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1 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2023―Jul―28 Role of Risk Management and Standardization for supporting Innovation in New Normal based on Lessons Learned during Pandemic COVID-19 Bambang Prasetya, Yopi Yopi, Biatna Dulbert Tampubolon
2 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2023―Jul―28 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Automotive Industry in Vietnam Nguyen Duc Bao Long, Ian Mackechnie, Pit Tatt Ooi, Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Tran Thi Bich Hao, Le Thi Hai Duong
3 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2023―Jun―28 Measuring E-Commerce Service Quality for the Adoption of Online Shopping during COVID-19: Applying Unified Theory and Use of Technology Model (UTAUT) Model Approach Moteb Ayesh Albugami, Asma Zaheer
4 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2023―Apr―04 In Silico Identification of Propolis Compounds Potential as COVID-19 Drug Candidates Against SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Muhamad Sahlan, Lia Kusuma Dewi, Diah Kartika Pratami, Kenny Lischer, Heri Hermansyah
5 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Dec―30 Techno-Economic Evaluation of Novel SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Manufacturing in the Insect Cell Baculovirus Platform Kanya Citta Hani Alifia, Cleo Kontoravdi, Zoltán Kis, Dianursanti Ismail
6 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Dec―27 COVID-19 Spread Modeling Considering Vaccination and Re-Morbidity Aleksey I. Borovkov, Marina V. Bolsunovskaya, Aleksei M. Gintciak, Valeriya V. Rakova, Marina O. Efremova, Ruslan B. Akbarov
7 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Nov―03 Probabilistic Risk Assessment of COVID-19 Patients at COVID-19 Assessment Centre Choo-Yee Ting, Helmi Zakariah, Yasmin Zulaikha Mohd Yusri
8 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Nov―03 IoT-Based Indoor and Outdoor Self-Quarantine System for COVID-19 Patients Chung Gwo Chin, Tong Jia Jian, Lee It Ee, Pang Wai Leong
9 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Nov―03 Intersectionality Lens to Female Elderly's Mobile Usage Experience under COVID-19: An Intimate or Intimidating Relationship? Jia Yue Tan, Ah Choo Koo, Chui Yin Wong, Wan Teng Lai
10 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Oct―07 Communicating the High Susceptible Zone of COVID-19 and its Exposure to Population Number through a Web-GIS Dashboard for Indonesia Cases Supriatna Supriatna, Faris Zulkarnain, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah, Nurrokhmah Rizqihandari, Jarot Mulyo Semedi, Satria Indratmoko, et al. (+3)
11 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Oct―07 A Configuration Approach to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Employees Infection in the Manufacturing Firms: The Role of Machine Automatization Jorge Heredia, Cristian Geldes, Alejandro Flores, Walter Heredia, Felix M Carbajal Gamarra, Luisa Miranda
12 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Jul―01 Immersive Technologies in Indonesia Faces "New Normal" COVID-19 Dawi Karomati Baroroh, Aanchal Agarwal
13 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2022―Jul―01 An Exploration of Personal Decision as Mediating Effect between Passenger Concern and Airport Service Information During COVID-19 Outbreak Fauzan Romadlon, Firdayanthi Lestiana, Nuansa Aita Putri
14 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Dec―27 European Integration Risks in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Olga Nadezhina, Vera Zaretskaya, Yulia Vertakova, Vladimir Plotnikov, Diana Burkaltseva
15 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Dec―20 Collective Strategies and Spatialities of Neighborhood Food Coproduction during COVID-19 Pandemic Kristanti Dewi Paramita, Afifah Karimah, Yandi Andri Yatmo
16 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Oct―06 World Agenda on Sustainable Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Recover Together, Recover Stronger Mohammed Ali Berawi
17 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Jul―19 The Impact of Online Food Applications during the Covid-19 Pandemic Sevenpri Candra, Monica Ayudina, Muhammian Aga Arashi
18 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Apr―19 E-Commerce Performance, Digital Marketing Capability and Supply Chain Capability within E-Commerce Platform: Longitudinal Study Before and After COVID-19 Anna Amalyah Agus, Gatot Yudoko, Nurbudi Mulyono, Taliya Imaniya
19 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Apr―19 How COVID-19 Influences the Food Supply Chain: An Empirical Investigation of Developing Countries Jamal Ahmed Al-Doori, Naser Khdour, Eyad A. Shaban, Tamara Mahmoud al Qaruty
20 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Jan―25 Modular Isolation Units for Patients with Mild-to-Moderate Conditions in Response to Hospital Surges Resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic Yandi Andri Yatmo, Mochammad Mirza Yusuf Harahap, Paramita Atmodiwirjo
21 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2021―Jan―25 Behavioral Intention of e-Learning: A Case Study of Distance Learning at a Junior High School in Indonesia due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Muhamad Asvial, Jihar Mayangsari, Alvin Yudistriansyah
22 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Dec―21 Scenario Forecasting Tourist Flows during the COVID-2019 Pandemic Olga Zaborovskaia, Elena Sharafanova, Liudmila Maksanova
23 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Dec―07 Post COVID-19 Recovery Models and Strategies for Aviation in Indonesia Heri Fathurahman, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Imbuh Sulistyarini, Andyka Kusuma, Yasmine Nasution, Komarudin Komarudin
24 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Nov―27 The Future of Nanotechnology and Quantum Dots for the Treatment of COVID-19 Eny Kusrini, Muhamad Asvial, Muhammad Arif Budiyanto, Sutrasno Kartohardjono, Yudan Wulanza
25 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Nov―27 Setting Acceptance Criteria for a National Flocked Swab for Biological Specimens during the COVID-19 Pandemic Yudan Whulanza, Sugeng Supriadi, Mochammad Chalid, Prasetyanugraheni Kreshanti, Anna Amalyah Agus, Paulus Napitupulu, et al. (+3)
26 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Nov―27 Clinical Evaluation of Locally Made Flocked Swabs in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Developing Country Narottama Tunjung, Prasetyanugraheni Kreshanti, Yulia Rosa Saharman, Yudan Whulanza, Sugeng Supriadi, Mochammad Chalid, et al. (+3)
27 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Jul―22 Empowering Healthcare, Economic, and Social Resilience during Global Pandemic Covid-19 Mohammed Ali Berawi
28 [GO] International Journal of Technology 2020―Apr―21 Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic: Managing the Cause, Spread, and Impact Mohammed Ali Berawi, Nyoman Suwartha, Eny Kusrini, Akhmad Herman Yuwono, Ruki Harwahyu, Eko Adhi Setiawan, et al. (+7)

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