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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: The Russian Academy of Sciences

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1 [GO] Chelovek 2023―Sep―04 Dynamics of the Media Effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infodemic Aleksandr A. Yefanov
2 [GO] Chelovek 2023―Sep―04 The Self-help Practices of Students during the Period of “Emerging Adulthood” in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic and their Relation to a Personality’s Subjective Well-being Milana R. Khachaturova
3 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2023―Aug―25 Vietnam and Other ASEAN Countries During the COVID-19 Pandemic Yana Dyomina
4 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2023―Aug―21 Iberoamerica: from the “generation of crisis” to the “generation of pandemic Eleonora Ermolieva
5 [GO] Economics and Mathematical Methods 2023―Jul―02 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the socio-economic development of the region Oleg Golovanov
6 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2023―Jun―12 Structure and Content of Information Campaign on Television During First Wave of Pandemic of COVID-19 in Russia Anna Andreenkova, Anna Medvedeva
7 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2023―Jun―12 About the Problems of Digital Inequality during the Pandemic Anastasiia S. Smirnova
8 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2023―Jun―12 Older People And The Pandemic: Social Exclusion, Heterogeneity Of The Groups Of Seniors And Intersectionality Of Age Inequalities Tatyana S. Kienko
9 [GO] Economics and Mathematical Methods 2023―Apr―07 Oil in the age of coronavirus: Hysteria or appropriate fall? Aleksandr Nepp
10 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2023―Feb―14 Russian Industries And The Formation Of A New Economic Model Of Russia In The Context Of The Crisis Caused By The COVID-19 Pandemic Igor Nikolaev
11 [GO] Russkaia rech 2022―Dec―29 COVID-19, Who Could Expect This! (On the “Dictionary of the Russian Language in the Coronavirus Era”) Vladimir I. Zaika, Oleg V. Nikitin
12 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2022―Dec―28 The U.S. Healthcare: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic
13 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Dec―28 Our New Fragility: Pandemic, Ethics, and the “Biomedical Others” Maxim Miroshnichenko
14 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―Dec―23 Autonomy of religious organizations and freedom of religion in the context of the spread of COVID-19 (experience of Russia and Italy) Igor A. Pibaev
15 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Dec―19 Health-Saving Strategies of Older People after the Pandemic (the Case of Villages in Republic of Karelia) Konstantin A. Galkin
16 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Dec―19 The Life World of a Helping Profession in the Pandemic: Rethinking of Symbolic Boundaries Elena R. Iarskaia-Smirnova, Valentina N. Yarskaya-Smirnova
17 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Dec―15 Yakuza: History and Double Stroke in the Pandemic Crisis Alexander E. Kulanov
18 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2022―Nov―30 Evolution of American Hospitals during the COVID-19 Pandemic
19 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2022―Nov―23 Canada’s mobilization mechanisms in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
20 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2022―Nov―23 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canada’s Food System
21 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2022―Nov―23 Gender Roles in the US: the Burden of the Coronavirus Pandemic
22 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2022―Oct―24 Juche Style Fight with Coronavirus: Model 2022 Konstantin Asmolov
23 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Sep―29 Attitudes Toward Coronavirus Protection Measures in Enterprises (on the Example of the Ulyanovsk Region)
24 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Sep―29 Digital Transformation of Russian NGOs During the Pandemic
25 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Sep―29 Impact of the Covid-2019 Pandemic on the Border Territories Population Employment
26 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―Sep―22 The right to abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic in foreign countries: diversification of approaches Valentina I. Chekharina
27 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Sep―13 Chinese healthcare system: Genesis, reforms and response to the COVID-19 pandemic Maryana Gubina
28 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Aug―19 The light from the stern: South African historians in the era of COVID-19 Boris M. Gorelik
29 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Jun―24 Childbirth in the uncertainty of COVID-19 Tatyana Novikova
30 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Jun―24 Moral Distress in Pediatric Palliative Care: Classic Problems and Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic Dmitry Nozdrachev
