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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2021―Sep―13 “Asymmetric Export Volatility Shock Behaviour” of Lower Middle Income (LMI) Countries in South East Asia During COVID-19 Pandemic Rohit Malhotra
2 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Los rostros violentos del extractivismo en la región norte de Centroamérica: Expulsiones y Fronterización en el contexto de la COVID-19 Daniel Villafuerte Solís, María del Carmen García Aguilar
3 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Los efectos de la financiarización sobre la naturaleza en el contexto de la pandemia COVID-19 Gabriel Alberto Rosas Sánchez
4 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 Educación en tiempos de Covid-19: Aprender desde la diferencia Erica Paola Tejedor Fuentes
5 [GO] Yeiyá 2021―Jul―27 La Pandemia COVID-19: desafío al discurso de desarrollo bajo el modelo económico neoliberal Alhelí Fabiola Urquizú Solís
6 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 Canadian’s attitudes toward immigration in the COVID-19 era Bruce Newbold, Olive Wahoush, Sarah Wayland, Yudara Weerakoon
7 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 Inter-country variations in COVID-19 incidence from a social science perspective Uzi Rebhun
8 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―Jul―20 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Migrant Entrepreneurship: Responses to the market shock Ekaterina Vorobeva, Léo-Paul Dana
9 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Remittances from Mexican migrants in the United States during the time of COVID-19 Rodolfo Garcia Zamora, Selene Gaspar Olvera
10 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Remittances to Albania: Before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic Joniada Barjaba
11 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2021―May―26 Editorial: The social dynamics of remittances and the pandemic Jeffrey H. Cohen
12 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―May―21 Migration governance in Slovakia during the COVID-19 crisis Andrej Privara, Eva Rievajová
13 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2021―May―21 Labour out-migration and Covid-19 Pandemic in India: A case study of Murshidabad district of West Bengal Rabiul Ansary, Krishna Chandra Rath
14 [GO] International Journal of Religion 2021―May―20 A Discussion of Relevant Religious Teachings from Islam and Christianity to the COVID-19 Crisis. Irfan Raja
15 [GO] Journal of Posthumanism 2021―May―06 Dialogue on Posthuman Life, Death and COVID-19 Francesca Ferrando, Asijit Datta
16 [GO] The Agonist 2021―May―03 Outrunning COVID-19 II: My Trip to Aeæa Thomas Steinbuch
17 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2021―Mar―30 Immigrant Integration and COVID-19 Uzi Rebhun
18 [GO] BORDER CROSSING 2021―Mar―30 COVID-19 and high-skilled workers: Experiences and perspectives from India Hussain Patrawala, Ruchi Singh
19 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 “I stay at work for you, you stay at home for us.” Does this Covid-19 campaign work for the youth in Asia? Jappy Fanggidae, Ridolof Batilmurik, Pieter Samadara
20 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 The Impact of Anxiety Caused by COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour H. Mustafa Paksoy, Yakup Durmaz, Filiz Çopuroğlu, B. Dilek Özbezek
21 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Health or Death? The Online Purchase Intentions of Consumers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Resul Öztürk
22 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Consumption Emotions and Consumer Values among Turkish Consumers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Nevin Karabiyik Yerden
23 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Coronavirus Pandemic and Disruptive Impact on Marketing and Consumers Lilit Baghdasaryan, Ibrahim Sirkeci
24 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―Oct―25 Consumption switch at haste: insights from Indian low-income customers for adopting Fintech services due to the pandemic Soniya Billore, Gautam Billore
25 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 Editorial: Foreign seasonal migrants in agriculture and COVID-19 Elli Heikkilä
26 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 Reflections on Collective Insecurity and Virtual Resistance in the times of COVID-19 in Malaysia Linda Lumayag, Teresita Del Rosario
27 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Sep―28 The COVID-19, Migration and Livelihood in India: Challenges and Policy Issues Ram B Bhagat, Reshmi R.S., Harihar Sahoo, Archana K. Roy, Dipti Govil
28 [GO] TRANSNATIONAL MARKETING JOURNAL 2020―May―28 Editorial: Marketing and Consumers in an Era of Disruption Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic Ibrahim Sirkeci
29 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―May―08 Editorial: Modeling Migration, Insecurity and COVID-19 Jeffrey H. Cohen
30 [GO] REMITTANCES REVIEW 2020―May―08 Editorial: Remittances during the Covid-19 Pandemic Ibrahim Sirkeci
31 [GO] MIGRATION LETTERS 2020―Apr―03 Coronavirus and Migration: Analysis of Human Mobility and the Spread of Covid-19 Ibrahim Sirkeci, Mustafa Murat Yucesahin


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