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1 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2024―Mar―26 Taste loss in COVID-19 - psychophysical evidence supporting a low prevalence C A Hintschich, S Le Bon, E Trecca, S Saussez, T Hummel
2 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2024―Mar―06 The effect of smell training on COVID-19 induced smell loss E J A Schepens, C J M de Haas, E M Postma, B van Dijk, S Boesveldt, I Stegeman, D M A Kamalski
3 [GO] Rhinology online 2024―Jan―13 Prevalence of smell and taste dysfunction in different clinical severity groups of COVID-19 patients S I Vento, I Taskila, J Martola, L Kuusela, G Kurdo, A Lyly, J Hästbacka
4 [GO] Rhinology online 2023―Nov―30 Characteristics of olfactory dysfunction in patients with long-haul COVID-19 M M Lamb, K DeHority, S M Russel, S Kim, T Stack, I Mohammad, et al. (+6)
5 [GO] Rhinology online 2023―Nov―30 COVID-19 infections and vaccination in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia - a cohort study E Gantert, C Meerwein, M Soyka
6 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Dec―08 Fluticasone propionate suppresses the SARS-CoV-2 induced increase in respiratory epithelial permeability in vitro K. Martens, E. Vanhulle, A.-S. Viskens, P.W. Hellings, K. Vermeire
7 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Oct―27 Persisting chemosensory dysfunction in COVID-19 - a cross-sectional population-based survey S. Winkelmann, A. Korth, B. Voss, M.A. Nasr, N. Behrend, A. Pudszuhn, et al. (+14)
8 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Oct―26 The burden of olfactory dysfunction during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom M. Lechner, J. Liu, N. Counsell, D. Gillespie, D. Chandrasekharan, N.H. Ta, et al. (+28)
9 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Oct―25 What smell and taste disorders by SARS-CoV-2 do we know? Predictive value of the Venezuelan Olfactory Test and RT-PCR molecular analysis in COVID-19 infection R. Pieruzzini, C. Ayala-Grosso, J. de Jesus Navas, W. Rodriguez, N. Parra, E. Luque, et al. (+12)
10 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Aug―10 Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis: patient characteristics in pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 period L.M. Cherian, L. Varghese, V. Rupa, R.R. Bright, L. Abraham, R. Panicker, et al. (+18)
11 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Aug―01 Soap and Water to Hands and Face, -Eye Rinse, Nasal Irrigation and Gargling with Saline for COVID-19 with anecdotal evidence S. Parviz, L. Duncan, D. Rabago
12 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Jun―16 Self-reported olfactory and gustatory dysfunction in patients with COVID-19 infection D. Kooper, H. Coerts, H. Mkadmi
13 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Jun―16 Safe practice guidance: a review for otorhinolaryngologists during COVID-19 pandemic and after reopen process R. Kamel, A. Ragab, H. Abdelghaffar, A. Kaled, A. Elfarouk Abdel Fattah, M. Abdelaziz, et al. (+22)
14 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Apr―19 A follow-up on quantitative and qualitative olfactory dysfunction and other symptoms in patients recovering from COVID-19 smell loss K. Ohla, M.G. Veldhuizen, T. Green, M.E. Hannum, A.J. Bakke, S.T. Moein, et al. (+34)
15 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Mar―15 Clinical correlation and assessment of olfactory dysfunction with n-butanol in COVID-19 patients: our experience R. Sharma, A.K. Rana, V.K. Sharma, A. Mehrotra, H. Babu, S. Gupta, et al. (+7)
16 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Mar―01 European Rhinologic Society meeting 2021. Safe in person meeting in times of COVID-19 W.J. Fokkens, C. Meco, J. Constantinidis, N. Zhang, C. Hopkins
17 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Feb―22 COVID-19 related chemosensory changes in individuals with self-reported obesity S. Bhutani, G. Coppin, M.G. Veldhuizen, V. Parma, P.V. Joseph
