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1 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2022―Apr―30 Dysglycemia in COVID-19 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Peculiarities of the Glycemic Profile in Hospitalized Patients and the Role of Steroid-Induced Disorders L. G. Strongin, T. A. Nekrasova, D. V. Belikina, K. G. Korneva, A. V. Petrov
2 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2022―Mar―23 Glycemia control and choice of antihyperglycemic therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: a consensus decision of the board of experts of the Russian association of endocrinologists I. I. Dedov, N. G. Mokrysheva, M. Vladimirovna Shestakova, T. V. Nikonova, A. Yu. Mayorov, G. R. Galstyan, et al. (+20)
3 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2022―Mar―23 Impact of COVID-19 infection on the development of type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents F. A. Khaydarova, N. U. Alimova, A. V. Alieva, A. S. Sadykova, M. D. Aripova
4 [GO] Obesity and metabolism 2022―Feb―21 Obesity and covid-19 - signs of convergence of two pandemiсs. Guidelines to fight obesity based on the principles of «ROOTS» A. B. Fursov, O. B. Ospanov, R. A. Fursov
5 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2021―Nov―12 SARS-CoV-2 morbidity depending on vitamin D status T. L. Karonova, A. T. Andreeva, K. A. Golovatyuk, E. S. Bykova, I. I. Skibo, E. N. Grineva, E. V. Shlyakhto
6 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2021―Sep―30 Clinical characteristics of patients with COVID-19 depending on the treatment received and the presence of type 2 diabetes mellitus K. G. Lobanova, T. Y. Demidova, S. N. Perekhodov, M. B. Antsiferov
7 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2021―Sep―30 Prevalence of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients with new coronavirus infection T. N. Markova, M. A. Lysenko, A. A. Ivanova, E. S. Pavlova, A. A. Ponomareva, V. V. Chibisova, et al. (+3)
8 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2021―Sep―17 Current state of the obesity research: genetic aspects, the role of microbiome, and susceptibility to COVID-19 Ya. R. Timasheva, Zh. R. Balkhiyarova, O. V. Kochetova
9 [GO] Clinical and experimental thyroidology 2021―Mar―18 Translation of the ESE statement concerning COVID-19 vaccination sent to all Presidents of the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies Article Editorial
10 [GO] Obesity and metabolism 2021―Mar―06 Peculiarities of the COVID-19 course and consequences in overweight and obese patients. Lessons from the current pandemic T. Yu. Demidova, E. I. Volkova, E. Yu. Gritskevich
11 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2021―Feb―15 Risk factors of adverse outcome of COVID-19 and experience of Tocilizumab administration in patients on maintenance hemodialysis due to diabetic kidney disease E. M. Zeltyn-Abramov, M. A. Lysenko, N. F. Frolova, T. N. Markova, N. I. Belavina, N. N. Klochkova, et al. (+3)
12 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2021―Feb―15 High level of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in patients with COVID-19 is a marker of the severity of the infection but not an indicator of previous diabetes mellitus M. V. Shestakova, I. V. Kononenko, Z. A. Kalmykova, A. V. Zheleznyakova, N. G. Mokrysheva
13 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2020―Dec―08 The role of HLA genes: from autoimmune diseases to COVID-19 Ekaterina A. Troshina, Marina Yu. Yukina, Nurana F. Nuralieva, Natalia G. Mokrysheva
14 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2020―Dec―08 Androgens and Antiandrogens influence on COVID-19 disease in men Roman V. Rozhivanov, Elena N. Andreeva, Galina A. Melnichenko, Natalya G. Mokrysheva
15 [GO] Clinical and experimental thyroidology 2020―Nov―30 Adaptation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid and hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal systems to a new infectious disease - COVID-19 in the development of COVID-19 pneumonia and/or cytokine storm Ekaterina Troshina, Galina Melnichenko, Evgeniya Senyushkina, Natalia Mokrysheva
16 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2020―Sep―16 Screening for gestational diabetes due to of the COVID-19 pandemic Ayarpi O. Torosyan, Ekaterina V. Loginova, Chelebi G. Gagaev
17 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2020―Aug―10 Hyperglycemia and possible mechanisms of β-cell damage in patients with COVID-19 Z. A. Kalmykova, I. V. Kononenko, I. A. Sklyanik, M. V. Shestakova, N. G. Mokrysheva
18 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2020―Aug―10 COVID-19 and kidneys M. S. Shamkhalova, N. G. Mokrysheva, M. V. Shestakova
19 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2020―Aug―10 The role of renin-angiotensin system and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in the development and course of viral infection COVID-19 in patients with diabetes mellitus O. K. Vikulova, Zamira Zuraeva, L. V. Nikankina, M. V. Shestakova
20 [GO] Diabetes Mellitus 2020―Jun―27 Course and treatment of diabetes mellitus in the context of COVID-19 Marina V. Shestakova, Natalya G. Mokrysheva, Ivan I. Dedov
21 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2020―Jun―07 Diabetes and COVID-19: analysis of the clinical outcomes according to the data of the Russian Diabetes Registry. Marina V Shesnakova Shtsnakova, Vikulova Vikulova, Mikhail Isakov, Ivan Dedov
22 [GO] Problems of Endocrinology 2020―May―09 COVID-19 pandemic and endocrinopathies. Natalia G. Mokrysheva, Gagik R. Galstyan, Michael A. Kirzhakov, Anna K. Eremkina, Galina A. Melnichenko

22 Results       Page 1


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