31 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jun―24 Innovations and Risks for the Scientific Community in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Natal'ja Zarubina
32 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jun―24 Covid-19 Pandemic Impact On Older People In Urban And Rural Contexts Oksana A. Parfenova, Irina Petukhova
33 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jun―24 Moldovan Families with Children During COVID-19 Pandemic: Material Situation and Adaptiv Strategies Anatoly A. Rozhko, Olga E. Gagauz
34 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jun―24 Impact of the COVID-2019 Pandemic on a New Type of Urbanization in China: an Analysis of the Transformation of the Lives of Large Cities Residents (the Саse of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou) Jie Zhang, Xiaoyu Tian, Shuai Lo
35 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Jun―24 Bucolic in the era of the pandemic. Updating the village myth on the example of Instagram* accounts dedicated to life in the village Irina V. Gluschenko
36 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Jun―24 Community in the Age of the Pandemic: a Moral Responsibility in light of Covid-Uncertaintity Lyubov A. Bogodelnikova
37 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jun―24 Education during the Pandemic: Vectors of Digital Transformation Nadezhda V. Prisyazhnaya, Andrey V. Reshetnikov
38 [GO] Chelovek 2022―Jun―24 Philosphy and Culture in the Times of Pandemics Boris N. Kashnikov
39 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―Jun―22 “Compulsory” immune response: challenges of vaccination against COVID-19 (The end) Alexandra A. Troitskaya
40 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Jun―08 COVID-19 in India. Mistress’ mango box and maid’s wages (a nethnographic experiment from self-isolation) Irina P. Glushkova
41 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Jun―08 Strategies for Recovery of the Tourism Industry of ASEAN Countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and China factor Ekaterina O. Zakliazminskaia
42 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―May―18 “Compulsory” immune response: challenges of vaccination against COVID-19 Alexandra A. Troitskaya
43 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―May―18 Japan: Innovations in society under the influence of COVID-19 Irina S. Tikhotskaya
44 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―May―18 Covid-19 pandemic as a catalyst for the virtualization of parliamentary activity Tatiana A. Vasilieva
45 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―May―18 The problem of interaction of public authorities of different levels in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in federal states Alexander I. Cherkasov
46 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2022―May―18 The impact of the pandemic on the development of justice in criminal cases Ekaterina V. Ryabtseva
47 [GO] Vostok Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva istoriia i sovremennost 2022―May―16 Southeast Asia in the Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic. Regional Trends and National Specifics Anna V. Simonenok
48 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2022―May―05 Social policy in the period of COVID-19: Latin American approaches Ludmila Diakova
49 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Apr―26 Japanese youth in the COVID-19 era Larisa V. Zhilina
50 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Mar―29 New Migration Reality in the Era of COVID-19
51 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Mar―29 Covid-19 and redesign of the late modern society
52 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Mar―25 The anti-crisis policy of the Japanese government and Bank of Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic Denis Suslov
53 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Mar―22 Attitude of Students to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Anti-Epidemic Restrictions
54 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2022―Mar―21 On some trends in global e-commerce shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic E.S. Mikhnevich
55 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Mar―11 Small and medium businesses in South Korea and Singapore in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Viсtoria V. Zabolotskaya
57 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2022―Feb―21 Response mechanisms of Latin American countries in the context of COVID-19 Irina Dashkina
58 [GO] Химическая физика 2022―Feb―15 Молекулярный докинг цианиновых и скварилиевых красителей с эндорибонуклеазой NSP15 коронавируса SARS-CoV-2 П. Г. Пронкин, А. С. Татиколов
59 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2022―Jan―31 The impact of COVID-19 on China’s foreign trade in 2020-2021 Julia Shiganova
60 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2022―Jan―28 Central Asian Migrants at the Russian Labor Market: Before the Pandemic Vladimir Mukomel
