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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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1 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―22 Application of Hidden Markov Models to Analyze, Group and Visualize Spatio-Temporal COVID-19 Data Shanglin Zhou, Paolo Braca, Stefano Marano, Peter Willett, Leonardo M. Millefiori, Domenico Gaglione, Krishna R. Pattipati
2 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2021―Sep―21 New Insights Into Drug Repurposing for COVID-19 Using Deep Learning Chun Yen Lee, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen
3 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Sep―21 A Vaccination Simulator for COVID-19: Effective and Sterilizing Immunization Cases Aknur Karabay, Askat Kuzdeuov, Shyryn Ospanova, Michael Lewis, Huseyin Atakan Varol
4 [GO] Journal of Communications and Networks 2021―Sep―20 Privacy-preserving COVID-19 contact tracing using blockchain Shahzaib Tahir, Hasan Tahir, Ali Sajjad, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Fawad Khan
5 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―20 Blockchain and AI-empowered Social Distancing Scheme to Combat COVID-19 Situations Sudeep Tanwar, Rajesh Gupta, Mohil Maheshkumar Patel, Arpit Shukla, Gulshan Sharma, I. E. Davidson
6 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 2021―Sep―20 Nonpharmaceutical Stochastic Optimal Control Strategies to Mitigate the COVID-19 Spread Paolo Scarabaggio, Raffaele Carli, Graziana Cavone, Nicola Epicoco, Mariagrazia Dotoli
7 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―17 Optimization in the Context of COVID-19 Prediction and Control: A Literature Review Elizabeth Jordan, Delia E. Shin, Surbhi Leekha, Shapour Azarm
8 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―10 Senti-COVID19: An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Detecting Public Sentiment and Insights regarding COVID-19 from Social Media Xuemin Yu, Martha Ferreira, Fernando V. Paulovich.
9 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―10 Simulating Immunization Campaigns and Vaccine Protection Against COVID-19 Pandemic in Brazil Fabio Amaral, Wallace Casaca, Cassio M. Oishi, Jose A. Cuminato
10 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Sep―09 Choquet Integral and Coalition Game-based Ensemble of Deep Learning Models for COVID-19 Screening from Chest X-ray Images Pratik Bhowal, Subhankar Sen, Jin Hee Yoon, Zong Woo Geem, Ram Sarkar
11 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Sep―07 Portable Tools for COVID-19 Point-of-Care Detection: A Review Elga F. Saki, Samuel A. Setiawan, Dedy H. B. Wicaksono
12 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Sep―07 Privacy Preservation of User Identity in Contact Tracing for COVID-19-like Pandemics Using Edge Computing Mohammed Abdullah Alsahli, Ahmed Alsanad, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Abdu Gumaei
13 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 2021―Sep―03 Role of Asymptomatic COVID-19 Cases in Viral Transmission: Findings From a Hierarchical Community Contact Network Model Tianyi Luo, Zhidong Cao, Yuejiao Wang, Daniel Zeng, Qingpeng Zhang
14 [GO] IEEE Microwave Magazine 2021―Sep―03 Microwave Education by the IEEE MTT-S Student Branch Chapter IIT BHU Varanasi, India, During COVID-19 [MTT-S Society News] Somak Bhattacharyya
15 [GO] IEEE Potentials 2021―Sep―03 Getting your résumé right during a global pandemic Ellie K Petro
16 [GO] IEEE Potentials 2021―Sep―03 Working remotely and moving forward with your Ph.D. during a pandemic Cindy Christensen
17 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Sep―02 NFC-Enabled Passive Sensor for the Quality Control of Ethanol Against SARS-CoV-2 E. A. Unigarro, H. F. Pastrana, C. D. Dimas, D. A. Sanz, F. E. Segura-Quijano
18 [GO] IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 2021―Sep―02 Success in Digital Governance: A Literature Review on Taiwan’s COVID-19 Management Haowen Fan
19 [GO] IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 2021―Sep―02 The Norwegian COVID-19 Tracing App Experiment: Lessons for Governance and Civic Activism Kristin Bergtora Sandvik
