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1 [GO] Journal of Economics and Public Finance 2022―Jun―23 Card or Cash? An Econometrical and Behavioral Analysis in Greece during Covid-19 Melpomeni Anysiadou
2 [GO] Sustainability in Environment 2022―Jun―01 Neural Networks in the Covid-19 Era Cruz Garcia Lirios
3 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2022―May―19 Campus Population Changes in Depression Severity Correlated with the COVID-19 Pandemic Agustina Marconi, Bjorn Hanson, Ellie Kachel, Megan Crass, Elizabeth C Falk-Hanson
4 [GO] Journal of Economics Trade and Marketing Management 2022―May―16 Impact of Using Internet during Covid-19 Lockdown on University Students: A Study of Bangladesh Perspectives Md. Mizanoor Rahman, Md. Abdus Sabur, Md. Nazmul Huda, Taushif Rahman
5 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2022―May―13 The Commitment of the Human Resources Department on Work Ethics during the Corona Pandemic and Its Impact on the Job Security of Employees “Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and the Radisson Hotel as Case Study” Ali M. Naeem, Mohammad H. Manhal
6 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2022―May―11 A Critical Discourse Analysis of the United States Stigmatizing China in the Outbreak of COVID-19 Huang Lu
7 [GO] Education Society and Human Studies 2022―Apr―25 Covid-19 and the Politics of Gastronomic Consumerism in Pandemic India Minu Susan Koshy, Abina Sulhath
8 [GO] Journal of Economics and Public Finance 2022―Mar―31 Analysis of the Linkage between International Crude Oil and Chinese Industry Sector Indices under the COVID-19 Li Yu, Yuan ying Jiang
9 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2022―Feb―12 Project Based Learning for Globalisation during the Pandemic in One Junior High School: A Case Study Kate J. M. Sato
10 [GO] Advances in Politics and Economics 2022―Jan―04 Barking at the Wrong Tree: Articles 31-31bis TRIPs Revisited in Light of COVID-19 Lessons Nellie Munin
11 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Dec―21 Exploring Students’ Factors in Online Teaching during COVID-19 Lockdown from their Lecturers’ Viewpoint and Perspectives Egede, B. A. J. (Ph.D), Awuja S. A. (Ph.D)
12 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Dec―19 A Psychodrama Intervention to Loneliness Due to COVID-19 Hakan Usakli
13 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2021―Dec―15 Southern Exposure: Lived Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic James H. Johnson, Jr., Allan M. Parnell, Jeanne Milliken Bonds
14 [GO] Studies in English Language Teaching 2021―Dec―09 ELT & Social Media in Covid-19 Era: A Case Study Dr. Amel AlAdwani, Dr. Abbas H. Al-Shammari
15 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Nov―29 College Students’ Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review of the Literature Michaela Q. Iglesia, Ming-Tsan Lu
16 [GO] Journal of Psychology & Behavior Research 2021―Nov―10 The Influence of Parenting Style and Parent Educational Level on Perception of HIV/AIDS Pandemic among Secondary School Students in Calabar Educatioin Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria Akpan, Emmanuel Mendie, Ntu N. Nkomo
17 [GO] International Journal of Accounting and Finance Studies 2021―Oct―28 Monetary Policy’s Regulation and Control of Housing Prices under the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Ta Changdong, Jiang Yuanying
18 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2021―Oct―25 Scrambling to Digitalize-COVID-19 Pandemic as a “Disclosing Tablet” for Japan’s Education Woes and the Way Forward Zorana Vasiljevic
19 [GO] Economics Law and Policy 2021―Sep―29 Effects of the Covid-19 Measures on the Economy and the Environment Peter Stallinga, Igor Khmelinskii
20 [GO] English Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies 2021―Sep―16 A Study of Online Learning Motivation in the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation for Undergraduate Students at Shiraz University According to Their Gender and Field of Study Mehdi Vojdani
21 [GO] Sustainability in Environment 2021―Aug―23 Wetlands, Fishes and Pandemics with Special Reference to India Devashish Kar