18 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Feb―18 Smell dysfunction in the center of Rhinology care during the covid-19 pandemic P.W. Hellings
19 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Feb―18 Rhinology on the move despite Covid-19! P.W. Hellings
20 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2022―Feb―03 COVID-19: Extensive epithelial damage and ciliary dyskinesia in hospitalised patients D.D.H. Lee, D. Cardinale, Y. Saman, R.A. Hirst, N. Wilson, V. Corden, et al. (+7)
21 [GO] Rhinology online 2022―Jan―27 From SARS-CoV-2 infection to COVID-19 morbidity: an in silico projection of virion flow rates to the lower airway via nasopharyngeal fluid boluses S. Basu, M.M.H. Akash, N.S. Hochberg, B.A. Senior, D. Joseph-McCarthy, A. Chakravarty
22 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Nov―23 Rhinology in review: from COVID-19 to biologicals W.J. Fokkens, B.N. Landis, C. Hopkins, S. Reitsma, A.R. Sedaghat
23 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Oct―04 Soap and Water to Hands and Face, -Eye Rinse, Nasal Irrigation and Gargling with Saline for COVID-19 with anecdotal evidence S. Parviz, L. Duncan, D. Rabago
24 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Aug―30 Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and self-reported seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms G. Liccardi, M.B. Bilo, M. Milanese, M. Martini, L. Calzetta, F. Califano, et al. (+23)
25 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Aug―14 COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunction prevalence and natural history in ambulatory patients D.R. Bacon, P. Onuorah, A. Murr, C.A. Wiesen, J. Oakes, B.D. Thorp, et al. (+5)
26 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Aug―09 Nasopharyngeal versus nasal swabs for detection of SARS-CoV-2: a systematic review A.J. Gadenstaetter, C.D. Mayer, L.D. Landegger
27 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Jul―27 Predominance of an altered sense of smell or taste among long-lasting symptoms in patients with mildly symptomatic COVID-19 P. Boscolo-Rizzo, J. Polesel, G. Spinato, A. Menegaldo, C. Fabbris, L. Calvanese, et al. (+2)
28 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Jul―27 Comparison of COVID-19 and common cold chemosensory dysfunction C. Huart, C. Philpott, I. Konstantinidis, A. Altundag, K.L. Whitcroft, E.M.C. Trecca, et al. (+3)
29 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Jul―27 Smell dysfunction in the center of Rhinology care during the covid-19 pandemic P.W. Hellings
30 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Jul―27 The toll of noninfected CRS patients to the COVID-19 pandemic L. Klimek, J. Hagemann, A. Alali, M. Spielhaupter, T. Huppertz, K. Hormann, C. Matthias
31 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Jul―27 Rhinology on the move despite Covid-19! P.W. Hellings
32 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Jul―06 Online workshops on the teaching and practice of endoscopic sinus surgery techniques during the COVID-19 pandemic T. Tsuda, M. Hayama, Y. Maeda, K. Takeda, S. Nishiike, K. Kawashima, H. Inohara
33 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Apr―26 Persistent olfactory complaints after COVID-19: a new interpretation of the psychophysical olfactory scores Clair Vandersteen, Magali Payne, Louise-Emilie Dumas, Victoria Metelkina-Fernandez, Alexandra Plonka, David Chirio, et al. (+7)
34 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2021―Apr―02 The effect of coronaviruses on olfaction: systematic review M. Zugaj, N.S. van Ditzhuijzen, K. Golebski, W.J. Fokkens
35 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Mar―21 The British Rhinology Society National COVID-19 Study: Resuming Elective Surgery Sridhayan Mahalingam, Richard Green, Mohd Afiq Mohd Slim, Anton Alatsatianos, Yujay Ramakrishnan, Ben Stew, Claire Hopkins
36 [GO] Rhinology online 2021―Mar―02 The clinical course and diagnostic relevance of olfactory loss in a SARS-CoV-2 infection M.J. Bauwens, S. Claeys
