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1 [GO] Transnational Business and Management 2023―Jul―05 Reflections from Marketing Leaders during the COVID-19 Pandemic Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jonathan Liu, Nathalia Tjandra, Evinc Dogan, Cathy Fawaz, Lila Malliari
2 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2023―Mar―22 The ethics of online data collection: Reflections on key informant interviews researching the impacts of COVID-19 on migrants in Latin America Marcia Vera Espinoza, Alethia Fernández de la Reguera, Irene Palla, Julieta Bengochea
3 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2023―Mar―13 CSOs Addressing Women in Agri and the Pandemic: On Actions, Issues, and Solutions Ceren Avcil
4 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2023―Mar―05 A Crisis Within a Crisis: Working and Living Conditions of Syrian and Palestinian Refugees during the COVID-19 in Jordan Cevdet Acu
5 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2023―Mar―05 Psychological Impact of Anti-Asian Violence on Asian Americans under COVID-19 in Rural South Alabama Hosik Min, Roma Hanks, Denise Lewis, Shoon Lio
6 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2023―Mar―05 The Perceptions of Migration During the Pandemic: What Twitter Data Tell Us? Sara Miccoli, Elena Ambrosetti
7 [GO] Migration & Diversity 2023―Feb―28 Media Representations of the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Migrant Labour in India Richi Simon, Basil Behanan Baby
8 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2023―Jan―31 Negotiated and Involuntary Return: COVID-19 Pandemic and Return Migration of Bangladeshi Temporary Labour Migrant Men Md. Mohaiminul Islam
9 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2022―Dec―12 Men and Masculinities in Pandemic: Illness Narratives and Social Isolation Experiences of Men Diagnosed with COVID-19 in Turkey Mehmet Can Çarpar
10 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―Nov―12 Mobility as survival and freedom: Pandemic, Immobility and its implications for women and queer migrants Amrita Datta
11 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Sep―24 The Effect of Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce Platforms on Online Purchase Intentions in The Context of the Pandemic Covid-19 Begüm Şahin, Murat Güler
12 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Sep―24 Consumers' Online Buying Behaviour during COVID-19 Pandemic Using Structural Equation Modeling Afzal Hossain, Shahedul Hasan, Sumayya Begum, Mohammad Amzad Hossain Sarker
13 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Sep―24 Travel Intentions And Preferences Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: the Case of Bulgaria Elka Dogramadjieva
14 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―Jul―29 The Confluence Between COVID-19 and Informal Externalisation Agreements and the Precarious State of the Right to Seek Asylum Tasawar Ashraf
15 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―Jul―29 Migrants in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic Ariane Macalinga Borlongan
16 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―Jul―29 Impact of the Pandemic on the Eastern European Roma Population in Spain Almudena Macias León
17 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2022―May―31 Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Remittance Inflow-Economic Growth Nexus in India: Lessons from an Asymmetric Analysis Keshmeer Makun, TK Jayaraman
18 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―May―07 Analysing the Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic among Turkish Immigrants Elif Cindik-Herbrüggen, Rahman Demirkol
19 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―May―01 Antecedents of QR code acceptance during Covid-19: Towards sustainability V.S. Damodharan, K.A. Asraar Ahmed
20 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 Social media usage in higher education: Role in marketing and communication during COVID-19 Abhishek Shukla, Kamini Bhasin
21 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 Innovative crisis-response through best human resources practices during COVID-19 Bharti Pandya, Bistra Boukareva
22 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 Antecedents of consumptive behavior prior to the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr during the COVID-19 pandemic Amaliyah Amaliyah, Aminatus Zakhra
23 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 The shifting trend in online buyer's behaviour under the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam Ha Thu Nguyen, Thuy Dam Luong Hoang, Huy Khanh Nguyen
24 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 Marketing after COVID-19: Crisis adaptation, innovation and sustainable technological advances Katia Iankova, Pedro Longart
25 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2022―Apr―26 Antecedents of QR code acceptance during COVID-19: Towards sustainability Damodharan Varadarajan Sowmya, K. A. Asraar Ahmed
26 [GO] JOURNAL OF GYPSY STUDIES 2022―Mar―03 Editorial: Roma Communities and COVID-19 Deniz Eroğlu Utku
27 [GO] GÖÇ DERGİSİ 2022―Feb―28 Ankara’daki Suriyeli Göçmen Girişimcilerin Covid-19 Pandemisi Sürecinde Karşılaştığı Sorunlar Hilal Barın
28 [GO] Yeiyá 2022―Feb―02 La fuerza laboral mexicana migrantes en Estados Unidos. La más esencial y la más vulnerable durante la COVID-19 Marcel Angel Esquivel Serrano, María José Enríquez-Cabral
29 [GO] Yeiyá 2022―Feb―02 Rechazo a los retornantes: nuevos escenarios de riesgo para los migrantes transnacionales en contexto de pandemia COVID-19 Sibely Canedo
30 [GO] Yeiyá 2022―Feb―02 Redes de cuidado frente al entrampamiento migratorio por Covid-19 en México Héctor Parra García
31 [GO] Yeiyá 2022―Feb―02 Crisis COVID-19 y movilidad humana: un análisis histórico-estructural Carmen Lilia Cervantes Bello
32 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2022―Jan―18 Populations in Crisis: Migration Plans and Determinants Among Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic Evgenia Anastasiou
33 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 Impact of financial attitude on financial management behaviour of retail investors: A COVID-19 perspective Aashu Aggarwal, Ashmeet Kaur, Sanya Sachdeva
34 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 A Study on Changing Role of Investor Behaviour towards Digital Investments - Pre and During COVID-19 Scenarios Isha Narula, Kriti Dhingra
35 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 A Demographic Study on the Purchase Pattern of Consumers with respect to Social Learning Theory during COVID-19 times Debarati Roy Chowdhury Banerjee, Sudipta Majumdar