20 [GO] IEEE Pervasive Computing 2021―Sep―01 Adapting Multidevice Deployments During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned From Two Studies Lucas M. Silva, Franceli L. Cibrian, Daniel A. Epstein, Arpita Bhattacharya, Elizabeth A. Ankrah, Elissa Monteiro, et al. (+4)
21 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―31 IoT for Global Development to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: The new scenario after the COVID-19 pandemic Ascension Lopez-Vargas, Agapito Ledezma-Espino, Jack Bott, Araceli Sanchis-de-Miguel
22 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Aug―31 Surface Functionalized Anodic Aluminum Oxide Membrane for Opto-nanofluidic SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Target Detection Megan Makela, Zhihai Lin, Pao Tai Lin
23 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―30 COVID-19 and Phishing: effects of human emotions, behaviour, and demographics on the success of phishing attempts during the pandemic Hossein Abroshan, Jan Devos, Geert Poels, Eric Laermans
24 [GO] IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 2021―Aug―27 Diagnosis/Prognosis of COVID-19 Chest Images via Machine Learning and Hypersignal Processing: Challenges, opportunities, and applications Arash Mohammadi, Yingxu Wang, Nastaran Enshaei, Parnian Afshar, Farnoosh Naderkhani, Anastasia Oikonomou, et al. (+4)
25 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―27 Spatio-Temporal Split Learning for Privacy-Preserving Medical Platforms: Case Studies with COVID-19 CT, X-Ray, and Cholesterol Data Yoo Jeong Ha, Minjae Yoo, Gusang Lee, Soyi Jung, Sae Won Choi, Joongheon Kim, Seehwan Yoo
26 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―27 Early Recognition and Discrimination of COVID-19 Severity using Slime Mould Support Vector Machine for Medical Decision-making Beibei Shi, Hua Ye, Jian Zheng, Yefei Zhu, Ali Asghar Heidari, Long Zheng, et al. (+3)
27 [GO] IEEE Embedded Systems Letters 2021―Aug―26 A Remote Control System for Emergency Ventilators During SARS-CoV-2 Michael Barrow, Francesco Restuccia, Mustafa Gobulukoglu, Enrico Rossi, Ryan Kastner
28 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2021―Aug―24 A Dynamic Sensitivity Model for Unidirectional Pedestrian Flow With Overtaking Behaviour and Its Application on Social Distancing's Impact During COVID-19 Bo Du, Cheng Zhang, Jun Shen, Zuduo Zheng
29 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2021―Aug―24 PAM-DenseNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Computer-Aided COVID-19 Diagnosis Bin Xiao, Zeyu Yang, Xiaoming Qiu, Jingjing Xiao, Guoyin Wang, Wenbing Zeng, et al. (+3)
30 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control 2021―Aug―24 Quantitative Analysis of Pleural Line and B-lines in Lung Ultrasound Images for Severity Assessment of COVID-19 Pneumonia Yuanyuan Wang, Yao Zhang, Qiong He, Hongen Liao, Jianwen Luo
31 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―24 The Research of SEIJR Model with Time-Delay based on 2019-nCov Sun Siyi, Zheng Yangping
32 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Aug―24 Plasmonic Fiberoptic Absorbance Biosensor (P-FAB) for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein M Divagar, R Gayathri, Rahiel Rasool, J Kuzhandai Shamlee, Himanshu Bhatia, Jitendra Satija, V V R Sai
33 [GO] Journal of Social Computing 2021―Aug―23 Special Issue on Social Dynamics of COVID-19
34 [GO] Journal of Social Computing 2021―Aug―23 Uncovering the Online Social Structure Surrounding COVID-19 Philip D. Waggoner, Robert Y. Shapiro, Samuel Frederick, Ming Gong
35 [GO] IT Professional 2021―Aug―20 A Pilot Study on Online-Education Supportive Tools in COVID-19 Context Momina Maqbool, Muhammad Javed Ramzan, Saif Ur Rehman Khan, Inayat Ur Rehman, Tamim Ahmed Khan
36 [GO] IT Professional 2021―Aug―20 Could Blockchain Help With COVID-19 Crisis? Mohamad Hassan Kassab, Valdemar Vicente Graciano Neto, Giuseppe Destefanis, Tarek Malas
37 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―20 Exploiting Shared Knowledge from Non-COVID Lesions for Annotation-Efficient COVID-19 CT Lung Infection Segmentation Yichi Zhang, Qingcheng Liao, Lin Yuan, He Zhu, Jiezhen Xing, Jicong Zhang
