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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Russian Geographical Society
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1 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Towards A Strategic Approach Of Covid-19 Cluster Web Mapping In Malaysia Noorfatekah Talib, Nur Nabila Mohd Fuad, Nurhafiza Md Saad, Nurul Ain Mohd Zaki, Nurhanisah Hashim, Mohd Amsyar Abdullah
2 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Influence Of Quarantine Measures Against The New Coronavirus Infection Covid-19 On The State Of Black Sea Coastal Waters Mikael S. Arakelov, Dmitry A. Lipilin, Alina V. Dolgova-Shkhalakhova
3 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Gis And Remote Sensing: A Review Of Applications To The Study Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Quoc-lap Kieu, Tien-thanh Nguyen, Anh-huy Hoang
4 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Change In Nitrogen Dioxide (No2 ) Concentration Due To The Lockdown Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic In India Zubairul Islam, Sudhir Kumar Singh, Saroj Ahirwar
5 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Assessing The Vulnerability Index Of Covid-19 Pandemic In India Netrananda Sahu, Martand Mani Mishra
6 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Areas Of Socio-Geographical Study Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Russia And The World Vladimir A. Kolosov, Vladimir S. Tikunov, Evgeny N. Eremchenko
7 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Spatial Clustering Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of the Fourth Wave in Vietnam Danh-tuyen Vu, Tien-thanh Nguyen, Anh-huy Hoang
8 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Introduction To Geography Of Covid-19 Pandemic: Environmental Issues, Public Health And Socio-Economic Consequences Alexander Baklanov, Natalia E. Chubarova, Vladimir A. Kolosov, Svetlana M. Malkhazova, Boris N. Porfiriev
9 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Dec―30 Using Moran’s I For Detection And Monitoring Of The Covid-19 Spreading Stage In Thailand During The Third Wave Of The Pandemic Parichat Wetchayont, Katawut Waiyasusri
10 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Oct―12 Monitoring Of Co, No2 And So2 Levels During The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran Using Remote Sensing Imagery N. M. Sari, M. N. S. Kuncoro
11 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Jul―15 Crowdsourcing Data To Visualize Potential Hotspots For Covid-19 Active Cases In Indonesia Noorhadi Rahardjo, Djarot Heru Santosa, Hero Marhaento
12 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Jul―15 The Dynamics Of The Atmospheric Pollutants During The Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 And Their Relationship With Meteorological Conditions In Moscow N. Ye. Chubarova, Ye. Ye. Androsova, Ye. A. Lezina
13 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Apr―05 Pandemic And Urban Sustainability: Analyzing The Covid-19 Scenario In Mumbai, India Sujayita Bhattacharjee, Sanjukta Sattar
14 [GO] GEOGRAPHY ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY 2021―Apr―05 Sustainable Development Goals Against Covid-19: The Performance Of Brazilian Cities In Sdgs 3 And 6 And Their Reflection On The Pandemic Felipe R. Da Silva, Samuel F. Câmara, Francisco R. Pinto, Marcelo Soares, Michael B. Viana, Thiago M. De Paula


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