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1 [GO] Science Archives 2022―Oct―05 Antibiotic use, gut microbiome and COVID-19 risk: a review Adnan A. Zainal
2 [GO] Science Archives 2022―Oct―05 The impact of IgG and IgM levels on clinical symptoms of people who have recovered from SARS-Cov-2 Enass Waad Al-hadidi, Mahmoud Abduljabbar Altobji
3 [GO] Science Archives 2022―May―17 How do corona (Covid-19) vaccines work? A review Ekhlas Abdallah Hassan, Wafaa Sh. Al - Zuhairi, Rusul Y. Hameed
4 [GO] Science Archives 2022―Feb―07 COVID-19 and Chronic Diseases: pathophysiology, clinical, gastrointestinal manifestation Eman A. Al-Rekabi, Amina Sabah Hashemi, Rana Talib Al-Muswie
5 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Dec―09 Effect of COVID-19 on c-reactive protein and d-dimer Wael Mohammed Mahdi, Amidah Ali Atiyah
6 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Aug―13 Convalescent plasma (CP) is one major key factor to cure COVID-19 as a life-saving medicine: A comprehensive overview Majid Mohammed Mahmood, Zenab Ghanim Younus Al-Ameen, Hassan Dede Meshay, Ghid Nahd Abdulmuhssen, Yasameen M Bani Wais
7 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Aug―13 Applied successful therapeutic protocol for COVID-19 in Arab Homeland Majid Mohammed Mahmood, Zenab Ghanim Younus Al-Ameen, Aras Fathi Al-Barazanchi, Taghreed Alkhanchi
8 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Aug―13 Digital education accelerates at Diyala University in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic Hussam Najmuddin Abdul Shammari
9 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Jun―17 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on child labor in small industrial workshops in Diyala province Nibras Saadoun Mutashar, Thekra Addel Mahmoud, Suhha Salim Ali
10 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Jan―29 The role of wild plants and herbs in restoring holistic health and fighting the infections borne by the epidemic COVID-19 Gunjan Garg, Sharmistha Bhati, Sanjay Kataria
11 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Jan―29 Management and treatment of COVID-19: A Review Marwan Q AL-Samarraie, Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa, Marwa T. Ahmed
12 [GO] Science Archives 2021―Jan―29 A new human coronavirus: a review Zainab Hasan Majeed, Ahmed Hamad Saleh
13 [GO] Science Archives 2020―Dec―28 The global COVID-19 pandemic Ibtisam Jasim Sodani, Ahmed A. Mhawesh, Mayyahi Mohammed T. Jaber
14 [GO] Science Archives 2020―Oct―22 Healthcare service provider’s precautions for safety in Covid-19 pandemic- a review study Gulshan J. Karhade, Jopasana S. Adkane, Sachin C. Narwadiya
15 [GO] Science Archives 2020―Oct―05 Humic substances as an environmental- friendly organic wastes potentially help as natural anti-virus to inhibit COVID-19 Mohamed Hafez, Alexander I. Popov, Valery N. Zelenkov, Tamara V. Teplyakova, Mohamed Rashad
16 [GO] Science Archives 2020―Sep―11 Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on water quality of Dubai creek lagoon Abhishek Chauhan, Anuj Ranjan, Tanu Jindal

16 Results       Page 1


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