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1 [GO] 2021―Jul―26 Not a matter of quantity: quality of relationships and personal interests predict university students’ resilience to anxiety during CoViD-19. Marta Nola, Cecilia Guiot, Stefano Damiani, Natascia Brondino, Roberta Milani, Pierluigi Politi
2 [GO] 2021―Jul―24 Adherence to COVID-19 mitigation measures: The role of sociodemographic and personality factors Eva Turk, Tatjana Čelik, Maja Smrdu, Janko Šet, Ana Kuder, Matjaž Gregorič, Simona Kralj-Fišer
3 [GO] 2021―Jul―24 Problematic internet use and its association with sleep disturbance and life satisfaction among Palestinians during the COVID-19 pandemic Fayez Azez Mahamid, Denise Ziya Berte, Dana Bdier
4 [GO] 2021―Jul―23 Chinese public’s panic buying at the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak: The contribution of perceived risk, social media use, and connection with close others Jian-Bin Li, Rui Zhang, Lin-Xin Wang, Kai Dou
5 [GO] 2021―Jul―22 The mediating role of health literacy on the relationship between health care system distrust and vaccine hesitancy during COVID-19 pandemic Zeynep Turhan, Hacer Yalnız Dilcen, İlknur Dolu
6 [GO] 2021―Jul―13 Why people were less compliant with public health regulations during the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak: The role of trust in governmental organizations, future anxiety, fatigue, and Covid-19 risk perception Cristiano Scandurra, Vincenzo Bochicchio, Pasquale Dolce, Paolo Valerio, Benedetta Muzii, Nelson Mauro Maldonato
7 [GO] 2021―Jul―10 Self-controlled responses to COVID-19: Self-control and uncertainty predict responses to the COVID-19 pandemic Jordan E. Rodriguez, Hayden L. Holmes, Jessica L. Alquist, Liad Uziel, Alec J. Stinnett
8 [GO] 2021―Jul―08 Generation Z undergraduate students’ resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study Wei How Darryl Ang, Shefaly Shorey, Violeta Lopez, Han Shi Jocelyn Chew, Ying Lau
9 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 An impact of content delivery, equity, support and self-efficacy on student’s learning during the COVID-19 Parul Kumar, Neha Kumar, Hiram Ting
10 [GO] 2021―Jul―07 Mental health status and psychosocial issues during Nationwide COVID-19 quarantine in Iran in 2020: A cross-sectional study in Mazandaran Province Maryam Hasannezhad Reskati, Misagh Shafizad, Mohsen Aarabi, Akbar Hedayatizadeh-Omran, Sahar Khosravi, Forouzan Elyasi
11 [GO] 2021―Jul―05 Risk and protective factors for psychological distress during COVID-19 in Israel Zohar Oryan, Asia Avinir, Sigal Levy, Einat Kodesh, Odelia Elkana
12 [GO] 2021―Jul―01 COVID-19 associated psychological symptoms in Turkish population: A path model Ayşegül Durak Batıgün, İpek Şenkal Ertürk
13 [GO] 2021―Jun―28 Psychological consequences of hospital isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic - research on the sample of polish firefighting academy students Irena Walecka, Piotr Ciechanowicz, Klaudia Dopytalska, Agata Mikucka-Wituszyńska, Elżbieta Szymańska, Jacek Bogucki, et al. (+3)
14 [GO] 2021―Jun―23 Age, frequency of volunteering, and Present-Hedonistic time perspective predict donating items to people in need, but not money to combat COVID-19 during lock-down Iwona Nowakowska
15 [GO] 2021―Jun―21 Using fear appeal theories to understand the effects of location information of patients on citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic Guobin Wu, Xiaopeng Deng, Bingsheng Liu
16 [GO] 2021―Jun―20 Self-efficacy, subjective well-being and positive coping in adolescents with regard to Covid-19 lockdown Elena Cattelino, Silvia Testa, Emanuela Calandri, Angela Fedi, Silvia Gattino, Federica Graziano, et al. (+2)
17 [GO] 2021―Jun―19 Public psychological distance and spatial distribution characteristics during the COVID-19 pandemic: a Chinese context Meifen Wu, Ruyin Long, Hong Chen
18 [GO] 2021―Jun―17 Development and validation of the conservation of resources scale for COVID-19 in the Chinese adult general population Yanqiu Yu, Joseph T.F. Lau, Mason M.C. Lau
