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1 [GO] English Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies 2021―Sep―16 A Study of Online Learning Motivation in the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation for Undergraduate Students at Shiraz University According to Their Gender and Field of Study Mehdi Vojdani
2 [GO] Sustainability in Environment 2021―Aug―23 Wetlands, Fishes and Pandemics with Special Reference to India Devashish Kar
3 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Aug―20 An Empirical Study of Students’ Acceptance of Online Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia Dalal Bamufleh, Lama Talat Alradady
4 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2021―Aug―19 Improving Knowledge, Attitude, Motivation, and Behavior of Weak Economic Communities Responding to Covid-19 ang Making Latrines Safe for the Environment (Experiment in the Lowlands of South Sulawesi) Bakhrani Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Ardi, Faizal Amir, Rahmansah -, Yasdin -, Mithen Lullulangi
5 [GO] Children and Teenagers 2021―Jul―27 The Effectiveness of Online Learning in the Conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Senior High School Ratu Wardarita, Hairun Nisak
6 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2021―Jul―17 U.S. General Election as a Possible COVID-19 Super Spreader Event Matthew S. Mingus, Emily (Li) Cheng, Daria Blinova
7 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2021―Jul―12 Covid-19 and Precarity in South Africa’s Minibus Taxi Industry Dr. Siyabulela C. Fobosi
8 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Jun―19 The State of American Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Survey of American Public, Private, and Charter School Teachers Holim Song, Emiel W. Owens
9 [GO] Journal of Business Theory and Practice 2021―Jun―04 The Roles of SMEs on the Sustainable Economy Growth after Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria Isaac Babatope Taiwo, Clement Olatunji Olaoye, Raphael Adekola Dada
10 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Jun―03 Distance Learning in Greece during Covid-19 Pandemic Apostolou George, Papatsimpas Achilleas, Gounas Athanasios, Gkouna Ourania
11 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―May―27 Coping with Education during Lockdowns amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Wahab Ali
12 [GO] International Journal of Accounting and Finance Studies 2021―May―25 Towards a More Stable Banking Financial Position COVID-19 Impacts and IFRS 9 Post-Model Practices “Management Overlays” Dr. Karim F. F. Mohamed
13 [GO] Children and Teenagers 2021―May―16 Flexibility & Grace: Lessons Learned in K-12 during the Covid-19 Pandemic Dr. Chevella T. Wilson, Raymond J. Ankrum
14 [GO] International Business & Economics Studies 2021―Apr―29 Influence Relaxation Policy Fees on COVID-19 Pandemic and Service Quality Claims against the Realization of Dues Payment Compliance BPJSK in Branch Office Driyorejo-Gresik East Jawa-Indonesia Untung Lasiyono
15 [GO] Research in Health Science 2021―Apr―23 An Assessment of Communication Challenges during COVID-19 Maurice Odine, PhD
16 [GO] International Business & Economics Studies 2021―Apr―23 Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Economic Ability of a Government as a Factor of Production Vladimer Papava, Mikheil Chkuaseli
17 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Apr―11 Application of Flipped Classroom Methodology in Applied Sciences through STEM Exploitation Activities during COVID Pandemic Period Plageras Antonios, Xenakis Apostolos, Vavougios Dionysios, Kalovrektis Konstantinos
18 [GO] Applied Science and Innovative Research 2021―Mar―31 Proposal of a Novel Diagnostic Device for COVID-19 Saeed Beygzadeh, Vahid Beygzadeh, Zahra Beygzadeh
19 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2021―Mar―31 Online Teaching in Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic Ida Panev
20 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2021―Mar―17 Do Weak Institutions Prolong Crises? [#ENDSARs] in the Light of the Challenges and opportunities beyond COVID-19 Pandemic and the Next Normal in Nigeria Morufu Olalekan Raimi, Ebikapaye Okoyen, Tuebi Moses, Aziba-anyam Gift Raimi, Adedoyin Oluwatoyin Omidiji, Aishat Funmilayo Abdulraheem, et al. (+2)
21 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2021―Mar―17 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Working Mothers: A Phenomenological Study Mary A. Hermann, Cheryl Neale-McFall, Jiale Man
22 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2021―Mar―16 US Real GDP Growth and Impact of Covid-19 Dhameeth, G.S., Diasz, L.
23 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Mar―16 An Assessment of Final Year Pre-Service Teachers’ Readiness to Use ICT to Teach Implication for COVID-19 Education Response Bernadette Amukahara Joy Egede (Ph.D)
24 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Mar―15 Is the Presentation of the Teaching Materials during Covid-19 Pandemic Contextual? Mila Aryaningsih
25 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Mar―12 Equity in the Academy? Examining Cyberbullying Victimization and Conflict Resolution Across Sexual and Gender Identity During COVID-19 Courtney Doxbeck, Tiffany Karalis Noel
26 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2021―Mar―02 Impacts of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions and their Instructional Approaches Bishal Neupane, Davar Pishva
27 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2021―Feb―28 Social Networks Marketing in COVID-19 Epidemic Storm-A Case Study from Cultural and Creative Parks in Middle Taiwan Chia Sung YEN
28 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Feb―22 A Qualitative Study of Faculty Responses to Teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Creating a Culture of Support Paula Smith-Hawkins
29 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Jan―27 Enabling Teachers as Front Liners in Maintaining Learners’ Emotional Well-Being during Covid-19 Context: Ubuntu/Botho as a Guiding Principle Malephoto Niko Ruth Lephoto
30 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2021―Jan―13 Leading by Example: The Work of Minister K. K. Shailaja of Kerala State, India in Combating COVID-19 Amb. John O. Kakonge
31 [GO] Education Society and Human Studies 2021―Jan―05 The Impact of Coronavirus on English Word-stock Varduhi Murazyan, Anahit Hovhannisyan
32 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2020―Dec―05 Coronavirus Pandemic Refugees and the Future of American Cities James H. Johnson, Jr.
