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1 [GO] Accounting 2021―Sep―25 Influence of the key account manager in the provisioning management: Evidence from staple companies during the events of COVID-19 Luis-Ricardo Flores-Vilcapoma, Cynthia-Paola A lbengrin-Mendoza, Gabriela-Briggite Gomez-Rojas, Yuri Sánchez-Solis, Wagner Vicente-Ramos
2 [GO] Accounting 2021―Sep―25 Toward economic growth: Income distribution in the era of the COVID19 pandemic in east Kalimantan province Abdul Mukti Syarif, Rahcmad Budi Suharto, Zamruddin Hasid, M. Saleh Mire, Jiuhardia Jiuhardia, Made Setini
3 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Sep―20 Financial compensation and talent retention in COVID-19 era: The mediating role of career planning Mevan Salih Rasheed, James Yohana Odeesh, Toreen Ahmad Ibrahim
4 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Sep―20 The effects of digital marketing implementation on online consumer in Selangor during COVID-19 pandemic Zainab Zaidi, Sakinah Shukri
5 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Sep―05 The role of social media marketing in attracting investment capital in industrial parks in the context of COVID-19 Thanh Thuy Cu, Thi Yen Le
6 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Sep―05 Utilization of information technology: An effective means of public investment management at autonomous universities in Vietnam considering the Covid-19 pandemic Van Hung Pham, Thi Yen Le
7 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Sep―05 Antecedents of students’ perceptions of online learning through covid-19 pandemic in Jordan Dmaithan Abdelkarim Almajali, Ra’ed Masa’deh
8 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Sep―05 Collaboration of digital payment usage decision in COVID-19 pandemic situation: Evidence from Indonesia John Tampil Purba, Sylvia Samuel, Sidik Budiono
9 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2021―Aug―28 The central role of IT capability to improve firm performance through lean production and supply chain practices in the COVID-19 era Hotlan Siagian, Zeplin Jiwa Husada Tarigan
10 [GO] Accounting 2021―Jul―17 Analysis of LQ45 share portfolio on Quadrimester I during the Covid-19 pandemic Henny Rahyuda
11 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Jul―01 Developing an educational framework for using mobile learning during the era of COVID-19 Khadija Alhumaid
12 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Jul―01 Volatility Spillovers of Sharia Index during the Covid-19 Pandemic in ASEAN Suripto Suripto
13 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Jul―01 The effect of digital marketing and e-commerce on financial performance and business sustaina-bility of MSMEs during COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia Mas Intan Purba, Demak Claudia Yosephine Simanjutak, Yois Nelsari Malau, Walmi Sholihat, Edy Anas Ahmadi
14 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Jul―01 How to purchase an order from brick and mortar retailers during COVID-19 pandemic? A rise of crowdshipping Giang Thi Thuy Huynh, Nhu Tu Bao Chung, Thanh Tuan Phung
15 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Jul―01 Investigating students' behavioral intention to use mobile learning in higher education in UAE during Coronavirus-19 pandemic Mohammad Qasem Al-Hamad, Hisham Othman Mbaidin, Ahmad Qasim Mohammad AlHamad, Muhammad Turki Alshurideh, Barween Hikmat Al Kurdi, Nazek Qasim Al-Hamad
16 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2021―Jun―22 The effect of ERP on firm performance through information quality and supply chain integration in Covid-19 era Pirmanta Pirmanta, Zeplin Jiwa Husada Tarigan, Sautma Ronni Basana
17 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2021―Jun―22 Food safety management and food quality in hospitality industry during covid-19 pandemic Tiurida Lily Anita, Aditya Pratomo
18 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―May―13 The effect of intangible service quality on retailing during the COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia Zyad Alzaydi
19 [GO] Decision Science Letters 2021―May―10 Modeling generalized statistical distributions of PM2.5 concentrations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta, Indonesia Warsono Warsono, Yeftanus Antonio, Slamet B. Yuwono, Dian Kurniasari, Erdi Suroso, Prayudhy Yushananta, et al. (+2)
20 [GO] Decision Science Letters 2021―May―10 Appraising healthcare systems’ efficiency in facing COVID-19 through data envelopment analysis Nahia Mourad, Ahmed Mohamed Habib, Assem Tharwat
21 [GO] Accounting 2021―Apr―17 Economic expectations and private investment decision for the Peruvian consumer sector 2010Q4-2020Q1: Preliminary analysis under COVID-19 scenario Jorge Marcelo Miranda-Peralta, Leon Rivera-Mallma, Wiliam Rodríguez-Giraldez
22 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2021―Apr―03 Supply chain emerging aspects and future directions in the age of COVID-19: A systematic review Omar Alhawari, Khurrum Bhutta, Asif Muzzafar
23 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2021―Apr―03 The performance improvement of sustainable palm oil supply chain management after COVID-19: Priority indicators using F-AHP Novira Kusrini, Maswadi Maswadi
