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1 [GO] Journal of Literature and Art Studies 2023―May―23 Audio Description for Educational Videos on COVID-19 Response: A Corpus-Based Study on Linguistic and Textual Idiosyncrasies XIONG Ling-song
2 [GO] Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B 2023―May―16 Histopathological Characterization of Lungs from Slaughtered Swine in Selected Abattoirs in Laguna, Philippines and Its Relation to Serological Profiling for Porcine Pleuropneumonia (PPP), Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Enzootic Pneumonia (EP) Sokun Khoeun
3 [GO] Journal of US-China Public Administration 2023―May―08 The Attitude of Government Employees to Remote Work After First Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kyrgyz Republic Zhyldyz Anarkulova
4 [GO] Management Studies 2023―Apr―14 Tik-Tok Usage During Third Wave of COVID-19 and Its Impacts on Personal, Academic, and Social Life of Teenagers and Youngsters in Turkey Ali Raza
5 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2023―Mar―27 The Performance of the School Psychologist in Schools for the Inclusion of Autistic Students in the Scenario of COVID-19 Vinicius Cutrim Ferreira
6 [GO] Journal of Literature and Art Studies 2023―Mar―27 Impact of COVID-19 on College Students’ Non-intellectual Factors and Corresponding Countermeasures HE Tong-tong
7 [GO] Journal of Literature and Art Studies 2023―Mar―27 Group Buying Broker of Shanghai: Deliberate Metaphors in Shanghai’s COVID-19 News Reports YE Yuan-jun
8 [GO] US-China Law Review 2023―Mar―23 TRIPS Decision on COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver: Old Wine in a New Bottle? MA Le
9 [GO] Journal of Sports Science 2023―Mar―23 Pulmonary Thromboembolism in a Soccer Player after COVID-19 Infection: Case Report Paulo Roberto Santos-Silva
10 [GO] US-China Foreign Language 2023―Mar―03 On the Solutions to Reform Red Cross Spirit Education During COVID-19 Pandemic HONG Mei
11 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2023―Feb―14 Systematic Review on Novel Corona Virus: Origin, Transmission, Role of Immunity and Ayurveda as Therapeutic Potential in Treating COVID-19 Priya Patel
12 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2023―Feb―14 Effects of SARS-COVID-19 Infection on the Cardiovascular System Tachtosglou Kiriaki
13 [GO] Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies 2023―Feb―14 Contemporary Pandemic and Political “Ideologies”: Prospects From Gandhism Bharti Sehta
14 [GO] Sociology Study 2023―Feb―07 The Effect of COVID-19 on Cashless Payments Dmitry Ganzha
15 [GO] Sociology Study 2023―Feb―07 What Museums Can Do amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Yangzhou Museum Xingli Wang
16 [GO] US-China Education Review A 2023―Jan―13 Pedagogical Innovations During a Pandemic at University Level in Pakistan Momna Azmat
17 [GO] US-China Law Review 2022―Dec―30 Reflections on the Function of Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceutical Patents and Its Implementation in the Context of COVID-19: A Comparative Study Between China and Latin American Countries MA Le
18 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2022―Dec―21 Results of Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 and the Role of Cooling and Overheating in the Development of Viral Respiratory Infections Isma Gašanin
19 [GO] US-China Foreign Language 2022―Dec―06 COVID-19 in the U.S. and Chinese Media: A Contrastive Analysis of Metaphors Across Languages DU Chengyuan
20 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Nov―25 Systematic Review Study on the Impact of the Pandemic on Literacy: Experiences of Parents and Teachers Liliane da Veiga Silva Amorim
21 [GO] Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies 2022―Nov―15 Religious Narratives and Religious Coping Strategies in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic Maria Ivanova
22 [GO] Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing 2022―Nov―15 The Effects of FED’s and ECB’s QE Announcements on Exchange Rates of Bitcoin, Euro, and Dollar in the Period of COVID-19: An Event Study Approach Sofia Karagiannopoulou
23 [GO] US-China Foreign Language 2022―Oct―24 Analysis of Teacher Questioning From the Perspective of Speech Act Theory-Based on an Online English Lesson in COVID-19 ZHANG Tianyuan
