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1 [GO] Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access 2021―Sep―15 The Risk of Infective Endocarditis among COVID-19 Patients with Non-Medical Opioid Use Ruchi Bhandari, R. Constance Wiener, Christopher Waters, Cassandra Bambrick, Ruchi Bhandari
2 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Sep―09 Cecal Perforation in a COVID-19 Patient Treated with Tocilizumab: A Case Report Victor Dominguez Prieto, Victor Dominguez Prieto, Cecilia Meliga, Sara Rosenstone, Siyuan Qian Zhang, Manuel Escanciano Escanciano, et al. (+8)
3 [GO] Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access 2021―Sep―06 Application of Cell Culture Models in Studying Viral Diseases (SARS, H1N1 Flu, MERS, COVID-19): A Review Afra Hadjizadeh, Minoo Alavi, Samira Tajvar, Afra Hadjizadeh
4 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2021―Sep―01 The Mindset of Postgraduate Trainee to Face the First Suspected COVID-19 Patient: An Anxious Experience Neeraj Kumar, Subhajit Ghosh, Neeraj Kumar
5 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Aug―25 ECMO Cannulation Criteria in COVID-19 (ECC-VID) and Obesity: A Literature Review and Retrospective Cohort Analysis Christina Creel-Bulos, Brian Hassani, Christina Creel-Bulos, Michael Connor, Mark Caridi-Schieble, Casey Miller, et al. (+2)
6 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Aug―02 Acute Abdomen and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children with COVID-19: A Case Report and Review of Pathophysiology, Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Abdominal Radiology Noela Carrera-Guermeur, Noela Carrera-Guermeur, Rosa-Maria Martin-Crespo-Izquierdo, Hilda-Josefa Ramirez-Velandia, Maria-Esmeralda Kuan-Arguello, Monica Bernabeu-Rodriguez, et al. (+3)
7 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―Jul―14 Perception of Cancer Patients and Their Attendants during Pandemic of COVID-19: An Experience from Tertiary Care Center, Pakistan Afshan Asghar Rasheed, Afshan Asghar Rasheed, Malik Babar, Muzaffar Narjis, Vallecha Aneeta, Sara Sattar, Naimatullah Najeeb
8 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―Jul―13 COVID-19 Infection - Awareness and Practices of Cancer Patients and Their Attendants: An Experience from Pakistan Afshan Asghar Rasheed, Afshan Asghar Rasheed, Babar Malik, Narjis Muzaffar, Aneeta Vallecha, Sara Sattar, et al. (+2)
9 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―Jun―21 Delivery of Cancer Care at Home during the First COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy: A Case Series Study (DomOnCOVID Project) Rodolfo Passalacqua, Rodolfo Passalacqua, Margherita Ratti, Maria Bonomi, Giulia Grizzi, Federica Negri, et al. (+15)
10 [GO] Case Reports in Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive 2021―Jun―18 Puerperal Infections Complicated by COVID-19 Co-Infection: Two Independent Case Reports with Need for Intensive Care Janis Kinkel, Janis Kinkel, Thomas Rduch, Katharina Putora, Christian R. Kahlert, Tina Fischer
11 [GO] Journal of Dentistry Open Access 2021―Jun―18 Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas in Patient with Graft Versus-Host Disease Following Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation: A Case Report during Mutant COVID-19 Pandemic Khaled Saleh Ben Salah, Khaled Saleh Ben Salah, Abdulfattah A Elturki, Yuossef Swaisi, Fatma M. Emaetig, Mohamed A. Elfagieh, et al. (+8)
12 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Jun―07 Long SARS-CoV-2 with Hypoxic Leukoencephalopathy, Cardiocirculatory Arrest and Severe Interstitial Pneumonia: The Role of Timely Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the Early Diagnosis and Regression of this Dramatic Complication Liliana Elena Weimer, Liliana Elena Weimer, Cattari G, Fanales Belasio E, Binelli A, Poddighe AF, Sensi F
13 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―May―03 Dyskeratosis Congenita: Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Buccal Mucosa on a Background of Lichen Planus - A Case Report During COVID-19 Pandemic Khaled Saleh Ben Salah, Khaled Saleh Ben Salah, Fatma M. Emaetig, Ebrahim H. El Mahjoubi, Abdalla O. Jebriel, Nada A. Oshah, et al. (+10)
14 [GO] Transplantation Case Reports 2021―Apr―02 Persistence of Positive RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 in an Early Allogenic Stem Cells Transplantation Recipient: A Case Study Jaramillo E. Francisco Javier, Hernandez T. Andres Felipe, Castaño Q. Santiago, Celin V. Daniel Eduardo, Jaramillo E. Francisco Javier
