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1 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2023―Aug―31 How COVID-19 pandemic affected nutrition behaviors Pittara Pansawira
2 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2023―Aug―31 Eating behavior and health-related quality of life among female students attending higher education during COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia Dian Novrianti, Dian Novita Chandra, Judhiastuty Februhartany
3 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―Oct―31 Comparison of correlation between protein and iron intake with hemoglobin levels in children age 6-23 and 24-36 months during COVID-19 pandemic in east Jakarta Stella Kristi Triastari, Dian Novita Chandra, Saptawati Bardosono
4 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―Oct―31 Special Group Discussion: The impact of nutritional status in the new era of COVID-19: patients, nutrients and lifestyle Dian Novita Chandra, Bernie Medise, Listya Tresnanti Mirtha, Juwalita Surapsari
5 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―Aug―26 The association between dietary diversity, social assistance, and coping strategy with household food security during COVID-19 in Tulungagung District, East Java Novianti Tysmala Dewi Novi, Novia Silvia Hardiany, Dwi Nastiti Iswarawanti
6 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―Aug―26 Vitamin D serum level as a prognostic factor in 1 predicting mortality severe COVID-19 patients: An evidence based case report Heny Puspita, Marcia Kumala, Yohannessa Wulandari
7 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Obesity is associated with severe COVID-19 Ni Gusti Made Anggreni Nur Hadi, Carolina Paolin Kanaga
8 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 EPA, DHA, and coenzyme Q10 as nanonatruceuticals adjuvants in therapy against Covid-19 Santiago Herrero
9 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Feeding intolerance in critically ill patients with Covid-19 Marek Nalos
10 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 The Math+ protocol in Covid-19 Joseph Varon
11 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Special Group Discussion: nutrition and Covid-19 comparison in several countries Luciana B Sutanto
12 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Value of fish oil in nutrition therapy in Covid-19 illness Jonathan Asprer
13 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 The characteristics of overweight and obese COVID-19 inpatients at Kebayoran Lama regional public hospital Vanessa Aryani Octavia Mardani
14 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Covid-19, nutrition and pseudoscientific claims Abdolreza Norouzy
15 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Nutrition for elderly individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic Purwita Wijaya Laksmi
16 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Relationship between iron intake and iron status to stunted in children aged 24-35 months during the COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta Akbar Husaini Angkat, Dian Novita Chandra, Novi Silvia Hardiany
17 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Feeding critically ill post Covid-19 patients Niken Puruhita
18 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Ethics and clinical nutrition practice challenge in Covid-19 patients Dian Permatasari
19 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Nutritional strategies in Covid-19 patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction B. Ravinder Reddy
20 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Coenzyme Q-10: a potential role in alleviating long Covid-19 symptoms Juwalita Surapsari
21 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―May―31 Healthy eating to maintain a healthy immune system in pandemic Hamid Jan Jan Mohamed
22 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2022―Feb―28 Mother’s Coping strategies toward Food Insecurity during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review Article Sherly Ardi Vantono, Saptawati Bardosono, Luh Ade Ari Wiradnyani
23 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2021―Aug―27 How COVID-19 pandemic affect nutritional status Pittara Pansawira
24 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2021―Aug―27 Energy target achievement and its determinants in critically ill COVID-19 patients in Indonesia Niken Puruhita, Febe Christianto, Luciana Sutanto, Banundari Rachmawati, Sofyan Harahap, Muchlis Ahsan Udji Sofro, et al. (+2)
25 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 COVID-US: a simplified cardiopulmonary ultrasound approach to use in suspected and confirmed COVID-19 Marek Nalos
26 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Ethics and nutrition safety in patient care during COVID-19 pandemic Dian Permatasari
27 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 The benefit of the vitamin D intake in terms of sarcopenia of senior citizens in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic Naomi Nakayama
28 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Sport challenge activity in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic Rachmad Wishnu Hidayat
29 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 SDGS in children during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia Aman B Pulungan
30 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 The role of vitamin D during the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia Hamid Jan Jan Mohamed
31 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Food and nutrition intake recommendation during COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines Imelda Angeles- Agdeppa
32 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Early nutrition approach in critically ill COVID-19 patients Niken Puruhita
33 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Nutrition support in critically ill COVID-19 patients Abdolreza Norouzy
34 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Age factor and COVID-19 potential ethical and unethical issues Santiago Herrero
35 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Fact and myth of COVID-19 related to nutrition Saptawati Bardosono
36 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 Optimizing nutrition throughout the COVID-19 trajectory: From admission, to ICU, to discharge Jonathan Asprer
37 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 COVID-19 treatment during and after recovery: What to expect Ari Fahrial Syam
38 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 How to beat COVID-19: Know your enemy well Santiago Herrero
39 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Oct―27 What shall we do to boost the immune system of people diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19? Juwalita Surapsari
40 [GO] World Nutrition Journal 2020―Aug―25 Nutrition for elderly individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic Naomi Nakayama

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