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1 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2023―Nov―21 Price Controlled Petroleum and LPG Prices and COVID-19: Some Evidence From Fiji Joel Abraham, Akeneta Vonoyauyau, Seema Wati Narayan
2 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―Oct―04 Market Efficiency and Volatility Persistence of Green Investments Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic OlaOluwa Yaya, Rafiu Akano, Oluwasegun Adekoya
3 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―May―25 Relationship Between Bitcoin and Islamic Stock Indices During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Hashim JUSOH, AbdelKader Ouatik EL ALAOUI, Amina DCHIECHE, Ahmad Faizol ISMAIL, Rosalan ALI
4 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―May―23 SME’s and the Pandemic: Evidence From Three Major Asian Powers Elizabeth Nedumparambil
5 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―May―07 Asymmetric Effects of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Economic Policy Uncertainty Nagmi Aimer, Abdulmula Lusta
6 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―Mar―10 Dynamic Linkages Among Cryptocurrencies: The Role of COVID-19 Abhishek Sah, Biswajit Patra
7 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―Mar―10 The Impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Relationship Between the US Islamic Stock Index, Bitcoin, and Commodities Ahmad Monir Abdullah
8 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2023―Mar―10 The Dynamic Impact of World Pandemic Uncertainty on Stock Market Crash Risk: An International Study Wenjun Xue, Chen Zhu, Yu Hu
9 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Oct―26 Testing CO2 Emissions Data During Covid-19 Pandemic Using Benford’s Law Charumathi Balakrishnan, Beemamol M
10 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Sep―07 COVID-19, Mobility, and Stock Markets Performance: Evidence From ASEAN-5 Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker
11 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Aug―30 Lockdown vs. Opening-Up of the Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Indian Stock Market Pratap Kumar Jena, Pramod Kumar Mishra
12 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Aug―27 How Did Financial Markets Respond to COVID-19 and Governmental Policies During the Different Waves of the Pandemic? Hamza Bouhali, Ahmed Dahbani, Brahim Dinar
13 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Aug―27 The Impact of COVID-19 and Administrative Interventions on Stock Returns: New Insights From Sectoral Analysis Praveena Musunuru, Mohammad Shameem Jawed
14 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Aug―27 COVID-19 PANDEMIC and BITCOIN RETURNS: EVIDENCE FROM TIME and FREQUENCY DOMAIN CAUSALITY ANALYSIS Pradipta Kumar Sahoo, Badri Narayan Rath
15 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Mar―16 An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Power Sector of India Santosh Kumar Sahu, Varghese Manaloor, Prantik Bagchi
16 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Mar―16 Did the COVID-19 Outbreak Asymmetrically Affect the Spot Electricity Price in India? Muhammed Ashiq Villanthenkodath, Mantu Kumar Mahalik
17 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Mar―16 Interconnectedness and Nonlinearity in Indian Energy Futures During the COVID-19 Pandemic Chinmaya Behera, Pramod Kumar Mishra
18 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Mar―16 Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on CO2 Emissions in India Charumathi B, Mangaiyarkarasi T
19 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2022―Mar―14 A Dynamic Nexus Between COVID-19 Sentiment, Clean Energy Stocks, Technology Stocks, and Oil Prices: Global Evidence Vaseem Akram, Salman Haider
20 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2022―Feb―09 Special Issue on COVID-19 and Its Impact on Asian Economies K P Prabheesh
21 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Dec―28 Impact of Green Finance on National Economic Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic Vijeta Singh, Nandita Mishra
22 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Dec―27 Identification of the Success Factors of the Green Bond Market for Sustainable Development in the COVID-19 Era Ehsan Rasoulinezhad
23 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Dec―19 Movement Control Order Policy to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Quarterly Growth and Its Components in Malaysia: A Synthetic Control Method for Policy Evaluation Basem Ertimi, Tamat Sarmidi, Norlin Khalid, Mohd Helmi Ali
24 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Dec―19 Announcement Effect of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrencies Nur�n Usman, Kodili Nwanneka Nduka
25 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Dec―19 The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Banking Sector Darjana Darjana, S.K. Wiryono, D.P. Koesrindartoto
26 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Nov―01 How COVID-19 Influences Indian Sectoral Stocks Johnson A. Oliyide, Abiodun M. Adetokunbo, Ismail O. Fasanya
