
28 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Dec―16 A virus-derived microRNA targets immune response genes during SARS-CoV-2 infection Meetali Singh, Maxime Chazal, Piergiuseppe Quarato, Loan Bourdon, Christophe Malabat, Thomas Vallet, et al. (+9)
29 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Dec―04 Predicting Infectivity: Comparing Four PCR-based Assays to Detect Culturable SARS-CoV-2 in Clinical Samples Emily A. Bruce, Margaret G. Mills, Reigran Sampoleo, Garrett A. Perchetti, Meei-Li Huang, Hannah W. Despres, et al. (+6)
30 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Dec―02 DNA damage response at telomeres boosts the transcription of SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 during aging Sara Sepe, Francesca Rossiello, Valeria Cancila, Fabio Iannelli, Valentina Matti, Giada Cicio, et al. (+8)
31 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Nov―15 SARS-CoV-2 variants as super cell fusers: cause or consequence of COVID-19 severity? Jana Koch, Zina M Uckeley, Pierre-Yves Lozach
32 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Nov―08 High levels of circulating osteopontin in inflammatory lung disease regardless of SARS-CoV-2 infection Giuseppe Cappellano, Hugo Abreu, Davide Raineri, Lorenza Scotti, Luigi Castello, Rosanna Vaschetto, Annalisa Chiocchetti
33 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Oct―28 SARS-CoV-2-host proteome interactions for antiviral drug discovery Xiaonan Liu, Sini Huuskonen, Tuomo Laitinen, Taras Redchuk, Mariia Bogacheva, Kari Salokas, et al. (+10)
34 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Oct―28 Genome-scale metabolic modeling reveals SARS-CoV-2-induced metabolic changes and antiviral targets Kuoyuan Cheng, Laura Martin-Sancho, Lipika R Pal, Yuan Pu, Laura Riva, Xin Yin, et al. (+4)
35 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Oct―21 Flower lose, a cell fitness marker, predicts COVID-19 prognosis Michail Yekelchyk, Esha Madan, Jochen Wilhelm, Kirsty R Short, António M Palma, Linbu Liao, et al. (+37)
36 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Oct―21 Uncovering a conserved vulnerability site in SARS-CoV-2 by a human antibody Tingting Li, Hongmin Cai, Yapei Zhao, Yanfang Li, Yanling Lai, Hebang Yao, et al. (+29)
37 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Oct―16 Brain Cross-Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Variants by a Lentiviral Vaccine in New Transgenic Mice Min-Wen Ku, Pierre Authié, Maryline Bourgine, François Anna, Amandine Noirat, Fanny Moncoq, et al. (+15)
38 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Oct―04 SARS-CoV-2 Alpha, Beta and Delta variants display enhanced Spike-mediated Syncytia Formation Maaran Michael Rajah, Mathieu Hubert, Elodie Bishop, Nell Saunders, Remy Robinot, Ludivine Grzelak, et al. (+12)
39 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Sep―17 Lessons from COVID-19 Philip Hunter
40 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Sep―17 Racing for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine Özlem Türeci, Uğur Şahin
41 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Sep―14 SARS-CoV-2 structural coverage map reveals viral protein assembly, mimicry, and hijacking mechanisms Seán I O’Donoghue, Andrea Schafferhans, Neblina Sikta, Christian Stolte, Sandeep Kaur, Bosco K Ho, et al. (+6)
42 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Sep―12 Infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 depends on heparan sulfate proteoglycans Marta Bermejo-Jambrina, Julia Eder, Tanja M. Kaptein, John L. van Hamme, Leanne C. Helgers, Killian E. Vlaming, et al. (+9)
43 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Sep―07 How many animals are used for SARS-CoV-2 research? Philipp Schwedhelm, Johanna Kusnick, Céline Heinl, Gilbert Schönfelder, Bettina Bert
44 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Sep―03 COVID-19 and the gain of function debates Kelsey Lane Warmbrod, Michael G Montague, Gigi Kwik Gronvall
45 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Aug―13 Machine Learning Identifies Molecular Regulators and Therapeutics for Targeting SARS-CoV2-induced Cytokine Release Marina Chan, Siddharth Vijay, John McNevin, M. Juliana McElrath, Eric C. Holland, Taranjit S Gujral
46 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Aug―10 Identification of lectin receptors for conserved SARS-CoV-2 glycosylation sites David Hoffmann, Stefan Mereiter, Yoo Jin Oh, Vanessa Monteil, Elizabeth Elder, Rong Zhu, et al. (+19)
47 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Aug―02 A systems-level study reveals host-targeted repurposable drugs against SARS-CoV-2 infection Fangyuan Chen, Qingya Shi, Fen Pei, Andreas Vogt, Rebecca A Porritt, Gustavo Garcia, et al. (+10)
