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1 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Jul―18 Dealing With Covid-19 in Casual Democracies Steen Steensen
2 [GO] Urban Planning 2023―Jun―22 Social Determinants, Urban Planning, and Covid-19 Response: Evidence From Quito, Ecuador Susana Herrero-Olarte, Angela Díaz-Márquez
3 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Jun―06 Barriers to Participation in Polarized Online Discussions About Covid-19 and the Russo-Ukrainian War Martina Novotná, Alena Macková, Karolína Bieliková, Patrícia Rossini
4 [GO] Urban Planning 2023―May―10 Community Support Organizations in Gay Neighborhoods: Assessing Engagement During the Covid-19 Pandemic Daniel Baldwin Hess, Alex Bitterman
5 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Apr―28 Accessing to a “Truer Truth”: Conspiracy and Figurative Reasoning From Covid-19 to the Russia-Ukraine War Bianca Terracciano
6 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Mar―27 The multilingual Twitter-discourse on vaccination in Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic Hannah Schmid-Petri, Moritz Bürger, Stephan Schlögl, Mara Schwind, Jelena Mitrović, Ramona Kühn
7 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Mar―27 Covid-19 Research in Alternative News Media: Evidencing and Counterevidencing Practices Markus Schug, Helena Bilandzic, Susanne Kinnebrock
8 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―28 All’s Fair in Pandemic and War? A Gendered Analysis of Australian Coverage of Covid-19 Blair Williams, Brent Greer
9 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―28 Career, Covid-19, and Care: (Gendered) Impacts of the Pandemic on the Work of Communication Scholars Kathrin Friederike Müller, Corinna Peil, Franzisca Weder
10 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―28 The Frontlines and Margins: Gendered Care and Covid-19 in the Indian Media Usha Raman, Sumana Kasturi
11 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―28 Countering or Reinforcing (Gendered) Inequalities? Ramifications of the Covid-19 Pandemic in and Through Media Margreth Lünenborg, Wolfgang Reißmann, Miriam Siemon
12 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―28 Maternal Health Information Disparities Amid Covid-19: Comparing Urban and Rural Expectant Mothers in Ghana Sahar Khamis, Delight Jessica Agboada
13 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―22 “You Can Do Better Than That!”: Tweeting Scientists Addressing Politics on Climate Change and Covid-19 Kaija Biermann, Nicola Peters, Monika Taddicken
14 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Feb―15 Negotiating Care Work: Gendered Network Structures of Pandemic Care Discourses on Twitter in Germany Miriam Siemon, Wolfgang Reißmann
15 [GO] Politics and Governance 2023―Feb―03 The WTO and the Covid-19 “Vaccine Apartheid”: Big Pharma and the Minefield of Patents Stéphane Paquin, Kristine Plouffe-Malette
16 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Jan―30 8M Demonstrations, the Spanish Far Right and the Pandemic in a Hybrid Media System Aurora Labio-Bernal, Laura Manzano-Zambruno
17 [GO] Media and Communication 2023―Jan―25 Reframing Leadership: Jacinda Ardern’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic Andreea Voina, Mihnea S. Stoica
18 [GO] Social Inclusion 2023―Jan―17 Remnants of Community: What I Learned in the First Year of the Pandemic David Bolt
19 [GO] Social Inclusion 2023―Jan―17 Disability and Social Inclusion: Lessons From the Pandemic Owen Barden, Ana Bê, Erin Prtichard, Laura Waite
20 [GO] Social Inclusion 2023―Jan―09 The Buffer Function of Wealth in Socioemotional Responses to Covid-19 in Italy Davide Gritti, Filippo Gioachin, Anna Zamberlan
21 [GO] Social Inclusion 2023―Jan―09 Reshaping Social Capital During the Pandemic Crisis: Age Group Differences in Face-to-Face Contact Network Structures Beáta Dávid, Boglárka Herke, Éva Huszti, Gergely Tóth, Emese Túry-Angyal, Fruzsina Albert
22 [GO] Social Inclusion 2023―Jan―09 Family Climate in Pandemic Times: Adolescents and Mothers Thomas Eichhorn, Simone Schüller, Hannah Sinja Steinberg, Claudia Zerle-Elsäßer
23 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Dec―28 Intergenerational Perspectives on Media and Fake News During Covid-19: Results From Online Intergenerational Focus Groups Ana Filipa Oliveira, Maria José Brites, Carla Cerqueira
24 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Dec―20 Knowledge Gap Hypothesis and Pandemics: Covid-19 Knowledge, Communication Inequality, and Media Literacy in Lebanon Jad Melki
25 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Dec―19 Coping With Covid-19: Older Europeans and the Challenges of Connectedness and Loneliness Ronny König, Bettina Isengard
26 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Dec―11 National Theatre in My Kitchen: Access to Culture for Blind People in Poland During Covid-19 Monika Dubiel
27 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Nov―30 Pandemic Lived Experience, Crip Utopias, and Dismodernist Revolutions: For a More-Than-Social Model of Disability Arianna Introna
28 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Nov―29 Politicisation of the Domestic: Populist Narratives About Covid-19 Among Influencers Marie Heřmanová
