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1 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2024―Mar―27 Maternal and child health service disruptions due to COVID-19: A WHO health-care worker exposure response and outcomes survey in western Kenya Joseph Sila, Ben Odhiambo, Felix Abuna, Nancy Ngumbau, Laurén Gómez, George Oketch, et al. (+5)
2 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2024―Feb―29 Using Titles of COVID-19 Publications to Learn the Epidemiologic Triangle of Infectious Disease Min-Ken Liao, Gregory P. Lewis
3 [GO] The Public Historian 2024―Feb―08 Idaho’s Response to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic HannaLore Hein
4 [GO] Sociology of Development 2024―Jan―12 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Labor Market in Argentina Yasmin A. Mertehikian, Emilio A. Parrado
5 [GO] Aztl├ín A Journal of Chicano Studies 2024―Jan―08 On Portraiture during a Pandemic Shizu Saldamando
6 [GO] Civic Sociology 2023―Dec―22 The Digital Walls of the University: Translating New Metrics of Labour, Education, and Mobility in the COVID-19 Crisis Paolo Caffoni
7 [GO] Communist and Post-Communist Studies 2023―Nov―29 Introduction to the Special Issue on Political Participation in Post-Communist Europe during the COVID-19 Pandemic Sergiu Gherghina, Joakim Ekman, Olena Podolian
8 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2023―Nov―09 COVID-19 and the Perceived Dangerousness of Everyday Objects: A Behavioural Online Study in Italy and Germany Claudia Gianelli, Katharina Kühne, Alex Miklashevsky, Melinda Jeglinski-Mende, Nicola Canessa, Anna M. Borghi
9 [GO] Global Perspectives 2023―Nov―08 Neoliberalism, Populism, and the Postapocalypse: Competing (or Compatible?) Ideologies and Imaginaries of the Pandemic Rafal Soborski, Darren O’Byrne
10 [GO] Asian Survey 2023―Nov―07 Securitizing COVID-19 in an Environment of Low Political Trust Dionysios Stivas, Alistair Cole
11 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2023―Nov―02 Pandemic retelling: What GoFundMe posts reveal about the socioeconomic context of COVID-19 death and bereavement among Latinx and Spanish-speaking communities in the United States Eileen Amador, Robin Hernández-Chincoya, Alicia R. Riley
12 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2023―Oct―19 Menstrual health during COVID-19: How water, sanitation, and hygiene strategies can improve menstrual health and hygiene and foster gender equality Rachel Fisher Ingraham, Karen Joe
13 [GO] Nova Religio 2023―Oct―15 Creativity, Adaptation, and Innovation in Contemporary Paganism and New Age during the COVID-19 Pandemic Nicolas Boissière, Yael Dansac
14 [GO] Nova Religio 2023―Oct―15 Creativity, Auto-Ethnography, and the Reinvention of Sacred Space in New Age Spirituality and Healing during the COVID-19 Pandemic Eugenia Roussou
15 [GO] Nova Religio 2023―Oct―15 Strategies of Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic among Contemporary Pagan Groups in Kraków, Poland Joanna Malita-Król
16 [GO] Nova Religio 2023―Oct―15 New Age Gathering in a Pandemic Katri Ratia
17 [GO] Asian Survey 2023―Aug―30 COVID-19, Anti-Chinese Sentiment, and Foreign Policy Attitudes in South Korea Esther E. Song
18 [GO] Communist and Post-Communist Studies 2023―Aug―24 The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic Perceptions on Voter Turnout in the Czech Republic Petr Voda, Petra Vodová
19 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2023―Aug―12 A COVID-19 Roadmap to Promote Health Literacy Derived from the Atlas of Science Literacy Teresa Zamalloa, Ainara Achurra, Ana Berreteaga
20 [GO] California History 2023―Aug―09 Plague at the Golden Gate: Prejudice Spread Faster Than the Pandemic, PBS, an American Experience film (season 34, episode 4) Diane M. T. North
21 [GO] Journal of Autoethnography 2023―Aug―04 Losing the Tactile in Our Pandemic Moment Peter Joseph Gloviczki
