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Publishing House: Biotechnology Kiosk

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1 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2021―Aug―25 Advanced Nanomaterial Based Solutions to Mitigate the Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic Ashish Yadav, Ashish Mathur, Zheng Hongyu, Rajeev Gupta, John Kirabira, Kenneth Ssekataawa
2 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2021―Jul―07 On-Chip PCR Based Plasmonic Microfluidic Platform: Ultrafast Point-of-Care Diagnostics of SARS-CoV-2 Megha Agrawal
3 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2021―Apr―23 COVID-19 reveals redox vulnerabilities in two minority groups Adonis Sfera, Afzaal Jafri, Jason Thomas, Carlos Manuel Zapata-Martín del Campo, Daniel Gehlbach, Carolina Osorio
4 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Dec―21 Combating the pandemic with a potential cure: A thermostable mRNA vaccine emerges as a promising candidate against COVID-19 Shripriya Singh
5 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Dec―21 Materials for diagnosis, prevention and control of covid-19 pandemic Rajeev Gupta
6 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Nov―04 Options for COVID-19 therapeutics: Aerosolized inhalation antibody-conjugated Nano particles. Humphrey Simukokoa
7 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Jul―21 Neutralizing antibodies: Viable treatment modality for COVID-19 Sangeeta Chakraborty
8 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Jul―21 Global pandemic takes a toll on our brain health: how unexpected uncertainty makes you vulnerable to paranoia Shripriya Singh
9 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Jul―09 Innovations in Therapeutics to Control COVID-19 Shyamasri Biswas
10 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Jul―09 Impact of COVID-19 on cardiovascular patients Sangeeta Chakraborty
11 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Jul―09 The Need for Next Generation Diagnostic and Surveillance Technologies to Battle SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Megha Agrawal
12 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Mar―23 Can Antiviral Drugs Stop Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Megha Agrawal
13 [GO] Biotechnology Kiosk 2020―Mar―23 Structural Pathways to Developing Vaccines against Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Shyamasri Biswas

13 Results       Page 1


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