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1 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―28 Person-reported perspectives on support availability for people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Q Alena Valderrama, Xanthy Lajoie, Mylène Armstrong, Alexei Luizar-Obregon, Olaf Kraus de Camargo
2 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―27 Nova Scotia Strong: why communities joined to embrace COVID-19 public health measures Audrey Steenbeek, Allyson Gallant, Noni E. MacDonald, Janet Curran, Janice E. Graham
3 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―27 Looking at COVID-19 effects on intimate partner and sexual violence organizations in Canada through a feminist political economy lens: a qualitative study Sonia Michaelsen, Elisabeth Nombro, Hervé Djiofack, Olivier Ferlatte, Bilkis Vissandjee, Christina Zarowsky
4 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―19 Navigating inequities in the delivery of youth mental health care during the COVID-19 pandemic: perspectives of youth, families, and service providers Toula Kourgiantakis, Roula Markoulakis, Amina Hussain, Eunjung Lee, Rachelle Ashcroft, Charmaine Williams, et al. (+4)
5 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―15 Tapping into the minds and hearts of the local public health workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic Margot Eisenhauer, Laura Crupi, Robin Ray, Tara Mann
6 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―14 Transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in British Columbia’s largest school district during the second half of the 2020-2021 school year Laurence Campeau, Frances Thistlethwaite, Jiayun Angela Yao, Amy J. Hobbs, Armin Shahriari, Rohit Vijh, et al. (+6)
7 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jul―11 Predictors of reported alcohol intake during the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada among middle-aged and older adults: results from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) Jacqueline M. McMillan, David B. Hogan, Chantelle Zimmer, Nazmul Sohel, Christina Wolfson, Susan Kirkland, et al. (+3)
8 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jun―30 A comparison of the COVID-19 response for urban underserved patients experiencing healthcare transitions in three Canadian cities Ginetta Salvalaggio, Elaine Hyshka, Cara Brown, Andrew D. Pinto, Gayle Halas, Lee Green, et al. (+7)
9 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―May―26 The working conditions for personal support workers in the Greater Toronto Area during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-methods study Ayu Pinky Hapsari, Julia W. Ho, Christopher Meaney, Lisa Avery, Nadha Hassen, Arif Jetha, et al. (+4)
10 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―May―04 Regional differences in movement behaviours of children and youth during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada: follow-up from a national study Hilary A.T. Caldwell, Guy Faulkner, Mark S. Tremblay, Ryan E. Rhodes, Louise de Lannoy, Sara F.L. Kirk, et al. (+2)
11 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―28 Soutien au réseau des services de garde montréalais dans la prévention et la gestion de la COVID-19 : un service à 3 pôles Isabelle Laurin, Félicia Brochu, Gabriel Bordeleau-Gervais
12 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―27 COVID-19 vaccine uptake and intention during pregnancy in Canada Laura Reifferscheid, Emmanuel Marfo, Ali Assi, Eve Dubé, Noni E. MacDonald, Samantha B. Meyer, et al. (+9)
13 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―22 Controlling the obesity pandemic: Geoffrey Rose revisited John W. Frank
14 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―18 Psychological symptoms associated with self-reported events of COVID-19 contact, symptoms, or diagnosis: a large community-based survey among adults in Q, Canada Mélissa Généreux, Elsa Landaverde
15 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―13 “None of it was especially easy”: improving COVID-19 vaccine equity for people with disabilities Jennifer C. H. Sebring, Gabriela Capurro, Christine Kelly, Cynthia G. Jardine, Jordan Tustin, S. Michelle Driedger
16 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Apr―05 Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies among blood donors in Québec: an update from a serial cross-sectional study Antoine Lewin, Gaston De Serres, Yves Grégoire, Josée Perreault, Mathieu Drouin, Marie-Josée Fournier, et al. (+9)
17 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Mar―03 Improving the health equity and the human rights of Canadians with dementia through a social determinants approach: a call to action in the COVID-19 pandemic Juanita-Dawne R. Bacsu, Megan E. O’Connell, Mary Beth Wighton
18 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Mar―01 Correction: Practice report: an Alberta Métis model for COVID-19 vaccine delivery Keith D. King, Reagan Bartel, Ashton James, Shannon E. MacDonald
19 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Feb―22 COVID-19 vaccine wastage in Canada, a reason for concern? Lauren Aubrey, Angela Ishak, Shubham Dutta, Eshwar Rajesh, Tarun Kumar Suvvari, Dattatreya Mukherjee