22 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2023―Jul―24 COVID-19 and adolescent girls’ mental health in Uganda: A panel data analysis Danish Us-Salam, Benjamin Avuwadah, Chiara Dell’Aira, Christine Nabulumba, Sarah Baird
23 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2023―Jul―07 Disrupting global commitments to eradicate poverty and hunger: Covid-19 and its effects on adolescent physical and mental health in Jordan and Palestine Bassam A. Abu Hamad, Nicola A. Jones, Eric D. Neumeister, Agnieszka M. Małachowska
24 [GO] Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2023―Jul―07 Quantifying anomalies of air pollutants in 9 U.S. cities during 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdowns and wildfires based on decadal trends Jeff Peischl, Kenneth C. Aikin, Brian C. McDonald, Colin Harkins, Ann M. Middlebrook, Andrew O. Langford, et al. (+3)
25 [GO] Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 2023―Jun―06 Visualizing Hope Through Black Children’s Multimodal Messages Reflecting the Multiple Pandemics Reka Barton, Marva Cappello
26 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2023―May―24 Alpha, Delta, Omicron-Oh My! A SARS-CoV-2 Genome Alignment Activity to Understand Mutations and COVID Variants J. Jordan Steel, Marisa J. Romero, Kristi McElmurry
27 [GO] Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2023―May―22 Anomalies of O3, CO, C2H2, H2CO, and C2H6 detected with multiple ground-based Fourier-transform infrared spectrometers and assessed with model simulation in 2020: COVID-19 lockdowns versus natural variability Ivan Ortega, Benjamin Gaubert, James W. Hannigan, Guy Brasseur, Helen M. Worden, Thomas Blumenstock, et al. (+15)
28 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2023―May―10 The gendered socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women with fistula repair in Uganda Mekaleya Tilahun, Mariko Costantini, Hadija Nalubwama, Justus K. Barageine, Florence Nalubega, Andrew Muleledhu, Alison M. El Ayadi
29 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2023―May―10 Moral Judgments Impact Perceived Risks From COVID-19 Exposure Cailin O’Connor, Daniel Relihan, Ashley Thomas, Peter H. Ditto, P. Kyle Stanford, James O. Weatherall
30 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2023―Apr―28 Too WEIRD, Too Fast? Preprints About COVID-19 in the Psychological Sciences Arathy Puthillam
31 [GO] Communist and Post-Communist Studies 2023―Apr―28 Using the Pandemic as a Pretext Sergiu Gherghina, Sergiu Mișcoiu, Paul Tap
32 [GO] Current History 2023―Apr―25 COVID-19 and Colonial Legacies in West Africa Kalala J. Ngalamulume
33 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2023―Mar―28 The Hazards of Daily Stressors: Comparing the Experiences of Sexual and Gender Minority Young Adults to Cisgender Heterosexual Young Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jessica P. Lougheed, Gizem Keskin, Sean Morgan
34 [GO] Current History 2023―Feb―27 The Pandemic and the Long Shadow of Austerity in Southern Europe Sofia A. Perez
35 [GO] Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 2023―Feb―23 Vulnerabilities and Collective Care: Indigenous Guatemalan and Mexican Farmworkers in Diaspora Confronting COVID-19 in the Western United States Lynn Stephen
36 [GO] Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 2023―Feb―23 Indigenous Urbanisms in Pandemic Times: Countering Settler Violence with convivencia M. Bianet Castellanos
37 [GO] Nova Religio 2023―Feb―03 Unifying, Globalizing, and Reinterpreting “Practical Nonviolence” through the COVID-19 Pandemic Response of North American Jains Brianne Donaldson
38 [GO] Current History 2023―Jan―30 Cuba’s Pandemic Crisis Hope Bastian
39 [GO] Global Perspectives 2023―Jan―19 Small States and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Multilateralism Hillary Briffa
40 [GO] Global Perspectives 2023―Jan―13 Scared to Share: Why Fighting Pandemics Requires Secrecy, Not Transparency Allison Carnegie, Austin Carson
