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1 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2022―May―07 Caffeine Consumption among Undergraduate College Students amid COVID-19 Pandemic Nazanin Beheshti, Arab Al Bayati, Salome Kapella Mshigeni
2 [GO] International Multilingual Journal of Contemporary Research 2022―Apr―28 La critique culturelle sur le web chypriote par la création artistique en lignependant la pandémie de Covid-19 Christakis CHRISTOFI
3 [GO] Journal of Foreign Languages Cultures and Civilizations 2022―Apr―28 Self-Awareness Skill Building and Correlation to Improved Mental Health Status in College Students Living in Iran during the 4th peak of COVID-19 Pandemic LalehMehrad LalehMehrad
4 [GO] Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management 2022―Jan―06 Factors Impacting the Decision to Return for NCAA Division II Gulf South Conference Spring Sport Student-Athletes Impacted by COVID-19 in 2020 Gary R. Johnson, Linn M. Stranak, Matthew J. Brunet
5 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2022―Jan―06 The Health Crisis of the COVID-19 as a New Challenge for Hospital Libraries Dr. Eleni Semertzidou
6 [GO] Journal of Marketing Management (JMM) 2022―Jan―06 Innovative Healthcare Marketing Strategies during COVID-19 Nishant Renu
7 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2022―Jan―06 Determination of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Epitopes Recognized by Pooled IgGs from COVID-19 Plasma Qinfeng Liu
8 [GO] Journal of Sociology and Social Work 2022―Jan―05 Gen Z is not alone: Generation knife crime and the covid-19 epidemic crisis. Georgia Gouga
9 [GO] Journal of Education and Human Development 2022―Jan―05 Helping Adolescents with Mental Health Impacts From COVID-19 Isolation Ie May Freeman, Donna Block
10 [GO] Journal of Sociology and Social Work 2022―Jan―05 Analyzing the Increase in Elder Abuse during the COVID-19 Pandemic Qin Wei
11 [GO] Journal of Sociology and Social Work 2022―Jan―05 To Starve or to Catch Covid-19? Emergency Management of a Public Health Crisis and Impact on Economically Distressed Communities Habiba A. Ibrahim, Stephen M. Magu, Mohamed Ibrahim
12 [GO] International Journal of Language and Literature 2022―Jan―05 Telecollaboration in the Era of Coronavirus Clara Maria Di Gennaro, Yaneth Eugenia Villarroel Ojeda
13 [GO] Journal of Marketing Management (JMM) 2021―Dec―13 Marketing Strategies of American and Canadian Event Planners in a Pandemic Lise Heroux, Mark M. Gultek
14 [GO] Journal of Education and Human Development 2021―Dec―12 Teachers' Perceptions of Principals' Supportive Behavior during COVID-19 Kathleen T. Campbell, Suzanne. T. Harris
15 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2021―Dec―12 Clinical characteristicsandrisk factorsofpatients with coronavirusdisease (COVID-19) in a Tertiary Hospitalof Colombia. (Characteristicsofpatients with COVID-19) Carlos Alberto Sanchez, Dayana Guzmán Venachi, Héctor Fabio Villamarín-Guerrero, Armando Lucumí Moreno, Monica Chavez Vivas
16 [GO] International Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy 2021―Dec―12 Psychosocial Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Healthcare Workers in Selected Hospitals in Khartoum State, Khartoum, Sudan, 2020 Zeinab Swar Eldahab, Mohamed Al Seiddig, Gaffar Alemam,Mohammed Ishag
17 [GO] International Journal of Nursing 2021―Aug―28 Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Nurses during COVID-19 Pandemic: Evaluation of Coping Strategies Dafogianni Chrysoula, Pappa Despoina, Koutelekos Ioannis, Mangoulia Polyxeni, Ferentinou Eftychia, Margari Nikoletta
18 [GO] International Journal of Nursing 2021―Feb―09 Children Dietary Habits and Quality of Sleep during COVID-19 Pandemic Amira Mohamed Saad Khalil, Zeinab Elsayed Hafez Elsayed
19 [GO] International Journal of Language and Literature 2021―Feb―03 The Collapse of Western Metaphysics: Covid-19 and Digital Literacy Salim E. Al-Ibia
20 [GO] Journal of Social Welfare and Human Rights 2021―Feb―03 The Well-Being of Employees Working in Structures against Domestic Violence in Greece during the COVID-19 Lockdown and the Impact on Their Health Vasiliki Saini
21 [GO] Journal of Education and Human Development 2021―Feb―03 Internet Addiction among University Students during Covid-19 Lockdown: Case Study of Institutions in Nigeria David B. Olawade, Olayinka J. Olorunfemi, Ojima Z. Wada, Temitope D. Afolalu, Michael A. Enahoro
22 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2020―Dec―13 Impact of Pandemic Covid-19 and Limitation Foods Toddlers Urban Papua Province of Indonesia Semuel Piter Irab, Maxsi Irmanto
23 [GO] International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS) 2020―Dec―13 Decisive Actions which are Core Determinants in Responding to Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam: An Example of a Low-Income Country Pham ThiBich Ngoc, Van Dau Vu
24 [GO] Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2020―Dec―10 Educational Repercussions due to Covid-19 in Hospitality Institutes Jyotsna Jyotsna, Sandip Madkaikar
25 [GO] Journal of Law and Criminal Justice 2020―Dec―09 The Right to Protect Healthcare Workers in Covid-19 Pandemic: Legal and Criminal Reflections Francesco Perchinunno
26 [GO] Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science 2020―Dec―09 Anxiety and Emotions of COVID-19: The Emotional Underpinnings of Dealing with the Corona Virus Disease Dr Geoffrey Wango, Prof. Gidraph Wairire, Dr Charles Kimamo
27 [GO] Journal of Library and Information Sciences 2020―Dec―09 Repositioning Academic Libraries for Provision of Effective Services in time of Corona Virus Pandemic Emmanuel Anyanwu, Justina Ogbonna, Uchenna Nwaigwe
28 [GO] Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management 2020―Sep―19 Crisis Management in Sports Organizations: The Case of Covid-19 Emre Belli, Orcan Mizrak, Yagiz Saracoglu
29 [GO] International Journal of Nursing 2020―Sep―19 Investigation of Nurses’ Mental Status during Covid-19 Outbreak - A Systematic Review Pappa Despoina, Dafogianni Chrysoula
30 [GO] Journal of Sociology and Social Work 2020―Sep―19 Impact of Social Factors for Capacity Building to Confront COVID-19 Pandemic in India Koena Mukherjee, Koel Mukherjee, Swapna Mukherjee, Srikumar Mukherjee
31 [GO] International Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy 2020―Sep―19 Does Vitamin D Supplementation have a Positive and Important Response in the Immune System on Covid-19 Pandemic? A Short Critical Analysis Eliza Miranda Ramos, Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Igor Domingos de Souza, Sandra Luzinete Félix de Freitas, Matheus Dullius de Lima, Antônio Carlos de Abreu, et al. (+3)

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