48 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jul―29 A functional assay for serum detection of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein Anna Albecka, Dean Clift, Marina Vaysburd, Tyler Rhinesmith, Sarah L Caddy, David M Favara, et al. (+2)
49 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jul―24 Neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 by highly potent, hyperthermostable, and mutation-tolerant nanobodies Thomas Güttler, Metin Aksu, Antje Dickmanns, Kim M. Stegmann, Kathrin Gregor, Renate Rees, et al. (+12)
50 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jul―23 SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid suppresses host pyroptosis by blocking Gasdermin D cleavage Juan Ma, Fangrui Zhu, Min Zhao, Fei Shao, Dou Yu, Jiangwen Ma, et al. (+7)
51 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Jul―14 Individual COVID-19 disease trajectories revealed by plasma proteomics Danish Memon, Inigo Barrio-Hernandez, Pedro Beltrao
52 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Jul―07 High-resolution serum proteome trajectories in COVID-19 reveal patient-specific seroconversion Philipp E Geyer, Florian M Arend, Sophia Doll, Marie-Luise Louiset, Sebastian Virreira Winter, Johannes B Müller-Reif, et al. (+8)
53 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jul―07 Interactomes of SARS-CoV-2 and human coronaviruses reveal host factors potentially affecting pathogenesis Zhen Chen, Chao Wang, Xu Feng, Litong Nie, Mengfan Tang, Huimin Zhang, et al. (+4)
54 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Jun―25 Attenuation of clinical and immunological outcomes during SARS-CoV-2 infection by ivermectin Guilherme Dias de Melo, Françoise Lazarini, Florence Larrous, Lena Feige, Etienne Kornobis, Sylvain Levallois, et al. (+9)
55 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jun―23 TMPRSS2 expression dictates the entry route used by SARS-CoV-2 to infect host cells Jana Koch, Zina M Uckeley, Patricio Doldan, Megan Stanifer, Steeve Boulant, Pierre-Yves Lozach
56 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Jun―16 Long-lived macrophage reprogramming drives spike protein-mediated inflammasome activation in COVID-19 Sebastian J Theobald, Alexander Simonis, Theodoros Georgomanolis, Christoph Kreer, Matthias Zehner, Hannah S Eisfeld, et al. (+27)
57 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Jun―08 SARS-CoV-2 sensing by RIG-I and MDA5 links epithelial infection to macrophage inflammation Lucy G Thorne, Ann-Kathrin Reuschl, Lorena Zuliani-Alvarez, Matthew V.X. Whelan, Jane Turner, Mahdad Noursadeghi, et al. (+2)
58 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―May―25 The COVID-19 pandemic: agile versus blundering communication during a worldwide crisis Gaby-Fleur Böl
59 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―May―21 Molecular basis of cross-species ACE2 interactions with SARS-CoV-2-like viruses of pangolin origin Sheng Niu, Jia Wang, Bin Bai, Lili Wu, Anqi Zheng, Qian Chen, et al. (+10)
60 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―May―09 Asymptomatic COVID-19: disease tolerance with efficient anti-viral immunity against SARS-CoV-2 Yi-Hao Chan, Siew-Wai Fong, Chek-Meng Poh, Guillaume Carissimo, Nicholas Kim-Wah Yeo, Siti Naqiah Amrun, et al. (+20)
61 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―May―01 SARS-CoV-2 Worldwide Replication Drives Rapid Rise and Selection of Mutations across the Viral Genome: A Time-Course Study - Potential Challenge for Vaccines and Therapies Stefanie Weber, Christina M. Ramirez, Barbara Weiser, Harold Burger, Walter Doerfler
62 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Apr―28 Rapid endotheliitis and vascular damage characterize SARS-CoV-2 infection in a human lung-chip model Vivek V Thacker, Kunal Sharma, Neeraj Dhar, Gian-Filippo Mancini, Jessica Sordet-Dessimoz, John D McKinney
63 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Apr―27 Single-cell analyses reveal SARS-CoV-2 interference with intrinsic immune response in the human gut Sergio Triana, Camila Metz-Zumaran, Carlos Ramirez, Carmon Kee, Patricio Doldan, Mohammed Shahraz, et al. (+8)
64 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Apr―27 NeutrobodyPlex-monitoring SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing immune responses using nanobodies Teresa R Wagner, Elena Ostertag, Philipp D Kaiser, Marius Gramlich, Natalia Ruetalo, Daniel Junker, et al. (+17)
65 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Apr―21 The SARS-unique domain (SUD) of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 interacts with human Paip1 to enhance viral RNA translation Jian Lei, Yue Ma-Lauer, Yinze Han, Matthias Thoms, Robert Buschauer, Joerg Jores, et al. (+6)