38 [GO] IT Professional 2021―Aug―20 COVID-19 Detection Using Integration of Deep Learning Classifiers and Contrast-Enhanced Canny Edge Detected X-Ray Images Stefanus Tao Hwa Kieu, Abdullah Bade, Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi, Hoshang Kolivand
39 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2021―Aug―20 Roles of Innovation Leadership on Using Big Data Analytics to Establish Resilient Healthcare Supply Chains to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multimethodological Study Surajit Bag, Shivam Gupta, Tsan-Ming Choi, Ajay Kumar
40 [GO] IT Professional 2021―Aug―20 Real-Time Diagnosis System of COVID-19 Using X-Ray Images and Deep Learning Amjad Rehman, Tariq Sadad, Tanzila Saba, Ayyaz Hussain, Usman Tariq
41 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Aug―18 Technologies for Fever Screening in the Time of COVID-19: A Review Scott D Adams, Andrew Valentine, Tracey Bucknall, Abbas Z. Kouzani
42 [GO] IEEE Software 2021―Aug―17 What do users think of COVID-19 contact-tracing apps? An analysis of eight European apps Vahid Garousi, David Cutting, Michael Felderer
43 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2021―Aug―17 E-Learning in the Postpandemic Era: A Case Study in Taiwan Hang Lee, Ruey-Shan Guo, Chialin Chen
44 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Aug―16 CapsCovNet: A Modified Capsule Network to Diagnose Covid-19 from Multimodal Medical Imaging A.F.M. Saif, Tamjid Imtiaz, Shahriar Rifat, Celia Shahnaz, M. Omair Ahmad, Wei-Ping Zhu
45 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―16 Development and Validation of an Early Scoring System for Prediction of Disease Severity in COVID-19 using Complete Blood Count Parameters Tawsifur Rahman, Amith Khandakar, Md Enamul Hoque, Nabil Ibtehaz, Saad Bin Kashem, Reehum Masud, et al. (+8)
46 [GO] IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine 2021―Aug―13 DTCoach: Your Digital Twin Coach on the Edge During COVID-19 and Beyond Rogelio Gamez Diaz, Fedwa Laamarti, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
47 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Aug―13 Two-Strain COVID-19 Model Using Delayed Dynamic System and Big Data Vasyl Martsenyuk, Marcin Bernas, Aleksandra Klos-Witkowska.
48 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―13 Integrated Clinical and CT based Artificial Intelligence nomogram for predicting severity and need for ventilator support in COVID-19 patients: A multi-site study Amogh Hiremath, Kaustav Bera, Lei Yuan, Pranjal Vaidya, Mehdi Alilou, Jennifer Furin, et al. (+7)
49 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―13 COVID-19 Screening in Chest X-Ray Images Using Lung Region Priors Jianpeng An, Qing Cai, Zhiyong Qu, Zhongke Gao
50 [GO] IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine 2021―Aug―13 2020 CASS COVID-19 Special Student Design Competition [Society News] Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani
51 [GO] IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine 2021―Aug―13 ProtonDx: Accurate, Rapid and Lab-Free Detection of SARS-CoV-2 and Other Respiratory Pathogens [Society News] Nicolas Moser, Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano, Pantelis Georgiou
52 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―13 VaCoChain: Blockchain-based 5G-assisted UAV Vaccine distribution scheme for future pandemics Ashwin Verma, Pronaya Bhattacharya, Mohammad Zuhair, Sudeep Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar
53 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Big Data 2021―Aug―12 An overview of healthcare data analytics with applications to the COVID-19 pandemic Zhe Fei, Yevgen Ryeznik, Alex Sverdlov, Chee Wei Tan, Weng Kee Wong
54 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 2021―Aug―12 Cross-Site Severity Assessment of COVID-19 from CT Images via Domain Adaptation Geng-Xin Xu, Chen Liu, Jun Liu, Zhongxiang Ding, Feng Shi, Man Guo, et al. (+6)
55 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―11 Systematic Review of Artificial Intelligence in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome for COVID-19 Lung Patients: A Biomedical Imaging Perspective Jasjit Suri, Sushant Agarwal, Suneet K Gupta, Anudeep Puvvula, Klaudija Viskovic, Neha Suri, et al. (+5)
