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1 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2024―Apr―27 A Case Study of the Treatment Strategies Employed to Cure a COVID-19 Patient with Multiple Infections Successfully Reza Abniki, Arezoo Pourdad, Kiana Shirani, Davood Mansury
2 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2024―Mar―13 Powering through Challenges: Analyzing the Energy Crisis in the Western Balkans during the Pandemic Context Arben Gjukaj, Vezir Rexhepi, Raimonda Bualoti, Marialis Celo, Isak Kerolli
3 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2024―Feb―24 An Analysis of Machine Learning for Detecting Depression, Anxiety, and Stress of Recovered COVID-19 Patients Tran Anh Tuan, Le Thanh Thao Trang, Tran Dai An, Nguyen Huu Nghia, Dao Thi Thanh Loan
4 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2024―Jan―24 The Nexus of Covid-19 and Behavioral Intentions of University Students Towards Online Education Sheer Abbas, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Ameen, Bushra Pervaiz, Sidra Fatima, Sadia Hassan
5 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Dec―27 Cost Management and Supply Chain Management: Experiences of Vulnerable SMEs during COVID-19 Shubham Pathak, Trairong Swatdikun, Yaoxian Hao
6 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Dec―27 Human Rights amongst COVID-19: CAT Convention Shubham Pathak, Aishwarya Chaturvedi, Siwarut Laikram
7 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Dec―10 The Effect of COVID-19 on Family Support for Home-Schooling in Urban Areas Osman S. Ahmed, Asma Ahmed, Mohd E. Eltahir, Salah Gad, Ali S. Ahmed, Zezit M. Noufal, Alaa Zuhir Al Rawashdeh
8 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Dec―10 Evaluation of the Therapy Protocols and Vaccines Applied in the COVID-19 Pandemic Gokben Ozbey, Alfizah Hanafiah, Asif Sukri, František Zigo, Juliana Arvaiová
9 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Dec―10 Coronavirus Disease Incidence Resonance with Coastline Dynamics: An Evaluation on Global Resurgence of the Pandemic Hesham Magd, Henry J. Karyamsetty, Khalfan Al-Asmi
10 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Oct―18 Factors Influencing Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Payment during the COVID-19 Pandemic & Usage Continuance Intent: A Quantitative Study Syed Faizan Hussain Zaidi, Omar Ali, Marsela Thanasi-Boçe
11 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Oct―18 A Socio-Legal Study on Vaccine Tourism in the Context of Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Mohammad Owais Farooqui, Shadi A. Alshdaifat, Mohd Imran Siddiquei
12 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2023―Oct―09 Factors Influencing the Risk Aversion in Vietnam: The Mediating Role of the Intention to Prevent COVID-19 Vu Van Dong, Tran Nha Ghi, Nguyen Tan Trung, Tran Dang Khoa
13 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2023―Aug―20 Blood Cell Indices and Morphological Abnormalities Detected Among COVID-19 Patients Receiving Care Kofi Mensah, Victor O. Ofori, Charles Nkansah, Samuel K. Appiah, David S. Sackey, Vincent Kawuribi, et al. (+9)
14 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2023―Aug―19 Agile Leadership and Digital Transformation in Savings Cooperative Limited: Impact on Sustainable Performance Amidst COVID-19 Abdulhadee Esamah, Somnuk Aujirapongpan, Neeranat K. Rakangthong, Narinthon Imjai
15 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jul―22 Job Performance Evaluation of Medical Social Workers during Covid-19 Crisis: Tasks, Attitudes, and Difficulties Walaa Elsayed
16 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jul―22 The Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Gambling Behavior Intention: The Moderating Effect of Anti-Epidemic Measure Jinquan Zhou, Wenjin He, Susana M. B. Mieiro
17 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jun―21 Perceived Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Loneliness: The Most Vulnerable Population Groups Margarita Gedvilaitė-Kordušienė, Sarmitė Mikulionienė
18 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jun―21 Impact of COVID-19 on Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria: A Condition for Diversification of Economic Resources Yusuff Jelili Amuda