66 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Mar―31 High levels of circulating osteopontin in inflammatory lung disease regardless of Sars-CoV-2 infection Giuseppe Cappellano, Hugo Abreu, Davide Raineri, Lorenza Scotti, Luigi Castello, Rosanna Vaschetto, Annalisa Chiocchetti
67 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Mar―24 COVID-19 and the opportunities for research Philip Hunter
68 [GO] EMBO Reports 2021―Feb―22 A CRISPR response to pandemics? Federico Germani, Sebastian Wäscher, Nikola Biller-Andorno
69 [GO] Molecular Systems Biology 2021―Feb―19 SARS-CoV-2 infection remodels the host protein thermal stability landscape Joel Selkrig, Megan Stanifer, André Mateus, Karin Mitosch, Inigo Barrio-Hernandez, Mandy Rettel, et al. (+14)
70 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Feb―14 Halting SARS-CoV-2: lung organoids step up to the plate Sandra L Leibel, Xin Sun
71 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Feb―06 Epithelial response to IFN-γ promotes SARS-CoV-2 infection Julian Heuberger, Jakob Trimpert, Daria Vladimirova, Christian Goosmann, Manqiang Lin, Rosa Schmuck, et al. (+5)
72 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2021―Feb―01 Syncytia formation by SARS-CoV-2-infected cells Julian Buchrieser, Jérémy Dufloo, Mathieu Hubert, Blandine Monel, Delphine Planas, Maaran Michael Rajah, et al. (+8)
73 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2021―Jan―20 Flow cytometry multiplexed method for the detection of neutralizing human antibodies to the native SARS-CoV-2 spike protein Lydia Horndler, Pilar Delgado, David Abia, Ivaylo Balabanov, Pedro Martínez-Fleta, Georgina Cornish, et al. (+6)
74 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Dec―17 The riddle of the Sphinx: why sphingosine-1-phosphate may help define molecular mechanisms underlying risk stratification for serious COVID-19 infections Hugh Rosen, Michael B A Oldstone
75 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Dec―07 An Organoid-derived Bronchioalveolar Model for SARS-CoV-2 Infection of Human Alveolar-type II-like Cells Mart M. Lamers, Jelte van der Vaart, Kèvin Knoops, Samra Riesebosch, Tim I. Breugem, Anna Z. Mykytyn, et al. (+14)
76 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Dec―03 Opposing activities of IFITM proteins in SARS-CoV-2 infection Guoli Shi, Adam D. Kenney, Elena Kudryashova, Ashley Zani, Lizhi Zhang, Kin Kui Lai, et al. (+5)
77 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Nov―17 SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein phase-separates with RNA and with human hnRNPs Theodora Myrto Perdikari, Anastasia C. Murthy, Veronica H. Ryan, Scott Watters, Mandar T. Naik, Nicolas L. Fawzi
78 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Nov―15 Decreased serum level of sphingosine-1-phosphate: a novel predictor of clinical severity in COVID-19 Giovanni Marfia, Stefania Navone, Laura Guarnaccia, Rolando Campanella, Michele Mondoni, Marco Locatelli, et al. (+9)
79 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Nov―12 Human soluble ACE2 improves the effect of remdesivir in SARS-CoV-2 infection Vanessa Monteil, Matheus Dyczynski, Volker M Lauschke, Hyesoo Kwon, Gerald Wirnsberger, Sonia Youhanna, et al. (+7)
80 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Nov―11 COVID-19 lessons from the dish: Dissecting CNS manifestations through brain organoids Nicolò Caporale, Giuseppe Testa
81 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Nov―07 Humanized COVID-19 decoy antibody effectively blocks viral entry and prevents SARS-CoV-2 infection Kuo-Yen Huang, Ming-Shiu Lin, Ting-Chun Kuo, Ci-Ling Chen, Chung-Chih Lin, Yu-Chi Chou, et al. (+7)
82 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Nov―03 Blood molecular markers associated with COVID-19 immunopathology and multi-organ damage Yan-Mei Chen, Yuanting Zheng, Ying Yu, Yunzhi Wang, Qingxia Huang, Feng Qian, et al. (+21)
83 [GO] EMBO Reports 2020―Oct―28 SARS-CoV-2 evades immune detection in alveolar macrophages Louise Dalskov, Michelle Møhlenberg, Jacob Thyrsted, Julia Blay-Cadanet, Ebbe Toftgaard Poulsen, Birgitte Holst Folkersen, et al. (+7)
84 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Oct―20 Altered bioenergetics and mitochondrial dysfunction of monocytes in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia Lara Gibellini, Sara De Biasi, Annamaria Paolini, Rebecca Borella, Federica Boraldi, Marco Mattioli, et al. (+14)
85 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Oct―19 COVID -19 pandemic-related lockdown: response time is more important than its strictness Gil Loewenthal, Shiran Abadi, Oren Avram, Keren Halabi, Noa Ecker, Natan Nagar, et al. (+2)