19 [GO] 2021―Jun―17 Using the health action process approach to predict facemask use and hand washing in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in China Chao Kei Lao, Xinyi Li, Nan Zhao, Mengke Gou, Guangyu Zhou
20 [GO] 2021―Jun―17 Psychological impact of mandatory COVID-19 quarantine on small business owners and self-employed in China Wei Wang, Wenjing Huang, Xiaoxue Liu, Dwight A. Hennessy
21 [GO] 2021―Jun―15 Examining a domain-specific link between perceived control and conspiracy beliefs: a brief report in the context of COVID-19 Ana Stojanov, Jamin Halberstadt, Jesse M. Bering, Nikolina Kenig
22 [GO] 2021―Jun―15 Keep me updated! Social support as a coping strategy to reduce the perceived threat caused by the cognitive availability of COVID-19 relevant information Lisa Klümper, Svenja Sürth
23 [GO] 2021―Jun―15 Psychological wellbeing, memories, and future thoughts during the Covid-19 pandemic Julie A. Niziurski, Marie Luisa Schaper
24 [GO] 2021―Jun―12 The psychological impact and coping of Covid-19 pandemic among Arsi University students -Ethiopia Dereje Adefris, Birhanu Moges
25 [GO] 2021―Jun―09 Adherence to preventive behaviors among college students during COVID-19 pandemic in China: The role of health beliefs and COVID-19 stressors Cheuk Chi Tam, Xiaoyan Li, Xiaoming Li, Yuyan Wang, Danhua Lin
26 [GO] 2021―Jun―03 Deciding between moral priorities and COVID-19 avoiding behaviors: A moral foundations vignette study Hatice Ekici, Emine Yücel, Sevim Cesur
27 [GO] 2021―Jun―01 Prevalence and psychosocial risk factors of nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescents during the COVID-19 outbreak Wen-Ching Tang, Min-Pei Lin, Jianing You, Jo Yung-Wei Wu, Kuan-Chu Chen
28 [GO] 2021―May―31 Analysis of the psychometric properties of the five-factor self-concept questionnaire (AF-5) in Spanish students during the COVID-19 lockdown Félix Zurita-Ortega, David Lindell-Postigo, Gabriel González-Valero, Pilar Puertas-Molero, Manuel Ortiz-Franco, José Joaquín Muros
29 [GO] 2021―May―28 Stay at home! When personality profiles influence mental health and creativity during the COVID-19 lockdown Estelle Michinov, Nicolas Michinov
30 [GO] 2021―May―27 Does psychosocial support buffer the effect of COVID-19 related stressors on mental health among Chinese during quarantine? Ying Wang, Tolulope Ariyo, Huijun Liu, Chenjuan Ma
31 [GO] 2021―May―26 Beliefs in COVID-19 conspiracy theories, compliance with the preventive measures, and trust in government medical officials Irena Pavela Banai, Benjamin Banai, Igor Mikloušić
32 [GO] 2021―May―24 How perceived threat of COVID-19 related to aggressive tendencies during the pandemic in Hubei Province and other regions of China: Mediators and moderators Shichang Deng, Xue Feng
33 [GO] 2021―May―22 The relationship between social media use, anxiety and burden caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spain Julia Brailovskaia, Marta Miragall, Jürgen Margraf, Rocío Herrero, Rosa M. Baños
34 [GO] 2021―May―12 Exploring anxiety levels in healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic: Turkey sample Ceyda Uzun Şahin, Nurşen Kulakaç
35 [GO] 2021―May―09 The coping strategies followed by university students to mitigate the COVID-19 quarantine psychological impact Ensaf Y. Almomani, Ahmad M. Qablan, Abbas M. Almomany, Fatin Y. Atrooz
36 [GO] 2021―May―08 Subjective experience of time in dementia with Lewy bodies during COVID-19 lockdown Dylan Torboli, Giovanna Mioni, Cinzia Bussé, Annachiara Cagnin, Antonino Vallesi
37 [GO] 2021―May―06 India’s outburst of online classes during COVID-19 impacts the mental health of students Govindasamy Agoramoorthy
38 [GO] 2021―May―03 COVID-19 pandemic-related representations, self-efficacy, and psychological well-being in the general population during lockdown Evangelos C. Karademas, Christophoros Thomadakis
39 [GO] 2021―May―03 Shared humanity, awareness of socio-economic privilege, and classism during the pandemic as predictors of supporting equal socio-economic policies Özden Melis Uluğ, Nevin Solak, Betül Kanık
40 [GO] 2021―Apr―29 Attitudes and predictive factors of psychological distress and occupational burnout among dentists during COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey Merve Özarslan, Secil Caliskan