19 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2023―Jun―18 Circulating Naturally-Occurring Anticoagulants before Treatment and after Recovery from SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Ghana Charles Nkansah, Lawrence D. Agyemang, Felix Osei-Boakye, Samuel K. Appiah, Kofi Mensah, Gabriel Abbam, et al. (+21)
20 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2023―May―27 A Prevalence Risk Analysis of Waterborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Abdullah R. Alanzi, Mohammad A. Parvez, Abdulrahman R. Alruwaili, Mohammad K. Parvez
21 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―May―20 Eco-Innovation and SME Performance in Time of Covid-19 Pandemic: Moderating Role of Environmental Collaboration Gusti N. Achmad, Rizky Yudaruddin, Puput W. Budiman, Eka Nor Santi, . Suharsono, Adi H. Purnomo, Noor Wahyuningsih
22 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―May―20 Legal Protection against Patent and Intellectual Property Rights Violations Amidst COVID-19 Wachiraporn Poungjinda, Shubham Pathak, Ivan Bimbilovski
23 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―May―20 Digital Transformation Affecting Sustainable Development: A Case of Small and Medium Enterprises during the Covid-19 Pandemic Nga Phan Thi Hang, My Linh-Thi Nguyen, Thi Thuy Hang Le
24 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―May―08 A Proposed Framework of Knowledge Management for COVID-19 Mitigation based on Big Data Analytic Mardhani Riasetiawan, Ahmad Ashari
25 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―May―08 The Phenomena of Learning Loss Experienced by Elementary School Students during the Covid-19 Post Pandemic I Wayan Kertih, I Wayan Widiana, I Gede Wahyu Suwela Antara
26 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Apr―19 Effects of the Development of Central Bank Digital Currencies on Financial Markets amid the Pandemic Mikhail Kosov, Lyudmila Borisova, Sergey Popkov, Tatyana Kiseleva, Vadim Ponkratov, Maria Volkova, et al. (+4)
27 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2023―Feb―21 A Study of Morbidity and Mortality from COVID-19 in India Dalia Essam Eissa, Engy Refaat Rashed, Mostafa Essam Eissa
28 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2023―Feb―07 Major Neurological Syndromes with COVID-19: Lessons to Learn Neeraj Jain, Dnyaneshwar Jadhav, Akash Chheda, Sangeeta Ravat, Rahil Ansari, Mayur Thakkar, et al. (+3)
29 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2023―Jan―21 Enterprise Architecture: Enabling Digital Transformation for Operational Business Process during COVID-19 Kori Viony Hardi, Nilo Legowo
30 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2023―Jan―21 Socioeconomic impacts of Households’ Vulnerability during COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa: Application of Tobit and Probit Models Isaac B. Oluwatayo, Ayodeji O. Ojo, Olanrewaju A. Adediran
31 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―18 Financial Solace: Malaysian Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency Responses to COVID-19 Challenges Ibtisam @ Ilyana Ilias, Nadzratun Naim Hammad Azizi, Noraiza Abdul Rahman, Mazlina Mahali
32 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―18 Probabilistic Analysis Depending on the Distance from A COVID-19 Outbreak Yupaporn Areepong, Rapin Sunthornwat
33 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―16 The Effects of COVID-19 on Informal Traders in Undesignated Spaces Emmanuel Ndhlovu, David Mhlanga
34 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―16 Space Law and Space Mining, Exploring New Horizons Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Marcin Jakub Drobnik, Ivan Bimbilovski, Shubham Pathak
35 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―16 Behavior of Russian Premium Fashion Consumers and Designers after the COVID-19 Pandemic and International Sanctions Irina I. Skorobogatykh, Irina P. Shirochenskaya, Galina S. Timokhina, Taira V. Murtuzalieva, Sergey V. Mkhitaryan
36 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2023―Jan―16 Diagnosis of Covid-19 Via Patient Breath Data Using Artificial Intelligence Özge Doğuç, Gökhan Silahtaroğlu, Zehra Nur Canbolat, Kailash Hambarde, Ahmet Alperen Yiğitbaşı, Hasan Gökay, Mesut Yılmaz
37 [GO] Civil Engineering Journal 2023―Jan―01 Airborne Microbial Quality Assessment in the Educational Buildings during the COVID-19 Pandemic Muhammad Asril, Salsabila Sugiarto, Alfian Zurfi
38 [GO] Civil Engineering Journal 2022―Dec―07 Marine Resource Recovery Following the COVID-19 Event in Southern Thailand Sirirat Somchuea, Mullica Jaroensutasinee, Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