41 [GO] Case Studies in the Environment 2022―Dec―15 Iwokrama in Guyana, South America, and Indigenous Shared Governance of Rainforest During a Pandemic: Use It or Lose It? Adam J. Sulkowski
42 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2022―Nov―01 Exploring the gendered mental health experiences of adolescents in Gaza during the Covid-19 pandemic Bassam A. Abu Hamad, Nicola A. Jones, Sarah J. Baird, Shoroq H. Abuhamad, Riyad A. Diab, Erin M. Oakley, Agnieszka M. Małachowska
43 [GO] Current History 2022―Oct―26 COVID-19 and the Future of Urban Policy and Planning Shauna Brail
44 [GO] Current History 2022―Oct―26 How COVID-19 Has Redistributed Human Mobility Biao Xiang
45 [GO] Journal of Sound and Music in Games 2022―Oct―25 K. K. COVID-19 Natalie Farrell
46 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2022―Sep―22 Social Affect Regulation in University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic John P. Powers, Megan Burnham, Hannah Friedman, Kateri McRae
47 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2022―Sep―06 From COVID-19 to the Central Dogma George P. McGuire, Camila V. Luna, Erica M. Staehling, M. Elizabeth Stroupe
48 [GO] Journal of Autoethnography 2022―Jul―29 Scottish Highlands Campervan Mobilities in Pandemic Times Phiona Stanley
49 [GO] Advances in Global Health 2022―Jul―05 Barriers to maternal and reproductive health care in India due to COVID-19 Nadia Diamond-Smith, Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan, Sirena Gutierrez, Sarah Francis, Nandita Saikia, Sumeet Patil
50 [GO] Current History 2022―Jun―14 The AIDS Pandemic in Africa Dennis C. Weeks
51 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2022―Jun―10 COVID-19 Vaccination as a Condition of Federal Community Supervision Nila Bala
52 [GO] Global Perspectives 2022―May―23 Isolation, Metaphor, and Politics during COVID-19: The Case of the Dominican Republic Cesar J. Herrera
53 [GO] Current History 2022―Mar―28 COVID-19, Poverty, and Inequality in Bangladesh Lutfun Nahar Lata
54 [GO] Global Perspectives 2022―Mar―18 Neoliberalism, the COVID-19 Crisis, and the Quantification of Data Lea David
55 [GO] Afterimage 2022―Mar―16 The Brown Commons in the Time of Pandemic Homay King
56 [GO] Current History 2022―Mar―01 The Pandemic Worsens Europe’s Housing Problems Lindsay B. Flynn
57 [GO] Gastronomica 2022―Feb―09 Who Eats, Where, What, and How? COVID-19, Food Security, and Canadian Foodscapes Kimberly Hill-Tout, Claudia Hirtenfelder, Kiera E. B. McMaster, Megan Herod
58 [GO] Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 2022―Feb―09 The COVID-19 Pandemic, the Crisis of Care, and Mexican Immigrants in the United States Alison Elizabeth Lee, María Eugenia D’Aubeterre Buznego
59 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2022―Jan―10 Caring About (COVID-19 Related) Social Issues Signals Trustworthiness: Direct and Conceptual Replication of Zlatev (2019) Angela R. Dorrough, Nathalie Bick, Lukas Bring, Caroline Brockers, Charlotte Butz, Iris K. Schneider
60 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Dec―31 Lòk: Pandemics and (Im)mobility in Northern Haiti Rodrigo Bulamah
61 [GO] Current History 2021―Dec―22 Aging, COVID-19, and Resocializing Public Health Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
62 [GO] Current History 2021―Dec―22 How the Pandemic Made Sensory Power Visible Engin Isin
63 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2021―Dec―08 Disasters, Pandemics, and Teachable Moments Michael Hamburger
64 [GO] Communist and Post-Communist Studies 2021―Nov―30 Coronavirus Pandemic Response and Voter Choice Josip Glaurdić, Christophe Lesschaeve, Michal Mochtak
65 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Nov―22 Precarity in the Time of COVID-19: Aging Housing and Aging Population in Cuba Nancy J. Burke