24 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Sep―22 Research and Establishment of SIR Model Based on COVID-19 LIU Lingxuan
25 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Sep―01 Based on COVID-19, Analysis of the Strategic Model of E-commerce Enterprises-A Case Study of Xiaohongshu (RED) CHEN Chuyue
26 [GO] Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies 2022―Aug―08 COVID-19, “Moral Panic” and Cultural Power in Digital Age YANG Dongli
27 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Jul―28 Resilience and Social Emotional Health of Teachers in Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania in Pandemic Times Eva Gajdošová
28 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Jul―28 Facing Both Challenges and Opportunities: How Can Financial Service Firms Survive Under the Pandemic? SOAR Analysis of Three Leading Firms in the Financial Service Industry LI Ding
29 [GO] Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing 2022―Jul―19 New Economy Companies: Impact of COVID-19 on Valuation Gladie Lui
30 [GO] Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 2022―Jun―09 Urban Mobility in Vitória in Times of Pandemics: Considerations about the Cycle Road System Rebecca Almeida Da Fonseca Erlacher
31 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2022―May―05 Elasticity Forces in Tourism Under Covid-19: The Model of the Imaginary Mechanical Tourist Spring Rumen Draganov
32 [GO] Sociology Study 2022―Apr―22 Understanding E-Learning Challenges Experienced During Covid-19: A Case Study of Bishop Hannington Institute (BHI), Mombasa Martin Olando Wesonga
33 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2022―Apr―19 Al-Akidi Therapeutic Protocol for Severe Infections Associated with Covid-19: Potential and Effective Treatment by Levofloxacin and Vitamin D3 and Zinc (Part 1) Shakir Mahmood Alwan
34 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2022―Apr―19 Hypothesis on Management of Coronavirus Disease Majid Rezaei Basiri
35 [GO] Journal of Mathematics and System Science 2022―Mar―17 Dissimilarity Measures for Time Series and Trend Analysis:Application to COVID-19 Cases Series Norio Watanabe
36 [GO] Journal of US-China Public Administration 2022―Mar―17 Clinical Characteristics and Experiences of a Healthcare Professional Tested COVID-19 Positive Twice: Case Report Orhan Cakir
37 [GO] US-China Law Review 2022―Mar―17 Law and Policy Reforms in India amidst COVID-19 to Mitigate Risk in Infrastructure Structured Project Financing Amit Kumar Kashyap
38 [GO] Sino-US English Teaching 2022―Mar―04 Opportunities and Challenges of Virtual Trade Shows Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic-Take China as an Example ZHANG Wei
39 [GO] China-USA Business Review 2022―Feb―10 Georgian Model of Global Pandemic Monitoring Manana Vasadze
40 [GO] Journalism and Mass Communication 2022―Jan―26 Ready or Not: Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte and Her Crisis Response Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic Alexander T. Rosete
41 [GO] US-China Law Review 2022―Jan―26 Access to COVID-19 Vaccine and Its Distribution: The Responsibility of State and International Organization Liza Shahnaz
42 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2022―Jan―14 The Impact of COVID-19 on Anxiety and Loneliness Levels of Elderly People and the Role of Counseling on Their Wellbeing Loucia Demetriou
43 [GO] Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 2021―Dec―29 The Interrelation of Urban Health Indicators and COVID-19: A Study of Passo Fundo/RS Letícia Müller
44 [GO] US-China Education Review A 2021―Dec―29 Adaptations in Science Teaching for Students With Mobility Problems After the Pandemic of Corona-Virus Disease 2019 Panagiotis Papalexopoulos
45 [GO] International Relations and Diplomacy 2021―Dec―20 COVID-19 and the Tipping of Households Into Poverty in Senegal Rokhaya Cissé
46 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2021―Dec―20 Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic During 2020 Marini Kalliopi
47 [GO] Management Studies 2021―Dec―20 Impact of Remote Working on the Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic-Conclusions From Creative Specialists and Software Developers in the Perspective of the Age of Industry 4.0 Izabela Hille