39 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Nov―07 Pre and Present COVID-19 Situation: A Framework of Educational Transformation in South Asia Region Sunjida Khan, Nurul Mohammad Zayed, Saad Darwish, Vitalii Nitsenko, K. M. Anwarul Islam, Md. Arif Hassan, Oksana Dubrova
40 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―24 Data Driven Models for Contact Tracing Prediction: A Systematic Review of COVID-19 Saravanan Muthaiyah, Thein Oak Kyaw Zaw, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen, Byeonghwa Park, Myung Joon Kim
41 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―24 Analyzing the Effect of Basic Data Augmentation for COVID-19 Detection through a Fractional Factorial Experimental Design Mateo Hidalgo Davila, Maria Baldeon-Calisto, Juan Jose Murillo, Bernardo Puente-Mejia, Danny Navarrete, Daniel Riofrío, et al. (+3)
42 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―24 Response of Financial Markets to COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Literature on Stock Markets Bayu Arie Fianto, Masagus M. Ridhwan, Syed Alamdar Ali Shah, Muhammad Faris, Rafiatul Adlin Hj Mohd Ruslan
43 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―24 Does National Governance Affect the Capital Structure of Listed Firms during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Kim Quoc Trung Nguyen
44 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―07 The Necessity of Close Contact Tracing in Combating COVID-19 Infection - A Systemic Study Thein Oak Kyaw Zaw, Saravanan Muthaiyah, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen, Min Thu Soe, Byeonghwa Park, Myung Joon Kim
45 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―07 Sustainability of Micro Business Actors during the COVID-19 Pandemic Yohanes Susanto, Djatmiko Noviantoro, Sari Sakarina, Yusro Hakimah, Irwan Pancasila
46 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Sep―07 Bank Concentration and Bank Stability during the COVID-19 Pandemic Sukisno Selamet Riadi, Michael Hadjaat, Rizky Yudaruddin
47 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Aug―16 Deep Learning Based Gait Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network in the COVID-19 Pandemic Md Shohel Shohel Sayeed, Pa Pa Min, Md Ahsanul Bari
48 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2022―Aug―10 Data Science Methods to Develop Decision Support Systems for Real-time Monitoring of COVID-19 Outbreak Arun Mitra, Biju Soman, Rakhal Gaitonde, Gurpreet Singh, Adrija Roy
49 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Aug―01 Examination of Students’ Academic Performance in Selected Mechanical Engineering Courses Prior-to-and-During COVID-19 Era Olanrewaju M. Oyewola, Olusegun O. Ajide, Ibukun S. Osunbunmi, Yemisi V. Oyewola
50 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Jul―30 Motivational Factors Influencing Telework during the COVID-19 Pandemic Chittipa Ngamkroeckjoti, Worasak Klongthong, Jakkrit Thavorn
51 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Jul―17 Examining Contactless Digital Technologies (CDTs) in the Midst of the COVID-19 Tibor Csizmadia, Nora Obermayer, Zsuzsanna Banasz
52 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Jul―17 Ratification of ICRMW toward the ILO Conventions amid COVID-19 in Thailand Siwarut Laikram, Shubham Pathak
53 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Jun―07 Mayoral Influence on Participatory Budgeting in Lithuania during Covid-19 Valentina Burkšienė, G. Burbulytė-Tsiskarishvili, Jaroslav Dvorak
54 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Jun―07 A Novel Approach on Covid-19 Contact Tracing - Utilization of Low Calibrated Transmission Power & Signal Captures in BLE Thein Oak Kyaw Zaw, Saravanan Muthaiyah, Kalaiarasi Sonai Muthu Anbananthen, Min Thu Soe
55 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2022―May―31 Soil Quality Evaluation in Urban Ecosystems during the Covid-19 Pandemic Nataliia Mironova, Olha Yefremova, Halyna Biletska, Ihor Bloshchynskyi, Ihor Koshelnyk, Serhii Sych, et al. (+3)
56 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―May―29 Sustainable Bank Performance Antecedents in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era: A Conceptual Model Steph Subanidja, Fangky Antoneus Sorongan, Mercurius Broto Legowo
