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1 [GO] College & Research Libraries 2024―Apr―04 From “Outside the Box” to “Out the Window”: Teaching with Primary Sources through the Pandemic Paula Kiser, Christina Larson, Kevin O’Sullivan, Anne Peale
2 [GO] College & Research Libraries 2024―Apr―04 Coping During Covid: Yoga and Meditation Accessibility in Academic Libraries During the Pandemic Erin Burns, Brian Quinn, Megan Benson
3 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2024―Jan―05 Bridging the Gap: Mobile Librarian Outreach in the Wake of a Pandemic Kendall Thompson
4 [GO] Children and Libraries 2023―Dec―12 The Pandemic and Preschoolers: COVID Kids and How Libraries Can Support Them Tess Prendergast
5 [GO] Library Leadership & Management 2023―Oct―01 Lessons Learned about Working from Home During a Pandemic Renee Gould, Audrey Koke, Marissa Smith
6 [GO] Library Leadership & Management 2023―Sep―29 Impact of COVID-19 on Parents/Guardians in the Library Profession Stephanie Roth, Elizabeth Hinton, Bridget Jivanelli
7 [GO] Library Leadership & Management 2023―Sep―29 Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (Are we Prepared for the Next Pandemic)","english Moddie Breland, Karen Venturella, Steven Shapiro
8 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2023―Sep―06 Seeking connection over competition: A discussion of LIS education during the pandemic Lauren Bennati, Abigail Phillips
9 [GO] Library Resources and Technical Services 2023―Jul―24 Management Practice Changes in Academic Library Technical Services Departments during the COVID-19 Pandemic Sean Kennedy, Melanie McGurr
10 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2023―Jun―01 Virtual LIS practicums: Student and supervisor experiences during COVID-19, part 2 Tina Griffin, Holly Beverley
11 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2023―May―08 Virtual LIS practicums: Student and supervisor experiences during COVID-19, part 1 Tina Griffin, Holly Beverley
12 [GO] Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy 2023―Jan―11 Confronting the Intersection of COVID-19 and Privacy Jennifer Joe
13 [GO] Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy 2023―Jan―11 Libraries and Diminished Patron Privacy During the COVID-19 Health Crisis Christopher Muhawe, Ryan Wang, Tian Wang, Carol Hayes, Masooda Bashir
14 [GO] Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy 2023―Jan―11 Researcher and Academic Library Roles and User Beliefs in the Pandemic: Designing the Open-Access and Library Usage Scale (OALU) Elizabeth DeZouche, Angelique Blackburn
15 [GO] College & Research Libraries 2023―Jan―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Rapid Shift to an Exclusively Online Format: Tracking Online Instructors’ Utilization of Library Services Over a Year of Virtual Learning at the University of Memphis Jessica McClure
16 [GO] Documents to the People 2022―Dec―06 A County-Level COVID-19 Response Chloe Bryant, Emily Terada
17 [GO] College & Research Libraries 2022―Nov―03 Together, Apart: Communication Dynamics among Academic Librarians during the COVID-19 Pandemic Maryellen Nash, Barbara Lewis, Jessica Szempruch, Stephanie Jacobs, Susan Silver
18 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2022―Oct―05 The game versus quarantine: The experience of Ukrainian libraries in communicating with students during COVID-19 Olena Skachenko, Yurii Horban, Katerina Viriutina
19 [GO] Library Leadership & Management 2022―Sep―21 Academic Library Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 Nadine Newman
20 [GO] Documents to the People 2022―Sep―13 Not Just in English Anymore: COVID-19 Speaks Multiple Languages Jane Canfield
21 [GO] Library Resources and Technical Services 2022―Jul―08 When Disruption is the New Normal: The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Technical Services in US Academic Libraries Yuji Tosaka, Cathy Weng
22 [GO] Library Resources and Technical Services 2022―Mar―11 Changing Times: Assessment of Continuing Resources Due to Budget Cuts Necessitated by COVID-19 Jaclyn Parrott
23 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2022―Mar―07 Going online and staying online: Becoming an online librarian during the pandemic Christine Woods
24 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2022―Jan―05 Technical services and systems: Supporting student success during COVID-19 Jennifer Murray, Christopher Boyd
25 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2022―Jan―05 From passive listeners to active participants: Lessons learned from the pandemic about engaging international students during library instruction Emily Reed
26 [GO] Reference & User Services Quarterly 2021―Dec―20 Readers’ Advisory: Readers’ Advisory and the Pandemic: Lessons, Connections, and Vital Services Lucy Lockley, Gregg Winsor, Kaite Stover, David Wright, Barry Trott, Stephanie Anderson
