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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Primate Society of Japan

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1 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Measures and response to COVID-19 at Hirakawa Zoo Akira FUKUMORI
2 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Fieldwork and infection prevention efforts at Kinkazan during COVID-19 epidemic Tatsuro KAWAZOE
3 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Countermeasures against COVID-19 pandemic Ikuma ADACHI, Yuko HATTORI, Takakazu YUMOTO
4 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Current status of research and conservation in the Mahale Mountains National Park in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic Kazuhiko HOSAKA
5 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Coronavirus infection status in Uganda and research activities in Kalinzu Forest Hiroyuki TAKEMOTO, Chie HASHIMOTO
6 [GO] Primate Research 2021―Jun―14 Research and conservation activities at Luo Scientific Reserve during the COVID19 pandemic Nahoko TOKUYAMA, Kazuya TODA, Takeshi FURUICHI
7 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Present situation of paleontological research in Myanmar: field management under COVID-19 Masanaru TAKAI
8 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Impact of COVID-19 damage on Japanese monkeys survey in Fukushima Shin-ichi HAYAMA
9 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Impact of COVID-19 on field research in Moukalaba, Gabon Yuji TAKENOSHITA
10 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Planning and running of the 36th Congress of Japan Primate Society during the Covid-19 pandemic Ikki MATSUDA
11 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on fieldwork and supervision in Southeast Asia: a case study in Indonesia Yamato TSUJI, Kanthi Arum WIDAYATI
12 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Influence of COVID-19 pandemic to research and education in a molecular-genetics lab Shoji KAWAMURA
13 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 COVID-19がアフリカにおける化石調査に及ぼした影響 Masato NAKATSUKASA
14 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Impact of new coronavirus infection on research activities in Yakushima and Koshima Hideki SUGIURA
15 [GO] Primate Research 2021―May―31 Impacts of the spread of the new coronavirus on the museum education activity of Japan Monkey Centre Tomo TAKANO, Wakana SAKAKURA, Ayako ETO, Rie AKAMI

15 Results       Page 1


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