57 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Apr―19 Managerial Recommendations Improving the Competitive Capability of Firms Based on Total Quality Management during Covid-19 Pandemic Ha Van Son, Nguyen Van Trai, Phan Thanh Tam
58 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Mar―14 Multi-Factor Triage Algorithm (MUFTA): Quantitative and Qualitative Ethical Factors on Triage Decisions During COVID-19 Shamsuddin Ahmed, Rayan H. Alsisi
59 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Mar―14 Recommendations Enhancing the Competitive Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises after the Covid-19 Pandemic Nguyen Van Tien
60 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Mar―14 Enhancing the Approach to Forecasting the Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic Sergey A. Pobyvaev, Vladimir V. Eremin, Tural S. Gaibov, Evgeny V. Zolotarev
61 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Mar―14 Factors Affecting Switching Intention from Cash on Delivery to E-Payment Services in C2C E-Commerce Transactions: COVID-19, Transaction, and Technology Perspectives Betty Purwandari, Syahrul Alam Suriazdin, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto, Suryana Setiawan, Kongkiti Phusavat, Mutia Maulida
62 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―27 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Audit Quality: Lessons and Opportunities Saddam A. Hazaea, Mosab I. Tabash, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Saleh F. A. Khatib, Jinyu Zhu, H Gin Chong
63 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―07 Acoustic Photometry of Biomedical Parameters for Association with Diabetes and Covid-19 Abdulrahman Imad, Noreha Abdul Malik, Belal Ahmed Hamida, Gan Hong Hong Seng, Sheroz Khan
64 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―07 The Impact of COVID-19 on Albanian Tourism Sevdie Alshiqi, Arbana Sahiti
65 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―07 Essentialities of ratifying CED in Thailand: Human Rights amid Covid-19 Pandemic Siwarut Laikram, Shubham Pathak
66 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―07 How Do National Cultures Affect Quality of Life in Europe During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Somjintana Koompai, Joël Royer
67 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2022―Feb―01 Developing Data Integrity in an Electronic Health Record System using Blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (Case Study: COVID-19 Data) Imam Riadi, Tohari Ahmad, Riyanarto Sarno, Purwono Purwono, Alfian Ma'arif
68 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2022―Jan―04 Are Avoidance Goals the Right Prescription For a Pandemic? A COVID-19 Case Study Geoffrey V. Henderson, Andrew J. Elliot
69 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2022―Jan―04 Diagnostic Accuracy of COVID-19 Antibody Tests Authorized by FDA Philippines: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Carmel Reina R. Chua, Esther Delle E. De los Santos, Karla Veronica H. Escasa, Richmond Louis G. Estolas, Junnealyn Feliciano, Sabrina Audrey E. Ortega, et al. (+3)
70 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2022―Jan―04 COVID-19 Perceptions: Applying the Health Belief Model Elwalid Fadul Nasir, Ahmed Khalid Elhag, Hatim Mohammed Almahdi
71 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2022―Jan―04 A Mini Review on SARS-COVID-19-2 Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529) Santhosh Kumar Ettaboina, Komalatha Nakkala, K. S. Laddha
72 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―Dec―21 Statistical Similarity of Mortality and Recovery Ratios for Covid-19 Patients based on Gender and Age Abbas Mahmo�di
73 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―Dec―21 The Global Equity Market Reactions of the Oil & Gas Midstream and Marine Shipping Industries to COVID-19: An Entropy Analysis Mina Nasiri, Hamed Nasiri, Saeid Nasiri, Maliheh Bitarafan, Babak Fazelabdolabadi
74 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―Dec―21 Towards a Sentiment Analysis of Tweets from Online Newspapers Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic Giulia Pes, Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti
75 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Dec―20 Qualitative Exploration of Legal, Economic and Health Impacts of Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia Yusuff Jelili Amuda, Emna Chikhaoui, Shafiqul Hassan, Mohsin Dhali