29 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Nov―29 Caring Ecologies of the New Right and Left: Populist Performances of Care During the Pandemic Sara García Santamaría
30 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―Nov―28 “Passive” Ecological Gentrification Triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic Dani Broitman
31 [GO] Politics and Governance 2022―Nov―24 Covid-19-Related Conspiracy Myths, Beliefs, and Democracy-Endangering Consequences Gert Pickel, Cemal Öztürk, Verena Schneider, Susanne Pickel, Oliver Decker
32 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Nov―23 How Did Children With Disabilities Experience Education and Social Welfare During Covid-19? Kjetil Klette-Bøhler, Dagmara Bossy, Vyda Mamley Hervie
33 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Oct―26 Neurodiversity, Networks, and Narratives: Exploring Intimacy and Expressive Freedom in the Time of Covid-19 Kerri Betts, Louise Creechan, Rosemarie Cawkwell, Isabelle Finn-Kelcey, C. J. Griffin, Alice Hagopian, et al. (+7)
34 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Oct―24 Risky Obliviousness Within Fragmented Services: Experiences of Families With Disabled Children During the Covid-19 Pandemic Hrafnhildur Snæfríðar- Gunnarsdóttir, Tinna Ólafsdóttir, Kristín Björnsdóttir
35 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Oct―24 Vulnerable Students, Inclusion, and Digital Education in the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Case Study From Austria Lisa-Katharina Möhlen, Susanne Prummer
36 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Oct―24 Disabled People’s Experiences of the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Call to Action for Social Change Stuart Read, Anne Parfitt, Tanvir Bush, Ben Simmons, Martin Levinson
37 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―Oct―13 Learning From Covid-19: Social Infrastructure in Disadvantaged Housing Areas in Denmark Marie Stender, Lene Wiell Nordberg
38 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―Sep―30 Common Areas, Common Causes: Public Space in High-Rise Buildings During Covid-19 Loren March, Ute Lehrer
39 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Aug―31 “Vulnerable” or Systematically Excluded? The Impact of Covid-19 on Disabled People in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Vera Kubenz, Dina Kiwan
40 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Aug―18 Editorial: Media and Migration in the Covid-19 Pandemic-Discourses, Policies, and Practices in Times of Crisis Vasiliki Tsagkroni, Amanda Alencar, Dimitris Skleparis
41 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―Jul―29 Urban Crises and the Covid-19 Pandemic: An Analytical Framework for Metropolitan Resiliency Thomas J. Vicino, Robert H. Voigt, Mahir Kabir, Jonathan Michanie
42 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Migrants as “Objects of Care”: Immigration Coverage in Russian Media During the Covid-19 Pandemic Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Anna Smoliarova
43 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Venezuelan Refugees in Brazil: Communication Rights and Digital Inequalities During the Covid-19 Pandemic Julia Camargo, Denise Cogo, Amanda Alencar
44 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Framing Migration During the Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa: A 12-Month Media Monitoring Project Thea De Gruchy, Thulisile Zikhali, Jo Vearey, Johanna Hanefeld
45 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Editorial: Media and Migration in the Covid-19 Pandemic-Discourses, Policies, and Practices in Times of Crisis Vasiliki Tsagkroni, Amanda Alencar, Dimitris Skleparis
46 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Urban Refugees’ Digital Experiences and Social Connections During Covid-19 Response in Kampala, Uganda Hakimu Sseviiri, Amanda Alencar, Yeeko Kisira
47 [GO] Politics and Governance 2022―Jun―30 EU Public Procurement Policy During Covid-19: A Turning Point for Legitimate EU Governance? Brigitte Pircher
48 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Jun―30 Between Conflict and Solidarity: Pandemic Media Coverage of Romanian Intra-EU Labour Migrants Hanna Orsolya Vincze, Delia Cristina Balaban
49 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―May―26 Humor That Harms? Examining Racist Audio-Visual Memetic Media on TikTok During Covid-19 Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández, Aleesha Rodriguez, Patrik Wikström
50 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―May―26 Discourse and Social Cohesion in and After the Covid-19 Pandemic Mario Bisiada
51 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―May―24 Working From Home and Covid-19: Where Could Residents Move to? Johannes Moser, Fabian Wenner, Alain Thierstein
52 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―May―19 Educational Inclusion of Vulnerable Children and Young People After Covid-19 Spyros Themelis, Angela Tuck
53 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―May―19 A Commentary on the Educational Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth After Covid-19 Dionysios Gouvias
