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1 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Mar―11 K-12 teacher perspectives on the pandemic pivot to online teaching and learning Daniel W. Eadens, David Maddock, Amy Wooten Thornburg, Dixie Friend Abernathy
2 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Jan―05 Classroom teachers' online teaching experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic: The perspective of technological pedagogical content knowledge Mehmet Hayri Sarı, Hilal Keser
3 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Dec―12 The COVID-19 pandemic and student engagement in online learning: The moderating effect of technology self-efficacy Yaw Owusu-Agyeman
4 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Sep―27 University students experiences of learning in an online environment in COVID-19 pandemic: A meta-methods research study of perceptions and attitudes of South African students Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Emmanuel O. Ojo
5 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Sep―12 Evaluation of distance English language teaching education during COVID-19 pandemic from the perspectives of ELT student teachers and their instructors Büşra Türegün Çoban, Aslıhan Kuyumcu Vardar
6 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Aug―24 Remote continuity of learning and the COVID-19 pandemic: educators self-perceptions of preparedness Marjorie Ceballos, Thomas Vitale, William R. Gordon
7 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jul―12 Technological pedagogical knowledge self-efficacy and continuance intention of Philippine teachers in remote education amid COVID-19 crisis Michael B. Cahapay
8 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jun―28 Examining the instructors perspectives on undergraduate distance learning music instrument education during the COVID-19 pandemic Yalçın Yıldız, Ece Karşal, Hakan Bağcı
9 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jun―13 The relationship between burnout syndrome and boreout syndrome of secondary school teachers during COVID-19 Radka Copková
10 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Adversity and emotional quotients of public elementary school heads amidst the COVID-19 Edward Castro Jimenez
11 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Evaluating the challenges in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in a middle secondary school Ngawang Chogyel, Norbu Wangdi, Yeshi Dema
12 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Game-based learning: Reinforcing a paradigm transition on pedagogy amid COVID-19 to complement emergency online education Cathy Mae Dabi Toquero, Dalj Andrew Sonsona, Karen Joy B. Talidong
13 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―May―27 Distance education learning environments during COVID-19 pandemic from student perspectives: A study in Turkish higher education Soner Arık
14 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Mar―20 Online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives of Bhutanese students Norbu Wangdi, Yeshi Dema, Ngawang Chogyel
15 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Mar―03 Does threat knowledge influence protective behaviors of students in the context of cyber security in remote learning amid COVID-19 crisis Erwin Rotas
16 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Feb―28 Language pedagogy in a pandemic: The shift to online instruction at a German university during the COVID-19 crisis Donna J. Drucker, Karen Fleischhauer
17 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Feb―23 Determinants of work productivity among selected tertiary education employees: A PreCOVID-19 pandemic analysis John Mark R. Asio
18 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Feb―14 Challenges of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic encountered by students in Pakistan Abaid Ullah, Mahmoona Ashraf, Shanza Ashraf, Sajjad Ahmed
19 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Jan―07 From stress to success: Exploring how Filipino students cope with remote learning amid COVID-19 pandemic Erwin Rotas
20 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2020―Dec―02 Spearheading education during the COVID-19 rife: Administrators level of digital competence and schools readiness on distance learning John Mark R. Asio
21 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Nov―10 The Online and Campus (OaC) model as a sustainable blended approach to teaching and learning in higher education: A response to COVID-19 Rebecca Petronzi
22 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Nov―10 Positive and negative affect during a pandemic: Mediating role of emotional regulation strategies Ahmet Kara
23 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2020―Oct―10 Possible impact of COVID-19 on senior secondary school students performance in science education in Nigeria Oluwatoyin Mary Oyinloye
24 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Oct―03 Students perceptions of using mobile technologies in informal English learning during the COVID-19 epidemic: A study in Chinese rural secondary schools Jiayi Guo
25 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Sep―29 Challenges of higher education institutions against COVID-19: The case of Turkey Abdulhamit Karademir, Fatih Yaman
26 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Jun―22 Online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Students perspectives Muhammad Adnan

26 Results       Page 1


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