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Publishing House: European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN)

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1 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Still Open During the Covid-19 Lockdown: An Analysis of Online Students’ Engagement with the Virtual Campus Julià Minguillón, Julio Meneses, Anna Calvo, Jordi Serres, Xavi Aracil
2 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Emergency Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis in Education: A Shift from Chaos to Complexity Barbi Svetec, Blaženka Divjak
3 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Digital Competence Improvement by Lithuanian School Teachers During Covid-19 Estela Daukšienė, Elena Trepulė, Airina Volungevičienė
4 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Insights from a MOOC Platform during Covid-19 Pandemic in Italy Valeria Baudo, Davide Mezzera
5 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 The Perceptions of English Preparatory School Instructors on Online Education through the Community of Inquiry in the Covid-19 Process Sabire Akay, Kürşat Gültekin, Eda Şafak, Sueda Çakir, Ayşegül Liman
6 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 How Doba Business School Adopted its Business Model due to Coronavirus Pandemic? Marina Letonja, Živa Veingerl Čič, Anita Maček, Marko Divjak
7 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 “Mission Possible”: Supporting an Adoption of a Distance Learning Model for Schools during the Pandemic Maria Spilker, Antonieta Rocha, Ana Afonso, Lina Morgado
8 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Pandemic as Catalyst for National Digital Transformation of Higher Education - A Swedish Case Study Lena Dafgård, Alastair Creelman
9 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Distance Teacher Training during the first COVID Pandemic by the University of Crete | ΕLearningLab Panagiotes Anastasiades, Konstantinos Kotsidis, Christos Synnefakis, Alexia Spanoudaki
10 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 How Portuguese Schools Navigated through THE Pandemic First Wave: Views from Headteachers Ana Cristina Torres, Angélica Monteiro, Ana Mouraz
11 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 OpenTEL: Lessons from a Pandemic for the Future of Distance Education Francisco Iniesto, Victoria L. Murphy, Eileen Scanlon, Shi Min Chua
12 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Differences in Academic Resiliency When the Pandemic Forced Courses Online: Was Prior Online Coursetaking Protective? Claire Wladis, Alyse C. Hachey, Katherine M. Conway
13 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Change Life to Online: Pedagogical Relationship in Pandemic Time Ana Mouraz, Ana Nobre
14 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Reconstructing Subjective Study Experiences during Shutdown in Pandemic Times Laura Eigbrecht, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
15 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Online Communication and Assessment Practices during the Covid Pandemic: A Study of the Portuguese Higher Education Students’ Perceptions Lina Morgado, João Paz, Hugo Pereira, Ana Loureiro, Inês Messias, Paula Cardoso, et al. (+6)
16 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Redesigning Post-Graduate Courses for Future Museum Educators in Time of a Pandemic: An Experience from University Roma Tre Antonella Poce, Maria Rosaria, Mara Valente, Francesca Amenduni
17 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Sep―29 Learning Analytics in a Time of Pandemics: Mapping the Field Paul Prinsloo, Mohammad Khalil, Sharon Slade
18 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Feb―07 Integrating Mini-MOOCs into Study Programs in Higher Education during COVID-19. Five Pilot Case Studies in Context of the Open Virtual Mobility Project Ilona Buchem, Francesca Amenduni, Vlad Michaescu, Diana Andone, Gemma Tur, Branislav Smitek
19 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Feb―07 Secondary School Teacher Support and Training for Online Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic Cecilia Fissore, Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino
20 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Feb―07 Can e-Learning be a Solution for Egyptian Higher Education in the Times of COVID-19? A Look at Technological Capacities and Digital Skills Hector Niehues-Jeuffroy, Olena Rusnak
21 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 Towards a Post Covid-19 Digital Authentic Assessment Practice: When Radical Changes Enhance the Student Experience Stylianos Hatzipanagos, Alan Tait, Linda Amrane-Cooper
22 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 Students’ Perspectives and Strategies on Studying at Home in Times Of Covid-19 Learnings from Podcast Conversations and an Online Survey Laura Eigbrecht, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
23 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 Digital Transformation of Educational Institutions: Challenges, Opportunities and Needs Caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic Abílio Azevedo, Patrícia Azevedo
24 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 Case Study: Attitudes of Elte Students Toward Sports During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Katalin Kovács, Ágnes Huszár, Ágnes Novák
25 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 Counselling in Times of the Coronavirus and Beyond Julia Schieber
26 [GO] EDEN Conference Proceedings 2021―Jan―20 What Might the Pandemic Have Done to and for Higher Education? Paul Gibbs

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