27 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Nov―01 Impact of COVID-19 on Malaysia’s Bilateral Export: Testing for Heterogeneous Effects in the Product Category Muhamad Rias K V Zainuddin, Nurul Aishah Khairuddin, Hakimah Nur Ahmad Hamidi
28 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Nov―01 Household Pandemic Response: The Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19 on Migrant Households in India S. Irudaya Rajan, T. M. Sivadasan, Reddy Sai Shiva Jayanth, Pooja Batra
29 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Nov―01 Has Covid-19 Shaken the World Trade and China’s Preeminence? C. T. Vidya
30 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Nov―01 Outbreak of COVID-19: Economic Shocks and Corporate Responses in India Santanu Bhadra, Sougata Ray
31 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Oct―20 How Have COVID-19 Case Rates Impacted Retail Gasoline Price Markups? Evidence From Daily Prices and Transportation Choices Chintamani Jog, Travis Roach
32 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Sep―22 Are Spillover Effects Between Oil and Gold Prices Asymmetric? Evidence From the COVID-19 Pandemic Wenli Huang, Mian Wu
33 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Sep―22 Oil Price-Stock Market Nexus During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From China Zheng Shi, Dongmin Kong
34 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Aug―19 Differential Impact of COVID-19 by Occupation: Survey Findings From Indian Punjab Indervir Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Ashapurna Baruah
35 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Aug―19 Does COVID-19 Drive Stock Price Bubbles in Medical Mask? Zheng Zheng Li, Yidong Xiao, Chi-Wei Su
36 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Aug―19 Asymmetric Impact of COVID-19 on China’s Stock Market Volatility: Media Effect or Fact? Xin Li
37 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Aug―13 COVID-19 and the Energy Stock Market: Evidence From China Chen Liu
38 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Aug―13 The COVID-19 Outbreak and Oil Stock Price Fluctuations: Evidence From China Yue Zhang
39 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Aug―13 The Dynamics of Oil Prices, Exchange Rates, and the Stock Market Under COVID-19 Uncertainty: Evidence From India K.P. Prabheesh, Sanjiv Kumar
40 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Aug―13 Uncertainty in the Pandemic and the Energy Stock Market: Evidence From China Mengxu Xiong
41 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jul―02 Testing the Asymmetric Response of China’s Stock Returns to Oil Price Dynamics: Does Fear of COVID-19 Matter? Joel Ede Owuru
42 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jul―02 Do Epidemics and Pandemics Have Predictive Content for Exchange Rate Movements? Evidence for Asian Economies Afees A. Salisu, Lukman Lasisi, Abeeb Olaniran
43 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―May―25 Oil Price Shocks During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From United Kingdom Energy Stocks Erhan Mugaloglu, Ali Yavuz Polat, Hasan Tekin, Abdullah Dogan
44 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―May―17 COVID-19 and Daily Oil Price Pass-Through Hakan Yilmazkuday
45 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―May―15 Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Markets Gkaitantzis Christos, Nikandrou Charalampos, Kyriazakou Eleni
46 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―May―15 New Measures of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A New Time-Series Dataset Paresh Kumar Narayan, Bernard Njindan Iyke, Susan Sunila Sharma
47 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―May―15 How Does Energy Production Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence From China Di Chen, Haiqing Hu, Ming-bo Zheng
48 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―May―15 Uncertainty Due to Pandemic and the Volatility Connectedness Among Asian REITs Market Ololade Periola-Fatunsin, Johnson A. Oliyide, Ismail O. Fasanya
49 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Mar―22 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Relation Between Retail Investors’ Trading and Stock Returns in the Chinese Market Tao Bing
50 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Mar―22 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Status of RMB as an Anchor Currency Xing Fang, Weijuan Cao
51 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Mar―22 Sectoral Nonlinear Causality Between Stock Market Volatility and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From India Debi Bal, Seba Mohanty
52 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Mar―22 Can Uncertainty Due to Pandemic Predict Asia-Pacific Energy Stock Markets? Ismail O. Fasanya, Oluwatomisin J. Oyewole, Johnson A. Oliyide
53 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Mar―22 How Do Pandemics Affect Government Expenditures? Qiang Fu, Chun-Ping Chang
54 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Feb―03 Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Liabilities in the Energy & Power Industry Hao Xiong, Wen Shi, Shilin Xu, Huayu Shen