76 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Nov―17 Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 and Non-Pharmaceutical for Perception Tourism Using Frequentist PLS-SEMs Pahrudin Pahrudin, Li-Wei Liu, Shao-Yu Li, Didy Ika Supryadi
77 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Nov―16 Real-Time Monitoring of COVID-19 SOP in Public Gathering Using Deep Learning Technique Muhammad Haris Kaka Khel, Kushsairy Kadir, Waleed Albattah, Sheroz Khan, MNMM Noor, Haidawati Nasir, et al. (+3)
78 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Nov―15 PID-based with Odometry for Trajectory Tracking Control on Four-wheel Omnidirectional Covid-19 Aromatherapy Robot . Iswanto, Alfian Ma’arif, Nia Maharani Raharja, Gatot Supangkat, Fitri Arofiati, Ravi Sekhar, Dhiya Uddin Rijalusalam
79 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2021―Nov―13 Analysis on the COVID-19 Impact on the Deaths Tendency in Italy and Europe Sofia Montagna, Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti
80 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2021―Nov―13 Covid-19 Lockdown: Psychological Implications on Life Quality Benita Dooshima Aki, Emmanuel Lamptey, Susie Nguemo Hembah, Oibiokpa Michael Oibiokpa, Tartenger Raymond Tachin
81 [GO] Journal of Human Earth and Future 2021―Nov―13 COVID-19: A Game-changer to Equity Markets? Saeed Golmohammadi, Babak Fazelabdolabadi
82 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Oct―11 Secondary Socialization of Homeschoolers during the Covid-19 Pandemic Václav Šimek, Albert Oláh, Kateřina Bočková
83 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Oct―10 GA-Optimized Multivariate CNN-LSTM Model for Predicting Multi-channel Mobility in the COVID-19 Pandemic Harya Widiputra
84 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Sep―06 Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Investment Behavior Umar Farooq, Mosab I. Tabash, Suhaib Anagreh, Mohammed Alnahhal
85 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Aug―25 Analysis of COVID-19 Outbreak in Ecuador Using the Logistic Model Talia Tene, Marco Guevara, Jiří Svozilík, Richard Tene-Fernandez, Cristian Vacacela Gomez
86 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Aug―25 Harnessing E-Collaboration for Rural Tourism Recovery after COVID-19: Dual Analysis using SWOT and Porter’s Diamond Model Mardiana Purwaningsih, Betty Purwandari, Fathia Prinastiti Sunarso, Farisya Setiadi
87 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Aug―01 Associations between Traditional and Digital Leadership in Academic Environment: During the COVID-19 Pandemic Hera Antonopoulou, Constantinos Halkiopoulos, Olympia Barlou, Grigorios N. Beligiannis
88 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Jul―14 Understanding Food Delivery Mobile Application Technology Adoption: A UTAUT Model Integrating Perceived Fear of COVID-19 Wilert Puriwat, Suchart Tripopsakul
89 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Jul―14 The Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Maritime Industry and the Role of the Ship Registries Panagiotis Saviolakis, Michalis Pazarzis
90 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Jul―14 Medical Students’ Reactive Anxiety as a Quality Criterion for Distance Learning during the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic Maria V. Sankova, Olesya V. Kytko, Yuriy L. Vasil'ev, Olga Yu. Aleshkina, Ekaterina Yu. Diachkova, Hadi M. Darawsheh, et al. (+2)
91 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―Jul―06 Assessing the Effects of COVID-19 on Accommodations Availabilities and Prices Matteo Giannettoni, Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti
92 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―Jul―06 Analyzing the Epidemiological Outbreak of COVID-19: Real-time, Visual Data Analysis, Short-term Forecasting, and Risk Factor Identification Jiawei Long
93 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―26 Modeling the Effect of Asymptomatic Cases, Social Distancing, and Lockdowns in the First and Second waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Italy Muhamad Khairulbahri
94 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―26 Leadership Perception during COVID-19 Pandemic: The Critical Criticism on Surgical Leadership Adeel Abbas Dhahri, Ubaid Ur Rehman, Syeda Shahana Ali, Muhammad Hussnain Iqbal, Alexandra Lupu, Mehvish Adeel Dhahri, Jonathan Refson
