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1 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―Jul―11 Cognitive Functions During Acute Period of COVID-19 and Recovery S.S. Kabysh, A.D. Karpenkova, S.V. Prokopenko, A.V. Golikova-Chereshkevich, A.N. Narkevich
2 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―Jul―11 Management of Patients with Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome during COVID-19 Pandemic P.R. Kamchatnov, A.V. Chugunov
3 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―Jul―11 Hyperbaric Oxygenation in the Muilimodality Therapy of COVID-19-Associated Emotional Burnout in Physicians A.A. Kukshina, A.V. Kotelnikova, E.A. Turova, A.M. Schikota, D.I. Tagirova
4 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―May―20 Obesity and COVID-19: Insights from Two Pandemics Yu.Sh. Khalimov, P.V. Agafonov, E.B. Kireeva, Yu.V. Orlov
5 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―May―20 Clinical Aspects of a New Coronavirus Infection L.Yu. Eliseeva, N.Yu. Borovkova, P.S. Zubeev, G.N. Zubeeva
6 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―May―20 Nimesulide: Advantages, Perspective Use During the Coronavirus Pandemic M.S. Eliseev
7 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―May―20 Economic Aspects of the Management of SARS-CoV-2-caused Viral Pneumonia V.I. Vechorko, D.A. Sychev, I.S. Kitsul, T.A. Chebotareva
8 [GO] Doctor Ru 2022―Apr―08 Critical Obstetric Conditions in the Far East Federal District of Russia Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic T.E. Belokrinitskaya, O.S. Filippov, N.I. Frolova, K.A. Kolmakova
9 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Dec―13 COVID-19-Associated Acute Myelitis V.N. Grigoryeva, E.A. Ruina, A.A. Lesnikova
10 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Oct―26 Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Associated with a Previous SARS-CoV-2 Infection A.E. Karateev, A.M. Lila, L.I. Alekseeva
11 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Aug―16 Cognitive Disorders and Neuropsychiatric Sequellae Associated with COVID-19 E.V. Kostenko, M.A. Eneeva, L.V. Petrova, I.V. Pogonchenkova
12 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Aug―16 Combined Therapy of COVID-19 Infection Consequences O.V. Vorob'eva
13 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Jul―16 Поражение пищеварительного тракта как проявление COVID-19 у ребенка 4 лет I.M. Osmanov, O.N. Solodovnikova, S.N. Borzakova, T.V. Sbrodova, P.N. Iliasova, S.N. Novoselova
14 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―May―25 Thyroid Disorders and COVID-19 N.A. Petunina, Ya.A. Al Taravi, A.Yu. Surkova, N.S. Martirosyan
15 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―May―25 Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and COVID-19 A.V. Andreeva, T.N. Markova, M.B. Antsiferov
16 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Feb―05 Cardiological Rehabilitation and COVID-19 Pandemic: Literature Review A.M. Schikota, I.V. Pogonchenkova, E.A. Turova, M.A. Rassulova
17 [GO] Doctor Ru 2021―Jan―20 Bronchial Asthma in Children Amidst the Novel Coronavirus Infection E.G. Furman, E.A. Khuzina, M.N. Repetskaya

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