54 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―May―19 Inclusive Learning for Children in Northeast Nigeria: Radio School Response During a Global Pandemic Margaret Ebubedike, Michael Boampong, Kiki James, Hassana Shuaibu, Temitope Yetu Monyeh
55 [GO] Urban Planning 2022―May―17 Reimagining the Future of the Sydney CBD: Reflecting on Covid-19-Driven Changes in Commercial and Residential Property Trends Gabriela Quintana Vigiola, Juaneé Cilliers, Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes
56 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―May―13 The Refugee Issue in the Greek, German, and British Press During the Covid-19 Pandemic Nikos Fotopoulos, Andrea Masini, Stergios Fotopoulos
57 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Mar―21 When Politicians Meet Experts: Disinformation on Twitter About Covid-19 Vaccination Concha Pérez-Curiel, José Rúas-Araújo, Rubén Rivas-de-Roca
58 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Mar―11 The Impact of the Covid-19 Global Health Pandemic in Early Childhood Education Within Four Countries Lynn McNair, John Ravenscroft, Irene Rizzini, Kay Tisdall, Linda Biersteker, Fortunate Shabalala, et al. (+5)
59 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Feb―25 The Inclusion of Students With Disabilities: Challenges for Italian Teachers During the Covid-19 Pandemic Maddalena Colombo, Mariagrazia Santagati
60 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Feb―25 Migrant Students’ Sense of Belonging and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications for Educational Inclusion Nikolett Szelei, Ines Devlieger, An Verelst, Caroline Spaas, Signe Smith Jervelund, Nina Langer Primdahl, et al. (+14)
61 [GO] Media and Communication 2022―Feb―24 Spanish Tipsters and the Millennial and Centennial Generations in the Scenario of a Pandemic Almudena Barrientos-Báez, Juan Enrique Gonzálvez-Vallés, José Daniel Barquero-Cabrero, David Caldevilla-Domínguez
62 [GO] Politics and Governance 2022―Feb―17 Pandemic Populism? How Covid-19 Triggered Populist Facebook User Comments in Germany and Austria Daniel Thiele
63 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Feb―04 Spanish LGBTQ+ Youth and the Role of Online Networks During the First Wave of Covid-19 R. Lucas Platero, Miguel Ángel López-Sáez
64 [GO] Social Inclusion 2022―Jan―27 Music to Face the Lockdown: An Analysis of Covid-19 Music Narratives on Individual and Social Well-Being Priscila Alvarez-Cueva
65 [GO] Urban Planning 2021―Nov―17 Can the Pandemic Be a Catalyst of Spatial Changes Leading Towards the Smart City? Barbara Zgórska, Dorota Kamrowska-Załuska, Piotr Lorens
66 [GO] Politics and Governance 2021―May―27 Covid-19: A Different Economic Crisis but the Same Paradigm of Democratic Deficit in the EU Dina Sebastião
67 [GO] Social Inclusion 2021―Mar―25 Perceived Impact of Border Closure due to Covid-19 of Intending Nigerian Migrants Lawan Cheri
68 [GO] Politics and Governance 2021―Feb―26 Conceptualizing Interactions between SDGs and Urban Sustainability Transformations in Covid-19 Times Kerstin Krellenberg, Florian Koch
69 [GO] Politics and Governance 2020―Dec―17 Best in Covid: Populists in the Time of Pandemic Lenka Buštíková, Pavol Baboš
70 [GO] Urban Planning 2020―Dec―15 City-Life No More? Young Adults’ Disrupted Urban Experiences and Their Digital Mediation under Covid-19 Katja Kaufmann, Christoph Straganz, Tabea Bork-Hüffer
71 [GO] Politics and Governance 2020―Dec―10 Expert-Led Securitization: The Case of the 2009 Pandemic in Denmark and Sweden Olivier Rubin, Erik Baekkeskov
72 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Empowering Users to Respond to Misinformation about Covid-19 Emily K. Vraga, Melissa Tully, Leticia Bode
73 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 “Cultural Exceptionalism” in the Global Exchange of (Mis)Information around Japan’s Responses to Covid-19 Jamie Matthews
74 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Digital Mis/Disinformation and Public Engagment with Health and Science Controversies: Fresh Perspectives from Covid-19 An Nguyen, Daniel Catalan-Matamoros
75 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Africa and the Covid-19 Information Framing Crisis George Ogola
76 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Spreading (Dis)Trust: Covid-19 Misinformation and Government Intervention in Italy Alessandro Lovari
77 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Covid-19 Misinformation and the Social (Media) Amplification of Risk: A Vietnamese Perspective Hoa Nguyen, An Nguyen
78 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 How China’s State Actors Create a “Us vs US” World during Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Media Xin Zhao
79 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Coronavirus in Spain: Fear of ‘Official’ Fake News Boosts WhatsApp and Alternative Sources Carlos Elías, Daniel Catalan-Matamoros
80 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 German Media and Coronavirus: Exceptional Communication-Or Just a Catalyst for Existing Tendencies? Holger Wormer
81 [GO] Media and Communication 2020―Jun―25 Science Journalism and Pandemic Uncertainty Sharon Dunwoody

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