48 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021―Dec―07 Pattern and Risk Factors of Liver Injury among Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients: The Experience of a Greek Referral Hospital Anastasia Tsatsa
49 [GO] International Relations and Diplomacy 2021―Nov―30 A Prerequisite for the Successful Governance of COVID-19 in the United States: Expansion of Liberal Democracy From Politics to Economy ZHOU Zhifa
50 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Nov―17 How Much Tourism Is Too Much? Stakeholder’s Perceptions on Overtourism, Sustainable Destination Management During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Era in Santorini Island Greece Mary Constantoglou
51 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Nov―17 New Insights in Sharing Economy During the COVID 19 Pandemic Gesthi Chatziliadou
52 [GO] Sino-US English Teaching 2021―Nov―05 Building and Applying Corpus in Interpretation Teaching-Taking the Construction of the Corpus of Covid-19 Epidemic as an Example MIN Di
53 [GO] US-China Foreign Language 2021―Oct―26 Communication Strategies and Effects of the Concept of a Community With a Shared Future for Mankind in the UK During the Pandemic YE Qiying
54 [GO] Sociology Study 2021―Sep―17 The Local Wisdom of Balala Tamakng Custom in Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic Yohanes Bahari
55 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Aug―23 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Repercussions on the Malaysian Tourism Industry Noriah Ramli
56 [GO] Philosophy Study 2021―Jul―28 The Root Cause of the Failure of American COVID-19 Governance Based on the Criticism of Liberal Democracy From Error-Tolerant Democracy ZHOU Zhifa
57 [GO] Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies 2021―Jul―23 Media Response to Health Emergencies: An Analysis of International Newspapers Coverage of Early Days of COVID-19 Breakout in China Anunne Uchenna Kingsley
58 [GO] International Relations and Diplomacy 2021―Jul―05 Exploring the Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Azerbaijan’s Financial Security Shabnam Dadparvar
59 [GO] Sino-US English Teaching 2021―Jul―05 The Investigation and Analysis of the Online Teaching Strategy Under COVID-19 TONG Li-jun
60 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Jul―05 Brazilian Accommodations: The Search for Leisure Amid the Pandemic of COVID-19 Bianca dos Santos Magalhães
61 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021―Jul―05 Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Diagnosis of Covid-19 and Developing Viral Pneumonia Kamala Namazova
62 [GO] US-China Education Review B 2021―Jul―05 The Challenges of Lab Instruction During the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic Ethel Petrou
63 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2021―Jul―05 Living on the Edge: Brazilian Creative Workers in the Gig Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic Diego Santos Vieira de Jesus
64 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021―Jul―05 The Importance of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Tests in Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease Majid Rezaei Basiri
65 [GO] Sino-US English Teaching 2021―Apr―27 The Investigation and Analysis of the Online Teaching Strategy Under COVID-19 TONG Li-jun
66 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Apr―27 The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Tourist Turnover in the Republic of North Macedonia Ilija Zakoski
67 [GO] Sino-US English Teaching 2021―Apr―27 Most Common Types of Online English Teaching During Covid-19 Pandemic in China-An Introduction to Fanya and Chaoxing Platform CHEN Yi
68 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021―Apr―27 A Study of Attitudes toward Pharmaceutical Care during COVID-19 Pandemic in Tbilisi (Georgia) Eka Pruidze
69 [GO] China-USA Business Review 2021―Apr―08 The Structural Analysis of Russia’s Economic Growth: Measuring, the COVID-19 Crisis and Macroeconomic Policy Oleg Sukharev
70 [GO] Journal of Literature and Art Studies 2021―Apr―08 A Corpus-Based Study of Hedges in News Report-A Case Study of COVID-19 in China Daily WANG Jia-ni
