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1 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Relevance of work-from-home culture in post Covid-19 era: regarding productivity of employees in IT sector Y. Singh, J. Chitranshi
2 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Study of trust of government handling of Covid-19 in India and USA and disinformation tactics used by the government S.V. Gopalan, M. Mehta
3 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Impact on student behavior due to Covid-19 lockdown in India J. Singh, J. Chitranshi
4 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Understanding esports industry and impact of Covid-19 on it: a review of literature M. Agrawal, A.K. Upadhyay
5 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 A study to identify the impact of Covid-19 on the trust and risk perceptions of online buying behaviour G. Akshaya, P. Phadtare
6 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Covid-19 pandemic: impact and opportunities for education in India K. Agarwal, J. Chitranshi
7 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Effect of Covid-19 pandemic: tourism and hospitality industry K. Mehta, C. Panse
8 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Acute myocardial infarction following COVID-19 vaccination: a cause or a coincidence? A.A. Elheet, M.H. Farrag, M.M. Elkeliei, A.M. Alabdali
9 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 Internship in the year of Covid-19: what has changed in internship dynamics? A. Patil, P. Sharma
10 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Jun―17 A study on impact of coronavirus pandemic on the education system D. Saini, H.D. Gupta
11 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Mar―16 Features of the course of cardiovascular diseases against the background of COVID-19 A.T. Betuganova, A.A. Notov, Z.A. Ahkubekova, R.M. Aramisova, Z.A. Kambachokova, T.Kh. Shereuzhev, et al. (+2)
12 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Mar―16 Cognitive, emotional-affective, anxiety and autonomic disorders in patients with a new coronavirus infection (covid-19) in the acute period K.N. Melnikov, V.P. Kondratyev
13 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Mar―16 Prevalence of anxiety and depression disorders among medical students one year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic А.M. Kаrdаngushevа, D.A. Dzakhmysheva, M.A. Kardanova, A.Y. Chanaeva, M.A. Makoeva, I.S. Khagabanova
14 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Mar―16 Decision support system in radiology for fast diagnostics of thoracic diseases under COVID-19 pandemic conditions I.M. Borodyansky
15 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Mar―16 Features of life activity and the incidence rate of anxiety and depressive disorders among medical students studying remotely during the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection (Covid 19) А.M. Kаrdаngushevа, D.Z. Kaskulova, M.H. Kurdanova, A.F. Budnik, O.V. Voronova, Z.A. Gelyakhova
16 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Simulation model for Covid-19 pandemic T.P. Borhade, A. Kulkarni
17 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Well-Being of Employees: A Study of Mental Wellness of Employees during COVID-19 in India B. Samridhi, S. Lavina
18 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 A Comparative Study on the Effect Of Covid-19 And Spanish Flu In India - Lessons To Learn From The Past L. Tushar, K. Mugdha
19 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Work life balance of medical professionals during Covid-19 N. Ashwin, M. Mita
20 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Healthcare Optimization, Medication Management and Preparedness in Retail Pharmacy Industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic in India R.M. Gagan, D. Hirak
21 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Cardiometric criteria for diagnostics, therapy, and prediction of COVID-19 virus infection development under hospital conditions M.Y. Rudenko, O.G. Dvorina, V.A. Zernov, O.K. Voronova
22 [GO] CARDIOMETRY 2022―Feb―16 Strategies for mitigating the effects of a pandemic on Indian medical tourism D. Kapadia, P. Dongre, R. Mahadevan

22 Results       Page 1


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