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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Herzens Russian Pedagogical University
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Izvestia Herzen University Journal of Humanities & Sciences 2021―Sep―27 Remote communication: The evolution of oral and written communication with international students during the pandemic Andrey A. Kuznetsov
2 [GO] Comprehensive Child Studies 2021―Aug―24 Efficiency of regulatory processes in first-year students and physiological, emotional and cognitive strain during the pandemic Eugeny G. Vergunov, Elena N. Nikolaeva
3 [GO] Integrative Physiology 2021―Feb―02 Pathogenesis of respiratory failure in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Nina P. Aleksandrova
4 [GO] Integrative Physiology 2021―Feb―02 COVID-19: New disease and the largest new human stressor Sandor Szabo, Pantelina Zourna-Hargaden
5 [GO] Comprehensive Child Studies 2020―Dec―28 “Together with children”: A dialogue between children and adults during the pandemic Tatjana O. Archakova, Elvira Sh. Garifulina
6 [GO] Comprehensive Child Studies 2020―Oct―28 The impact of the pandemic on international academic communication: Postponement of conferences Svetlana A. Burkova
7 [GO] Integrative Physiology 2020―Oct―07 Olfactory dysfunction as an indicator of early coronavirus infection Elena V. Bigday, Vladimir O. Samoilov
8 [GO] Psychology in Education 2020―Jul―30 Report on the results of the survey “Sociocultural preconceptions about the coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” Tatiana O. Novikova, Tatyana V. Malikova, Dmitry G. Pirogov, Georgy A. Murza-Der


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