95 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―26 Lung Physiological Variations in COVID-19 Patients and Inhalation Therapy Development for Remodeled Lungs Jinxiang Xi, Brendan Walfield, Xiuhua April Si, Alexander A. Bankier
96 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―22 Survey on Knowledge, Attitude, Perception and Practice among University Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic Md. Abdul Wadood, ASMA Mamun, Md. Abdur Rafi, Md. Kamrul Islam, Suhaili Mohd, Lai Lee Lee, et al. (+2)
97 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―22 Evacuation and Repatriation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Joseph Kawuki, Shireen Salome Papabathini, Nathan Obore, Upama Ghimire
98 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―22 Covid-19 vs. BCG Universal Immunization: Statistical Significance in the Early Phase of the Pandemics Serge Dolgikh
99 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jun―22 Second Wave Analysis and Confirmed Forecasts of the SARS-Cov-2 Epidemic Outbreak in São Paulo, Brazil Sergio Celaschi
100 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2021―May―15 The Performance of the Agri-food Sector in the Recent Economic Crisis and during Covid-19 Pandemic Tamás Mizik
101 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 A Pilot-study of the use of Nutrition-related Apps and Software in Africa during the COVID-19 Pandemic Alex Tchuenchieu, Hema Kesa, Gifty Koufie, Eridiong O. Onyenweaku
102 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 Geographical Modules of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh: Social Response and Action Taken Mohammad Tareq Alam, Md. Ashrafuzzaman, Nazmir Nur Showva, Mansura Ahmed, Faruq Ahmed Jewel, Md. Asadur Rahman
103 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 Use of Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Vagal Maneuvers as Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 Patients Susana Mabel Sendin, Juan Sebastian Yakisich
104 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 Survival Analyses of COVID-19 Patients in a Turkish Cohort: Comparison between Using Time to Death and Time to Release Sirin Cetin, Ayse Ulgen, Pervin Ozlem Balci, Hakan Sivgin, Meryem Cetin, Sevdiye Sivgin, Wentian Li
105 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 Preparedness of Healthcare Workers towards Handling COVID-19 Outbreak in the Gambia Joseph W Jatta, Jean Claude Romaric Pingdwindé Ouédraogo, Yusupha Sanyang, Daniel Nebongo, Tahir Ahmed Touray, Dodou Sanyang
106 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―27 Rehabilitation Outcomes and Infection Control in the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic Yukimasa Igawa, Takahiro Sugimoto
107 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Apr―19 Teamwork during the COVID-19 Pandemic Daniel Lajčin, Dáša Porubčanová
108 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―07 Prediction of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases after Vaccination: Based on Statistical and Deep Learning Models Meejoung Kim
109 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―07 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices towards COVID-19 during the Rapid Rise Period: A Cross-Sectional Survey among Public University Students of Bangladesh Md Mostafizur Rahman, Jannate Mehjabin Jhinuk, Nadia Habib Nabila, Mir Taj Mira Yeasmin, Ifta Alam Shobuj, Tammim Hossain Sayma, et al. (+2)
110 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―07 Why did the COVID-19 Epidemic Stop in China and does not Stop in the Rest of the World? (Application of the Two-Component Model) Juri Dimaschko, Vladimir Shlyakhover, Mykola Iabluchanskyi
111 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Apr―07 Factors for COVID-19 Infection that Govern the Severity of Illness Bidisha Ghosh, Soumyadev Sarkar, Nayim Sepay, Kaustuv Das, Sukhen Das, Sujata Ghosh Dastidar
112 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Mar―10 The Genomic and Structural Organization of SARS-CoV-2: A Mutational Perspective Mohammad K. Parvez, Sakina Niyazi
113 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Feb―09 Resilience of Meat Supply Chains during and after COVID-19 Crisis Gunta Grinberga-Zalite, Irina Pilvere, Aina Muska, Zenija Kruzmetra
114 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Feb―09 Transformational Leadership and Digital Skills in Higher Education Institutes: During the COVID-19 Pandemic Hera Antonopoulou, Constantinos Halkiopoulos, Olympia Barlou, Grigorios N. Beligiannis
