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1 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 Impact of COVID-19 on Gognitive change R.N. Mustafin, A.V. Kazantseva, E.K. Khusnutdinova
2 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 Frequency and outcomes of extremely early preterm birth in pregnant women with new coronavirus infection COVID-19 L.S. Ishchenko, E.E. Voropaeva, E.A. Kazachkova, Yu.V. Khaydukova, E.L. Kazachkov, T.N. Shamaeva, et al. (+3)
3 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 Functional features of the cardiovascular system in COVID-19 children E.A. Tkachuk, G.V. Kurenkova, I.A. Cherevikova, N.E. Globenko, A.R. Vasilyeva, E.A. Maslennikova, V.A. Laskina
4 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 Association of deletion polymorphisms of GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes with the degree of lung damage in elderly people after COVID-19 V.M. Nikolaev, E.K. Rumyantsev, S.I. Sofronova, S.D. Efremova, A.N. Romanova
5 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 SARS-CoV-2 VIRAL LOAD IN NEWBORNS WITH COVID-19 A.A. Parshina, E.V. Moskaleva, A.G. Petrova, L.V. Rychkova, O.B. Ogarkov, E.A. Orlova, et al. (+3)
6 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2023―Mar―31 Distribution of clinical forms of newly detected pulmonary tuberculosis among adult population of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) during the pandemic of novel coronavirus infection E.S. Prokopiev, S.P. Zorina, M.K. Vinokurova, O.D. Kondratieva, L.P. Yakovleva
7 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 Peripheral blood cellular immunity parameters in COVID-19 Zh.P. Vasneva, E.A. Borodulina, B.E. Borodulin, E.S. Vdoushkina, A.E. Sukhanova
8 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 Excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2021) in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) T.M. Klimova, A.A. Kuzmina, L.K. Turkebaeva, I.Sh. Malogulova
9 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 The influence of herpes family viruses on the course of novel coronavirus infection T.E. Popova, E.D. Okhlopkova, A.A. Tappakhov, S.D. Efremova, M.A. Varlamova, A.N. Romanova
10 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 Thrombotic complications associated with novel coronavirus infection COVID - 19 A.S. Korostelev, S.N. Zhirkov, A.V. Bulatov, K.S. Loskutova, T.Yu. Tomskaya, A.R. Filippov, et al. (+2)
11 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 The role of neuropilin-1 (NRP1) in the development of SARS-CoV-2 infection V. A. Markelov, K. Danilko
12 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Dec―21 Lipid imbalance in Yakutsk residents when infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the post-covid period A.I. Yakovleva, L.D. Olesova, E.D. Okhlopkova
13 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Oct―04 Features of gastrointestinal disorders in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 I.S. Avrusin, K.E. Belozerov, O.S. Efremova, L.V. Bregel, E.A. Dondurey, A.A. Vilnits, et al. (+11)
14 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Oct―04 Characteristics and results of the specialized department of anesthesiology and intensive care for patients with COVID-19 in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) N.A. Chulakova, A.F. Potapov, K.V. Chulakov, A.A. Ivanova
15 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Oct―04 Evaluation of melatonin levels after COVID-19 in Yakutsk residents A.A. Grigorieva, E.D. Okhlopkova, L.D. Olesova, S.D. Efremova
16 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Jul―08 The results of the survey of patients who underwent COVID-19 V.M. Nikolaev, E.K. Rumyantsev, S.I. Sofronova, S.D. Efremova, S.N. Lekhanova
17 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Jul―08 Macroand micromorphological characteristics of placenta in physiological pregnancy and in COVID-19 at different stages of pregnancy V.S. Fomina, D.K. Garmaeva
18 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Jul―08 A severe clinical case of a novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 of a patient with diabetes mellitus N.A. Ilyina, S.S. Sleptsova, S.S. Sleptsov, S.P. Vinokurova, S.B. Gulyaeva
19 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Jul―08 Coronavirus infection in children: epidemiological and clinical characteristics V.N. Peregoedova, I.K. Bogomolova, E.V. Ratsina
20 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Mar―26 Disruption of transport regulation of ions and fluid in the lungs with COVID-19 I.A. Sinyakin, T.A. Batalova
21 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Mar―26 Features of the clinical course of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in children of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) S.A. Evseeva, V.V. Bogdashin, T.E. Burtseva, T.M. Klimova, A.M. Makarova, V.B. Egorova, et al. (+2)
22 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Mar―26 Cardiovascular pathology and COVID-19 in residents of Yakutsk S.I. Sofronova, V.M. Nikolaev, I.V. Kononova, A.N. Romanova, L.D. Olesova
23 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Mar―26 Coronavirus infection in children M.S. Savvina, T.E. Burtseva, A.A. Munkhalov
24 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2022―Jan―10 Indicators of antibodies IgM и IgG to SARS-COV-2 in residents of Yakutsk after recovery from COVID-19 S.D. Efremova, E.D. Okhlopkova, A.A. Grigorieva, L.D. Olesova, A.N. Romanova
25 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―Oct―05 Long-term symptoms of COVID-19 in residents of Yakutsk L.D. Olesova, V.A. Makarova, A.I. Yakovleva, A.Yu. Nikolaev, A.N. Romanova
26 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―Oct―05 Heart rate variability in patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 Yu.K. Shapovalov, B.I. Kuznik, K.G. Shapovalov, Yu.N. Smolyakov, D.S. Parts
27 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―Oct―05 Coronavirus infection COVID -19 in children of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) S.A. Evseeva, V.V. Bogdashin, T.E. Burtseva, T.M. Klimova, G.A. Krichko
28 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―Jun―24 Olfactory dysfunction as a key symptom of Covid-19: a review based on the current research I.A. Sinyakin, A.A. Panova, T.A. Batalova
29 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―Jun―24 Perinatal outcomes of coronavirus pneumonia in pregnant women for 2020 on the basis of SBI RS (Y) Polyclinic No. 1 A.V. Everstova, E.N. Komzina, N.I. Duglas, T.V. Maksimova, P.N. Zakharova
30 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Cognitive impairment in patients after COVID-19 S.A. Galkin, A.G. Peshkovskaya, S.A. Ivanova, N.A. Bokhan
31 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Analysis of the epidemiological situation on COVID-19 T.E. Popova, O.G. Tikhonova, A.N. Romanova, A.A. Tappakhov, M.E. Andreev
32 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Analysis of the epidemiological situation on COVID-19: a second wave T.E. Popova, O.G. Tikhonova, A.N. Romanova, A.A. Tappakhov, M.E. Andreev
33 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Epidemiological and clinical aspects of cardiovascular diseases in new coronavirus infection S.I. Sofronova, M.P. Kirillina, V.M. Nikolaev, A.N. Romanova, I.V. Kononova
34 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Promising natural compounds as possible means of prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus V.M. Nikolaev, N.K. Chirikova, S.I. Sofronova, E.K. Rumyancev, A.G. Vasileva, A.N. Romanova
35 [GO] Yakut Medical Journal 2021―May―25 Cloud service for the differential clinical diagnostics of acute respiratory viral diseases (including those associated with highly contagious coronaviruses) with an application of methods of artificial intelligence V.V. Gribova, D.B. Okun, E.A. Shalfeeva, B.O. Scheglov, M.Yu. Shchelkanov

35 Results       Page 1


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