66 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2021―Oct―23 Educators’ Views on Dissection Alternatives at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic Pamela Osenkowski, Ignas Karaliunas, Merari Diorio
67 [GO] Case Studies in the Environment 2021―Sep―20 Assessing Impacts to National Park Visitation From COVID-19 Jeffrey Jenkins, Felber Arroyave, Madeline Brown, Jullianna Chavez, Johnny Ly, Haania Origel, Jacob Wetrosky
68 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2021―Sep―03 Online Instruction - Bioinformatics Lesson for a COVID-19 Vaccine Nadja Anderson, Margaret Wilch
69 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Aug―19 COVID-19 and the Global Political Economy: Same as it Never Was? Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, Lukas Linsi, Saliha Metinsoy, Gerda van Roozendaal
70 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Aug―13 The Pandemic Techno-Solutionist Dilemma Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn
71 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2021―Aug―04 The Science of COVID-19 Jeffrey D. Sack, Karen Cruse Suder
72 [GO] Nova Religio 2021―Aug―01 A Marginal Religion and COVID-19 in South Korea John G. Grisafi
73 [GO] Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2021―Jul―06 The impact of COVID-19-induced lockdowns during spring 2020 on nitrogen dioxide levels over major American counties James Poetzscher, Rima J. Isaifan
74 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2021―Jun―30 Two’s Company, but Four’s a Crowd: The Relationship Among COVID-19 Stress, Household Size, and Life Satisfaction Jeewon Oh, Zachary P. Neal
75 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Jun―16 Investment Screening before, during, and after COVID-19 Geoffrey Gertz
76 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Jun―10 The Developed/Developing Country Division in the Global Economy: Losing Traction in the COVID-19 Era? Clara Brandi, Clara Weinhardt
77 [GO] Asian Survey 2021―Jun―07 COVID-19 and the Anatomy of the Rally Effect in Taiwan T. Y. Wang, Su-Feng Cheng
78 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Jun―07 Speeding Up “Slowbalization”: The Political Economy of Global Production before and after COVID-19 Lukas Linsi
79 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Jun―03 Transnational Solidarity under Stress? Foreign Aid in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis Clara M. Egger
80 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―Jun―02 The Pandemic, the Economy, and Environmental Change: Six Implications for the Study of International Political Economy Ryan Katz-Rosene
81 [GO] Film Quarterly 2021―Jun―01 Theater Reopenings and Vaccinated Viewings in Pandemic Year Two B. Ruby Rich
82 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―26 A Keynesian Revolution or Austerity? The IMF and the COVID-19 Crisis Saliha Metinsoy
83 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―20 Holding Up a Mirror to the World Trade Organization: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic Amrita Narlikar
84 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―20 Interspecies Relations: SARS-CoV-2 Spillovers on Mink Farms Nadine Voelkner
85 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―20 Central Banking in Pandemic Times Cornel Ban
86 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2021―May―19 COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal and Related Factors Jordan M. Hyatt, Valerio Baćak, Erin M. Kerrison
87 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―19 Global Remittances and COVID-19: Locked Down but Not Locked Out Eleni Tsingou
88 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―18 Why Ranting about the COVID-19 Economy as a Woman Sounds Different in Copenhagen and in Cincinnati Aneta Spendzharova
89 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―18 The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Crisis of the Liberal International Order: Geopolitical Fissures and Pathways to Change Milan Babić
