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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Leonid Yuzkov Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law

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1 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2022―Jun―04 Peculiarities of Mechanisms of Psychological Protection of Persons Deprived of Freedom during the COVID-19 Pandemic Halyna KATOLYK, Zoriana KISIL, Vitaliia VERES
2 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2022―Jun―04 Community-Based Social Work in a Pandemic Oksana KRAVCHENKO, Halyna KUCHER
3 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Dec―03 Updated Tourist Formalities as a Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges and New Terrorist Threats Tetiana TRIHUBA
4 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Dec―02 Change and Termination of Obligation in Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic Volodymyr PRYMAK
5 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Dec―02 Personal Rights and Public Health: Legal Basis of Balance in a Pandemic Galyna A. MYRONOVA
6 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Information Technologies to Support Education during COVID-19 Nicoleta DOSPINESCU, Octavian DOSPINESCU
7 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Human Rights and Public Health Measures: the Legal Challenges of COVID-19 Iryna ZHAROVSKA
8 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Influence of the Ecological State of the Environment on COVID-19 Distributions Iryna KAPELISTA
9 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Permissible Limits of Interference with the Right to Privacy in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Mariya MENDZHUL
10 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Challenges of the Organization of Educational Process in Ukraine during the COVID-19 Pandemic Iryna KOVTUN, Tetiana TERESHCHENKO
11 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Organization of Remote Access to Education in the Convention of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Innovation, Opportunities and Quality Natalia HRABOVENKO
12 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Analysis and Forecast of Marketing Strategies and PR in the Condition of the Coronavirus Pandemic Iryna ROMANIUK, Otabeh AZIZOV, Olena ZAIIKA, Oleksandra MANDYCH
13 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Features of Marketing Activities of Companies in the Condition of the Coronavirus Pandemic Natalia BABKO, Tetiana KVIATKO, Viktoriia DUZKRIATCHENKO, Akradii MYKYTAS
14 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Current Trends in the Implementation of E-Governance Elements in the Field of Public Health under the Threat of a Global Pandemic Oleksii DEMIKHOV, Inna BIELOVA, Leonid TARANIUK
15 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Problems of Criminal and Legal Ensuring of Epidemic Security in a Pandemic Anna LANDINA
16 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Terms of Forced Return and Expulsion of Foreigners and Stateless Persons by Bodies of the Border Guard Service in a Pandemic Nadia DEMCHYK, Ruslan HRYNKO
17 [GO] University Scientific Notes 2021―Apr―15 Reimbursement Contracts: Application of Civil Law Mechanisms under Pandemic Restrictions Oksana KIRIIAK

17 Results       Page 1


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