20 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Feb―17 Study of the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Ontario elementary and secondary school education workers: an interim analysis following the first school year Brenda L. Coleman, Kailey Fischer, Robert Maunder, John Kim, Sharon Straus, Susan Bondy, Allison McGeer
21 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―28 COVID-19 and the impacts on youth mental health: emerging evidence from longitudinal studies Nicholas Chadi, Natalie Castellanos Ryan, Marie-Claude Geoffroy
22 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―28 Quarantots, quarankids, and quaranteens: how research can contribute to mitigating the deleterious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health behaviours and social inequalities while achieving sustainable change Lise Gauvin, Tracie A. Barnett, Catherine Dea, Isabelle Doré, Olivier Drouin, Katherine L. Frohlich, et al. (+2)
23 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―28 COVID-19 preventive interventions for high-risk pregnant women and preschool children: a rehearsal for the baby boomers’ old-age pandemic? Richard E. Tremblay
24 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―28 Understanding and attenuating pandemic-related disruptions: a plan to reduce inequalities in child development Sylvana M. Côté, Marie-Claude Geoffroy, Catherine Haeck, Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, Simon Larose, Nicholas Chadi, et al. (+3)
25 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―20 Delay in childhood vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic Da In Diane Lee, Shelley Vanderhout, Mary Aglipay, Catherine S. Birken, Shaun K. Morris, Pierre-Philippe Piché-Renaud, et al. (+2)
26 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―11 The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health-related quality of life of adults visiting emergency departments and primary care settings in Alberta Fatima Al Sayah, Markus Lahtinen, Roland Simon, Benjamin Higgins, Arto Ohinmaa, Jeffrey A. Johnson
27 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―10 Meeting case investigation and contact tracing needs during COVID-19 in Alberta: the development and implementation of the Alberta Health Services Pod Partnership Model J. Cyne Johnston, Keri-Lynn Strain, Cindy Dribnenki, Maureen Devolin
28 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―05 Practice report: an Alberta Métis model for COVID-19 vaccine delivery Keith D. King, Reagan Bartel, Ashton James, Shannon E. MacDonald
29 [GO] Can J Public Health 2022―Jan―03 Appropriateness of COVID-19 public health guidelines for an Alberta First Nations community Allison L. Soprovich, Lisa A. Wozniak, Cerina Lee, Vishal Sharma, Salim Samanani, Dean T. Eurich
30 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Dec―17 “I may be essential but someone has to look after my kids”: women physicians and COVID-19 Julia Smith, Lina Abouzaid, Joy Masuhara, Salima Noormohamed, Neli Remo, Lynn Straatman
31 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Dec―17 Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection among people experiencing homelessness in Toronto during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic Linh Luong, Michaela Beder, Rosane Nisenbaum, Aaron Orkin, Jonathan Wong, Cynthia Damba, et al. (+13)
32 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Dec―07 Downstream health impacts of employment losses during the COVID-19 pandemic Emmalin Buajitti, Laura C. Rosella, Kevin Bryan, Ingrid Giesinger, Vivek Goel
33 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Nov―03 Partner number and use of COVID-19 risk reduction strategies during initial phases of the pandemic in British Columbia, Canada: a survey of sexual health service clients Mark Gilbert, Hsiu-Ju Chang, Aidan Ablona, Travis Salway, Gina Ogilvie, Jason Wong, et al. (+4)
34 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Oct―29 Tweens are not teens: the problem of amalgamating broad age groups when making pandemic recommendations Brae Anne McArthur, Sheri Madigan, Daphne J. Korczak
35 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Oct―15 The year public health lost its soul: a critical view of the COVID-19 response Damien Contandriopoulos
36 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―30 Ontario’s COVID-19 Modelling Consensus Table: mobilizing scientific expertise to support pandemic response Michael P. Hillmer, Patrick Feng, John R. McLaughlin, V. Kumar Murty, Beate Sander, Anna Greenberg, Adalsteinn D. Brown
37 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―19 Social inequalities in protective behaviour uptake at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic: results from a national survey Alexandra Blair, Abtin Parnia, Faraz V. Shahidi, Arjumand Siddiqi
38 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―12 Examining the associations between food worry and mental health during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada Corey McAuliffe, Zach Daly, Jennifer Black, Javiera Pumarino, Anne Gadermann, Allie Slemon, et al. (+3)