55 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jan―29 Asymmetric Link Between COVID-19 and Fossil Energy Prices Kai-Hua Wang, Chi-Wei Su
56 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jan―29 The Impact of COVID-19 and Government Intervention on Stock Markets of OECD Countries Haochang Yang, Peidong Deng
57 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jan―29 Investor Sentiment and Volatility Prediction of Currencies and Commodities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Thi Hong Van Hoang, Qasim Raza Syed
58 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2021―Jan―29 An Analysis of the Dynamic Asymmetric Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the RMB Exchange Rate Xing Fang, Yu Zhang
59 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Jan―26 The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Oil Prices: Evidence From Turkey Mustafa Tevfik Kartal
60 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2021―Jan―09 COVID-19, Short-selling Ban and Energy Stock Prices Ikhlaas Gurrib, Qian Long Kweh, Davide Contu, Firuz Kamalov
61 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Dec―09 Does COVID-19 Affect Domestic Credit? Aggregate and Bank Level Evidence From China Isaac Appiah-Otoo
62 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Dec―09 Impact of COVID-19 on Remittance Inflows to Samoa Hong Chen, Shamal S Chand, Baljeet singh
63 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Dec―09 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese Stock Market: An Event Study Based on the Consumer Industry Lei Yan, Yanhong Qian
64 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Dec―09 Systemic Risk in China's Financial Industry Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Cheng Lan, Ziyi Huang, Wenli Huang
65 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Dec―09 Did Enterprises’ Innovation Ability Increase During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence From Chinese Listed Companies Hongfang Han, Yanhong Qian
66 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 The Effect of Country-level Factors and Government Intervention on the Incidence of COVID-19 Anasuya Haldar, Narayan Sethi
67 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 The COVID-19 IMPACT on the ASIAN STOCK MARKETS Luis A. Gil-Alana, Gloria Claudio-Quiroga
68 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 Economic Policy Uncertainty in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic Bernard Njindan Iyke
69 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 A Note on the Asian Market Volatility During the COVID-19 Pandemic Susan Sunila Sharma
70 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 Dynamics of Foreign Portfolio Investment and Stock Market Returns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From India Prabheesh KP
71 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Nov―03 Did Bubble Activity Intensify During COVID-19? Paresh Kumar Narayan
72 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Oct―14 Has COVID-19 Changed Exchange Rate Resistance to Shocks? Paresh Kumar Narayan
73 [GO] Asian Economics Letters 2020―Oct―14 Pandemics and the Asia-Pacific Islamic Stocks Afees A. Salisu, Abdulsalam Abidemi Sikiru
74 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Oct―13 The Effect of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the Turkish Diesel Consumption Volatility Dynamics H. Murat Ertuğrul, B. Oray Güngör, Uğur Soytaş
75 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Sep―18 Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Greek Energy Firms: An Event Study Analysis Michael Polemis, Symeoni Soursou
76 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Aug―04 COVID-19 and the oil price - stock market nexus: Evidence from net oil-importing countries K.P. Prabheesh, Rakesh Padhan, Bhavesh Garg
77 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jul―28 COVID-19: The reaction of US oil and gas producers to the pandemic Bernard Njindan Iyke
78 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jul―24 Hourly oil price volatility: The role of COVID-19 Neluka Devpura, Paresh Kumar Narayan
79 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jul―23 COVID-19: Structural changes in the relationship between investor sentiment and crude oil futures price Wenli Huang, Yuqi Zheng
80 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 COVID-19 and corporate performance in the energy industry Mengyao Fu, Huayu Shen
81 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 Can the COVID-19 pandemic and oil prices drive the US Partisan Conflict Index? Emmanuel Apergis, Nicholas Apergis
82 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the crude oil and stock markets in the US: A time-varying analysis Lu Liu, En-Ze Wang, Chien-Chiang Lee
83 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 Oil price news and COVID-19-Is there any connection? Paresh Kumar Narayan
84 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 Crude Oil Prices and COVID-19: Persistence of the Shock Luis A. Gil-Alana, Manuel Monge
85 [GO] Energy RESEARCH LETTERS 2020―Jun―20 The Essential Role of Pandemics: A Fresh Insight into the Oil Market Meng Qin, Yu-Chen Zhang, Chi-Wei Su

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