27 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Sep―03 Unconventional collecting in extraordinary times: Documenting the pandemic through a COVID-19 Zine Collection Jolie Braun
28 [GO] Children and Libraries 2021―Sep―03 School Age Programs and Services Committee: The Plusses of the Pandemic Stephanie Prato, Cynthia Zervos
29 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Jul―06 A year on: Librarians monitoring COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean Marcelo Rodríguez
30 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Jul―06 Ready or not, here we come: Job transitions during a pandemic Mozhdeh Khodarahmi, Gwen Gregory
31 [GO] DttP Documents to the People 2021―Jul―03 Georgia Depository Libraries: Expanding Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic Valerie D. Glenn, Laurie Aycock
32 [GO] RBM A Journal of Rare Books Manuscripts and Cultural Heritage 2021―Jun―08 Silences in the LAMs: Digital Surrogacy in the Time of Pandemic, an Introduction Beth Lander
33 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Jun―07 Focus groups from home: Conducting virtual focus groups during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond Brendan Johnson, Katie Odhner
34 [GO] Children and Libraries 2021―Jun―05 What Will Summer Look Like? Summer Learning Loss and COVID-19 Learning Gaps Matthew Boulay, Elizabeth McChesney
35 [GO] Children and Libraries 2021―Jun―05 Managing Children's Services Committee: Lockdowns and Lobby Service: Partnering in Time of Pandemic Katie Cerqua, Uma Nori, Kristin Williamson
36 [GO] Library Resources and Technical Services 2021―May―22 Digital Collections at a Distance: Telework during the COVID-19 Pandemic Laura M. Gentry
37 [GO] Children and Libraries 2021―Apr―08 When Times Are Worse, Turn to Verse! Poetry during a Pandemic Sylvia Vardell, Janet Wong
38 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Apr―06 COVID-19, collections, and collaboration: Promoting inclusivity from the ground up Jessica Kohout-Tailor, Lili Klar
39 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Mar―05 Surging virtual reference services: COVID-19 a game changer Marie L. Radford, Laura Costello, Kaitlin Montague
40 [GO] Children and Libraries 2021―Jan―13 Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee: Advocacy in a Global Pandemic Cassie Chenoweth
41 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2021―Jan―09 Academic libraries and research in flux: Global conversations in times of COVID-19 Liladhar R. Pendse
42 [GO] DttP Documents to the People 2020―Dec―05 Food Loss Waste in the United States Food Supply Chain: An Analysis of Its Functions, Oversight, and Recent Impacts from the Coronavirus Pandemic Anna L. Price
43 [GO] DttP Documents to the People 2020―Dec―05 Price Gouging During a Pandemic: The Federal Government’s Response Marissa Rydzewski
44 [GO] Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy 2020―Nov―13 Librarians’ Experiences with Social Media and COVID-19 Misinformation Kacy Lovelace, Sabrina Thomas, Lindsey Harper
45 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Oct―02 Activating agency in the time of COVID-19: Cultivating relationships for resilience Melanie Hulbert, L. Smith, Dustin Fife
46 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Oct―02 Reflections: Middle management during the pandemic Carissa Tomlinson, Danya Leebaw
47 [GO] Children and Libraries 2020―Sep―26 Editor’s Note: Things I Miss in the Pandemic Sharon Verbeten
48 [GO] Children and Libraries 2020―Sep―26 Heroes, Hospitals, [No] Hugs, and Handwashing: Bibliotherapy in the Age of a Pandemic Patricia Sarles
49 [GO] Children and Libraries 2020―Sep―26 Programming in Time of Pandemic: The Year Libraries Went Touchless Allison Grassel
50 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Sep―03 COVID-19, accessibility, and libraries: A call to action JJ Pionke
51 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Sep―03 Redistributing work during COVID-19: Penn State University Libraries’ job bank Leo S. Lo, Binky Lush, Dace Freivaids
52 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Jul―08 Four health science librarians’ experiences: How they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis Misa Mi, Yingting Zhang, Lin Wu, Wendy Wu
53 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Jul―08 Library strategic planning after COVID-19: Don’t fight the last war Russell A. Hall
54 [GO] Children and Libraries 2020―Jun―20 Pandemic Publishing: A Selected COVID-19 Bibliography Patricia Sarles
55 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―Jun―11 Community sourcing a response to COVID-19: A campus oral history project records the experiences of Seton Hall University’s students, staff, and faculty during the pandemic Marta Deyrup, Sarah Ponichtera
56 [GO] College & Research Libraries News 2020―May―01 COVID-19 demonstrates the value of open access: What happens next? Willa Tavernier

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