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1 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2024―Jun―25 The role of citicoline in the correction of cerebral blood flow disorders in patients with coronary artery disease in combination with COVID-19 V.Z. Netiazhenko, S.Ye. Mostovyi
2 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2024―Mar―27 Possibility of correction of cerebral blood flow disorders and central nervous system damage with citicoline in patients with coronary artery disease in combination with COVID-19 V.Z. Netiazhenko, S.Ye. Mostovyi
3 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2024―Mar―27 Radiological and morphological features of vanishing lung syndrome development in patients with COVID-19 community-acquired viral pneumonia O.K. Yakovenko, M.I. Lynnyk, I.V. Liskina, V.I. Ignatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, M.G. Palivoda
4 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2024―Mar―27 Clinical, functional and imaging parallels in the objective status of patients after community-acquired COVID-19-associated pneumonia L.І. Konopkina, К.V. Rybalka
5 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Dec―21 Pulmonary complications of COVID-19 in patients with diabetes A.V. Garnytska, O.S. Orlyk
6 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Dec―21 Remote variants of the disappearing lung syndrome as a complication of COVID-19 pneumonia М.І. Lynnyk, М.І. Gumeniuk, O.K. Yakovenko, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.А. Svyatnenko
7 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Dec―21 Diagnostic significance of KL-6 level in patients with community-acquired COVID-19-associated pneumonia in acute and post-acute periods of the pathological process L.І. Konopkina, К.V. Rybalka
8 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Sep―29 Features of the course of pulmonary tuberculosis against the background of coronavirus infection according to computed tomography of the chest organs М.І. Lynnyk, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.А. Svyatnenko, V.Ye. Ivashchenko, О.P. Chobotar, М.G. Palivoda
9 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Jun―16 The role of surfactant system dysfunction in the formation of dyspnea in patients with COVID-19-associated pneumonia L.I. Konopkina, O.O. Shchudro
10 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Mar―29 Somatopsychic disorders in patients with community-acquired pneumonia associated with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Т.О. Pertseva, L.I. Konopkina, Yu.V. Huba, О.О. Shchudro, N.О. Demian
11 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Mar―29 Variants of the post-COVID syndrome course depending on age, gender, comorbidity and severity of COVID-19 L.D. Todoriko, O.S. Shevchenko
12 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Mar―29 Surgical tactics for the treatment of subpleural and intra-pulmonary hematomas as a result of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 M.S. Opanasenko, S.M. Bilokon, B.M. Konik, O.V. Tereshkovych, S.M. Shalagay, L.I. Levanda, et al. (+5)
13 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2023―Feb―16 Туберкульоз і COVID-19: що очікувати лікарям України? Л.В. Веселовський, С.В. Зайков
14 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―Oct―24 Differential diagnosis of the complicated course of COVID-19 pneumonias and infectious lung destruction O.K. Yakovenko, M.I. Lynnyk, I.V. Liskina, V.I. Ignatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.V. Sokolov
15 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―Oct―24 Antiviral activity of aminocaproic acid against SARS-CoV-2: review of the literature and results of the first experimental study J. Chiaravalli, A. Verneuil, V. Osiichuk, D. Golyshkin, O.Ya. Dziublyk, M.I. Gumeniuk, O.S. Denysov
16 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―May―25 Pathogenetic treatment of patients with COVID-19 at the outpatient stage M.M. Ostrovskyi, L.I. Konopkina, K.Yu. Gashynova, G.L. Gumeniuk, D.V. Dobrianskyi, O.L. Bororova
17 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―May―25 Clinical case of concomitant tuberculosis and COVID-19 on the background of Churg-Strauss syndrome О.М. Raznatovska, Yu.V. Myronchuk, O.S. Shalmin, A.V. Fedorec
18 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―May―25 Determination of dynamics and stage of development of COVID-19 pneumonia based on digital software processing of images of computed tomography of the chest O.K. Yakovenko, Ya.O. Dziublyk, M.I. Lynnyk
19 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―May―25 Lung lever after COVID-19: clinical-X-ray, surgical and morphological characteristics Yu.I. Feshchenko, М.S. Opanasenko, I.V. Liskina, S.M. Bilokon, O.V. Tereshkovych, B.М. Konik, et al. (+6)
20 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2022―May―25 Endothelium is the main target of coronavirus infection M.V. Bondar, M.M. Pylypenko, O.A. Loskutov
21 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Dec―27 Risks of using pre-event time scale and ordinal scale measurements in COVID-19 clinical trials M.V. Yashchenko