61 [GO] Молекулярная биология 2022―Jan―27 МикроРНК как потенциальные регуляторы инфицирования SARS-CоV-2 и модификаторы клинической картины COVID-19 А. Н. Кучер, Ю. А. Королёва, А. А. Зарубин, М. С. Назаренко
62 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2022―Jan―25 Latin American civil society facing the challenges of the time and the practice of social solidarity in the period of COVID-19 Ludmila Diakova
63 [GO] Российский физиологический журнал им  И  М  Сеченова 2022―Jan―18 Причины гипоксемии при COVID-19 Ж. А. Донина
64 [GO] Доклады Российской академии наук Науки о жизни 2022―Jan―11 АНТИТЕЛА К N-КОНЦЕВОМУ ДОМЕНУ АНГИОТЕНЗИН-КОНВЕРТИРУЮЩЕГО ФЕРМЕНТА (АСЕ2) БЛОКИРУЮТ ЕГО ВЗАИМОДЕЙСТВИЕ С S БЕЛКОМ ВИРУСА SARS-CoV-2 В. Г. Круть, И. В. Астраханцева, С. А. Чувпило, Г. А. Ефимов, С. Г. Амбарян, М. С. Друцкая, С. А. Недоспасов
65 [GO] Chelovek 2021―Dec―28 Sexual Behavior of Russian People of All Ages Amid the Pandemic (COVID-19) Ol΄ga B. Solodovnikova
66 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 COVID-19 and the Reaction of Anthropologists [COVID-19 i reaktsiia antropologov]
67 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Partnered Childbirth and Individual Care Providers in COVID-19 Conditions: Power Decisions, Practices and Discourses [Partnerskie rody i individual’nye soprovozhdeniia v usloviiakh COVID-19: vlastnye resheniia, praktiki i diskursy]
68 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Assessment of Personal Freedom and Responsibility by Female Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Safety Culture [Otsenka lichnoi svobody i otvetstvennosti studentkami v period pandemii COVID-19 i kul’tura bezopasnosti]
69 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Assessment of Personal Freedom and Responsibility by Female Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Safety Culture
70 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Newslore: The COVID-19 Pandemic in TikTok’s Representations
71 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Newslore: The COVID-19 Pandemic in TikTok’s Representations [N’iuslor: pandemiia COVID-19 v reprezentatsiiakh “TikTok”]
72 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 On Destinies of the Humanity and the COVID-19 Pandemic [O sud'bakh chelovechestva i pandemii COVID-19]: A Review of the La Voce Column, by G. Agamben
73 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Partner-Accompanied and Individual Care Providers in the Setting of COVID-19 Pandemic: Power Decisions, Practices and Discourses
74 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Intellectual Community Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Coronavirus Debate as a New Cultural Phenomenon
75 [GO] Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2021―Dec―24 Intellectual Community Discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Coronavirus Debate as a New Cultural Phenomenon [Intellektualy obsuzhdaiut pandemiiu COVID-19: diskussii o koronaviruse kak novoe kul’turnoe yavlenie]
76 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Dec―24 National Medication Security: Pandemic Lessons
77 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Dec―19 The COVID-19 Pandemic: Key Factors in Canada’s Social Policy Development Maria Solyanova
78 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2021―Dec―16 China's Tourism Crisis During the Pandemic: New Approaches and Transformation of «Zero-COVID-19» Policy Yekaterina Zaklyazminskaya
79 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Dec―15 Health Care in the United States and COVID-19: the Fight Continues
80 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2021―Dec―02 COVID-19 and the fight against it. A book has been published on the current problems of society's life during the pandemic, the fight against crime and the work of the police Sergey I. Zakhartsev
81 [GO] Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk Seriya Geograficheskaya 2021―Nov―29 Влияние COVID-19 на авиаподвижность населения в странах Европы в 2020 году С. А. Тархов
82 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Nov―12 Current trends in the development of the agricultural sector and agricultural policy. The 2020 Shock in the Agricultural Sector of Russia and the United States Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic: Causes, Consequences, and Measures to Overcome it
83 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2021―Nov―11 Benefits and limitations of the Pacific Alliance integration model in the face of the pandemic Daria Pravdiuk
84 [GO] Российский физиологический журнал им  И  М  Сеченова 2021―Nov―10 Анализ некоторых физиологических и биохимических показателей у больных пневмонией COVID-19 математическими методами М. С. Громов, С. М. Рогачева, М. А. Барулина, А. А. Решетников, Д. А. Прохожев, А. Ю. Фомина
85 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Nov―03 India-2021: Middle class in pandemic conditions Elena A. Bragina