15 [GO] International Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy 2021―Mar―24 Optimal Upfront CLL Treatment during the COVID-19 Pandemic Ezzat Elhassadi, Ezzat Elhassadi
16 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―Mar―15 Cancer and COVID-19: At Perilous Crossroads Rwik Sen, Rwik Sen
17 [GO] Clinical Microbiology and Research 2021―Mar―11 Use of Masks as a Preventative Public Health Strategy to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 Wally Bartfay, Wally Bartfay, Marina Ali
18 [GO] Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access 2021―Feb―20 An Increase in Incidence of ED Presentations in the United Kingdom with Complete Heart Block- COVID-19 Effect? Debkumar Chowdhury, Debkumar Chowdhury
19 [GO] Psychological Disorders and Research 2021―Feb―20 Psychological Problems Experienced by Primary Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Epidemic in South Africa Akm Monjurul Hoque, Akm Monjurul Hoque, Somaya Buckus, Maariyah Hoque, ABM Mahbub ul Alam, ME Hoque, N Singh
20 [GO] Global Drugs and Therapeutics 2021―Feb―11 COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance by Patients Attending a Primary Health Care Facility in Durban Akm Monjurul Hoque, Akm Monjurul Hoque, Somaya Buckus, Maariyah Hoque, ABM Mahbub ul Alam, Nisha Singh, ME Hoque
21 [GO] Clinical Microbiology and Research 2021―Feb―10 Analysis of an Epidemiological Anomaly of COVID-19: Transcultural and Immunological Psychiatry James Pandarakalam, James Pandarakalam
22 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Jan―30 Well-Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Presenting with Sternal Invasion: Complex Resection and Reconstruction in the COVID-19 Era Andrea Billè, Rajdeep Bilkhu, Andrea Billè, Georgios Orfaniotis, William Townley, Ricard Simo
23 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2021―Jan―30 Transmission of COVID-19 Virus in the Presence of Neurologic Manifestations Morteza Karimian, Morteza Karimian, Hamidreza Famitafreshi
24 [GO] Anesthesia and Clinical Research 2021―Jan―29 Rapid Sequence Intubation with Remifentanil During COVID-19 Pandemic Sergio Bevilacqua, Sergio Bevilacqua, PierLuigi Stefano
25 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2021―Jan―27 Neurological and Gastrointestinal Manifestations of Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Radiologist Prospective Shahmeer Khan, Shahmeer Khan, Tanveer Ul Haq, Ayesha Shoukat Hussain
26 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2021―Jan―25 Acute Ischaemic Enterocolitis Due to a Thrombotic Event in a COVID-19 Patient Montse Adell Trapé, Montse Adell Trapé, Anna Curell Garcia, Xavier Guri Azogue, Adriana Carolina Zucchiatti Llanos, Francesc Xavier Nuvials Casals, Elizabeth Pando
27 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2021―Jan―22 Emotional Health and Mental Coaching: Safeguarding Oncological Patients’ Mental Health in the COVID-19 Era Marianna Mazza, Giuseppe Marano, Gianandrea Traversi, Gabriele De Simone, Eleonora Gaetani, Ida Paris, et al. (+2)
28 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2020―Dec―31 Surgery Safety Protocol for Patients and Staff During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic - A Prospective Study of 78 Consecutive, Open and Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures Gianluca Matteo Sampietro, Gianluca Matteo Sampietro, Carlo Corbellini, Caterina Baldi, Salvatore Barberi, Roberto Bollina, et al. (+5)
29 [GO] Radiology and Medical Diagnostic Imaging 2020―Dec―30 A Short Review of Benefits of Using Chest CT Characteristics for Early diagnoses to Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) R. Vennila, R. Vennila, P. Venkatraman
30 [GO] Psychological Disorders and Research 2020―Dec―30 Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Ways to Deal with it in the General Population and Certain Specific Populations Yassine Otheman, Roukaya Benjelloun, Rabie Karrouri, Yassine Otheman
31 [GO] International Journal of Regenerative Medicine 2020―Dec―23 Remdesivir for the Treatment of Severe SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Zhipeng Yan, Zhipeng Yan, Ka Shing Cheung, Eric Ho-Yin Lau, Ching-Lung Lai
32 [GO] Cardiovascular Disorder and Medicine 2020―Dec―21 Epidemiological and Clinical Features of 156 Cases of COVID-19: A Prospective Study in Algerian Population Amel Mammeri, Amel Mammeri, M. Ammi, M. Aouadi, I. Khedairia, W. Djafour, et al. (+4)