22 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Aug―20 An Empirical Study of Students’ Acceptance of Online Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia Dalal Bamufleh, Lama Talat Alradady
23 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2021―Aug―19 Improving Knowledge, Attitude, Motivation, and Behavior of Weak Economic Communities Responding to Covid-19 ang Making Latrines Safe for the Environment (Experiment in the Lowlands of South Sulawesi) Bakhrani Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Ardi, Faizal Amir, Rahmansah -, Yasdin -, Mithen Lullulangi
24 [GO] Children and Teenagers 2021―Jul―27 The Effectiveness of Online Learning in the Conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Senior High School Ratu Wardarita, Hairun Nisak
25 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2021―Jul―17 U.S. General Election as a Possible COVID-19 Super Spreader Event Matthew S. Mingus, Emily (Li) Cheng, Daria Blinova
26 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2021―Jul―12 Covid-19 and Precarity in South Africa’s Minibus Taxi Industry Dr. Siyabulela C. Fobosi
27 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Jun―19 The State of American Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Survey of American Public, Private, and Charter School Teachers Holim Song, Emiel W. Owens
28 [GO] Journal of Business Theory and Practice 2021―Jun―04 The Roles of SMEs on the Sustainable Economy Growth after Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria Isaac Babatope Taiwo, Clement Olatunji Olaoye, Raphael Adekola Dada
29 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―Jun―03 Distance Learning in Greece during Covid-19 Pandemic Apostolou George, Papatsimpas Achilleas, Gounas Athanasios, Gkouna Ourania
30 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2021―May―27 Coping with Education during Lockdowns amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Wahab Ali
31 [GO] International Journal of Accounting and Finance Studies 2021―May―25 Towards a More Stable Banking Financial Position COVID-19 Impacts and IFRS 9 Post-Model Practices “Management Overlays” Dr. Karim F. F. Mohamed
32 [GO] Children and Teenagers 2021―May―16 Flexibility & Grace: Lessons Learned in K-12 during the Covid-19 Pandemic Dr. Chevella T. Wilson, Raymond J. Ankrum
33 [GO] International Business & Economics Studies 2021―Apr―29 Influence Relaxation Policy Fees on COVID-19 Pandemic and Service Quality Claims against the Realization of Dues Payment Compliance BPJSK in Branch Office Driyorejo-Gresik East Jawa-Indonesia Untung Lasiyono
34 [GO] Research in Health Science 2021―Apr―23 An Assessment of Communication Challenges during COVID-19 Maurice Odine, PhD
35 [GO] International Business & Economics Studies 2021―Apr―23 Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Economic Ability of a Government as a Factor of Production Vladimer Papava, Mikheil Chkuaseli
36 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Apr―11 Application of Flipped Classroom Methodology in Applied Sciences through STEM Exploitation Activities during COVID Pandemic Period Plageras Antonios, Xenakis Apostolos, Vavougios Dionysios, Kalovrektis Konstantinos
37 [GO] Applied Science and Innovative Research 2021―Mar―31 Proposal of a Novel Diagnostic Device for COVID-19 Saeed Beygzadeh, Vahid Beygzadeh, Zahra Beygzadeh
38 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2021―Mar―31 Online Teaching in Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic Ida Panev
39 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2021―Mar―17 Do Weak Institutions Prolong Crises? [#ENDSARs] in the Light of the Challenges and opportunities beyond COVID-19 Pandemic and the Next Normal in Nigeria Morufu Olalekan Raimi, Ebikapaye Okoyen, Tuebi Moses, Aziba-anyam Gift Raimi, Adedoyin Oluwatoyin Omidiji, Aishat Funmilayo Abdulraheem, et al. (+2)
40 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2021―Mar―17 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Working Mothers: A Phenomenological Study Mary A. Hermann, Cheryl Neale-McFall, Jiale Man
41 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2021―Mar―16 US Real GDP Growth and Impact of Covid-19 Dhameeth, G.S., Diasz, L.