33 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2020―Dec―03 Risk Perceptions during COVID-19 Pandemic: Applying Knowledge on Public Compliance to Protective Measures during SARS to Understand Risk Communication Xingrui Chen
34 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2020―Nov―24 After the Pandemic Disease, Could the Economic World Resume the Sustainability Path? Dott. Giovanni Antonio COSSIGA
35 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Nov―21 Addressing the Risk Factors Contributing to High COVID-19 Infection Rates in Africa Amb. John O. Kakonge, Ph.D.
36 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Nov―21 N2N Parallel Therapy for COVID-19 Intervention for Effective Clinical Outcome, a Case Study Ghulam Yasin Naroo, Tanveer Ahmed Yadgir, Javeriya Khurshid
37 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Nov―20 Report on Hotel Revenue and IHG’s Improvement Plan during COVID-19 Yilin Zhao
38 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2020―Nov―05 A Qualitative Exploration of Connectedness During COVID-19: Faculty Perceptions Toward Communication, Collaboration, and a Sense of Community While Teleworking Cammy D. Romanuck Murphy
39 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Oct―28 Higher Education in the Age of COVID-19: Leadership Challenges and Strategies Melissa A. Odegard-Koester, Toni Alexander, Lesli K. Pace
40 [GO] Studies in English Language Teaching 2020―Oct―26 Decoding Manipulative Strategies and Ideological Features in Trump’s Speech on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Critical Political Discourse Analysis Franck Amoussou, Nathalie J. A. Aguessy
41 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2020―Oct―09 Misinformation Regarding 5G and COVID-19 and the Psychological Mechanism Behind Them Yufan Chen
42 [GO] Education Society and Human Studies 2020―Oct―08 How Should Higher Education Institutions Provide Lectures Under the COVID-19 Crisis Yutaka Kurihara
43 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Sep―16 Some Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis Amb. John O. Kakonge
44 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Sep―07 The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Common Stock Dividend Payout Policy Wenjing Wang, Arthur S. Guarino
45 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2020―Aug―31 Internationalization and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Global South Kyria Rebeca Finardi, Felipe F. Guimaraes
46 [GO] Sustainability in Environment 2020―Aug―24 Airborne Particulate Matter Pollution-Knowledge, Perception and Breathing Experiences of Port Harcourt Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown Rogers B. Kanee, Wale. J. Adeyemi, Precious N. Ede, AKuro. E. Gobo, Omosivie Maduka, Chibianotu Ojimah, et al. (+2)
47 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2020―Aug―17 Online Classes during COVID-19 Pandemic in Higher Learning Institutions in Africa Mahona Joseph Paschal, Demetria Gerold Mkulu
48 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Aug―17 Are We Walking to the Future or to the Past? A Retrospective Analysis of Professional Nursing during the Pandemic of 2020, Dating back to the Crimean War, 1853-1856 Christine M. Silverstein
49 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Aug―13 Critical Factors in Containing COVID-19: Lessons from Selected Countries Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
50 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2020―Jul―30 A Call to Address Academic Difficulties Resulting from the COVID-19-Related Change in Education Delivery José E. Náñez, Steven R. Holloway, David B. Jarrett, Jackson K. Ryan
51 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2020―Jul―29 Psychological Impacts of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Chinese International Students: Examining Prevalence and Associated Factors Yilin Zhao
52 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jul―23 Containing the High Incidence of COVID-19 in the Urban Slums of Nairobi: The Case of Kibera Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
53 [GO] Journal of Psychology & Behavior Research 2020―Jul―11 The Spiral of Recovery: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support during a COVID-19 Environment in the Americas Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz
54 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jun―19 The Mystification and Demystification of Shared Information on COVID-19 across Cyber Mediated News Networks: A Sociological Approach to Solutions for Vulnerable Populations Prof. Dr. Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi
55 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jun―19 COVID-19 Communication and Lockdown Strategies of Selected Countries-Brazil, India, South Africa and Vietnam Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
56 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2020―Jun―03 The Impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Exposes the Inequalities and Inequities on Marginalized Communities Fred Bedell, EdD
57 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2020―May―20 Co-existing with COVID-19. Design for Resistance Alberto De Capua, Lidia Errante, Valentina Palco
58 [GO] Research in Health Science 2020―May―15 A Systems Approach and Notional Response Model for Preserving the Health System during the COVID-19 Pandemic James F. Goss, Steven Berkshire, Asa B. Wilson, Kathleen M. Jordan
59 [GO] Journal of Economics and Public Finance 2020―May―07 Planet Mayday: COVID-19 and Global Warming Jan-Erik Lane
60 [GO] World Journal of Social Science Research 2020―May―04 Research on Covid-19 Pandemic and Social Security Zhao Luming
61 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―May―01 The Challenges Confronting Countries in the Tropics Affected by Covid-19 Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
62 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Apr―30 Research on the Application of Art Therapy into College Art Teaching in the Context of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Chen Yueqin
63 [GO] Journal of Economics and Technology Research 2020―Apr―27 An Appraisal of the Potential Impacts of Covid-19 on Tourism in Nigeria Oruonye E.D., Ahmed Y.M.
64 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Apr―24 COVID-19 as the Catalyst of E-leadership and ICT Implementation in Israeli Arab Sector Elementary Schools Habib Allah Soleman
65 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Apr―24 Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Financial Reporting in the Light of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (An Empirical Study) Hasan El-Mousawi, Hasan Kanso


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