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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Boya Century Publishing
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] BCP Social Sciences & Humanities 2022―Jan―07 Chinese University Students’ Perceptions of Implicit Altruism in a Time of COVID-19 Crisis Xue Wen, Maonan Zhang, Bing Li
2 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Based on COVID-19, Analysis of The Strategic Model of E-commerce Enterprises - a Case Study of Xiaohongshu (RED) Chuyue Chen, Haitao Ouyang, Jiaqi Tan, Fan Wu, Yuqian Zhan
3 [GO] BCP Education & Psychology 2021―Nov―25 Research on Psychological Teaching based on the Background of Epidemic Prevention and Control in COVID-19 Mengting Xi
4 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Research on Adidas International Development Strategy under COVID-19 Xiaoyu Zhang
5 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 The Development of E-commerce in the Context of COVID-19 Hongjie Chen, Ruilin Liu, Bangni Wang, Yishi Xia
6 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Based on COVID-19, Enterprise Strategic Transformation Management of Review Jiayang Cai
7 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Analysis of the Fama-French Model (FF5) Factor on the Food Industry under the COVID-19 Epidemic Shiyun Yang, Zijia Cheng, Zihan Xia
8 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Research on Effects of Covid-19 in Chinese Business Negotiation Zhenghao Wu, Yijun Shi, Qiuxue Xia, Jiahao Zhuang
9 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 How The Livestream Marketing Model Influence the Consumer Decision-Making Process Amid the COVID-19? Bingzhu Luo
10 [GO] BCP Business & Management 2021―Nov―25 Coronavirus's Impact on China's Economy Yitong Xie
11 [GO] BCP Education & Psychology 2021―Nov―25 New Thoughts on the Construction of Online Education Platform in Colleges and Universities during the 2019-nCoV Epidemic Xiaoyan Chu


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