22 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Dec―27 Diagnostics of lesions of parenchymatic organs in COVID-19 with the application of digital software processing of computer tomography images М.І. Lynnyk, І.V. Liskina, М.І. Gumeniuk, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.А. Svyatnenko, et al. (+2)
23 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Dec―27 Inhaled antiseptics and inhaled antiviral non-prescription drugs in the prevention of ARVI, in particular COVID-19: an epidemiological study Yu.I. Feshchenko, M.I. Gumeniuk, М.І. Lynnyk, O.Ya. Dziublyk, M.M. Kuzhko, О.V. Tereshkovych, et al. (+5)
24 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Sep―30 Diagnosis of disappearing lung syndrome as a complication of non-hospital pneumonia of viral etiology (COVID-19) Y.I. Feshchenko, М.І. Lynnyk, М.І. Gumeniuk, I.A. Kalabukha, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, et al. (+3)
25 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Sep―30 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial sector in medicine: features of centralized state procurement of drugs and medical devices in Ukraine for the period 2018-2021 O.S. Denysov
26 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Pathogenetic syndrome management of a patient with COVID-19 E.M. Khodosh
27 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Neuroinvasion and neurological complications in COVID-19 O.A. Loskutov
28 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Organoprotection in patients with COVID-19 V.K. Tashchuk
29 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Features of infusion therapy in patients of the therapeutic profile during the COVID-19 pandemic O.A. Halushko
30 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Tuberculosis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: what to expect and how to act? L.D. Todorico
31 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 2020 challenge: the potential options of COVID-19 therapy S.V. Kovalenko
32 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 The experience of management of COVID-19: focus on the pneumonia L.V. Moroz
33 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Peculiarities of antimicrobial therapy of viral and bacterial pneumonia in patients with coronavirus disease O.M. Nesterenko
34 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―11 Peculiarities of care for patients with coronavirus infection. Important safety issues for health care workers A.M. Savych
35 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―10 Standardized protocol for ultrasound diagnosis of the lungs with COVID-19 O.M. Safonova, O.B. Dynnyk, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.A. Lukiianchuk, H.V. Linska, M.S. Brovchenko, et al. (+2)
36 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―10 Diagnostics of complicated course of community-acquired pneumonia of viral etiology (COVID-19) via using chest computed tomography М.І. Lynnyk, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.А. Svyatnenko, O.R. Tarasenko, O.L. Bororova
37 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―10 Evaluation of the treatment efficacy in the patients with viral etiology community acquired pneumonia (COVID-19) with the use of syndrome-pathogenetic small volume infusion therapy according to computer tomography data М.І. Lynnyk, V.І. Іgnatieva, G.L. Gumeniuk, O.R. Tarasenko, S.H. Opimakh, I.V. Chumak, et al. (+3)
38 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2021―Jul―09 Therapy of patients with COVID-19: clinical studies and recommendations in different countries S. V. Zaikov
39 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Combination of the therapy of the anticoagulants and Tivortin in patients with cardiac ishemia at COVID-19 M.J. Dzhumaeva, A.I. Tabarov, Kh.T. Fayzulloev
40 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Prospects of infusion therapy in the treatment of severe pulmonary tuberculosis in combination with COVID-19 L.D. Todoriko, M.I. Gumeniuk, I.O. Semianiv, T.A. Sprynsian, O.S. Denysov
41 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Peculiarities of pulmonary tuberculosis in a COVID-19 pandemic L.D. Todoriko, І.О. Сем’янів
42 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Features of infusion therapy in therapeutic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic O.A. Halushko
43 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Role of markers of inflammation, severity and infusion therapy in COVID-19-defined pneumonia E.M. Khodosh
44 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―12 Peculiarities of antimicrobial therapy of viral-bacterial pneumonia in patients with coronavirus disease O.M. Nesterenko
45 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―10 COVID-19 and comorbid chronic diseases S. V. Zaikov
46 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Oct―10 Peculiarities of tuberculosis in the COVID-19 pandemic L. D. Todoriko, I. O. Semianiv
47 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Sep―11 Methods of visualization in the diagnosis of COVID-19 community-acquired pneumonia М.І. Gumeniuk, V.І. Іgnatieva, М.І. Lynnyk, G.L. Gumeniuk, V.А. Svyatnenko, M.G. Palivoda
48 [GO] Infusion & Chemotherapy 2020―Sep―11 Viral load as a marker of the risk of severe course and progression of COVID-19: a review Y. I. Feshchenko

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