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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Victoria University of Wellington Library

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1 [GO] Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 2024―May―29 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mediation and New Zealand's Dispute Resolution System Grant Morris
2 [GO] New Zealand Science Review 2022―Dec―14 Evolutionary origins of the SARS-CoV-2 sarbecovirus lineage responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic Maciej Boni, Philippe Lemey, Xiaowei Jiang, Tommy Lam, Blair Perry, Todd Castoe, et al. (+2)
3 [GO] New Zealand Science Review 2022―Dec―14 Lessons learned from Covid-19 for the Science-Policy-Society Interface Editors
4 [GO] New Zealand Science Review 2022―Dec―14 The role of experts in the Covid-19 pandemic and the limits of their epistemic authority in democracy Andrea Lavazza, Mirko Farina
5 [GO] New Zealand Science Review 2022―Dec―14 COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic Editors
6 [GO] New Zealand Science Review 2022―Dec―14 Responding to New Zealand’s early career researcher crisis during the pandemic Troy Baisden
7 [GO] Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 2022―Aug―29 The UN Security Council and Non-Traditional Security Threats: Why the Failures of the Council's Covid-19 Response Dampen Hopes for Council Action on Climate Change Louise Goodwin
8 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2022―Feb―23 Integrating Science into Policy: experiences during the pandemic Shaun Hendy
9 [GO] Commoning Ethnography 2022―Jan―09 Carceral and Colonial Memory During Pandemic Times in the Philippines Dada Docot
10 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2021―Sep―23 Trust in Government and Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Kate C. Prickett, Simon Chapple
11 [GO] The New Zealand Annual Review of Education 2021―Jul―21 Student experiences of online learning due to Covid-19 Jenny Clarke, Deborah Munro
12 [GO] The New Zealand Annual Review of Education 2021―Jul―21 Shape-shifting connections, relationships and Pacific education in the uncharted waters of a global pandemic Cherie Chu-Fuluifaga
13 [GO] The New Zealand Annual Review of Education 2021―Jul―20 Were we ready? New Zealand high school students' experiences of online learning during school closures of Covid-19, 2020 Anne Yates, Louise Starkey
14 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2021―Feb―10 The New Zealand Public Service Response to Covid-19 Hannah Cameron
15 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2021―Feb―10 Assessing Parliament’s Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic Gabor Hellyer
16 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2021―Feb―10 The Covid-19 Pandemic David Skegg
17 [GO] Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 2020―Nov―11 The Effects of COVID-19 on International Contracts: A Comparative Overview Laura Maria Franciosi
18 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Collaboration in a Time of Covid-19 Mike Reid
19 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Maori Responses to Covid-19 Sacha McMeeking, Catherine Savage
20 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Support for Workers in the Covid-19 Emergency Bill Rosenberg
21 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Government Authority and the Covid-19 Lockdown Janine Hayward
22 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Government’s Income Support Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic Michael Fletcher
23 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 The Covid-19 pandemic Grant Duncan
24 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Public Health Aspects of the Covid-19 Response and Opportunities for the Post-Pandemic Era Nick Wilson, Matt Boyd, Amanda Kvalsvig, Tim Chambers, Michael Baker
25 [GO] Policy Quarterly 2020―Aug―10 Globalisation in the Time of Coronavirus Alan Bollard

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