56 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Aug―10 Self-Ensembling Co-Training Framework for Semi-supervised COVID-19 CT Segmentation Caizi Li, Li Dong, Qi Dou, Fan Lin, Kebao Zhang, Zuxin Feng, et al. (+4)
57 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2021―Aug―09 Medical-VLBERT: Medical Visual Language BERT for COVID-19 CT Report Generation With Alternate Learning Guangyi Liu, Yinghong Liao, Fuyu Wang, Bin Zhang, Lu Zhang, Xiaodan Liang, et al. (+5)
58 [GO] IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2021―Aug―06 Editorial: Computational Genomics and Molecular Medicine for Emerging COVID-19 Dong-Qing Wei, Aman Chandra Kaushik, Gur�an Selvaraj, Yi Pan
59 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021―Aug―05 Internet-of-Things Framework for Oxygen Saturation Monitoring in COVID-19 Environment Rahul Saha, Gulshan Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Tai-hoon Kim, Tannishtha Devgun, Reji Thomas, Ahmed Barnawi
60 [GO] IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2021―Aug―05 Automated Diagnosis of COVID-19 using Deep Supervised Autoencoder with Multi-view Features from CT Images Jianhong Cheng, Wei Zhao, Jin Liu, Xingzhi Xie, Shangjie Wu, Liangliang Liu, et al. (+4)
61 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 2021―Aug―04 Towards Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing for COVID-19 Medical Records: A Blockchain-Empowered Approach Liang Tan, Keping Yu, Na Shi, Caixia Yang, Wei Wei, Huimin Lu
62 [GO] IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2021―Aug―03 Did We Produce More Waste During the COVID-19 Lockdowns? A Remote Sensing Approach to Landfill Change Analysis Terence L. van Zyl, Turgay Celik
63 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 2021―Aug―02 An Augmented Reality Approach to Remote Controlling Measurement Instruments for Educational Purposes during Pandemic Restrictions Annalisa Liccardo, Pasquale Arpaia, Francesco BonavolontO, Enzo Caputo, Francesco De Pandi, Vito Gallicchio, et al. (+2)
64 [GO] IEEE Spectrum 2021―Aug―02 What We Learned From the Pandemic: Most of all, it taught us how to adapt under pressure Michele Acuto, Shaun Larcom, Ferdin Rauch, Tim Willems
65 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021―Jul―30 Guest Editorial Computational Social Systems for COVID-19 Emergency Management and Beyond Jun Jason Zhang, Fei-Yue Wang, Yong Yuan, Guandong Xu, Huan Liu, Wei Gao, et al. (+12)
66 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 2021―Jul―30 An Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering Approach for Early Screening of COVID-19 from Radiological Images Weiping Ding, Shouvik Chakraborty, Kalyani Mali, Sankhadeep Chatterjee, Janmenjoy Nayak, Asit Kumar Das, Soumen Banerjee
67 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021―Jul―30 Effect, Challenges, and Forecasting of COVID-19 Situation in India Using an ARMA Model Saket Kumar, Rajkumar Viral
68 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2021―Jul―28 Toward Data-Model-Agnostic Autonomous Machine-Generated Data Labeling and Annotation Platform: COVID-19 Autoannotation Use Case Ajay Arunachalam, Vinayakumar Ravi, Vasundhara Acharya, Tuan D. Pham
69 [GO] Computing in Science & Engineering 2021―Jul―28 Modeling and Simulation of Space-Based Pandemic Scenarios Using an Open-Source Platform Gabriel Wainer, Roman Cardenas, Kevin Henares, Cristina Ruiz-Martin, Nargess Memarsadeghi
70 [GO] IEEE Design and Test 2021―Jul―28 Holding Conferences Online in Pandemic Times: The DATE Experience Franco Fummi, Ian O'Connor
71 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―26 Comprehensive Review on Facemask Detection Techniques in the Context of Covid-19 Afsana Nowrin, Sharmin Afroz, Md. Sazzadur Rahman, Imtiaz Mahmud, You-Ze Cho
72 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Molecular Biological and Multi-Scale Communications 2021―Jul―26 A Novel Multi-stage Residual Feature Fusion Network for Detection of COVID-19 in Chest X-ray Images Zhenyu Fang, Jinchang Ren, Calum MacLellan, Huihui Li, Huimin Zhao, Amir Hussain, Giancarlo Fortino
73 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2021―Jul―26 Digital Supply Chain Management and Technology to Enhance Resilience by Building and Using End-to-End Visibility During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dmitry Ivanov