24 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Mar―27 Fear of COVID-19 and work-quality of life among nurses: The mediating role of psychological well-being Ahmet Maslakçı, Lütfi Sürücü, Harun Sesen
25 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Mar―27 The role of strategic innovation for sustainability of businesses during the covid-19 pandemic Abdallah Abusalma
26 [GO] Accounting 2021―Mar―17 The Jordanian capital market: Liquidity cost during COVID19 pandemic infection Hadeel Yaseen, Ghassan Omet
27 [GO] Accounting 2021―Mar―17 Can investors benefit from corporate social responsibility and portfolio model during the Covid19 pandemic? Ternence T. J. Tan, Baliira Kalyebara
28 [GO] International Journal of Data and Network Science 2021―Mar―15 How to build consumer trust towards e-satisfaction in e-commerce sites in the covid-19 pandemic time? Ina Ratnasari, Salim Siregar, Asep Maulana
29 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Feb―19 The nexus between global disruption due to the covid-19 and performance of the construction project Samrena Jabeen, Faisal Sheraz, Syed Arslan Haider, Shahid Iqbal, Sarwat Jahan, Shehnaz Tehseen, Tajwar Hussaini
30 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Feb―19 Antecedents of panic buying behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic Annastasia Melisse Putri, Avior Retsan, Huimanto Andika, Evelyn Hendriana
31 [GO] Accounting 2021―Feb―11 The effect of COVID-19 in European union on the performance of Indonesian publicly listed palm oil companies Hansen Tandra, Arif Imam Suroso, Mukhamad Najib, Yusman Syaukat
32 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Jan―12 Uncertainty of the business environment affecting business success due to the Covid-19 pandemic Okky Rizkia Yustian
33 [GO] Management Science Letters 2021―Jan―12 Management of Academic Advising in Higher Educational Institutions during COVID-19 Pandemic Rabab Ali Abumalloh, Azzah Ibrahim Alghamdi, Nedaa Azzam, Abeer Rafi’i Al Abdulraheem
34 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2020―Dec―25 Going green during COVID-19: Examining the links between green HRM, green supply chain and firm performance in food Industry of Bahrain: The moderating role of lockdown due to COVID-19 Mahmoud Radhwan Hussein AlZgool, Umair Ahmed, Syed Mir Muhammad Shah, Tamer Alkadash and Qais AlMaamary
35 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2020―Dec―25 The effect of product innovation on business performance during COVID 19 pandemic Usup Riassy Christa, Vivy Kristinae
36 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Dec―03 The effect of transformation leadership on government employee job satisfaction during Covid-19 Ahmad Ali Almohtaseb, Mohammad Adnan Almahameed, Fayiz Emad Addin Sharari, Eyad Ahmad Dabbouri
37 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Sep―28 Social isolation and psychological wellbeing: lessons from Covid-19 Hussein-Elhakim Al Issa, Eman Mahir Jaleel
38 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Sep―28 Cultural and individual characteristics in adopting computer-supported collaborative learning during covid-19 outbreak: Willingness or obligatory to accept technology? Fatimah Fatimah, Sarbaini Ismi Rajiani, Ersis Warmansyah Abbas
39 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2020―Sep―24 The role of powerful business strategy on value innovation capabilities to improve marketing performance during the COVID-19 pandemic Vivy Kristinae, I Made Wardana, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Giantari, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda
40 [GO] Uncertain Supply Chain Management 2020―Sep―24 Exploring the relationship between social capital, innovation capability and innovation during the coronavirus pandemic I Gede Cahyadi Putra, Ni Made Sunarsih, Luh Gde Novitasari, Made Setini
41 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Aug―28 Drivers of employee sustainable motivation on private enterprises on Saudi Arabia during the crisis of COVID-19 Abdullah Abdulmohsen Alfalih
42 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Aug―28 Business analysis in the times of COVID-19: Empirical testing of the contemporary academic findings Slobodan Adžić, Jarrah Al-Mansour
43 [GO] Journal of Project Management 2020―Aug―21 The relationship among performance risk, safety risk, social risk, psychological risk, satisfaction and intentions to use grab service in Vietnam amid Covid-19 crisis Van Dat Tran
44 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Jul―31 New environmental factors affecting cost systems design after COVID-19 Mohammad M Humeedat
45 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―Jul―05 Policy related factors affecting the survival and development of SMEs in the context of Covid 19 pandemic Hoang Ba Huyen Le, Thi Loan Nguyen, Chi Thanh Ngo, Thi Bich Thu Pham, Thi Binh Le
46 [GO] Management Science Letters 2020―May―24 Factors affecting acceptance and use of online technology in Thai people during COVID-19 quarantine time Ampol Chayomchai, Wilaiwan Phonsiri, Arnon Junjit, Rujirek Boongapim, Ubonwan Suwannapusit
47 [GO] Journal of Project Management 2020―Mar―08 Fight against COVID-19: A global outbreak response management performance view Javid Jouzdani


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