90 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―18 Global Remittances and COVID-19: Locked Down but Not Locked Out Eleni Tsingou
91 [GO] Global Perspectives 2021―May―17 COVID-19 and the International Political Economy of Risk and Resilience Nick Bernards
92 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2021―May―17 Three Pillars of Physical Distancing: Anxiety, Prosociality, and Rule Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mathias Twardawski, Lena Steindorf, Isabel Thielmann
93 [GO] Nova Religio 2021―May―08 Review: Shincheonji and Coronavirus in South Korea: Sorting Fact From Fiction. A White Paper, by Massimo Introvigne, Willy Fautré, Rosita Šoryté, Alessandro Amicarelli, and Marco RespintiCOVID-19: Scapegoating Shincheonji in South Korea. A Second White Paper, by Massimo Introvigne, Willy Fautré, Rosita Šoryté, Alessandro Amicarelli, and Marco RespintiWho Is Afraid of Chairman Lee? The Crackdown on Shincheonji in South Korea. A Third White Paper, by Massimo Introvigne, Willy Fautré, Rosita Šoryté, Alessandro Amicarelli, and Marco Respinti
94 [GO] Gastronomica 2021―May―07 Household and Community Gardens Surge in the Philippines and Senegal during COVID-19 Halie Kampman, Shun-Nan Chiang, Salam Sawadogo
95 [GO] The Public Historian 2021―May―06 Covid-19 Collecting Anna Sexton
96 [GO] Current History 2021―Apr―28 COVID-19 in Ebola’s Wake Adia Benton
97 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2021―Apr―28 The Impact of Personality and Lifestyle Change on Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic Caroline E. Balling, Skye C. Napolitano, Sean P. Lane, Douglas B. Samuel
98 [GO] Journal of Autoethnography 2021―Apr―05 COVID-19 Karen V. Lee
99 [GO] Journal of Autoethnography 2021―Apr―05 Understanding Privilege in a Pandemic Art Herbig
100 [GO] Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2021―Mar―30 The global impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns on urban air pollution Georgios I. Gkatzelis, Jessica B. Gilman, Steven S. Brown, Henk Eskes, A. Rita Gomes, Anne C. Lange, et al. (+5)
101 [GO] Contemporary Arab Affairs 2021―Mar―26 The New Coronavirus and World Geopolitical Transformations Mouldi Benalya
102 [GO] Contemporary Arab Affairs 2021―Mar―26 The New Coronavirus: The Anomia Phenomenon Benmaghnia Kada
103 [GO] Gastronomica 2021―Feb―25 Rumor, Chinese Diets, and COVID-19 Michelle T. King, Jia-Chen Fu, Miranda Brown, Donny Santacaterina
104 [GO] Gastronomica 2021―Feb―25 Lunch Interrupted! COVID-19 and Japan’s School Meals Alexis Agliano Sanborn
105 [GO] Gastronomica 2021―Feb―25 Feeding the City, Pandemic and Beyond Bryan Dale, Jayeeta Sharma
106 [GO] Gastronomica 2021―Feb―25 Drinking to the Wolf in a Time of Pandemic (or War or Peace) Gregory Emilio
107 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2021―Feb―19 Honesty-Humility, Beliefs, and Prosocial Behaviour: A Test on Stockpiling During the COVID-19 Pandemic Simon Columbus
108 [GO] Current History 2021―Jan―28 Bolivia’s Double Pandemic Bret Gustafson
109 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2021―Jan―27 Some Compassionate Release Cases and Lessons in the Time of COVID-19 Sylvia Royce
110 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2021―Jan―27 Pandemic Compassionate Release and the Case for Improving Judicial Discretion over Early Release Decisions David Roper
111 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2021―Jan―27 Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities Richard Rosenfeld, Ernesto Lopez
112 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2021―Jan―26 Realistic Expectations and Prosocial Behavioural Intentions to the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Norwegian Population Bjørn Sætrevik
113 [GO] Current History 2020―Dec―28 The Politics of Epidemics, from Thucydides to Mary Shelley to COVID-19 Eileen Hunt Botting