74 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 2021―Jul―26 Industrial Convergence and Industrial Crisis: A Situational Analysis About Precision Medicine During the Covid-19 Pandemic Francesco Schiavone, Annamaria Sabetta, Daniele Leone, Benjamin Chiao
75 [GO] IEEE Security & Privacy 2021―Jul―26 Privacy in a Time of COVID-19: How Concerned Are You? Ramona Trestian, Guodong Xie, Pintu Lohar, Edoardo Celeste, Malika Bendechache, Rob Brennan, et al. (+3)
76 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021―Jul―26 Maintaining Social Distancing in Pandemic Using Smartphones With Acoustic Waves Vaibhav Rupapara, Manideep Narra, Naresh Kumar Gunda, Swapnil Gandhi, Kaushika Reddy Thipparthy
77 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―26 Examining the Factors Influencing the Mobile Learning Usage During COVID-19 Pandemic: An Integrated SEM-ANN Method Khadija Alhumaid, Mohammed Habes, Said A. Salloum
78 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 GUEST EDITORIAL: Internet of Medical Things in the Context of COVID-19 Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Korhan Cengiz, Muhammad Awais Javed, Sudeep Tanwar, Zhaolong Ning, Sherali Zeadally
79 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―21 An Advertising Overflow Attack against Android Exposure Notification System Impacting COVID-19 Contact Tracing Applications Henrique Faria, Sara Paiva, Pedro Pinto
80 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 Blockchain-Empowered Edge Intelligence for Internet of Medical Things Against COVID-19 Hong-Ning Dai, Yulei Wu, Hao Wang, Muhammad Imran, Noman Haider
81 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 AI and Blockchain-Based Cloud-Assisted Secure Vaccine Distribution and Tracking in IoMT-Enabled COVID-19 Environment Ashok Kumar Das, Basudeb Bera, Debasis Giri
82 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 IoMT and DNN-Enabled Drone-Assisted Covid-19 Screening and Detection Framework for Rural Areas N. Naren, Vinay Chamola, Sainath Baitragunta, Ananthakrishna Chintanpalli, Puneet Mishra, Sujan Yenuganti, Mohsen Guizani
83 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 Random Forest for Data Aggregation to Monitor and Predict COVID-19 Using Edge Networks Mainak Adhikari, M. Ambigavathi, Varun G Menon, Mohammad Hammoudeh
84 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 2021―Jul―21 Eaves: An IoT-Based Acoustic Social Distancing Assistant for Pandemic-Like Situations Pallav Kumar Deb, Sudip Misra, Anandarup Mukherjee, Sukriti Shaw
85 [GO] Computing in Science & Engineering 2021―Jul―13 The COVID-19 Pandemic is Widening the Gap for Women in STEM Ann E. Jeffers, Mary Ann Leung, Ann Jeffers
86 [GO] IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 2021―Jul―13 TNet: Transmission Network Inference Using Within-Host Strain Diversity and its Application to Geographical Tracking of COVID-19 Spread Saurav Dhar, Chengchen Zhang, Ion Mandoiu, Mukul S. Bansal
87 [GO] IEEE Sensors Journal 2021―Jul―12 Intelligent Health Monitoring System for Detection of Symptomatic/Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patient Sudarshan Nandy, Mainak Adhikari
88 [GO] IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica 2021―Jul―09 Fighting COVID-19 and Future Pandemics With the Internet of Things: Security and Privacy Perspectives Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Lei Shu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
89 [GO] IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology 2021―Jul―09 Integrating County-Level Socioeconomic Data for COVID-19 Forecasting in the United States Michael C. Lucic, Hakim Ghazzai, Carlo Lipizzi, Yehia Massoud
90 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―07 Effectiveness of network interdiction strategies to limit contagion during a pandemic Satyaki Roy, Preetom Biswas, Preetam Ghosh
91 [GO] IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2021―Jul―07 Advocating attitudinal change through android robot's intention-based expressive behaviors: Toward WHO COVID-19 guidelines adherence Chinenye Augustine Ajibo, Carlos Toshinori Ishi, Hiroshi Ishiguro