41 [GO] 2021―Apr―25 Coronavirus stress and COVID-19 burnout among healthcare staffs: The mediating role of optimism and social connectedness Murat Yıldırım, İlhan Çiçek, Mehmet Emin Şanlı
42 [GO] 2021―Apr―25 Contamination fear in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic: A moderated mediation quasi-experimental model of the effect of disgust on outgroup bias towards diaspora Andreea I. Luca, Ioana R. Podina, Rareș Boian
43 [GO] 2021―Apr―25 Pandemic grief in Poland: adaptation of a measure and its relationship with social support and resilience Sebastian Skalski, Karol Konaszewski, Paweł Dobrakowski, Janusz Surzykiewicz, Sherman A. Lee
44 [GO] 2021―Apr―21 The effects of COVID-19 continuous traumatic stressors on mental health and cognitive functioning: A case example from Turkey Ibrahim A. Kira, Emre Han Alpay, Yunus Emre Ayna, Hanaa A.M. Shuwiekh, Jeffrey S. Ashby, Aras Turkeli
45 [GO] 2021―Apr―21 Effects of restraining measures due to COVID-19: Pre- and post-lockdown cognitive status and mental health Joana Nogueira, Bianca Gerardo, Ana Rita Silva, Paula Pinto, Rosa Barbosa, Sílvia Soares, et al. (+6)
46 [GO] 2021―Apr―17 The predictors of COVID-19 anxiety and helping behaviour during the pandemic: An investigation within the framework of individual and national level resources Özge Ünal, Merve Cesur-Atintaş, Elvan Kiremitçi-Canıöz, Hilal Kaya, Yağmur Yağmurcu
47 [GO] 2021―Apr―15 The 5-factor model of psychological response to COVID-19: its correlation with anxiety and depression Mohammad A. Aboul-ata, Faten T. Qonsua
48 [GO] 2021―Apr―13 Frequency and perceived effectiveness of mental health providers’ coping strategies during COVID-19 Shannon E. Reilly, Zachary A. Soulliard, William T. McCuddy, James J. Mahoney
49 [GO] 2021―Apr―12 How are OCD patients and their families coping with the COVID-19 pandemic? A qualitative study Hannelore L. N. Tandt, Hanna Van Parys, Lemke Leyman, Christine Purdon, Gilbert M. D. Lemmens
50 [GO] 2021―Apr―08 Social support, perceived risk and the likelihood of COVID-19 testing and vaccination: cross-sectional data from the United Kingdom Rusi Jaspal, Glynis M. Breakwell
51 [GO] 2021―Apr―05 COVID-19 related fear and mental health in Indian sample: The buffering effect of support system Alina Suhail, Kaiser Ahmad Dar, Naved Iqbal
52 [GO] 2021―Apr―01 Mothers’ and fathers’ parenting attitudes during COVID-19 Lisa K. Forbes, Margaret R. Lamar, Megan Speciale, Courtney Donovan
53 [GO] 2021―Apr―01 Individual and community psychological experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic: The state of emergency in Portugal Alice Murteira Morgado, Joana Cruz, Maria Manuela Peixoto
54 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 The impact of social problem skills on academic motivation by means of Covid-19 fear H. Deniz Günaydın
55 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Latent profile analysis of COVID-19 fear, depression, anxiety, stress, mindfulness, and resilience İlhan Yalçın, Nesime Can, Öykü Mançe Çalışır, Seher Yalçın, Burçin Çolak
56 [GO] 2021―Mar―31 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and health-related quality of life among university students in Turkey Hasan Huseyin Cam, Fadime Ustuner Top, Tülay Kuzlu Ayyildiz
57 [GO] 2021―Mar―23 Individuals’ conceptions of COVID-19 pandemic through metaphor analysis Ayşe Gök, Ahmet Kara
58 [GO] 2021―Mar―20 “Staying Home - Feeling Positive”: Effectiveness of an on-line positive psychology group intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic Andreas Brouzos, Stephanos P. Vassilopoulos, Vasiliki C. Baourda, Christina Tassi, Vaia Stavrou, Kalliopi Moschou, Katia Ourania Brouzou
59 [GO] 2021―Mar―19 The interplay between risk and protective factors during the initial height of the COVID-19 crisis in Italy: The role of risk aversion and intolerance of ambiguity on distress S. Petrocchi, P. Iannello, G. Ongaro, A. Antonietti, G. Pravettoni
