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1 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2022―Oct―06 Contextualisation of Library Usage during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond N. P. Mahwasane
2 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2022―Sep―15 Parent Perception on Government Rural School Functioning AtUpper Primary Level during the COVID-19 Pandemic P. Ponnusamy
3 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2022―Sep―06 influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Various Aspects of School Education in India: An Appraisal Ashok Kumar Erigala
4 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2022―Sep―03 Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment on the Economic Growth of Some European Countries in the Context of the Covid-19 Hoang-Tuan Dao
5 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2022―Aug―31 Parent-adolescent Conflict during the COVID-19 Pandemic Vinh-Long Tran Chi
6 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2022―Jun―27 Teaching during COVID-19 Pandemic: Students’ Experiences, Perceptions and Lessons for Higher Education Institutes Ashar Johnson Khokhar
7 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2022―Mar―25 Readiness to Online Learning of Teachers and Students in a Philippine State University during the Covid-19 Pandemic Jonas V. Palada
8 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2021―Dec―17 Health Pandemic and Experience of COVID-19 Infected Health Workers: A Qualitative Study Diganta Das
9 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2021―Dec―11 Televised Interpreted COVID-19 Briefings and Deaf Viewers: A Preliminary Investigation of Associated Concerns Olufemi Timothy Adigun
10 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2021―Nov―27 Normative Exclusion of Students with Disabilities and Enforced Isolation of Healthy Adults during the COVID -19 Pandemic: A Thought-Provoking Lesson Abdullah Madhesh
11 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2021―Nov―17 Traditional System of Medicine and Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India Chandra Prakash Kala
12 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2021―Nov―09 Connectivism Learning Theory to Enhance Higher Education in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic Nadia Mohammed Al-Mutairi
13 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―Oct―13 The Deaf or Hard of Hearing Population’s Attitude and Information Seeking Behaviour Towards COVID-19 in South Africa Olufemi T. Adigun
14 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―Oct―07 Challenges of Virtual Instruction during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accounting Classrooms M. Skhephe
15 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―Oct―05 Challenges of Virtual Instruction during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Accounting Classrooms M. Skhephe
16 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2021―Sep―06 Applications of Mobile Learning and Transactional Distance Theory in the Context of Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic Haifa F. Bin Mubayrik
17 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―Aug―24 Exploring t he Relationship Between “COVID-19” Experiences and People’s Health Anxiety: Evidence from the Third Wave of COVID-19 Aman Ullah
18 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―Aug―24 Critically Assessing the Effect of COVID-19 beyond the Pandemic: The Social and Economic Impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa Andrew Enaifoghe
19 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2021―Aug―16 Assessing the Media for Effective Education towards Attitudinal Change during COVID-19 Outbreak in Lagos, Nigeria Nelson Okorie
20 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2021―Jul―20 Media, Humans and COVID-19 in Africa: A Complex or Symbiotic Relationship? Ngozi Okpara
21 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2021―Jun―08 Measuring the Impact of Online Education on Academic Performance Amid COVID-19 with the Moderating Effect of Instructor Syed Muhammad Fahim
22 [GO] Journal of Life Sciences 2021―May―12 Psychological Distress among Bangladeshi Adults during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Study Md. Golam Hossain
23 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2021―May―07 Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa: An Exploration on Citizen Adherence to Protocols and Communication Lungisani Moyo
24 [GO] International Journal of Educational Sciences 2021―Feb―23 Primary School Teachers Adaptation towards ‘Madrasati’ Elearning Platform during Covid-19 Crisis Wafa Abdullah Alsalim
25 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2020―Dec―05 The Human Rights Response to the Global Impact of the COVID-19 Virus on Socio-economic Rights in South Africa Bellita Chitsamatanga
26 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Nov―30 Effect of COVID-19 on the Marketing of Eggs: Case of Egg Layer Projects during the Pandemic in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa T. J. Nesengani
27 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Oct―24 Virtual Classroom: Prospects and Challenges of COVID 19 Pandemic in South Africa E.O. Adu
28 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Sep―16 Early Impacts of Covid-19 and Government’s Intervention and Prevention Actions in South Africa Pardon Nyamukamba
29 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2020―Sep―16 Drones as Futuristic Crime Prevention Strategy: Situational Review during COVID-19 Lockdown Vipin Vijay Nair
30 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2020―Sep―04 Scope for Virtual Tourism in the Times of COVID-19 in Select African Destinations Innocent Chirisa
31 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2020―Aug―11 Disaster Mitigation and Response in Cities: Drawing Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic Innocent Chirisa
32 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2020―Jul―31 Disaster Management Strategies for Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic in India Chandra Prakash Kala
33 [GO] Studies on Ethno-Medicine 2020―Jul―30 Disaster Management Strategies for Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic in India Chandra Prakash Kala
34 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Jul―25 Life Satisfaction during COVID-19 R. Deepa
35 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Jul―02 Problem and Advice of Rural Poverty-alleviation in China Amid the Epidemic of Covid-19 Xiaoshun Qin
36 [GO] Journal of Human Ecology 2020―Jun―23 Breathing Fresh: Insights to Positive Externalities of Covid-19 Lockdown in Indian Megacities Sunil Nautiyal

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