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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2021―Sep―22 A New Epidemic Spreading Model To Predict The Spread And Accumulation Of Corona Virus (COVID-19) Positive Cases As A Function Of Time Richard D. Sudduth
2 [GO] Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials 2021―May―19 Adaptations and Lessons from COVID-19: A perspective on how some industries will be impacted Amar Velic
3 [GO] Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials 2021―Apr―30 Nanotechnology: An Overview of the Current Status of its Roles in the Era of COVID-19 Cajetan M. Akujuobi
4 [GO] Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials 2021―Apr―30 Aerosols Transport, Dispersion and Deposition- Applications to Transmission of COVID-19 Goodarz Ahmadi
5 [GO] Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials 2021―Apr―30 Transmission and Mitigation of COVID-19 in Enclosed Spaces Qingyan “Yan” Chen
6 [GO] Advanced Materials Proceedings 2021―Jan―25 Science and Society during COVID-19 Pandemic Stanislav V. Ordin
7 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2021―Jan―23 Advanced Materials And Convergence Technologies For Sustainable COVID-19 Healthcare Model Anshuman Mishra, Yogesh Shukla, Ashutosh Tiwari
8 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2021―Jan―23 COVID-19: A Significant Revival Approach - Concurrent Case Study In India Bindu Mangla, Sudheesh K. Shukla, Jagriti Narang, Nitika Thakur, Meenakshi, Chaudhery, Mustansar Hussain
9 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2021―Jan―23 Viral Evolution Of Multiple Coronavirus Genomes On Genomic Index Maps Jeffrey Zheng
10 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Nov―17 Researcher Of The Year 2020-To Recognize The Significant Efforts For COVID-19 Ashutosh Tiwari
11 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Oct―20 Water And Sanitation Management: During And After COVID-19 Pandemic Soumya Kar, Rajiv Gupta
12 [GO] Advanced Materials Proceedings 2020―Aug―18 Post Covid-19 Era: Higher Education Transformation from Offline to Online Jyotsna Meshram
13 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Aug―07 COVID-19: A Mechanistic Approach To Understand The Detrimental Consequences For Vaccine Development And Perspectives Chander Amgoth
14 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Jul―18 Trade-Off Between Safety Of Construction Workers And Economy In Backdrop Of Covid-19 Ajaya M. Ramachandra
15 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Jun―30 Adaptations And Lessons From COVID-19: A Perspective On How Some Industries Will Be Impacted Amar Velic
16 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Jun―10 Current Scenario Of Coronavirus Pandemic Ashutosh Tiwari
17 [GO] Advanced Materials Letters 2020―Jun―10 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus: A Patent Based View Mayuree Sengupta

17 Results       Page 1


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