33 [GO] European Journal of Cardiovascular Research 2020―Dec―09 Feasibility and Safety of a Novel Distal Radial Artery Approach for Arterial Blood Gas in COVID-19 Patients Ungureanu Claudiu, Ungureanu Claudiu, J. Auslender, A. de Meester, C. Ghafari, Stéphane Carlier
34 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2020―Dec―05 Microbiota Against SARS CoV-2: Case Reports and a Model for Stopping the COVID-19 Pandemic Goran Belojevic, Goran Belojevic
35 [GO] Global Clinical Case Reports 2020―Nov―27 Coexistence of COVID-19 with Pregnancy: A Challenge to Manage Chhaya V. Verma, Chhaya V. Verma, Gayatri S. Jere, Suresh K. Patel, Rosemarie Desouza
36 [GO] Clinical Microbiology and Research 2020―Nov―23 Face Mask Wearing in Public Places is Pseudoscience and Antithesis: A New Tool Adopted for COVID-19 Control Yibala Oboma, Yibala Oboma
37 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2020―Nov―20 Knowledge, Attitude & Practices of Primary Healthcare Workers on COVID-19 from a Rural Setting of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Akm Monjurul Hoque, Akm Monjurul Hoque, Somaya Buckus, Maariyah Hoque, ME Hoque
38 [GO] Surgical Case Reports 2020―Nov―20 Occurrence and Management of Empyema Thoracis During Covid-19 Times Vakouftsi Alexia- Christina, Vakouftsi Alexia- Christina, Michos Thrasyvoulos, Stanitsa Nikoleta, Stergiou Dimitrios, Mauris Loukas, et al. (+5)
39 [GO] Radiology and Medical Diagnostic Imaging 2020―Nov―09 Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with COVID-19 Ali Kemal Erenler, Ali Kemal Erenler, Seval Komut, Ahmet Baydin
40 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Oct―14 Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia in a Patient with Lung Adenocarcinoma and EGFR Mutation Treated with Afatinib During the Coronavirus Pandemic 2019 Alessandro Morabito, Agnese Montanino, Giovanna Esposito, Giuliano Palumbo, Anna Manzo, Vincenzo Sforza, et al. (+10)
41 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2020―Sep―25 Evolving Role of the Laboratory: Practical Information on the Laboratory and COVID-19 Robert L. Sautter, James Snyder, Robert L. Sautter
42 [GO] Psychological Disorders and Research 2020―Sep―24 Depressive Disorders and Incidence of COVID-19: Is There a Correlation and Management Interference? Nagwa Ali Sabri, Nagwa Ali Sabri, Mohamed Ahmed Raslan, Eslam Mansour Shehata, Sara Ahmed Raslan
43 [GO] Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access 2020―Sep―21 Remote Monitoring of Patients with COVID-19 after Hospital Discharge with Connected Health Platform: Outcomes and Quality of Life César Morcillo Serra, César Morcillo Serra, Domingo Marzal Martín, Jorge Velázquez Moro, José Francisco Tomás Martínez
44 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Sep―17 Global Lessons and Potential Strategies in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia: Systematic Review Yimam Getaneh, Yimam Getaneh, Ajanaw Yizengaw, Sisasy Adane, Kidist Zealiyas, Zelalem Abate, et al. (+5)
45 [GO] Anesthesia and Clinical Research 2020―Sep―08 Review of Anaesthesia and Analgesia in Patients with COVID-19 in Brazil Makson Gleydson Brito de Oliveira, Mônica Santos de Melo, Júlia Ferreira Nogueira, Lucas Vinicius Andrade dos Santos, Luis Claudio Bettamio de Sousa, Raiane Nascimento Santana, et al. (+3)
46 [GO] Journal of Diabetes Metabolism and its Complications 2020―Aug―29 Obesity and Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD) as Risk Factors for COVID-19 Severity Gamal Shiha, Gamal Shiha, Reham Soliman
47 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2020―Aug―19 Scoring System for Patients with Cancer to Weigh Risk/Benefit of Chemotherapy During Outbreak of COVID-19 Reyad Dada, Reyad Dada, Bassim T. Malas Al-Beirouti
48 [GO] International Journal of Surgical Case Reports 2020―Aug―15 Successful Management of COVID-19 Pneumonia Following Live-Related Kidney Transplant in a 74-Year-Old Recipient Sameh Mayaleh, Sameh Mayaleh, John Black, Islam Eldiasty, Baher Elshikh, Krishna Thayagaraj, et al. (+4)
49 [GO] Case Reports in Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive 2020―Aug―15 Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 Viral Shedding in Pregnancy and Risk of Extended inPatient Isolation: A Case Report Emad A Elsamadicy, Emad A Elsamadicy, Mary E Burgoyne, Naomi Hauser, Andrea Desai
