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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2021―Oct―01 Imagine there’s no university: sustaining academic identifications in pandemic times Gustavo Sánchez
2 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2021―Sep―14 From negation to negationism: the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil Paulo Beer
3 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2021―Sep―14 Psychosocial research in COVID-19 times: an introduction Silvia Posocco, Stephen Frosh
4 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2021―Sep―14 Haptic touches in COVID-19 times: reaching and relating in the archives Lemonia Gianniri
5 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2021―Sep―04 Bodies on the line: how telepsychology brought about new relationalities between therapists and their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic Leanne Downing
6 [GO] Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 2021―Aug―31 Political regimes and deaths in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic Gabriel Cepaluni, Michael T. Dorsch, Réka Branyiczki
7 [GO] International Journal of Care and Caring 2021―Aug―25 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the third sector and carers in the UK Carys Jones
8 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Aug―21 A fractured system: have existing problems in health and social care for visually impaired people been exacerbated by COVID-19? Helen Doyle, Robert Cooper
9 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Jul―17 The COVID-19 pandemic: the essential role of the voluntary sector in emergency response and resilience planning Claire Bynner, Maureen McBride, Sarah Weakley
10 [GO] International Journal of Care and Caring 2021―Jul―05 The impact of physical distancing on socially vulnerable people needing care during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Netherlands Daniel de Vries, Jeannette Pols, Amade M’charek, Julia van Weert
11 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Jun―02 Politics of fear in Brazil: Far-right conspiracy theories on COVID-19 Isabela Kalil, Sofia Cherto Silveira, Weslei Pinheiro, Álex Kalil, João Vicente Pereira, Wiverson Azarias, Ana Beatriz Amparo
12 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―May―30 ‘Fora, Bolsonaro genocida!’: COVID-19 conspiracy theories, neo-nationalism and neoliberal necropolitics in Brazil. A reply to Kalil et al (2021) Rodrigo Borba
13 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―May―30 What is the new governmentality of the COVID-19 pandemic? A reply to Bigo et al Kaspar Villadsen
14 [GO] Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 2021―May―26 The Early Warning System: how frontline evidence helps us understand the UK’s social security response to COVID-19 Katie Pybus, Geoff Page, Lynsey Dalton, Ruth Patrick
15 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―May―26 Lessons from a voluntary sector organisation working to address loneliness and isolation among older people during the COVID-19 pandemic Ruth Naughton-Doe, Andrea Wigfield, Charlene Martin
16 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―May―26 The ‘resilience’ of community organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic: absorptive, adaptive and transformational capacity during a crisis response Chris Dayson, Emma Bimpson, Angela Ellis-Paine, Jan Gilbertson, Helen Kara
17 [GO] International Journal of Care and Caring 2021―May―26 COVID-19, the trauma of the ‘real’ and the political import of vulnerability Sacha Ghandeharian, Maggie FitzGerald
18 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―May―26 The pandemic, freedom and fear: a reply to Moser Peter Jones
19 [GO] Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 2021―May―11 India’s labour force during a pandemic: how we have failed Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty, Kanchan Yadav
20 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―May―06 A reply to Castration anxiety, COVID-19 and the extremist right by Claudia Leeb Noëlle McAfee
21 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―May―06 Nozick, the pandemic and fear: a contractualist justification of the COVID-19 lockdown Elias Moser
22 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Apr―24 Castration anxiety, COVID-19 and the extremist right Claudia Leeb
23 [GO] Emotions and Society 2021―Apr―23 Out of touch, out of tune: the social-political construction of atmospheric walls during the COVID-19 pandemic first wave Kandida Purnell
24 [GO] Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 2021―Apr―11 Rightly blamed the ‘bad guy’? Grandparental childcare and COVID-19 Christina Boll, Till Nikolka
25 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Apr―11 Obedience in times of COVID-19 pandemics: a renewed governmentality of unease? Didier Bigo, Elspeth Guild, Elif Mendos Kuskonmaz
26 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Apr―05 The collective disorientation of the COVID-19 crisis Pablo Fernández Velasco, Bastien Perroy, Roberto Casati
27 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Apr―05 Fear and the importance of race-based data in covid-19 policy implementation Leland Harper
28 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Apr―05 Disorientation, distrust and the Pandemic Matthew Ratcliffe
29 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Mar―13 ‘Never more needed’ yet never more stretched: reflections on the role of the voluntary sector during the COVID-19 pandemic Harriet Thiery, Joanne Cook, Jon Burchell, Erica Ballantyne, Fiona Walkley, Jennifer McNeill
