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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Indonesian Association for Public Administration IAPA

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1 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2022―Sep―22 An Exploration Respond of COVID-19 Policy through Social Media in Indonesia Bambang Irawan, Mohammad Jafar Loilatu, Paisal Akbar, Rizky Reynaldi
2 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2022―Sep―22 Local Level Collaborative Governance for Pandemic Responses: Unpacking A Case in Bangladesh Ashraful Alam, Md Mahmudul Hoque
3 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2022―Jun―17 Government Communication Strategies in Time of Pandemic: Comparative Study between South Korea and Indonesia Badrul Arifin
4 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2022―Feb―04 A Comparative Policy for the COVID-19 Emergency Management of Frontline Health Workers in Selected African Countries Mary S. Mangai, Tyanai Masiya, Yul Derek Davids
5 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Nov―24 Community Changes in Pregnancy Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic Sri Hilmi Pujihartati, Argyo Demartoto
6 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Nov―24 Empowerment of Relocation Community Affected by Covid 19 Pandemic in DKI Jakarta with Collaborative Governance Mawar Mawar, Soesilo Zauhar, Endah Setyowati, Suryadi Suryadi, Dini Gandini
7 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Apr―05 Dynamic Governanc e Pekanbaru City in Policy Implementation About The New Normal in Pandemic Covid-19 Era Resa Vio Vani, Dedi Kusuma Habibie, Maryani Maryani
8 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Apr―05 New Face of Local Government: Synergy of Handling the Spread of Covid-19 Between Local Governments and Indigenous Villages in Bali I Putu Dharmanu Yudartha
9 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2021―Mar―30 Alleviating Society’s Economic Crisis: Narrative Policy on Social Safety Nets Policy Process During Covid-19 Pandemic Alih Aji Nugroho, Ilima Fitri Azmi
10 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2021―Mar―30 Leadership and Crisis Communication During Covid-19: The Case of Brunei Darussalam Li Li Pang
11 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Analysis of Government Collaborative Action on Covid-19 Disaster Management in Lampung Province Simon Sumanjoyo Hutagalung, Eko Budi Sulistio
12 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Population Administration Service Innovation in Indonesia During the Covid-19 Pandemic Wisber Wiryanto
13 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Regional Innovation: Regional Leadership in Empowering the Aceh Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic Agatha Debby Reiza Macella
14 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Relations between Levels of Government in Handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia: A Study on Relations between the Central Government and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta Achmad Lutfi, Desy Hariyati
15 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Dynamic Governance and The Strengthening Community Participation in Countermeasure Coronavirus Disease Ahmad Sururi, Rostiena Pasciana
16 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 SiBakul Jogja Free Shipping: Empowerment to Turn on the Economy of Yogyakarta’s MSMEs in Pandemic Era Nur Faidati, Muhammad Khozin, Gerry Katon Mahendra
17 [GO] Iapa Proceedings Conference 2021―Mar―23 Telework During Pandemic: Comparing Readiness between Local and Central Government Employees Muhamad Azami Nasri, Muhammad Nurdin Alamsyah, Doni Ramadhan, Reza Fathurrahman
18 [GO] Policy & Governance Review 2021―Jan―06 Impact of COVID-19 on Economic Activities and Poverty Threats in the Asia-Pacific Region Saddam Rassanjani, Novialdi Risky, Dahlawi Maz, Wais Alqarni, Muhammad Achdan Tharis

18 Results       Page 1


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