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1 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2022―Aug―31 Bridging the gaps: Diaries and digital card games during the COVID-19 pandemic Miriam Snellgrove, Samantha Punch
2 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2022―Mar―01 Funny how time slips away: Pandemic diarists’ ‘swerving, shrinking, sticking’ horizons Corine van Emmerik, Dawn Lyon, Rebecca Coleman
3 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2022―Feb―02 Home Truths: How hyper-local community radio brings trustworthy COVID-19 news to India’s rural listeners Aniruddha Jena
4 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2022―Jan―28 Politics of Space: The pandemic changed how we use, and are controlled in, public and private places William Davies, Sahil Jai Dutta, Nick Taylor, Martina Tazzioli
5 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Dec―13 When Our Worlds Collapse: If the COVID-19 crisis was unprecedented, the social reproduction crisis is anything but Daisy May Barker
6 [GO] Discover Society New Series 2021―Dec―08 Care chains and social reproduction of privilege before and after Covid-19 Sonja Avlijaš
7 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Nov―05 Through the Utopian Lens of Opportunity: Using fiction and theatre during COVID-19 to reimagine the future in older age Jade Elizabeth French, Melanie Lovatt, Valerie Wright
8 [GO] Discover Society New Series 2021―Sep―23 Is COVID-19 Ushering in a ‘Golden Age’ of Scientific Expertise in Policymaking? Kat Smith
9 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Sep―06 Living with Houseplants: Pandemic diaries of more than human solidarities Giulia Carabelli
10 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Aug―01 Together or Apart? Some questions raised by the broadcasting of funeral services during the Covid-19 pandemic Sophia Martina Pallaro, Rubén Flores, Ingrid Holme
11 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Aug―01 The expanding and contracting universe of television images’ influence on the British imaginary in the time of a global pandemic Hillary Collins
12 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Jul―03 A Question of Taste?: Food, Xenophobia, and the Coronavirus Katie Jones
13 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Jul―02 Dispossessed and Dispensable: A Visual Reflection on Covid-19 and the Social Determinants of Health in occupied East Jerusalem Manal Massalha
14 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Jul―01 Pandemic and Society: From the Durkheimian Lens Nupur Pattanaik
15 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Jun―27 Pentecostal Christianity, COVID-19 and the Digital World Antonio Montañés Jiménez
16 [GO] The Sociological Review Online 2021―Jun―27 The Politics of Digital Peace, Play, and Privacy during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Between Digital Engagement, Enclaves, and Entitlement Francesca Sobande

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