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1 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Dec―18 COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination knowledge, attitudes, and practices of teachers in the Philippines Michael B. Cahapay, Nathaniel II F. Bangoc
2 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Nov―19 Learning privilege divide: A framework for interrogating personal privileges of STEM students education during the pandemic Laurence Cruz Beruin
3 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Aug―27 The ‘blemishes of COVID-19 at South Africa s higher education institutions Sammy D. Khoza
4 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2023―Apr―28 Turning challenges into opportunities during the pandemic: Remote collaborative reflection model for teacher educators Belgin Elmas, İlknur Bayram, Ozlem Canaran, Secil Yucelyigit
5 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Apr―10 An investigation into Bhutanese students perception of the use of Google Classroom as an online learning platform amid the COVID-19 pandemic Dorjee Wangchuk K, Kado Kado
6 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2023―Mar―09 Digital pedagogy in dialogue: Student teaching during COVID-19 Aaron R. Gierhart
7 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Jan―01 ‘Your voice counts : Understanding how online student evaluations encourage lecturers pedagogies during the COVID-19 pandemic Kershnee Sevnarayan
8 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2023―Jan―01 Hopes, goals, hindrances, and solutions of students on forced digitalization of course learning amid pandemic Swen Joshryll Acebes, Jaizele Melitante, Nikki Tuble, Cathy Mae Dabi Toquero
9 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Nov―15 Virtual literacy instruction: An investigation of how elementary educators exhibited TPACK during COVID-19 school closures Michelle Gonzalez, Gihan A. Mohamad
10 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Sep―17 STEM students conceptions of online learning during COVID-19 pandemic: A phenomenographic study Laurence Cruz Beruin
11 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2022―Jul―30 Instructional practices of Filipino teachers in remote mathematics education in COVID-19 times Michael B. Cahapay, Mark Gil P. Labrador
12 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Mar―11 K-12 teacher perspectives on the pandemic pivot to online teaching and learning Daniel W. Eadens, David Maddock, Amy Wooten Thornburg, Dixie Friend Abernathy
13 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2022―Jan―05 Classroom teachers' online teaching experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic: The perspective of technological pedagogical content knowledge Mehmet Hayri Sarı, Hilal Keser
14 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Dec―12 The COVID-19 pandemic and student engagement in online learning: The moderating effect of technology self-efficacy Yaw Owusu-Agyeman
15 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Sep―27 University students experiences of learning in an online environment in COVID-19 pandemic: A meta-methods research study of perceptions and attitudes of South African students Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Emmanuel O. Ojo
16 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Sep―12 Evaluation of distance English language teaching education during COVID-19 pandemic from the perspectives of ELT student teachers and their instructors Büşra Türegün Çoban, Aslıhan Kuyumcu Vardar
17 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Aug―24 Remote continuity of learning and the COVID-19 pandemic: educators self-perceptions of preparedness Marjorie Ceballos, Thomas Vitale, William R. Gordon
18 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jul―12 Technological pedagogical knowledge self-efficacy and continuance intention of Philippine teachers in remote education amid COVID-19 crisis Michael B. Cahapay
19 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jun―28 Examining the instructors perspectives on undergraduate distance learning music instrument education during the COVID-19 pandemic Yalçın Yıldız, Ece Karşal, Hakan Bağcı
20 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Jun―13 The relationship between burnout syndrome and boreout syndrome of secondary school teachers during COVID-19 Radka Copková
21 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Adversity and emotional quotients of public elementary school heads amidst the COVID-19 Edward Castro Jimenez
22 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Evaluating the challenges in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in a middle secondary school Ngawang Chogyel, Norbu Wangdi, Yeshi Dema
23 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Jun―10 Game-based learning: Reinforcing a paradigm transition on pedagogy amid COVID-19 to complement emergency online education Cathy Mae Dabi Toquero, Dalj Andrew Sonsona, Karen Joy B. Talidong
24 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―May―27 Distance education learning environments during COVID-19 pandemic from student perspectives: A study in Turkish higher education Soner Arık
25 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Mar―20 Online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives of Bhutanese students Norbu Wangdi, Yeshi Dema, Ngawang Chogyel
26 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Mar―03 Does threat knowledge influence protective behaviors of students in the context of cyber security in remote learning amid COVID-19 crisis Erwin Rotas
27 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2021―Feb―28 Language pedagogy in a pandemic: The shift to online instruction at a German university during the COVID-19 crisis Donna J. Drucker, Karen Fleischhauer
28 [GO] International Journal of Didactical Studies 2021―Feb―23 Determinants of work productivity among selected tertiary education employees: A PreCOVID-19 pandemic analysis John Mark R. Asio
29 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Feb―14 Challenges of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic encountered by students in Pakistan Abaid Ullah, Mahmoona Ashraf, Shanza Ashraf, Sajjad Ahmed
30 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2021―Jan―07 From stress to success: Exploring how Filipino students cope with remote learning amid COVID-19 pandemic Erwin Rotas
31 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2020―Dec―02 Spearheading education during the COVID-19 rife: Administrators level of digital competence and schools readiness on distance learning John Mark R. Asio
32 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Nov―10 The Online and Campus (OaC) model as a sustainable blended approach to teaching and learning in higher education: A response to COVID-19 Rebecca Petronzi
33 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Nov―10 Positive and negative affect during a pandemic: Mediating role of emotional regulation strategies Ahmet Kara
34 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Sociology and Psychology 2020―Oct―10 Possible impact of COVID-19 on senior secondary school students performance in science education in Nigeria Oluwatoyin Mary Oyinloye
35 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Oct―03 Students perceptions of using mobile technologies in informal English learning during the COVID-19 epidemic: A study in Chinese rural secondary schools Jiayi Guo
36 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Sep―29 Challenges of higher education institutions against COVID-19: The case of Turkey Abdulhamit Karademir, Fatih Yaman
37 [GO] Journal of Pedagogical Research 2020―Jun―22 Online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Students perspectives Muhammad Adnan

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