42 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Mar―16 An Assessment of Final Year Pre-Service Teachers’ Readiness to Use ICT to Teach Implication for COVID-19 Education Response Bernadette Amukahara Joy Egede (Ph.D)
43 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Mar―15 Is the Presentation of the Teaching Materials during Covid-19 Pandemic Contextual? Mila Aryaningsih
44 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2021―Mar―12 Equity in the Academy? Examining Cyberbullying Victimization and Conflict Resolution Across Sexual and Gender Identity During COVID-19 Courtney Doxbeck, Tiffany Karalis Noel
45 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2021―Mar―02 Impacts of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions and their Instructional Approaches Bishal Neupane, Davar Pishva
46 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2021―Feb―28 Social Networks Marketing in COVID-19 Epidemic Storm-A Case Study from Cultural and Creative Parks in Middle Taiwan Chia Sung YEN
47 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Feb―22 A Qualitative Study of Faculty Responses to Teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Creating a Culture of Support Paula Smith-Hawkins
48 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2021―Jan―27 Enabling Teachers as Front Liners in Maintaining Learners’ Emotional Well-Being during Covid-19 Context: Ubuntu/Botho as a Guiding Principle Malephoto Niko Ruth Lephoto
49 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2021―Jan―13 Leading by Example: The Work of Minister K. K. Shailaja of Kerala State, India in Combating COVID-19 Amb. John O. Kakonge
50 [GO] Education Society and Human Studies 2021―Jan―05 The Impact of Coronavirus on English Word-stock Varduhi Murazyan, Anahit Hovhannisyan
51 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2020―Dec―05 Coronavirus Pandemic Refugees and the Future of American Cities James H. Johnson, Jr.
52 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2020―Dec―03 Risk Perceptions during COVID-19 Pandemic: Applying Knowledge on Public Compliance to Protective Measures during SARS to Understand Risk Communication Xingrui Chen
53 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2020―Nov―24 After the Pandemic Disease, Could the Economic World Resume the Sustainability Path? Dott. Giovanni Antonio COSSIGA
54 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Nov―21 Addressing the Risk Factors Contributing to High COVID-19 Infection Rates in Africa Amb. John O. Kakonge, Ph.D.
55 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Nov―21 N2N Parallel Therapy for COVID-19 Intervention for Effective Clinical Outcome, a Case Study Ghulam Yasin Naroo, Tanveer Ahmed Yadgir, Javeriya Khurshid
56 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Nov―20 Report on Hotel Revenue and IHG’s Improvement Plan during COVID-19 Yilin Zhao
57 [GO] Frontiers in Education Technology 2020―Nov―05 A Qualitative Exploration of Connectedness During COVID-19: Faculty Perceptions Toward Communication, Collaboration, and a Sense of Community While Teleworking Cammy D. Romanuck Murphy
58 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Oct―28 Higher Education in the Age of COVID-19: Leadership Challenges and Strategies Melissa A. Odegard-Koester, Toni Alexander, Lesli K. Pace
59 [GO] Studies in English Language Teaching 2020―Oct―26 Decoding Manipulative Strategies and Ideological Features in Trump’s Speech on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Critical Political Discourse Analysis Franck Amoussou, Nathalie J. A. Aguessy
60 [GO] Advances in Social Science and Culture 2020―Oct―09 Misinformation Regarding 5G and COVID-19 and the Psychological Mechanism Behind Them Yufan Chen
61 [GO] Education Society and Human Studies 2020―Oct―08 How Should Higher Education Institutions Provide Lectures Under the COVID-19 Crisis Yutaka Kurihara
62 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Sep―16 Some Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis Amb. John O. Kakonge
63 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Sep―07 The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Common Stock Dividend Payout Policy Wenjing Wang, Arthur S. Guarino
64 [GO] Journal of Education Teaching and Social Studies 2020―Aug―31 Internationalization and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Global South Kyria Rebeca Finardi, Felipe F. Guimaraes