39 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―11 Understanding the blended impacts of COVID-19 and systemic inequalities on sub-Saharan African immigrants in Canada Joyceline Amoako, Ellen MacEachen
40 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―09 Detection of COVID-19 case clusters in Québec, May-October 2020 Germain Lebel, Élise Fortin, Ernest Lo, Marie-Claude Boivin, Matthieu Tandonnet, Nathalie Gravel
41 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Aug―09 Provincial implementation supports for socio-demographic data collection during COVID-19 in Ontario’s public health system Samiya Abdi, Caroline Bennett-AbuAyyash, Liane MacDonald, Karin Hohenadel, Karen O. Johnson, Pamela Leece
42 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jul―07 Public health preventive measures and child health behaviours during COVID-19: a cohort study Xuedi Li, Leigh M. Vanderloo, Jonathon L. Maguire, Charles D. G. Keown-Stoneman, Mary Aglipay, Laura N. Anderson, et al. (+127)
43 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jun―23 Using observational epidemiology to evaluate COVID-19 vaccines: integrating traditional methods with new data sources and tools Catharine Chambers
44 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―May―28 The social determinants of health as predictors of adherence to public health preventive measures among parents and young children during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal cohort study Yulika Yoshida-Montezuma, Charles D. G. Keown-Stoneman, Susitha Wanigaratne, Xuedi Li, Shelley M. Vanderhout, Cornelia M. Borkhoff, et al. (+3)
45 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―May―28 Changes in the incidence of seasonal influenza in response to COVID-19 social distancing measures: an observational study based on Canada’s national influenza surveillance system Andrew Pierce, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Diana Marin, Zulma V. Rueda, Yoav Keynan
46 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―May―28 Outbreak investigation of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in an emergency childcare centre Julio C. Soto, Mireille Barakat, Juliana Ayres Hutter, Marilou Kiely, Sandrine Moreira, B. Jesse Shapiro, et al. (+4)
47 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―May―21 Knowledge mobilization tool to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding during COVID-19 Shela Akbar Ali Hirani, Megan Pearce, Amanda Lanoway
48 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―May―17 SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among blood donors in Québec, and analysis of symptoms associated with seropositivity: a nested case-control study Antoine Lewin, Roseline Therrien, Gaston De Serres, Yves Grégoire, Josée Perreault, Mathieu Drouin, et al. (+11)
49 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Apr―30 Supporting breastfeeding in rural Newfoundland and Labrador communities during COVID-19 Kayla A. St. Croix
50 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Apr―06 A scoping review of COVID-19 experiences of people living with dementia Juanita-Dawne R. Bacsu, Megan E. O’Connell, Claire Webster, Lisa Poole, Mary Beth Wighton, Saskia Sivananthan
51 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Mar―24 Socio-demographic disparities in knowledge, practices, and ability to comply with COVID-19 public health measures in Canada Gabrielle Brankston, Eric Merkley, David N. Fisman, Ashleigh R. Tuite, Zvonimir Poljak, Peter J. Loewen, Amy L. Greer
52 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Mar―19 Identifying gaps in COVID-19 health equity data reporting in Canada using a scorecard approach Alexandra Blair, Kahiye Warsame, Harsh Naik, Walter Byrne, Abtin Parnia, Arjumand Siddiqi
53 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Mar―15 Household- and employment-related risk factors for depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic Christine M. Wickens, Hayley A. Hamilton, Tara Elton-Marshall, Yeshambel T. Nigatu, Damian Jankowicz, Samantha Wells
54 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Mar―02 COVID-19 street reallocation in mid-sized Canadian cities: socio-spatial equity patterns Jaimy Fischer, Meghan Winters
55 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Feb―18 COVID-19, public health and constructive journalism in Canada Noni E. MacDonald
56 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―25 Cups for COVID: rapid implementation of a harm reduction initiative to support populations experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic Kieran J. D. Steer, David C. Klassen, Claire M. O’Gorman, Marisa Webster, Mhairi Mitchell, Liubov Krichevsky, et al. (+3)
57 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―19 Risk society and COVID-19 Fardin Mansouri, Fatemeh Sefidgarbaei
58 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―19 Socio-demographic, social, cognitive, and emotional correlates of adherence to physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study Jean-Philippe Gouin, Sasha MacNeil, Andrew Switzer, Emily Carrese-Chacra, Fabien Durif, Bärbel Knäuper
