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Publishing House: University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice

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1 [GO] Kontakt 2022―Sep―21 Women's childbirth expectations and perceived effects of COVID-19 protocols on delivery Victoria U. Enwereji-Emeka, Chikaodili N. Ihudiebube-Splendor, Faith C. Diorgu, Paulina C. Chikeme, Chidinma E. Israel
2 [GO] Kontakt 2022―Sep―12 Factors affecting nurses' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Mária Šupínová, Júlia Jankovičová, Oľga Jarabicová, Lukasz Rypicz, Izabela Witczak
3 [GO] Journal of Applied Biomedicine 2022―Jul―26 SARS-CoV-2 vaccination associated venous sinus thrombosis in three patients Josef Finsterer
4 [GO] DETUROPE - The Central European Journal of Tourism and Regional Development 2022―Jul―02 Competition, Promotion, and Activities of Microbreweries during the COVID-19 Pandemic Martin Pech, Alena Kopová
5 [GO] Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis 2022―Mar―01 The Effect of E-Training on the Performance of Employees in Small and Medium Scale Enterprise amidst the Covid-19 pandemic Emmanuel Selase, Michael Avenorgbo
6 [GO] Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis 2022―Mar―01 Artificial Intelligence: Technology 4.0 as a solution for healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic Anuj Kumar, Purvi Pujari, Nimit Gupta
7 [GO] Acta Universitatis Bohemiae Meridionalis 2022―Mar―01 Social Media Marketing Channels and Communication: COVID-19 Pandemic Perspective Priyanka Chadha, Etinder Pal Singh, Babita Yadav, Raghavan Srinivasan
8 [GO] DETUROPE - The Central European Journal of Tourism and Regional Development 2022―Feb―22 Strategies of Tourism Service Providers to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic Helena Kubíčková, Andrea Holešinská
9 [GO] DETUROPE - The Central European Journal of Tourism and Regional Development 2022―Feb―22 The Influence of Coronavirus-19 Outbreak Risk Perception, Perceived Uncertainty on Jordan's Tourism Behavioral Intention Issam Mohammad Al-Makhadmah, Mohammad Shabeeb Khasawneh
10 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 The Role of Religion, Philosophy of Life, Global Health, Traditional Medicine, and Past Experiences in the Covid-19 Pandemic Response: Zambia Case Study David Mutemwa, Veronika Zvánovcová, Anna Helová, Daniel D. Novotný
11 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 Hospital Chaplaincy during the Covid-19 Pandemic Ondřej Doskočil, Andrea Beláňová
12 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 COVID-19 in a Day Care Centre from the Perspective of the Employees Josef Nota
13 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 Nemocniční kaplani během pandemie covid-19 Ondřej Doskočil, Andrea Beláňová
14 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 Onemocnění covid-19 v domově sociálních služeb pohledem zaměstnanců Josef Nota
15 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 Quality of Life in the Time of Coronavirus from the Perspective of Social Work Karel Řezáč
16 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 From 'Personal Coping' to 'Social Coping'. How to React to a Pandemic, a Proposal by Ethics Emanuele Lacca
17 [GO] Caritas et Veritas 2021―Oct―11 The Corona-virus Pandemic in the Context of Reading and Interpreting the Signs of the Times Jana Maryšková
18 [GO] Kontakt 2021―Apr―08 The importance of the right to science during pandemics Natallia Sianko, Albina Balidemaj Basha, Mark Small
19 [GO] Kontakt 2021―Feb―15 The impact of self-leadership and organizational commitment on the performance of Covid-19 nurses Komang Ayu Mustriwati, Putu Sudarmika, I Candiasa
20 [GO] Kontakt 2021―Jan―11 Strengthening nurses' resilience and reducing burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic Mirko Prosen
21 [GO] Kontakt 2020―Dec―15 Moral lessons from the pandemic Jiří Šimek
22 [GO] Kontakt 2020―Jul―28 The social determinants of health - how migrants and the Roma are effected by the pandemic Bernadett M. Varga

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