86 [GO] Биохимия 2021―Oct―18 Разработка платформы для получения рекомбинантных белков - компонентов эпитопных вакцин для профилактики COVID-19 А.С. Карягина, А.В. Громов, Т.М. Грунина, А.М. Лящук, А.В. Гришин, Н.В. Струкова, et al. (+15)
87 [GO] Молекулярная биология 2021―Oct―18 Иммуногенные свойства ДНК-конструкции, кодирующей рецепторсвязывающий домен белка шипа SARS-CoV-2 М. Б. Боргоякова, Л. И. Карпенко, А. П. Рудомётов, Д. В. Шаньшин, А. А. Исаева, В. С. Несмеянова, et al. (+11)
88 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2021―Oct―01 Parliamentary activity under the COVID-19 emergency: the Italian experience Tatiana A. Vasilieva
89 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Sep―28 The Experience of Russian Companies in Switching to Remote Work in the Context of the Pandemic
90 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Sep―28 Experience of Russian Companies in Transition to Remote Work in the Pandemic Situation
91 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Sep―24 Opportunities and Limitations of Socio-economic Adaptation in the Coronavirus Crisis Vladimir Titov
92 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Sep―24 Pandemic and long-term dynamics of media consumption Mihail Nazarov
93 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2021―Sep―23 Global external debt during COVID-19 pandemic Igor Balyuk
94 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Sep―16 Egypt’s tourism industry facing global challenges: from the Arab spring to the pandemic Ekaterina A. Elkina
95 [GO] Доклады Российской академии наук Физика технические науки 2021―Sep―15 ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ МОДЕЛИ КИНЕТИЧЕСКОГО ТИПА ДЛЯ ИЗУЧЕНИЯ ПРОСТРАНСТВЕННОГО РАСПРОСТРАНЕНИЯ COVID-19 В. В. Аристов, А. В. Строганов, А. Д. Ястребов
96 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Aug―26 Challenges to the Moroccan economy during the pandemic Maria I. Makhmutova
98 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Aug―23 The US Economic Cycle during the Pandemic
99 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Aug―20 The US Economic Cycle during the Pandemic Andrey Yu. Davydov
100 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2021―Aug―20 Pandemic year in Spain. Political outcome Alexandra Kurakina-Damir
101 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2021―Aug―03 Empirical analysis of attitudes to new forms of employment in the pandemic era Elmira Naberushkina
102 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Aug―02 The Role of Military-Civil Channels in the Interaction Between the United States and Latin America in the Context of the Pandemic Andrey Pyatakov
103 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Jul―16 The Effect of “Compassion Fatigue” in Practices of Media Consumption (the Case of the Attitude to the COVID-19 Problematization) Elena S. Bogomiagkova, Ekaterina E. Popova
104 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Jul―16 Chinese Migrants in Russia: Between the Ussr Decline and Covid-19 Andrey Avdashkin
105 [GO] Биохимия 2021―Jul―13 COVID-19: мифы и реальность Л.В. Кордюкова, А.В. Шанько
106 [GO] Генетика 2021―Jul―02 Генетические факторы риска развития коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19 О. С. Глотов, А. Н. Чернов, С. Г. Щербак, В. С. Баранов
107 [GO] Генетика 2021―Jul―02 Вариант rs657152 не ассоциируется с уровнем вирусной нагрузки при COVID-19 или вероятностью заболевания в популяции европеоидов Восточной Сибири Е. А. Орлова, О. Б. Огарков, П. А. Хромова, В. В. Синьков, М. А. Хаснатинов, С. Н. Жданова, et al. (+2)
108 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―Jun―28 COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for Russian and American Public Diplomacy
109 [GO] Psikhologicheskii zhurnal 2021―Jun―28 Covid-19: results of the third expert survey
110 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2021―Jun―28 Coronavirus as a factor of the transformational crisis: legal aspect and international legal consequences Konstantin Sigalov
111 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Jun―27 Digital evolution of Non-Profit Organisations in the context of COVID-19 Varvara Kulkova
112 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Jun―27 Poverty and Inequality: Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic Natalia Govorova
113 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Jun―27 Global Value Chains Transformation and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Solutions and Strategies of American MNEs Ksenia Chudinova
114 [GO] Vostok Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva istoriia i sovremennost 2021―Jun―23 The BRICS Role in Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis in Africa Sergey Volkov
115 [GO] Программирование 2021―Jun―11 УЛУЧШЕНИЕ СЕГМЕНТАЦИИ ПАТОЛОГИЙ ЛЕГКИХ И ПЛЕВРАЛЬНОГО ВЫПОТА НА КТ-СНИМКАХ ПАЦИЕНТОВ С COVID-19 Д. С. Лащенова, А. М. Громов, А. С. Конушин, А. М. Мещерякова
117 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Jun―01 U.S. Information and Biotechnology: Catalyzing Effect of COVID-19 Yaroslav Selyanin