59 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―12 Is the end of the pandemic really in sight? Louise Potvin
60 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―06 Unpacking the health and social consequences of COVID-19 through a race, migration and gender lens Josephine Etowa, Ilene Hyman
61 [GO] Can J Public Health 2021―Jan―04 Older adults living in social housing in Canada: the next COVID-19 hotspot? Melissa Pirrie, Gina Agarwal
62 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Nov―19 Can BCG be useful to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic? A Canadian perspective Philippe De Wals, Dick Menzies, Maziar Divangahi
63 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Nov―17 Secondary attack rate of COVID-19 in household contacts in the Winnipeg Health Region, Canada Krista Wilkinson, Xuan Chen, Souradet Shaw
64 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Nov―10 Changes in health behaviours during early COVID-19 and socio-demographic disparities: a cross-sectional analysis Anna Zajacova, Anthony Jehn, Matthew Stackhouse, Patrick Denice, Howard Ramos
65 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Nov―10 Canada’s response to COVID-19 for Indigenous Peoples: a way forward? Sean A. Hillier, Elias Chaccour, Hamza Al-Shammaa, Jessica Vorstermans
66 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Nov―05 A public health timeline to prepare for COVID-19 vaccines in Canada Noni E. MacDonald, Jeannette Comeau, Eve Dubé, Lucie Bucci, Janice E. Graham
67 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Oct―22 Assessing the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada using testing data and time-dependent reproduction numbers Rojiemiahd Edjoc, Nicole Atchessi, Amanda Lien, Ben A. Smith, Imran Gabrani-Juma, Christine Abalos, Marianne Heisz
68 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Oct―19 Applying an Indigenous and gender-based lens to the exploration of public health and human rights implications of COVID-19 in Canadian correctional facilities Chaneesa Ryan, Hollie Sabourin, Abrar Ali
69 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Oct―15 On redesigning public health in Québec: lessons learned from the pandemic Jean-Louis Denis, Louise Potvin, Jean Rochon, Pierre Fournier, Lise Gauvin
70 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Oct―14 Regional differences in access to the outdoors and outdoor play of Canadian children and youth during the COVID-19 outbreak Louise de Lannoy, Ryan E. Rhodes, Sarah A. Moore, Guy Faulkner, Mark S. Tremblay
71 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Oct―14 Tobacco and COVID-19: a crisis within a crisis? François Alla, Ivan Berlin, Viet Nguyen-Thanh, Romain Guignard, Anne Pasquereau, Sylvie Quelet, et al. (+2)
72 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―29 Sex, gender and COVID-19: a call to action Sofia B. Ahmed, Sandra M. Dumanski
73 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―24 COVID-19 and pandemic planning in the context of rural and remote homelessness Rebecca Schiff, Kristy Buccieri, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Carol Kauppi, Mylene Riva
74 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―24 Human rights, public health and COVID-19 in Canada Eric Mykhalovskiy, Cécile Kazatchkine, Annie Foreman-Mackey, Alexander McClelland, Ryan Peck, Colin Hastings, Richard Elliott
75 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―10 What role for One Health in the COVID-19 pandemic? Arne Ruckert, Kate Zinszer, Christina Zarowsky, Ronald Labonté, Hélène Carabin
76 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―04 Money down the drain: predatory publishing in the COVID-19 era Dominique Vervoort, Xiya Ma, Mark G. Shrime
77 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―03 Injustices faced by children during the COVID-19 pandemic and crucial next steps Sydney Campbell, Franco A. Carnevale
78 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―02 Alcohol control and the COVID-19 crisis on the other side of the Atlantic Alain Braillon
79 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―02 Disinfection booth: blessing or curse for spreading of COVID-19 in Bangladesh Md Insiat Islam Rabby, Farzad Hossain, Ferdousi Akter, Riyazul Kabir Rhythm, Tamanna Mahbub, Syed Nazmul Huda
80 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Sep―01 Rates of COVID-19-associated hospitalization in British Columbia and Ontario: time course of flattening the relevant curve Caroline K. Kramer, Ravi Retnakaran
81 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―28 COVID-19 has inspired global healthcare innovation Adam Palanica, Yan Fossat
82 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―26 COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa: impacts on vulnerable populations and sustaining home-grown solutions Lauren J. Wallace, Elysée Nouvet, Robert Bortolussi, Joshua A. Arthur, Eugenia Amporfu, Eric Arthur, et al. (+20)