30 [GO] Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 2021―Mar―07 Impact of COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing policies on small businesses in south-eastern Nigeria: whither the stimulus packages? Victor Chidubem Iwuoha, Ernest Toochi Aniche, Gerald Ekenedirichukwu Ezirim, Ikenna Mike Alumona, Josephine Nneka Obiorji
31 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Feb―14 Crisis communication and crisis management during COVID-19 Ruth Wodak
32 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Feb―13 ‘Uncertainty is the only certainty’: how pragmatic sociology provides a useful theoretical framework for researching the third sector during COVID-19 Janis Petzinger, Tobias Jung, Kevin Orr
33 [GO] Critical and Radical Social Work 2021―Feb―13 COVID-19: changing fields of social work practice with children and young people Joanne Dillon, Ffion Evan, Lauren Elizabeth Wroe
34 [GO] Global Discourse 2021―Feb―13 House of cards: fragility and resilience of food systems in a pandemic Serena Pollastri
35 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Jan―19 Voluntary sector peak bodies during the COVID-19 crisis: a case study of Philanthropy Australia Krystian Seibert, Alexandra Williamson, Michael Moran
36 [GO] Families Relationships and Societies 2021―Jan―19 (No) recourse to lunch: a frontline view of free school meals and immigration control during the COVID-19 pandemic Eve Dickson
37 [GO] Families Relationships and Societies 2021―Jan―19 Researching parental leave during a pandemic: lessons from black feminist theory and relationality Patricia Hamilton
38 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2021―Jan―19 Migrant integration services and coping with the digital divide: challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic Caitlin McMullin
39 [GO] Families Relationships and Societies 2021―Jan―07 ‘Er, not the best time’: methodological and ethical challenges of researching family life during a pandemic Charlotte Faircloth, Katherine Twamley, Humera Iqbal
40 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Dec―15 A reply to Speculating with glitches: Keeping the future moving by Shawn Bodden and Jen Ross: Covid-19 as glitch: A provocation for speculative ethics? Joe Deville
41 [GO] Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 2020―Nov―25 Health politics? Determinants of US states’ reactions to COVID-19 Etienne Farvaque, Hira Iqbal, Nicolas Ooghe
42 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Nov―25 Pandemic politics: reflections on COVID-19 in the Gulf Luciano Zaccara, Simon Mabon
43 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Nov―19 Dialogues in pandemic politics: COVID-19 and the struggle to re-order relations in the Persian Gulf Simon Mabon
44 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Nov―17 The ‘State of Emergency’ or the ‘State of Exception’? Bahrain and COVID-19 Sanaa Alsarghali
45 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Nov―17 The impact of COVID-19 on Iranian politics Luciano Zaccara
46 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―29 COVID-19 and the global energy market: implications for international and domestic policies in the Arab Gulf states Steven Wright
47 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―29 Disinformation superspreaders: the weaponisation of COVID-19 fake news in the Persian Gulf and beyond Marc Owen Jones
48 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―29 Information, peer comparison and social interdependence: theorising the impacts of COVID-19 on Gulf domestic politics Justin J. Gengler
49 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―26 Gulf states and Islamist responses to COVID-19: a changing relationship Lucia Ardovini
50 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―25 The impact of COVID-19 on China-Persian Gulf relations: a game-changer or a spotlight? Jacopo Scita
51 [GO] Emotions and Society 2020―Oct―23 Emotions in the pandemic: crises and politics of change Åsa Wettergren, Mary Holmes, Nathan Manning
52 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2020―Oct―21 Indiana non-profit organisations and COVID-19: impact on services, finances and staffing Kirsten A. Grønbjerg, Elizabeth McAvoy, Kathryn Habecker
53 [GO] Global Discourse 2020―Oct―20 Rising powers and the Gulf Monarchies during the COVID-19 Pandemic Guy Burton
54 [GO] Journal of Gender-Based Violence 2020―Sep―16 Sexual violence and COVID-19: all silent on the home front Clare Gunby, Louise Isham, Sarah Damery, Julie Taylor, Caroline Bradbury-Jones
55 [GO] International Journal of Care and Caring 2020―Jul―24 Care goes viral: care theory and research confront the global COVID-19 pandemic Michael Fine, Joan Tronto
56 [GO] Evidence & Policy A Journal of Research Debate and Practice 2020―Jun―25 Making evidence and policy in public health emergencies: lessons from COVID-19 for adaptive evidence-making and intervention Kari Lancaster, Tim Rhodes, Marsha Rosengarten
57 [GO] Journal of Psychosocial Studies 2020―Jun―17 Pandemics, governance and psychosocial thinking David W. Jones, Elizabeth Frost
58 [GO] Voluntary Sector Review 2020―Jun―01 Somewhere over the rainbow - third sector research in and beyond coronavirus Rob Macmillan
59 [GO] Journal of Gender-Based Violence 2020―May―23 Domestic violence and abuse, coronavirus, and the media narrative Emma Williamson, Nancy Lombard, Oona Brooks-Hay


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