118 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2021―Jun―01 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on investment attractiveness of Spain Galina V. Mankova
119 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Jun―01 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Global Economy and Innovative Development Zaur Mamedyarov
120 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2021―Jun―01 Mercosur countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: is it every man for himself? Anna D. Scherbakova
121 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2021―May―24 Regulation of the migration policy of the European union countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic Alina Ageeva
122 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―May―13 Federalism in the Era of Global Turbulence (A retrospective look at some aspects of the interaction of the U.S. government at different levels during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic)
123 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2021―May―13 The wave of business bankruptcies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US
124 [GO] Генетика 2021―May―05 Генетический контроль инфицирования человека SARS-CoV-2 А. Н. Кучер, Н. П. Бабушкина, А. А. Слепцов, М. С. Назаренко
125 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―May―04 Notes on the Online Conference «Demographic Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Consequences» Antonina V. Noskova
126 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―May―04 Situation in the Country and Its Prospects through the Prism of Public Opinion during the Pandemic Nataliya Latova
127 [GO] Vostok Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva istoriia i sovremennost 2021―Apr―30 The Fatwas of Coronavirus Era: The Reaction of Islamic Legal Institutions on Changing Realities Irina Tsaregorodtseva
128 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Apr―29 Economic relations between China and Japan under the COVID-19 Yanxia Ye
129 [GO] Журнал органической химии 2021―Apr―26 ОСНОВНЫЕ ХЕМОТИПЫ ИНГИБИТОРОВ РЕПРОДУКЦИИ SARS-COV-2 В.А. Ширяев, Ю.Н. Климочкин
130 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Apr―20 International Migration during the COVID-19 Pandemic Marina N. Khramova, Roman V. Manshin
131 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2021―Apr―20 Chronicles of Quarantine and Surveillance in a Russian Residential Home for the Elderly and Disabled in the COVID-19 Syndemic Tatyana S. Kienko, Elena A. Savina
132 [GO] Psikhologicheskii zhurnal 2021―Apr―20 Psychological factors of post-traumatic stress caused by pandemia of covid-19 L. Zihan, W. Xiao Gang
133 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2021―Apr―20 Social, professional and regional aspects of poverty in the Russian Federation during of the pandemic
134 [GO] Chelovek 2021―Apr―20 Conflict of Personal and Public Good as a Cause of Ethical Challenges in the Context the COVID-19 Pandemic Kseniya Ivanova
135 [GO] Успехи современной биологии 2021―Apr―13 Поражение сосудистого эндотелия как ведущий механизм системной патологии COVID-19 О. А. Гомазков
136 [GO] Биохимия 2021―Apr―12 Пандемия COVID-19 и мужская фертильность: клинические проявления и патологические механизмы A. Абдель-Монейм
137 [GO] Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost 2021―Apr―05 The Coronavirus Pandemic and the U-turn in European Social Policy Yurii Kvashnin
138 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Mar―29 Coronavirus rumors in China: content, spread and control policy Marina Vasilyeva
139 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Mar―29 Turkey's economy: in the search of an answer to the pandemic challenge Nataliya Ul’chenko
140 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Mar―23 Mongolia. Social measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 Dmitriy Ushakov
141 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Mar―23 South Korea trade during COVID-19 pandemic: perspectives on value chains and US-CHINA trade war Irina Korgun
142 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2021―Mar―19 Latin America in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Social and political aspects. Case of Ecuador Arkadiy Eremin
143 [GO] Биохимия 2021―Mar―16 Свободные S1-субъединицы белка шипов вируса SARS-CoV-2 могут действовать в качестве фактора патогенеза COVID-19 А.В. Летаров, В.В. Бабенко, E.Е. Куликов
144 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2021―Mar―16 Structural features of the economy and the dept of the economic crisis dring the COVID-19 pandemic Igor Nikolaev
145 [GO] Биохимия 2021―Mar―16 Рекомбинантный S-белок SARS-CoV-2 in vitro способен связывать гликаны семейства лактозамина А.Б. Рыжиков, Г.С. Онхонова, И.Р. Иматдинов, Е.В. Гаврилова, Р.А. Максютов, Е.А. Гордеева, et al. (+4)
146 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2021―Mar―09 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Mikhail Komarov
147 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2021―Feb―26 Coping with the Coronavirus pandemic: the reasons of China's economic success Olga N. Buchinskaia