83 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―11 The social determinants of pandemic impact: an opportunity to rethink what we mean by “public health spending” Lindsay McLaren, Daniel J. Dutton
84 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―07 Ontario’s response to COVID-19 shows that mental health providers must be integrated into provincial public health insurance systems Deborah Scharf, Kirsten Oinonen
85 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―07 Ethics of COVID-19-related school closures Michael Silverman, Robert Sibbald, Saverio Stranges
86 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―06 COVID-19 and missed routine immunizations: designing for effective catch-up in Canada Noni E. MacDonald, Jeannette L. Comeau, Ève Dubé, Lucie M. Bucci
87 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Aug―05 Coronavirus disease 2019 crisis and intentional injuries: now is not the time to erode alcohol control policies Shannon Lange, Charlotte Probst, Jürgen Rehm
88 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―23 The second wave of COVID-19: time to think of strategic stockpiles Arun-Kumar Kaliya-Perumal, Jacquilyne Kharlukhi, Usama Farghaly Omar
89 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―22 Sleep and circadian rhythm in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Charles M. Morin, Julie Carrier, Célyne Bastien, Roger Godbout
90 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―21 Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures: the use of music to communicate public health recommendations against the spread of COVID-19 Elise Cournoyer Lemaire
91 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―16 Migrant sex workers left behind during COVID-19 pandemic Elene Lam
92 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―13 Correction to: Pandemics, privacy, and public health research Alexander Bernier, Bartha Maria Knoppers
93 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―08 Social distancing, social justice, and risk during the COVID-19 pandemic Diego S. Silva, Maxwell J. Smith
94 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jul―08 Scrolling for data or doom during COVID-19? Paige Paulsen, Daniel Fuller
95 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―29 COVID-19: a prison-breaker? Frédéric Dutheil, Jean-Baptiste Bouillon-Minois, Maëlys Clinchamps
96 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―26 Pandemics, privacy, and public health research Alexander Bernier, Bartha Maria Knoppers
97 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―25 Assessing the reading level of online resources on COVID-19 Lee Treanor, Aleksandar Radonjic
98 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―23 COVID-19 and inequality: are we all in this together? Shehzad Ali, Miqdad Asaria, Saverio Stranges
99 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―23 It can be dangerous to take epidemic curves of COVID-19 at face value Igor Burstyn, Neal D. Goldstein, Paul Gustafson
100 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―18 Is another public health crisis brewing beneath the COVID-19 pandemic? Erin Hobin, Brendan Smith
101 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―17 Refugees, asylum seekers and COVID-19: Canada needs to do more to protect at-risk refugees during the current pandemic Ehsan Jozaghi, Azim Dahya
102 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―16 Correction to: Challenges and opportunities for graduate students in public health during the COVID-19 pandemic Kristina Jenei, Chenoa Cassidy-Matthews, Punit Virk, Bethel Lulie, Kalysha Closson
103 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―15 To fight SARS-CoV-2: putting your guns down Frédéric Dutheil, Julien S. Baker, Valentin Navel
104 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―12 Correction to: COVID-19 and people who use drugs: a call for action Ehsan Jozaghi, Russ Maynard, Dave Hamm, Samona Marsh
105 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―09 Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok: a proposal for health authorities to integrate popular social media platforms in contingency planning amid a global pandemic outbreak Marzieh Eghtesadi, Adrian Florea
106 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―04 Challenges and opportunities for graduate students in public health during the COVID-19 pandemic Kristina Jenei, Chenoa Cassidy-Mathews, Punit Virk, Bethel Lulie, Kalysha Closson
107 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―02 COVID-19 and sex workers: human rights, the struggle for safety and minimum income Ehsan Jozaghi, Lorna Bird
108 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―Jun―01 Public health saves lives: sad lessons from COVID-19 Louise Potvin
109 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―May―27 Mass identification of potential service sector donors of personal protective equipment from an online directory during the COVID-19 pandemic Calvin Diep, Akash Goel, Karim S. Ladha
110 [GO] Can J Public Health 2020―May―13 COVID-19 and people who use drugs: a call for action Ehsan Jozaghi, Russ Maynard, Dave Hemm, Samona Marsh

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