86 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Oct―14 Syncytia formation by SARS-CoV-2 infected cells Julian Buchrieser, Jérémy Dufloo, Mathieu Hubert, Blandine Monel, Delphine Planas, Maaran Michael Rajah, et al. (+8)
87 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Oct―05 A comparative analysis of remdesivir and other repurposed antivirals against SARS-CoV-2 Alexander Simonis, Sebastian J. Theobald, Gerd Fätkenheuer, Jan Rybniker, Jakob J. Malin
88 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Oct―04 SARS-CoV-2 outbreak investigation in a German meat processing plant Thomas Günther, Manja Czech-Sioli, Daniela Indenbirken, Alexis Robitaille, Peter Tenhaken, Martin Exner, et al. (+4)
89 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Sep―30 COVID-19: A Pandemic Experience that Illuminates Potential Reforms to Health Research Hannah N. Kozlowski, Michael E. Farkouh, Meredith S. Irwin, Laszlo G. Radvanyi, Aaron D. Schimmer, Uri Tabori, Norman D. Rosenblum
90 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Sep―22 Structures of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid and their perspectives for drug design Ya Peng, Ning Du, Yuqing Lei, Sonam Dorje, Jianxun Qi, Tingrong Luo, et al. (+2)
91 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Sep―22 SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are primarily expressed in bronchial transient secretory cells Soeren Lukassen, Robert Lorenz Chua, Timo Trefzer, Nicolas C Kahn, Marc A Schneider, Thomas Muley, et al. (+8)
92 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Sep―18 Cholesterol 25-Hydroxylase inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and coronaviruses by depleting membrane cholesterol Shaobo Wang, Wanyu Li, Hui Hui, Shashi Kant Tiwari, Qiong Zhang, Ben A. Croker, et al. (+4)
93 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Sep―02 SARS-CoV-2 targets neurons of 3D human brain organoids Anand Ramani, Lisa Müller, Philipp Niklas Ostermann, Elke Gabriel, Pranty Abida-Islam, Andreas Müller-Schiffmann, et al. (+17)
94 [GO] The EMBO Journal 2020―Aug―26 Mechanism and inhibition of the papain-like protease, PLpro, of SARS-CoV-2 Theresa Klemm, Gregor Ebert, Dale J Calleja, Cody C Allison, Lachlan W Richardson, Jonathan P Bernardini, et al. (+23)
95 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Aug―20 Monocytopenia, monocyte morphological anomalies and hyperinflammation characterise severe COVID-19 in type 2 diabetes Fawaz Alzaid, Jean-Baptiste Julla, Marc Diedisheim, Charline Potier, Louis Potier, Gilberto Velho, et al. (+9)
96 [GO] EMBO Reports 2020―Aug―12 Data protection during the coronavirus crisis Christophe Olivier Schneble, Bernice Simone Elger, David Martin Shaw
97 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Jun―23 Can artificial intelligence identify effective COVID-19 therapies? Michael B. Schultz, Daniel Vera, David A. Sinclair
98 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Jun―19 Rationale for targeting Complement in COVID-19 Anastasia Polycarpou, Mark Howard, Conrad A Farrar, Roseanna Greenlaw, Giorgia Fanelli, Russell Wallis, et al. (+2)
99 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Jun―19 Autopsy registry can facilitate COVID-19 research Saskia von Stillfried, Roman David Bülow, Rainer Röhrig, Ruth Knüchel-Clarke, Peter Boor
100 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―May―30 Mechanism of baricitinib supports artificial intelligence-predicted testing in COVID-19 patients Justin Stebbing, Venkatesh Krishnan, Stephanie de Bono, Silvia Ottaviani, Giacomo Casalini, Peter J. Richardson, et al. (+16)
101 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―May―19 The role of interleukin-6 in monitoring severe case of coronavirus disease 2019 Tao Liu, Jieying Zhang, Yuhui Yang, Hong Ma, Zhenyu Li, Jiaoyue Zhang, et al. (+7)
102 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―May―07 Is BCG vaccination causally related to reduced COVID-19 mortality? Masayuki Miyasaka
103 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―May―06 ‘All In’: A Pragmatic Framework for COVID-19 Testing and Action on a Global Scale SD Pettit, KR Jerome, D Rouquie, B Mari, P Barbry, Y Kanda, et al. (+5)
104 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Apr―25 COVID-19: lambda interferon against viral load and hyperinflammation Evangelos Andreakos, Sotirios Tsiodras
105 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Apr―20 COVID-19, chronicle of an expected pandemic Philippe Sansonetti
106 [GO] EMBO Molecular Medicine 2020―Apr―17 The prospects for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Africa Virginia Quaresima, Matteo M. Naldini, Daniela M. Cirillo
107 [GO] EMBO Reports 2020―Mar―17 The spread of the COVID -19 coronavirus Philip Hunter

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