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1 [GO] Humaniora 2022―Jun―10 Perceived Changes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic in Sexual Activity, Sexual Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction among Indonesian Adults Astridiah Primacita Ramadhani, Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari
3 [GO] CommIT (Communication and Information Technology) Journal 2022―Apr―14 Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction on Indonesian Banking Chatbot Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jeffrey Arief Mulyono, Sfenrianto Sfenrianto
4 [GO] CommIT (Communication and Information Technology) Journal 2022―Apr―14 Securing Medical Records of COVID-19 Patients Using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) in Blockchain Andi Andi, Carles Juliandy, Robet Robet, Octara Pribadi
5 [GO] International Journal of Organizational Business Excellence 2022―Feb―16 COVID-19 -AFFECTING MALNUTRITION IN INDIA Kanchan Sandhu
6 [GO] ComTech Computer Mathematics and Engineering Applications 2022―Feb―16 Dynamical Modeling of COVID-19 and Use of Optimal Control to Reduce the Infected Population and Minimize the Cost of Vaccination and Treatment Yohannes Dhimas Mahardika
7 [GO] ComTech Computer Mathematics and Engineering Applications 2022―Feb―16 Clustering Regency and City in East Java Based on Population Density and Cumulative Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Khusnia Nurul Khikmah, A'yunin Sofro
8 [GO] International Journal of Organizational Business Excellence 2022―Feb―16 THE MENACE OF COVID-19: SURVIVAL STRATEGIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUMSCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA Michael Okon Essien, Emmanuel Sunday Ukpong, Ime Robson Nseobot, Clement Efiong Okon, Ikoroha Innocent Simeon, Anietie Imo Effiong, et al. (+2)
9 [GO] Humaniora 2022―Feb―10 Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic: What is the Impact on Employees’ Psychological Meaningfulness, Safety and Availability? Siti Fani Daulay, Martina Dwi Mustika
10 [GO] Humaniora 2022―Feb―10 Dimensionality on the Mayor of Surakarta`S (2016-2021) Javanese Covid-19 Posters Hanif Burhanudin, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Ani Rakhmawati
11 [GO] Social Economics and Ecology International Journal (SEEIJ) 2021―Nov―08 Hydroponic Website and App to Help Communities in the Pandemic Time Davy Ronald Hermanus, Jajat Sudrajat, Titi Rahardjanti
12 [GO] Humaniora 2021―Oct―16 From Panic to Confusion to Negotiation: Reflection from Early Response to Covid-19 in Indonesia Setiadi Setiadi, Elan Lazuardi
13 [GO] Binus Business Review 2021―Oct―16 Factors Affecting the Perceived Effectiveness in Preventing the Transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesia: Integrating the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior and Health Belief Model Dino Caesaron, Yunita Nugrahaini Safrudin, Sheila Amalia Salma, Tiara Verita Yastica, Afin Rizqi Pramadya
14 [GO] Lingua Cultura 2021―Oct―15 Students’ Motivation to Acquire English through Virtual Learning Midst Covid-19 Pandemic Eisha Jamila Qomariyah Ikhwan, Erna Andriyanti
15 [GO] Business Economic Communication and Social Sciences (BECOSS) Journal 2021―Oct―06 Determinan Nilai Perusahaan Sebelum dan pada Masa Pandemic Covid-19 Sri Ambarwati, Tri Astuti, Salsabila Azzahra
16 [GO] Business Economic Communication and Social Sciences (BECOSS) Journal 2021―Oct―06 Pemanfaatan Media Sosial Sebagai Komunikasi Kreatif Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Indonesia di Masa Pandemi COVID-19 Haris Suhendra
17 [GO] The Winners 2021―Oct―01 Women’s Support in Resilience of Online Taxi Drivers’ Families in Jakarta During Covid-19 Pandemic Dhita Ayu Pradnyapasa, Renny Nurhasana, Ni Made Shellasih, Anita Siti Fatonah, Fadhilah Rizky Ningtyas
18 [GO] The Winners 2021―Oct―01 The Outbreak of COVID-19 and Islamic Stock Market Responses in Indonesia Rianda Rizky Permata, Budi Purwanto, Wita Juwita Ermawati
19 [GO] JAS (Journal of ASEAN Studies) 2021―Aug―12 ASEAN and Its Relevance amidst Pandemic Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Moch Faisal Karim, Lili Yulyadi Arnakim
20 [GO] Humaniora 2021―Jun―25 Preservation of Javanese Language on Ganjar Pranowo's Conversation in Pandemic of COVID-19 Umi Farichah, Ani Rakhmawati, Nugraheni Eko Wardani
21 [GO] Humaniora 2021―Jun―25 Adaptation of Indoor Health and Comfort Criteria to Mitigate Covid-19 Transmission in the Workplace Dyah Kusuma Wardhani, Susan Susan
22 [GO] CommIT (Communication and Information Technology) Journal 2021―Jun―03 Impact of E-Learning on Learning Mandarin in Elementary Schools During Covid-19 Yi Ying, Paulina Paulina, Yorika Rovemia Mulyadani, Krystl Marie O. Lim
23 [GO] CommIT (Communication and Information Technology) Journal 2021―Jun―03 The Readiness of Learning Object Materials during the COVID-19 Pandemic Emilya Ully Artha, Andi Widiyanto, Nugroho Agung Prabowo
24 [GO] The Winners 2021―May―27 Transformative Tourism Breakthrough in Post Pandemic: An Enigma or Eclipse Kristianus Oktriono
25 [GO] The Winners 2021―May―27 Does Discount Matter in Indonesia e-Wallet Race? A Qualitative Study on Generation Z e-Wallet Preferences During Pandemics Arum Prasasti, Fatwah Inna Aulisaina, Muhamad Arif Rahman Hakim
26 [GO] The Winners 2021―Mar―26 Investigating Factors Affecting Consumers’ Intentions to Use Online Food Delivery Services During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak in Jabodetabek Area Rano Kartono, Jane Kartika Tjahjadi
27 [GO] The Winners 2021―Feb―04 Social Unrest of Betawi‘s Traditional Arts and Culture Performers during COVID-19 Pandemic Iwan Henry Wardhana, Renny Nurhasana

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