60 [GO] 2021―Mar―16 Psychosocial status during the prevalence of COVID-19 disease: the comparison between healthcare workers and general population Mohammad Ali Zakeri, Sayed Mortaza Hossini Rafsanjanipoor, Nadia Sedri, Mahmood Kahnooji, Mojtaba Sanji Rafsanjani, Maryam Zakeri, et al. (+3)
61 [GO] 2021―Mar―14 Working in lockdown: the relationship between COVID-19 induced work stressors, job performance, distress, and life satisfaction Parul Kumar, Neha Kumar, Priti Aggarwal, Jasmine A.L. Yeap
62 [GO] 2021―Mar―12 Mental health during COVID-19 lockdown in India: Role of psychological capital and internal locus of control Priya Alat, Sitanshu Sekhar Das, Alisha Arora, Amrit Kumar Jha
63 [GO] 2021―Mar―12 Mental health in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal examination of the ameliorating effect of meaning salience Kristine Klussman, Austin Lee Nichols, Julia Langer
64 [GO] 2021―Mar―11 The effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the subjective well-being of the Israeli population-monitored phase by phase Tal Shavit, Arie Sherman, Daniela Aisenberg
65 [GO] 2021―Mar―08 The mediator role of the fear of COVID-19 in the relationship between psychological resilience and life satisfaction Selim Gundogan
66 [GO] 2021―Mar―03 Mental distress during the COVID-19 pandemic: Its association with public perceptions toward government’s pandemic responses and lifestyle changes Juliet Honglei Chen, Eilo Wing-yat Yu, Xiaoyu Su, Kwok Kit Tong, Anise M. S. Wu
67 [GO] 2021―Feb―28 A preliminary study on the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 lockdown in post-bariatric surgery women: the importance of eating behavior, health care access, and social support Sílvia Félix, Marta de Lourdes, Inês Ribeiro, Bruna Cunha, Sofia Ramalho, Ana R. Vaz, et al. (+2)
68 [GO] 2021―Feb―26 Perceived vulnerability to disease, knowledge about COVID-19, and changes in preventive behavior during lockdown in a German convenience sample Ulrich Stangier, Schahryar Kananian, Johanna Schüller
69 [GO] 2021―Feb―20 Psychometric properties of the Brazilian version of the fear of COVID-19 scale (FCV-19S) Emerson Diógenes de Medeiros, Lorena Mota Reis, Clara Lohana Cardoso Guimarães, Paulo Gregório Nascimento da Silva, Renan Pereira Monteiro, Gabriel Lins de Holanda Coelho, et al. (+3)
70 [GO] 2021―Feb―20 Mental health of medical workers in Japan during COVID-19: Relationships with loneliness, hope and self-compassion Yasuhiro Kotera, Akihiko Ozaki, Hirotomo Miyatake, Chie Tsunetoshi, Yoshitaka Nishikawa, Tetsuya Tanimoto
71 [GO] 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and binge eating: Patient perceptions of eating disorder symptoms, tele-therapy, and treatment implications Mallory Frayn, Caroline Fojtu, Adrienne Juarascio
72 [GO] 2021―Feb―19 Depression and anxiety in the Malaysian urban population and their association with demographic characteristics, quality of life, and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic Mohammad Farris Iman Leong Bin Abdullah, Hazwani Ahmad Yusof, Noorsuzana Mohd Shariff, Rohayu Hami, Noor Farahiya Nisman, Kim Sooi Law
73 [GO] 2021―Feb―18 Parental stress during COVID-19: A brief report on the role of distance education and family resources in an Italian sample Ughetta Moscardino, Raffaele Dicataldo, Maja Roch, Maria Carbone, Irene C. Mammarella
74 [GO] 2021―Feb―14 Technology addiction of adolescents in the COVID-19 era: Mediating effect of attitude on awareness and behavior Nihan Potas, Şuay Nilhan Açıkalın, Şefika Şule Erçetin, Nilüfer Koçtürk, Nilay Neyişci, Mehmet Sabir Çevik, Deniz Görgülü
75 [GO] 2021―Feb―02 COVID-19 as an undesirable political issue: Conspiracy beliefs and intolerance of uncertainty predict adhesion to prevention measures Jessica Farias, Ronaldo Pilati
76 [GO] 2021―Jan―28 The impact of epidemic information on the public’s worries and attitude toward epidemic prevention measures during the COVID-19 outbreak Hai-Ping Liao, Jin-Liang Wang
77 [GO] 2021―Jan―23 Encountering Covid-19 and perceived stress and the role of a health climate among medical workers Sammar Abbas, Hadi AL-Abrrow, Hasan Oudah Abdullah, Alhamzah Alnoor, Zeeshan Zaib Khattak, Khai Wah Khaw
78 [GO] 2021―Jan―18 Scanning the VIRUS: A study of dimensions of stress and coping with COVID-19 Kanika K. Ahuja