92 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021―Jul―07 Linking COVID-19 Perception With Socioeconomic Conditions Using Twitter Data Egemen Sert, Oral Okan, Alper Ozbilen, Seyda Ertekin, Suat Ozdemir
93 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―06 A Deep Learning based Light-weight Face Mask Detector with Residual Context Attention and Gaussian Heatmap to Fight Against COVID-19 Xinqi Fan, Mingjie Jiang, Hong Yan
94 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―06 From Hume to Wuhan: an epistemological journey on the problem of induction in COVID-19 machine learning models and its impact upon medical research Carlos Vega
95 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―05 BIFM: Big-data Driven Intelligent Forecasting Model for COVID-19 Sujata Dash, Chinmay Chakraborty, Sourav Kumar Giri, Subhendu Kumar Pani, Jaroslav Frnda
96 [GO] IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 2021―Jul―02 Measuring economic activity from space: a case study using flying airplanes and COVID-19 Mauricio Pamplonasegundo, Allan Pinto, Rodrigo Minetto, Ricardo da S. Torres, Sudeep Sarkar
97 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jul―02 The Recent Technologies to Curb the Second-Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic M Poongodi, Mohit Malviya, Mounir Hamdi, Hafiz Tayyab Rauf, Seifedine Kadry, Orawit Thinnukool
98 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 2021―Jul―01 Nucleation and Growth of Iron (II) Oxide Nanoparticles in Thermal Arc Plasma and Their Interaction Study With SARS-CoV-2: A Computational Approach Rahul Mitra, Shivkumar Patel, S. Ghorui, S. K. Mahapatra, I. Banerjee
99 [GO] IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology 2021―Jun―30 Reducing COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Applying Blockchain in Vaccination Rollout Management Jorge Medina, Roberto Rojas-Cessa, Vatcharapan Umpaichitra
100 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Jun―30 Simpson's Paradox in COVID-19 Case Fatality Rates: A Mediation Analysis of Age-Related Causal Effects Julius von Kugelgen, Luigi Gresele, Bernhard Scholkopf
101 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Jun―30 CovSegNet: A Multi Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Improved Lesion Segmentation of COVID-19 Chest CT Scans Tanvir Mahmud, Md Awsafur Rahman, Shaikh Anowarul Anowarul Fattah, Sun-Yuan Kung
102 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Jun―30 A Systematic Review on the Use of AI and ML for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Toki Tahmid Inan, Suzzana Rafi, Syeda Sabrina Akter, Iqbal H. Sarker, A. K. M. Najmul Islam
103 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Jun―30 Leveraging Data Science to Combat COVID-19: A Comprehensive Review Siddique Latif, Muhammad Usman, Sanaullah Manzoor, Waleed Iqbal, Junaid Qadir, Gareth Tyson, et al. (+5)
104 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 2021―Jun―30 Interpretable Machine Learning for COVID-19: An Empirical Study on Severity Prediction Task Han Wu, Wenjie Ruan, Jiangtao Wang, Dingchang Zheng, Bei Liu, Yayuan Geng, et al. (+5)
105 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jun―30 Blockchain and AI-based Solutions to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19)-like Epidemics: A Survey Dinh C. Nguyen, Ming Ding, Pubudu N. Pathirana, Aruna Seneviratne
106 [GO] IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine 2021―Jun―29 ISSCC Special Event: ICs in PandemICs [Conference Reports] Zeynep Toprak Deniz
107 [GO] IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2021―Jun―28 Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Infection Control System for Covid-19-Like Pandemics using Blockchain Seham A. Alansari, Mahmoud M. Badr, Mohamed Mahmoud, Waleed Alasmary, Fawaz Alsolami, Abdullah Marish Ali
108 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 2021―Jun―28 Public Opinion Analysis on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia and Interaction With Event Evolution in Real World Xin Liu, Liang Zheng, Xiaofeng Jia, Hongwei Qi, Shaowen Yu, Xiao Wang
109 [GO] IT Professional 2021―Jun―24 Deep Learning-Based COVID-19 Detection Using CT and X-Ray Images: Current Analytics and Comparisons Amjad Rehman, Tanzila Saba, Usman Tariq, Noor Ayesha