36 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 Effects of Covid-19: Redefining Work from home & Employee Engagement Antriksha Negi, Mr. Ravinder Pant, Prof Nawal Kishor
37 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 Will Online Banking Sustain in Bhutan Post Covid-19? A Quantitative Analysis of The Customer E-Satisfaction and E-Loyalty in The Kingdom of Bhutan Shad Ahmad Khan, Ferdinand Epoc, Veer P. Gangwar, T. Antony A Ligori, Zaid Ahmed Ansari
38 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 An Empirical Study of Consumer buying decision and Digital Marketing during COVID 19 Pandemic Dr. Richa Arora, Dr. Richa Nangia
39 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 A Bibliometric Analysis of COVID-19 Across Economics and Business Research Landscape Nida Nida, Ashish Chandra, Ruchi Shukla
40 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Dec―05 Impact of Stock Market Volatility on Gold prices during the Covid-19 pandemic Garishma Gulyani, Priyanka Gupta, Ramanpreet Singh
41 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Nov―30 The Practice of ‘Othering' during COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia: From the cities to the highlands Linda Lumayag, Poline Bala
42 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2021―Sep―21 Critical study of leadership styles in handling COVID-19 crisis Richa Nangia, Richa Arora
43 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Sep―13 “Asymmetric Export Volatility Shock Behaviour” of Lower Middle Income (LMI) Countries in South East Asia During COVID-19 Pandemic Rohit Malhotra
44 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Los rostros violentos del extractivismo en la región norte de Centroamérica: Expulsiones y Fronterización en el contexto de la COVID-19 Daniel Villafuerte Solís, María del Carmen García Aguilar
45 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Los efectos de la financiarización sobre la naturaleza en el contexto de la pandemia COVID-19 Gabriel Alberto Rosas Sánchez
46 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Educación en tiempos de Covid-19: Aprender desde la diferencia Erica Paola Tejedor Fuentes
47 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 La Pandemia COVID-19: desafío al discurso de desarrollo bajo el modelo económico neoliberal Alhelí Fabiola Urquizú Solís
48 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 Canadian’s attitudes toward immigration in the COVID-19 era Bruce Newbold, Olive Wahoush, Sarah Wayland, Yudara Weerakoon
49 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 Inter-country variations in COVID-19 incidence from a social science perspective Uzi Rebhun
50 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Migrant Entrepreneurship: Responses to the market shock Ekaterina Vorobeva, Léo-Paul Dana
51 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Remittances from Mexican migrants in the United States during the time of COVID-19 Rodolfo Garcia Zamora, Selene Gaspar Olvera
52 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Remittances to Albania: Before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic Joniada Barjaba
53 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Editorial: The social dynamics of remittances and the pandemic Jeffrey H. Cohen
54 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―May―21 Migration governance in Slovakia during the COVID-19 crisis Andrej Privara, Eva Rievajová
55 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―May―21 Labour out-migration and Covid-19 Pandemic in India: A case study of Murshidabad district of West Bengal Rabiul Ansary, Krishna Chandra Rath
56 [GO] International Journal of Religion 2021―May―20 A Discussion of Relevant Religious Teachings from Islam and Christianity to the COVID-19 Crisis. Irfan Raja
57 [GO] Journal of Posthumanism 2021―May―06 Dialogue on Posthuman Life, Death and COVID-19 Francesca Ferrando, Asijit Datta
58 [GO] The Agonist 2021―May―03 Outrunning COVID-19 II: My Trip to Aeæa Thomas Steinbuch
59 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2021―Mar―30 Immigrant Integration and COVID-19 Uzi Rebhun
60 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2021―Mar―30 COVID-19 and high-skilled workers: Experiences and perspectives from India Hussain Patrawala, Ruchi Singh
61 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 “I stay at work for you, you stay at home for us.” Does this Covid-19 campaign work for the youth in Asia? Jappy Fanggidae, Ridolof Batilmurik, Pieter Samadara
62 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 The Impact of Anxiety Caused by COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour H. Mustafa Paksoy, Yakup Durmaz, Filiz Çopuroğlu, B. Dilek Özbezek
63 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Health or Death? The Online Purchase Intentions of Consumers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Resul Öztürk
64 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Consumption Emotions and Consumer Values among Turkish Consumers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Nevin Karabiyik Yerden
65 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Coronavirus Pandemic and Disruptive Impact on Marketing and Consumers Lilit Baghdasaryan, Ibrahim Sirkeci
66 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Consumption switch at haste: insights from Indian low-income customers for adopting Fintech services due to the pandemic Soniya Billore, Gautam Billore
67 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 Editorial: Foreign seasonal migrants in agriculture and COVID-19 Elli Heikkilä
68 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 Reflections on Collective Insecurity and Virtual Resistance in the times of COVID-19 in Malaysia Linda Lumayag, Teresita Del Rosario
69 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 The COVID-19, Migration and Livelihood in India: Challenges and Policy Issues Ram B Bhagat, Reshmi R.S., Harihar Sahoo, Archana K. Roy, Dipti Govil
70 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―May―28 Editorial: Marketing and Consumers in an Era of Disruption Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic Ibrahim Sirkeci
71 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―May―08 Editorial: Modeling Migration, Insecurity and COVID-19 Jeffrey H. Cohen
72 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2020―May―08 Editorial: Remittances during the Covid-19 Pandemic Ibrahim Sirkeci
73 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Apr―03 Coronavirus and Migration: Analysis of Human Mobility and the Spread of Covid-19 Ibrahim Sirkeci, Mustafa Murat Yucesahin

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