114 [GO] Current History 2020―Dec―28 The International System After Trump and the Pandemic Allen Hicken, Pauline Jones, Anil Menon
115 [GO] Current History 2020―Dec―28 Education Technology Seizes a Pandemic Opening Ben Williamson
116 [GO] Contemporary Arab Affairs 2020―Dec―12 The Geopolitics of the Yemen War during the Corona Pandemic Jude Kadri
117 [GO] Current History 2020―Nov―30 Social Protection and the Pandemic in the MENA Region Rana Jawad
118 [GO] Current History 2020―Nov―30 Pandemic Politics in Iran Kevan Harris
119 [GO] Current History 2020―Nov―30 Refugees’ Pandemic Responses in a Palestinian Camp in Lebanon Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Yousif M. Qasmiyeh
120 [GO] Current History 2020―Nov―30 Migrant Workers Bear the Pandemic’s Brunt in the Gulf Zahra R. Babar
121 [GO] Elementa Science of the Anthropocene 2020―Nov―21 Pandemic disruptions in energy and the environment Dustin Mulvaney, Joshua Busby, Morgan D. Bazilian
122 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Nov―13 Decoding Miracle Food Cures for COVID-19 Adrienne Bitar
123 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Nov―13 Staff Meal in the Time of COVID-19 Elizabeth Moroney
124 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Nov―13 “Do You Deliver?” Teaching a Culinary Arts Internship Course in Brooklyn as New York City Became the COVID-19 Epicenter David Goldberg
125 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Nov―13 The Food and COVID-19 NYC Archive: Mapping the Pandemic's Effect on Food in Real Time Amy Bentley, Stephanie Borkowsky
126 [GO] The Public Historian 2020―Nov―01 Museums and Social Media During COVID-19 Jim McGrath
127 [GO] Current History 2020―Oct―23 COVID-19 and the Long-Standing Vulnerabilities of Older Adults Deborah Carr
128 [GO] Current History 2020―Oct―23 The Plight of Migrants and Refugees in the Pandemic Luisa Feline Freier, Soledad Castillo Jara, Marta Luzes
129 [GO] Current History 2020―Oct―23 The Poorest After the Pandemic Anirudh Krishna
130 [GO] Current History 2020―Oct―23 Science, Politics, and the Pandemic J. Nicholas Ziegler
131 [GO] Current History 2020―Oct―23 The Pandemic Exposes an Ailing US Governance Model Alasdair Roberts
132 [GO] Global Perspectives 2020―Oct―20 The Future of Liberal Democracies, Pandemic Trade-Offs, and the Role of Social Sciences Radoslaw Markowski
133 [GO] Journal of Autoethnography 2020―Oct―02 Existential Crisis in a Global Pandemic Faith W. Ngunjiri
134 [GO] Journal of Palestine Studies 2020―Sep―29 Responding to Precarity: Beddawi Camp in the Era of Covid-19 Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh
135 [GO] Journal of Palestine Studies 2020―Sep―29 Prison Report: Palestinians in Israeli Detention during Covid-19 Hind Shraydeh
136 [GO] Journal of Palestine Studies 2020―Sep―29 On Mental Health Amid Covid-19 Weeam Hammoudeh, Samah Jabr, Maria Helbich, Cindy Sousa
137 [GO] Journal of Palestine Studies 2020―Sep―29 Covid-19 and the Necroeconomy of Palestinian Labor in Israel Sobhi Samour
138 [GO] Journal of Palestine Studies 2020―Sep―29 Covid-19 Fault Lines: Palestinian Physicians in Israel Osama Tanous
139 [GO] Film Quarterly 2020―Sep―29 Pan(dem)ic! At the Disco: Sex (and) Education in COVID-19-Era Television So Mayer
140 [GO] Film Quarterly 2020―Sep―29 Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night: Film Festivals, Pandemic, Aftermath Rasha Salti
141 [GO] Current History 2020―Sep―25 Can Russia’s Health and Welfare Systems Handle the Pandemic? Linda J. Cook, Judy Twigg
142 [GO] Global Perspectives 2020―Sep―23 Will the COVID-19 Crisis Change Global International Affairs? Odd Arne Westad
143 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2020―Sep―23 Using COVID-19 to Reboot Biology Education Uno Gordon
144 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2020―Sep―10 The COVID-19 Conundrum Douglas Allchin
145 [GO] The American Biology Teacher 2020―Sep―10 Pandemic Lessons: Building Empathy & Community Gusky Sharon B.