115 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Feb―09 Mathematical Modelling of the Relationship between Two Different Temperament Classifications: During the Covid-19 Pandemic Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed, Murtaza M. Junaid Farooque, Haridas S. Acharya, Mohammed Sharique A. Quadri
116 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2021―Feb―09 Explaining an Adoption and Continuance Intention to Use Contactless Payment Technologies: During the COVID-19 Pandemic Wilert Puriwat, Suchart Tripopsakul
117 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jan―16 Oxytocin May be Superior to Gliptins as a Potential Treatment for Diabetic COVID-19 Patients Phuoc-Tan Diep
118 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2021―Jan―16 The Possible Molecular Mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease: New Structural Insights from Computational Methods Alvea Tasneem, Gyan Prakash Rai, Saima Reyaz, Hridoy R. Bairagya
119 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Oct―31 Convalescent Plasma Therapy and its Century-Old Untapped Potential for COVID-19 Samahir Tariq Khan, Sajjad Ali, Nisha Lohana
120 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Oct―29 Impact of COVID-19 on Pharmacy Education Hajar Bouali, Melody Okereke, Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi, Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III
121 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Oct―29 Using in-silica Analysis and Reverse Vaccinology Approach for COVID-19 Vaccine Development Ajay Agarwal
122 [GO] HighTech and Innovation Journal 2020―Oct―07 The Use of Zipline Drones Technology for COVID-19 Samples Transportation in Ghana Emmanuel Lamptey, Dorcas Serwaa
123 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Oct―06 A Physics Modeling Study of COVID-19 Transport in Air Luis Alfredo Anchordoqui, James B. Dent, Thomas J. Weiler
124 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Sep―14 COVID-19 Related Challenges and Advice from Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder China I. Parenteau, Stephen Bent, Bushra Hossain, Yingtong Chen, Felicia Widjaja, Michael Breard, Robert L. Hendren
125 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Aug―28 A Mathematical Study of a Generalized SEIR Model of COVID-19 Abdelkader Intissar
126 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Aug―28 A Physicist View of COVID-19 Airborne Infection through Convective Airflow in Indoor Spaces Luis Alfredo Anchordoqui, Eugene M. Chudnovsky
127 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Aug―08 Polyvagal and Global Cytokine Theory of Safety and Threat Covid-19 - Plan B David Hanscom, David Roger Clawson, Stephen W. Porges, Ray Bunnage, Les Aria, Steve Lederman, et al. (+2)
128 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Aug―08 How to Manage the COVID-19 Diffusion in the Angiography Suite: Experiences and Results of an Italian Interventional Radiology Unit Marcello Andrea Tipaldi, Elena Lucertini, Gianluigi Orgera, Aleksejs Zolovkins, Florindo Lauirno, Edoardo Ronconi, et al. (+4)
129 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Aug―08 Time to Move from Vertical to Horizontal Approach in our COVID-19 Response in Nigeria Olayinka Ilesanmi, Aanuoluwapo Afolabi
130 [GO] Emerging Science Journal 2020―Aug―02 Digital Readiness and Competitiveness of the EU Higher Education Institutions: The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Gunta Grinberga Zalite, Andra Zvirbule
131 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Jul―15 Letter to the Editor: Prevention of Depression and Psychological Stress by Studying Book in Quarantine Conditions of COVID-19 Marjan Arab Rahmatipour, Alireza Ebadollahi-Natanzi, Gholamrza Arab-Rahmatipour
132 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Jul―15 Perceived Myths and Misconceptions about the Novel COVID-19 Outbreak Michael Abiola Okunlola, Emmanuel Lamptey, Ephraim Kumi Senkyire, Serwaa Dorcas, Benita Aki Dooshima
133 [GO] SciMedicine Journal 2020―Apr―08 COVID-19: Isolations, Quarantines and Domestic Violence in Rural Areas Caio Augusto de Lima Augusto de Lima, Paula Monikee Rezende Alves, Carla Jaciara Baraúna De Oliveira, Thaísa Rodrigues Nascimento De Oliveira, Katricia Beatriz Barbosa, Henrique Cardoso Marcene, Stefan Vilges De Oliveira

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