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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Academy and Industry Research Collaboration Center
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] International Journal on Integrating Technology in Education 2021―Oct―10 Perceptions of Online Teaching and Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Barbadian Primary and Secondary Schools Kristina Stuart, Dwayne Devonish, Unri Babb, Kenroy Burke, Lisa McClean-Trotman
2 [GO] The International journal of Multimedia & Its Applications 2021―Sep―16 Marie: Validation of the Artificial Intelligence Model for Covid-19 Detection Valdirene Bento, Bruno Frederico Salaroli, Paula Santos
3 [GO] International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Applications 2021―Sep―16 Using Voice Recognition in E-Learning System to Reduce Educational Inequality During Covid-19 Vladimir Tregubov
4 [GO] International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology 2021―Sep―16 Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic, and Possibility of Adopting Computer-Based Test Rabea Emdas, Ahmed Alruwaili
5 [GO] International Journal of Education (IJE) 2021―Jul―16 International Higher Education Students and Educators Psychological Experiences of Covid-19 in an Emerging Country Kayi Ntinda, Nomazulu Ngozwana
6 [GO] International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications 2021―Jun―11 Twitter based Sentiment Analysis of Impact of Covid-19 on Education Globaly Swetha Sree Cheeti, Yanyan Li, Ahmad Hadaegh
7 [GO] International Journal of Fuzzy Logic Systems 2021―Feb―14 A Fuzzy Interactive BI-objective Model for SVM to Identify the Best Compromise Solution for Measuring the Degree of Infection With Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Mohammed Zakaria Moustafa, Hassan Mahmoud Elragal, Mohammed Rizk Mohammed, Hatem Awad Khater, Hager Ali Yahia
8 [GO] International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications 2021―Feb―14 Designing a Cyber-security Culture Assessment Survey Targeting Critical Infrastructures During Covid-19 Crisis Anna Georgiadou, Spiros Mouzakitis, Dimitris Askounis
9 [GO] International Journal of Education (IJE) 2021―Jan―16 The Covid-19 Pandemic Impact on Children’s Education in Disadvantaged and Rural Area Across Indonesia Mega Indrawati, Cahyo Prihadi, Ayu Siantoro
10 [GO] International Journal of Education (IJE) 2021―Jan―16 Discussion on Large-scale Online Education Practices Amid the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Xiaojie Geng
11 [GO] Machine Learning and Applications An International Journal 2021―Jan―16 Analysis of Covid-19 in the United States using Machine Learning James G. Koomson
12 [GO] International Journal on Natural Language Computing 2020―Nov―13 Covhindia: Deep Learning Framework for Sentiment Polarity Detection of Covid-19 Tweets in Hindi Purva Singh
13 [GO] International Journal on Computational Science & Applications 2020―Nov―10 Covid-19 Chest X-ray Images: Lung Segmentation and Diagnosis using Neural Networks Alan Zhang
14 [GO] Health Informatics - An International Journal 2020―Sep―02 The Role of State-Wide Stay-at-Home Policies on Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in the United States: A Deterministic Sir Model David Chen, Seungmin Lee, Jason Sang
15 [GO] International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications 2020―Aug―12 How do Agile Software Startups deal with uncertainties by Covid-19 pandemic? Rafael da Camara, Marcelo Marinho, Suzana Sampaio, Saulo Cadete
16 [GO] International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications 2020―Aug―12 Insight about Detection, Prediction and Weather Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) using Neural Network A K M Bahalul Haque, Tahmid Hasan Pranto, Abdulla All Noman, Atik Mahmood
17 [GO] International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology 2020―Jul―13 Web-based Learning In Periods of Crisis: Reflections on the Impact of Covid-19 Stella Chiemeke, Omokhagbo Mike Imafidor
18 [GO] International Journal of Managing Information Technology 2020―Jun―13 An Analysis of Consumer Interest Level Data for Online Health Information in the Early Stages of the Covid-19 Pandemic David C. Wyld


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