50 [GO] Global Surgery Case Reports 2020―Aug―12 Spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in a High-Volume Hospital: Vascular Surgery Impact Andrea Ascoli Marchetti, Andrea Ascoli Marchetti, Ciattaglia Riccardo, Dauri Mario, Giuliano Ilaria, Sarmati Loredana, Ippoliti Arnaldo
51 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Aug―12 The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Cancer in Latin America Cesar Restrepo, Cesar Restrepo
52 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Aug―12 Immunosuppressed Patients and the Risk of COVID-19: A Narrative Review Fabrício Tavares Mendonça, Fabrício Tavares Mendonça
53 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2020―Aug―09 Antibody Formation in COVID-19 and Immunisation James Pandarakalam, James Pandarakalam
54 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2020―Aug―06 Physiotherapy Management of a Middle-Aged Adult Male with Severe Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease-19: A Case Report Chhaya V. Verma, Chhaya V. Verma, Suresh K. Patel, Gayatri S. Jere, Rakesh Bhadade
55 [GO] Case Reports in Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive 2020―Jul―21 COVID-19 and Pregnancy: An Unusual Case with Multi-Systemic Failure Corinne Hubinont, Barta A, Cheron AC, Christophe JL, Doucet F, Corinne Hubinont
56 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Jul―19 Treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Patients Presenting with COVID-19 Ine Moors, Rutger Callens, Dieter Stevens, Sebastiaan Dhont, Elise Peys, Ine Moors
57 [GO] Clinical Microbiology and Research 2020―Jul―19 SARS-Cov-2 Natural or Artificial? That is the Question Alejandro Sousa, Alejandro Sousa
58 [GO] Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports 2020―Jul―11 The Clinical and Treatment Challenges Posed by COVID-19 James Pandarakalam, James Pandarakalam
59 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Cancer Biology 2020―Jul―02 Don’t Miss the Other Side of the Problem in COVID-19 Research Yao-Xiong Huang, Yao-Xiong Huang
60 [GO] Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2020―Jul―02 COVID-19 Virus Infection and Transmission are Observably Less in Highly Dengue-Endemic Countries: Is Pre-Exposure to Dengue Virus Protective Against COVID-19 Severity and Mortality? Will the Reverse Scenario Be True? Subhajit Biswas, Soumi Sukla, Subhajit Biswas
61 [GO] Dental Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research 2020―Jun―28 Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Children: History and Pediatric Oral Health Karla M Rezende, Amanda A. Coelho, Giovana Bernardes Credie, Karla M Rezende
62 [GO] Clinical Oncology and Research 2020―Jun―28 What is Elective Oncologic Surgery in the Time of COVID-19? A Literature Review of the Impact of Surgical Delays on Outcomes in Patients with Cancer Nancy Klauber DeMore, Stephen J. Savage, Aaron P. Lesher, Andrea Abbott, Antonio Giordano, Biqi Zhang, et al. (+10)
63 [GO] American Journal of Surgical Case Reports 2020―Jun―25 COVID-19 Pandemic Morbidity and Mortality Caused to Non-COVID Spine Inpatients at a Level One Trauma Centre: Case Report Humaid Al Farii, Danielle Shafiepour, Humaid Al Farii, Michael Weber, Salim Al Rawahi
64 [GO] Drug and Drug Abuse 2020―Jun―19 Drug Abuse Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: A Dark Side of Online Pharmacy Avinash Chandra, Avinash Chandra, Ayush Chandra
65 [GO] Journal of Integrative Cardiology Open Access 2020―Jun―19 Smoking is Associated with Higher Mortality and Hospitalization Secondary to Novel Coronavirus: A Systematic Review Arise Garcia de Siqueira Galil, Alberto Barceló, Arise Garcia de Siqueira Galil, Gabriel de Souza Quirino, Guilherme Gouveia Hollunder, Ramon José Moreira Silva, Valéria Mata de Duarte Ferreira Ribeiro
66 [GO] Journal of Dentistry Open Access 2020―May―14 Ethical Calculus for the Provision of Dental Care during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 Akshay Govind, Akshay Govind
67 [GO] Journal of Dentistry Open Access 2020―Apr―10 An Interim Report on the Dental Practice Management: COVID-19 Somar Mirinal, Mohadeb-Somar Jhassu Varsha Naveena, Somar Mirinal
68 [GO] Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis Case Reports 2020―Mar―07 For the People: A Lesson from the SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak Yue Zhang, Yue Zhang


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