110 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Services Computing 2021―Jun―22 How COVID-19 information spread in US The Role of Twitter as Early Indicator of Epidemics Carmela Comito
111 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jun―22 Social Network Analysis and Visualization of Arabic Tweets during the COVID-19 Pandemic Amal A. Al-Shargabi, Afef Selmi
112 [GO] IEEE Pulse 2021―Jun―22 Can Coverscan Help COVID-19 Survivors? Wudan Yan
113 [GO] IEEE Pulse 2021―Jun―22 The RADxSM Tech Process: Accelerating Innovation for COVID-19 Testing Cynthia Weber
114 [GO] IEEE Pulse 2021―Jun―22 Fighting COVID-19 With Lung-Chips Mary Bates
115 [GO] IEEE Access 2021―Jun―21 qRung Orthopair Fuzzy Modified Dissimilarity Measure Based Robust VIKOR Method and its Applications in Mass Vaccination Campaigns in the Context of COVID-19 Muhammad Jabir Khan, Muhammad Irfan Ali, Poom Kumam, Wiyada Kumam, Ahmad N. Al-Kenani
116 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems 2021―Jun―18 RCoNet: Deformable Mutual Information Maximization and High-Order Uncertainty-Aware Learning for Robust COVID-19 Detection Shunjie Dong, Qianqian Yang, Yu Fu, Mei Tian, Cheng Zhuo
117 [GO] IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologias del Aprendizaje 2021―Jun―17 Project-Based Learning in “Practical Development of Electronic Systems” course, weaknesses and strengths in the context imposed by the COVID-19 disease Jesus M. Hernandez-Mangas, Jesus Arias Alvarez
118 [GO] IEEE Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2021―Jun―16 Assessing the Impact of Alternative Responses to COVID-19: Stopping the Spread in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Michael G. Chislett, Paige T. Phillips, Brett Snider, Edward A. McBean, John Yawney, S. Andrew Gadsden
119 [GO] IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 2021―Jun―15 Comparative Study of COVD-19 Pandemic Progressions in 175 Regions in Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK and USA Using a Novel Model That Considers Testing Capacity and Deficiency in Confirming Infected Cases Choujun Zhan, Chi Kong Tse, Ying Gao, Tianyong Hao
120 [GO] IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologias del Aprendizaje 2021―Jun―14 Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos en el curso “Desarrollo Práctico de Sistemas ElectrC3nicos”, debilidades y fortalezas en el contexto impuesto por la enfermedad COVID-19 Jesus M. Hernandez-Mangas, Jesus Arias Alvarez
121 [GO] IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society 2021―Jun―14 Topic Modeling and Progression of American Digital News Media During the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Xiangpeng Wan, Michael C. Lucic, Hakim Ghazzai, Yehia Massoud
122 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 CovChain: Blockchain-Enabled Identity Preservation and Anti-Infodemics for COVID-19 Pallav Kumar Deb, Anandarup Mukherjee, Sudip Misra
123 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 Auxiliary Diagnosis of COVID-19 Based on 5G-Enabled Federated Learning Rui Wang, Jinfeng Xu, Yujun Ma, Muhammad Talha, Mabrook S. Al-Rakhami, Ahmed Ghoneim
124 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 B5G-Enabled Distributed Artificial Intelligence on Edges for COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak Prediction Md Rafiul Hassan, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Meteb Altaf, Mostafa Shamin Yeasar, M. Imtiaz Hossain, Kanis Fatema, et al. (+2)
125 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 Pandemic Management for Diseases Similar to COVID-19 Using Deep Learning and 5G Communications Ghulam Muhammad, Salman Alqahtani, Abdullah Alelaiwi
126 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 Artificial Intelligence Technologies for COVID-19-Like Epidemics: Methods and Challenges Peiying Zhang, Chao Wang, Neeraj Kumar, Chunxiao Jiang, Qinghua Lu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues
127 [GO] IEEE Network 2021―Jun―14 Toward a Wearable Crowdsource System to Monitor Respiratory Symptoms for Pandemic Early Warning Wei Zhang, Jie Li, Yonggang Wen, Yong Luo
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