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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Ukrainian Policymaker 2021―Nov―22 What is the Government Really Pursuing by Introducing Quarantine Measures in the Conditions of COVID-19? The Case of Ukraine Vitalii Nitsenko
2 [GO] Future Human Image 2021―Nov―12 State-Religion Relationships in Ukraine during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Specific and Particular Features Yevhen Kharkovshchenko, Vitalii Turenko
3 [GO] Philosophy and Cosmology 2021―Sep―17 “Social-Distancing” as a Chance to Revise the Paradoxes of Humanistic Philosophy: Personality Vs. Identity in Online Artistic Practices of the Pandemic Natalia Dorfman
4 [GO] Ukrainian Policymaker 2021―Jun―04 Dealing with the Pandemic: the Brazilian Case. What Are the Lessons for Ukraine From This? Isabela de Andrade Gama
5 [GO] Ukrainian Policymaker 2020―Dec―12 State-Religious Relations during a Coronavirus Pandemic: Collisions of Religious Security Vitalii Turenko, Viktoria Zaporozhets
6 [GO] Future Human Image 2020―Nov―07 Pandemic as a Challenge for Future of Humanity: Philosophical and Religious Studies Aspects Yevhen Kharkovshchenko, Olena Predko, Vitalii Turenko
7 [GO] Philosophy and Cosmology 2020―Oct―06 The Pandemic, the Crisis of Modern, and the Need for a New Semantic Project of Civilization Vadim Rozin
8 [GO] Ukrainian Policymaker 2020―Jul―24 Construction of Law-based Government in the Context of Counteraction to COVID-19 Wendao Tang, Xuelu Qiu


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