65 [GO] Sustainability in Environment 2020―Aug―24 Airborne Particulate Matter Pollution-Knowledge, Perception and Breathing Experiences of Port Harcourt Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown Rogers B. Kanee, Wale. J. Adeyemi, Precious N. Ede, AKuro. E. Gobo, Omosivie Maduka, Chibianotu Ojimah, et al. (+2)
66 [GO] Global Research in Higher Education 2020―Aug―17 Online Classes during COVID-19 Pandemic in Higher Learning Institutions in Africa Mahona Joseph Paschal, Demetria Gerold Mkulu
67 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Aug―17 Are We Walking to the Future or to the Past? A Retrospective Analysis of Professional Nursing during the Pandemic of 2020, Dating back to the Crimean War, 1853-1856 Christine M. Silverstein
68 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Aug―13 Critical Factors in Containing COVID-19: Lessons from Selected Countries Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
69 [GO] World Journal of Education and Humanities 2020―Jul―30 A Call to Address Academic Difficulties Resulting from the COVID-19-Related Change in Education Delivery José E. Náñez, Steven R. Holloway, David B. Jarrett, Jackson K. Ryan
70 [GO] World Journal of Educational Research 2020―Jul―29 Psychological Impacts of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Chinese International Students: Examining Prevalence and Associated Factors Yilin Zhao
71 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jul―23 Containing the High Incidence of COVID-19 in the Urban Slums of Nairobi: The Case of Kibera Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
72 [GO] Journal of Psychology & Behavior Research 2020―Jul―11 The Spiral of Recovery: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support during a COVID-19 Environment in the Americas Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz
73 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jun―19 The Mystification and Demystification of Shared Information on COVID-19 across Cyber Mediated News Networks: A Sociological Approach to Solutions for Vulnerable Populations Prof. Dr. Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi
74 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―Jun―19 COVID-19 Communication and Lockdown Strategies of Selected Countries-Brazil, India, South Africa and Vietnam Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
75 [GO] Social Science Humanities and Sustainability Research 2020―Jun―03 The Impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Exposes the Inequalities and Inequities on Marginalized Communities Fred Bedell, EdD
76 [GO] Urban Studies and Public Administration 2020―May―20 Co-existing with COVID-19. Design for Resistance Alberto De Capua, Lidia Errante, Valentina Palco
77 [GO] Research in Health Science 2020―May―15 A Systems Approach and Notional Response Model for Preserving the Health System during the COVID-19 Pandemic James F. Goss, Steven Berkshire, Asa B. Wilson, Kathleen M. Jordan
78 [GO] Journal of Economics and Public Finance 2020―May―07 Planet Mayday: COVID-19 and Global Warming Jan-Erik Lane
79 [GO] World Journal of Social Science Research 2020―May―04 Research on Covid-19 Pandemic and Social Security Zhao Luming
80 [GO] Communication Society and Media 2020―May―01 The Challenges Confronting Countries in the Tropics Affected by Covid-19 Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge
81 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Apr―30 Research on the Application of Art Therapy into College Art Teaching in the Context of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Chen Yueqin
82 [GO] Journal of Economics and Technology Research 2020―Apr―27 An Appraisal of the Potential Impacts of Covid-19 on Tourism in Nigeria Oruonye E.D., Ahmed Y.M.
83 [GO] Journal of Education and Culture Studies 2020―Apr―24 COVID-19 as the Catalyst of E-leadership and ICT Implementation in Israeli Arab Sector Elementary Schools Habib Allah Soleman
84 [GO] Research in Economics and Management 2020―Apr―24 Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Financial Reporting in the Light of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (An Empirical Study) Hasan El-Mousawi, Hasan Kanso

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