79 [GO] 2021―Jan―06 Psychological correlates of anxiety in response to COVID-19 outbreak among Iranian University students Marziyeh Sadeghzadeh, Moslem Abbasi, Yaser Khajavi, Hossein Amirazodi
80 [GO] 2021―Jan―06 Behavioral and psychosocial factors associated with COVID-19 skepticism in the United States Carl A. Latkin, Lauren Dayton, Meghan Moran, Justin C. Strickland, Karina Collins
81 [GO] 2021―Jan―06 Meaningful living, resilience, affective balance, and psychological health problems among Turkish young adults during coronavirus pandemic Murat Yıldırım, Gökmen Arslan, Paul T. P. Wong
82 [GO] 2021―Jan―05 Socio-ecological determinants of distress in Filipino adults during COVID-19 crisis John Jamir Benzon R. Aruta
83 [GO] 2021―Jan―03 Worden’s task-based approach for supporting people bereaved by COVID-19 Mohsen Khosravi
84 [GO] 2021―Jan―03 Coping strategies of individuals in the United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic Ifeanyichukwu Anthony Ogueji, Maia Makeda Okoloba, Benie McDenisa Demoko Ceccaldi
85 [GO] 2021―Jan―03 COVID-19 quarantine stressors and management among Lebanese students: a qualitative study Mirna Fawaz, Mohamad Al Nakhal, Mohammad Itani
86 [GO] 2021―Jan―03 Adolescents’ and parents’ anxiety during COVID-19: is there a role of cyberchondriasis and emotion regulation through the internet? Gülendam Akgül, Derya Atalan Ergin
87 [GO] 2020―Nov―24 COVID-19 lockdowns and a response model to health, economic and food anxiety Ashish Vazirani, Titas Bhattacharjee
88 [GO] 2020―Nov―23 A diary study of impulsive buying during the COVID-19 pandemic Huan Xiao, Zhenduo Zhang, Li Zhang
89 [GO] 2020―Nov―16 Consultation liaison psychiatry for COVID-19 inpatients: A novel care delivery program in Morocco Roukaya Benjelloun, Yassine Otheman, Chafik El Kettani
90 [GO] 2020―Nov―14 Exploring the associations between resilience, dispositional hope, preventive behaviours, subjective well-being, and psychological health among adults during early stage of COVID-19 Murat Yıldırım, Gökmen Arslan
91 [GO] 2020―Nov―14 Anxiety, depression and PTSD among children and their parent during 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in China Jinming Yue, Xueyan Zang, Yunying Le, Yuanyuan An
92 [GO] 2020―Nov―13 COVID-19 anxiety scale (CAS): Development and psychometric properties Washington Allysson Dantas Silva, Tátila Rayane de Sampaio Brito, Cicero Roberto Pereira
93 [GO] 2020―Nov―13 Coronavirus Pandemic Anxiety Scale (CPAS-11): development and initial validation Allan B. I. Bernardo, Norman B. Mendoza, Patricia D. Simon, Angela Lorraine P. Cunanan, John Ian Wilzon T. Dizon, Maria Caridad H. Tarroja, et al. (+2)
94 [GO] 2020―Nov―02 The differential mental health impact of COVID-19 in Arab countries Hanaa A.M. Shuwiekh, Ibrahim A. Kira, Mariam Sous Fahmy Sous, Jeffrey S. Ashby, Amthal Alhuwailah, Shadia Bint Ali Baali, et al. (+3)
95 [GO] 2020―Oct―31 The COVID-19 era: How therapists can diminish burnout symptoms through self-care Ami Rokach, Samir Boulazreg
96 [GO] 2020―Oct―26 COVID-19 lockdown in Italy: the role of social identification and social and political trust on well-being and distress Daniele Paolini, Fridanna Maricchiolo, Maria Giuseppina Pacilli, Stefano Pagliaro
97 [GO] 2020―Oct―22 Variables protecting mental health in the Spanish population affected by the COVID-19 pandemic María Auxiliadora Robles-Bello, David Sánchez-Teruel, Nieves Valencia Naranjo
98 [GO] 2020―Oct―07 The psychological impact of COVID-19 outbreak on medical staff and the general public Biao Chen, Qing-xian Li, Heng Zhang, Jia-yong Zhu, Xu Yang, Yu-hang Wu, et al. (+4)
99 [GO] 2020―Jun―29 Psychological correlates of COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs and preventive measures: Evidence from Turkey Sinan Alper, Fatih Bayrak, Onurcan Yilmaz
100 [GO] 2020―Jun―25 Measuring hope during the COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines: development and validation of the state locus-of-Hope scale short form in Filipino Allan B. I. Bernardo, Norman B. Mendoza


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