37 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Dec―30 Parosmia is prevalent and persistent amongst those with COVID-19 olfactory dysfunction E. Cook, C. Kelly, D.B. Watson, C. Hopkins
38 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Dec―15 Six month follow-up of self-reported loss of smell during the COVID-19 pandemic C. Hopkins, P. Surda, L.A. Vaira, J.R. Lechien, M. Safarian, S. Saussez, N. Kumar
39 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Dec―08 Efficacy of corticosteroid therapy in the treatment of long- lasting olfactory disorders in COVID-19 patients L.A. Vaira, C. Hopkins, M. Petrocelli, J.R. Lechien, S. Cutrupi, G. Salzano, et al. (+3)
40 [GO] Rhinology online 2020―Oct―28 Face masks are an essential tool to mitigate the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: a call to action P. Dehgani-Mobaraki, A. Kamber Zaidi, J.M. Levy
41 [GO] Rhinology online 2020―Sep―29 Anosmia-hyposmia and dysgeusia in COVID-19 may be due to SARS-CoV-2 protein mimicry of olfactory receptors R. Root-Bernstein
42 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jul―06 Self-reported alteration of sense of smell or taste in patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis on 3563 patients D. Borsetto, C. Hopkins, V. Philips, R. Obholzer, G. Tirelli, J. Polesel, et al. (+2)
43 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jun―27 Anosmia as a Prominent Symptom of COVID-19 Infection F. Heidari, E. Karimi, M. Firouzifar, P. Khamushian, R. Ansari, M. Mohammadi Ardehali, F. Heidari
44 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jun―27 Isolated Sudden Onset Anosmia in COVID-19 Infection. A Novel Syndrome? S.B. Gane, C. Kelly, C. Hopkins
45 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jun―27 Presentation of New Onset Anosmia During the COVID-19 Pandemic C. Hopkins, P. Surda, N. Kumar
46 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jun―15 Acute smell and taste loss in outpatients: all infected with SARS-CoV-2? M. Renaud, A. Leon, G. Trau, L. Fath, S. Ciftci, Y. Bensimon, et al. (+2)
47 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Jun―13 Time scale for resolution of olfactory dysfunction in COVID-19 M.M. Speth, T. Singer-Cornelius, M. Oberle, I. Gengler, S.J. Brockmeier, A.R. Sedaghat
48 [GO] Rhinology online 2020―Jun―06 Copper enhanced nasal saline irrigations: a safe potential treatment and protective factor for COVID-19 infection? T. Radulesco, J.R. Lechien, C.M. Chiesa-Estomba, L.J. Sowerby, C. Hopkins, S. Saussez, J. Michel
49 [GO] Rhinology online 2020―May―29 A case series of patients, including a consultant rhinologist, who all experienced a loss of smell associated with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 D.E.J. Whitehead, C. Kelly, N. Ahmad
50 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―May―09 Anosmia as a presenting symptom of SARS-CoV-2 infection in healthcare workers - A systematic review of the literature, case series, and recommendations for clinical assessment and management M. Lechner, D. Chandrasekharan, K. Jumani, J. Liu, S. Gane, V.J. Lund, et al. (+2)
51 [GO] Rhinology online 2020―May―06 ERS member survey on COVID-19 symptomatology and personal protection: a construct to predict early COVID-19 disease S. Reitsma, V.J. Lund, S. Carrie, W.J. Fokkens
52 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Apr―30 Sniffing out the evidence; It’s now time for public health bodies recognize the link between COVID-19 and smell and taste disturbance J.R. Lechien, C. Hopkins, S. Saussez
53 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Apr―27 Olfactory and rhinological evaluations in SARS-CoV-2 patients complaining of olfactory loss G. Ottaviano, M. Carecchio, B. Scarpa, R. Marchese-Ragona
54 [GO] Rhinology Journal 2020―Apr―08 Personal protection and delivery of rhinologic and endoscopic skull base procedures during the COVID-19 outbreak L. Van Gerven, P.W. Hellings, T. Cox, W. Fokkens, C. Hopkins, V. Hox, et al. (+8)

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