71 [GO] Philosophy Study 2021―Mar―26 The Risks to Human Evolution Posed by World Population Growth, Environmental and Ecosystem Pollution and the COVID-19 Pandemic Marta Toraldo
72 [GO] J of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021―Mar―17 Moroccan Domestic Tourism: Prioritization as an Inevitable Outcome of Coronavirus El Hafid Mohamed
73 [GO] Chinese Business Review 2021―Mar―17 Perspective on the Economic Evolution of the European Union States Under the Impact of the Pandemic and Financial-Economic Crisis Constantin Anghelache
74 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2021―Mar―02 Role of Telemedicine and Mobile Health in Management Covid-19 Pandemic Sohrabei Solmaz
75 [GO] Journal of US-China Medical Science 2021―Feb―08 The Digestive Surgery Department’s Activity Report during the COVID-19 Pandemic “Quarantine Period” Hamri Asma
76 [GO] Sociology Study 2021―Feb―08 Deconstructing Socially Constructed Subtle Prejudices During the First Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic Among Immigrant Population in Finland Frank Ojwang
77 [GO] Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing 2021―Jan―28 Are Personal Exemptions S쳮ded to Protect Low-Income Families in Egypt From the Negative Effects of COVID-19 Mohamed Elshawarby
78 [GO] US-China Foreign Language 2021―Jan―28 Three Timely Tools for Promoting First-Year Student Success During & After COVID-19: Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, & Self-Compassion Joseph B. Cuseo
79 [GO] Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering 2021―Jan―28 Maritime Workers Exposure to the Spread of Covid-19: Seaports to-and-fro Urban Center Interaction Health Safety Guide Nwokedi Theophilus Chinonyerem
80 [GO] Philosophy Study 2020―Dec―30 New Exhibition Practices and the Role of Museums in a Pandemic Kareva Natalia
81 [GO] Journal of US-China Public Administration 2020―Dec―01 The Positive-Activity Model Revisited: A Review From Critical Juncture Perspective of COVID-19 Bojindra Prasad Tulachan
82 [GO] Philosophy Study 2020―Dec―01 The Impact of COVID-19 on Human Society From the Perspective of Philosophy ZHANG Hui-ling
83 [GO] China-USA Business Review 2020―Oct―09 Online Shopping in Bangladesh: Exploring the Factors Influencing Customers’ Decision During the Coronavirus Outbreak Atikur Rahman
84 [GO] Philosophy Study 2020―Sep―28 The Crisis of Global COVID-19 Governance and the Challenge of Liberalism From Error-Tolerantism ZHOU Zhifa
85 [GO] Philosophy Study 2020―Aug―19 Is There a Trade-off Between Freedom and Safety? A Philosophical Contribution to a Covid-19 Related Discussion Robert Simon
86 [GO] Chinese Business Review 2020―Jul―24 Buying Behavior Under Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Situation: A Online Perspective Case in Bangladeshi Shoppers Jahangir Alam
87 [GO] Chinese Business Review 2020―Jul―24 Factors Affecting Consumers’ Internet Shopping Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From Bangladesh Meher Neger
88 [GO] Chinese Business Review 2020―Jul―24 Coronavirus Pandemic and the Coming Disruptions in the Global Economy: Insights From Jeremy Rifkin's Theory of Third Industrial Revolution Elmekdad Shehab
89 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2020―Jun―19 Coronavirus Dynamics: The Undulating Playing Field Bongs Lainjo
90 [GO] Journal of Psychology Research 2020―May―15 Psychological Consequences of COVID-19 and Challenges for Post-traumatic Interventions Mustafa Ali Khalaf
91 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2020―May―15 Holistic System of Prophylactic Medicine against the Covid-19 Susceptibility in India Kameshwaran Sugavanam
92 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2020―May―15 A Safety, Cheap and Easy Technique to Perform Endoscopic Procedures on COVID-19 Times Augusto Fey
93 [GO] Journal of US-China Medical Science 2020―May―15 Correct Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus Cuixiang Zhong
94 [GO] Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2020―Mar―19 Theory about Treatments and Morbidity Prevention of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Majid Rezaei Basiri

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