146 [GO] California History 2020―Sep―07 California and the 1918-1920 Influenza Pandemic Diane M. T. North
147 [GO] Global Perspectives 2020―Sep―03 The Politics of Pandemics Jan Zielonka
148 [GO] Current History 2020―Sep―01 Combating COVID-19 in Democratic Taiwan and South Korea Joseph Wong
149 [GO] Global Perspectives 2020―Sep―01 Responses to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Challenges for Global Governance Iain Begg
150 [GO] Current History 2020―Sep―01 Did China’s Public Health Reforms Leave It Prepared for COVID-19? Katherine A. Mason
151 [GO] Global Perspectives 2020―Sep―01 The $19,000 Question: How Will the Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic Affect the Financial System? Howard Davies
152 [GO] Current History 2020―Sep―01 The Pandemic and Southeast Asia’s Democratic Struggles Joshua Kurlantzick
153 [GO] Current History 2020―Sep―01 How Japan Stumbled into a Pandemic Miracle Daniel P. Aldrich, Toshiaki Yoshida
154 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Festival in the Time of COVID-19 Naa Oyo A. Kwate
155 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Face Mask for Food in the Time of COVID-19 Carl Fleischhauer
156 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Sociability, Farmers' Markets, and COVID-19 Amy B. Trubek
157 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 “Checking In with Your People”: Food, Mutual Aid, Black Feminism, and COVID-19 Makshya Lenia Tolbert
158 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Italian Farmers and Migrant Farmworkers: Food Activism and Food Justice in the Time of COVID-19 Patrizia La Trecchia
159 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Is Life Only about a Virus? COVID-19 and Its Impacts on Food Security Lis Blanco
160 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Distractibaking: A Note on the Psychology of Baking in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis Sebastian Ocklenburg
161 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Port in the Storm: Weathering the COVID-19 Crisis as a Restaurant Worker Carlynn Crosby
162 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 The Impacts of COVID-19 on Dutch Food Banks: A Call on Government to Guarantee the Right-to-Food Jeroen Candel, Ingrid de Zwarte
163 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 What Will I Feed My Family Today? Food Decisions during COVID-19 on the US-Mexico Borderlands Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri
164 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 When Staples Vanished: Supermarket Panic-Buying during the COVID-19 Pandemic Erin C. Kawazu, Fernando Ortiz-Moya
165 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Bad Virus, Good Microbes: The Global Domestication of Yeast Cultures and the COVID-19 Pandemic Noa Berger, Daniel Monterescu
166 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 A COVID-19 Relief Kitchen Created by an Unexpected Advocate Ashley Rose Young
167 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 “Fighting” COVID-19 with Anti-Corona Sandesh Ishita Dey
168 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Government Response to Support Local Farmers in the Face of COVID-19: A Case of South Korea Seulgi Son
169 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 On COVID-19: Food and/as Mutualism Rachel Vaughn
170 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 No Vegetarians in a Pandemic Sarah E. Cramer
171 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 Feeding Abandoned Animals in the Pandemic Aditya Kiran Nag
172 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 A Middle-Class Neighborhood Survives a Pandemic Shayani Raneesha Jayasinghe
173 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 It's Never Just about Food: Teaching Homeschool Food History from a Pandemic Pantry Katherine Hysmith
174 [GO] Gastronomica 2020―Aug―14 “Normal” Lunch in a Pandemic: Shining a Spotlight on Chicago Public Schools' Food Aiko Kojima Hibino
175 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2020―Jul―24 Did Social Connection Decline During the First Wave of COVID-19?: The Role of Extraversion Dunigan Folk, Karynna Okabe-Miyamoto, Elizabeth Dunn, Sonja Lyubomirsky
176 [GO] Collabra Psychology 2020―Jul―23 Micropublishing during and after the COVID-19 era Yuki Yamada
177 [GO] Film Quarterly 2020―Jun―25 When Is an Editorial Not an Editorial? The COVID-19 (Quarantine, Era I) Edition B. Ruby Rich
178 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2020―Jun―24 Increasing Use of Home Confinement at Institutions Most Affected by COVID-19
179 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2020―Jun―03 Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx Announces Office Will Not Prosecute Non-Violent, Low-Level Drug Offenses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
180 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2020―Jun―03 District Attorney Rollins’s Statement Regarding Decarceration Amid COVID-19 Crisis
181 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2020―Jun―03 District Attorney Krasner Announces Acceleration of DAO Reforms in Response to COVID-19 Emergency
182 [GO] Federal Sentencing Reporter 2020―Jun―03 District Attorney Krasner Urges Swift Action to Safely Reduce Prison Population to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

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