148 [GO] Журнал вычислительной математики и математической физики 2021―Feb―20 Редуцированная модель SIR пандемии COVID-19 С. И. Виницкий, А. А. Гусев, В. Л. Дербов, П. М. Красовицкий, Ф. М. Пеньков, Г. Чулуунбаатар
149 [GO] Химическая физика 2021―Feb―15 Модель комплекса РНК-полимеразы вируса SARS-CoV-2 с фавипиравиром И. В. Поляков, Б. Л. Григоренко, А. В. Немухин
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153 [GO] Chelovek 2021―Jan―12 PANDEMIC CHALLENGES AND MEDICINE DISASTERS. Roundtable at the Chelovek Journal R. Apressyan
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155 [GO] Биологические мембраны Журнал мембранной и клеточной биологии 2020―Dec―28 Баланс двух ветвей РАС может препятствовать тяжелому течению COVID-19 Н. В. Бобкова
156 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2020―Dec―25 The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on China`s Guangdong Province Economy in 2020 Julia Shiganova
157 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2020―Dec―25 Features of Chinese-African Relations during the Pandemic Elena Safronova
158 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2020―Dec―24 Reverse Migration in Pandemic Crisis: Russia's Out-of-Town Spaces as an Adaptation Resource Nikita E. Pokrovsky, Alena Yu. Makshanchikova, Egor A. Nikishin
159 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Dec―23 “Time to Kill, and Time to Heal”: The Human Being in a COVID-19 Pandemic Pavel D. Tishchenko
160 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Dec―23 Ethical Aspects of Ventilator Triage During the COVID-19 Pandemic Alina P. Patrakova
161 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Dec―23 Desynchronization of the Public and the Private: The Transformation of Biocapitalism in the Coronavirus Context Sergei Y. Shevchenko
162 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Dec―23 Emotional Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Ethical and Psychological Aspects Farida G. Mailenova
163 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Dec―23 Pandemic and the Figure of Philosopher Olga Popova
164 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2020―Dec―22 Social Inaction at Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemics Artūrs Hoļavins
165 [GO] Доклады РОССИЙСКОЙ АКАДЕМИИ НАУК Науки о Земле 2020―Dec―18 Влияние ограничений, обусловленных COVID-19, на качество воздуха в Москве А. С. Гинзбург, В. А. Семенов, Е. Г. Семутникова, М. А. Алешина, П. В. Захарова, Е. А. Лезина
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168 [GO] Vostok Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva istoriia i sovremennost 2020―Dec―16 Iran in 2020: under the yoke of sanctions and coronavirus Elena Dunaeva
169 [GO] Psikhologicheskii zhurnal 2020―Dec―10 Covid-19: results of the second expert survey Andrey Yurevich, D. Ushakov, M. Yurevitch
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172 [GO] Успехи современной биологии 2020―Nov―27 Микробиом кишечника человека и иммунная система: роль пробиотиков в формировании иммунобиологического потенциала, препятствующего развитию инфекции COVID-19 Т. В. Белкина, О. В. Аверина, Е. В. Савенкова, В. Н. Даниленко
173 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2020―Oct―22 The first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan: social and economic considerations Andrey V. Belov
174 [GO] Успехи физиологических наук 2020―Oct―14 COVID-19: влияние на иммунитет, систему гемостаза и возможные пути коррекции Б. И. Кузник, В. Х. Хавинсон, Н. С. Линькова
175 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2020―Oct―12 Perception of the COVID-19 Pandemic by Moscow Residents Andrey Reshetnikov, Nadezhda Prisyazhnaya, Sergey Pavlov, Nadezhda Vyatkina
176 [GO] Psikhologicheskii zhurnal 2020―Oct―12 Attitude of residents of russia to information on the coronavirus pandemia (on the example of users of the internet search systems) A. Zhuravlev, D. Kitova
177 [GO] Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya 2020―Oct―12 Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Life of Arctic Regions in Population Estimates Anatoly Sleptsov, Evgeniya Potravnaya
178 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2020―Oct―08 Latin America: the coronavirus and the new political landscape Ekaterina Kosevich
179 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2020―Oct―08 Eurasia, Russia and Latin America after the pandemic. Overview of presentations at the CRIES online seminar Oxana Katysheva
180 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2020―Sep―29 Economic losses caused by the premature deaths from COVID-19 pandemic Igor Nikolaev
181 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Sep―29 Cultural-historical Activity Psychology in Extreme Situation: the Pandemic Challenge. Discussion Alexander Asmolov
182 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2020―Sep―28 COVID-19 pandemic in East Africa: analisys and prospects Anna-Maria Theresa Temu
183 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2020―Sep―28 The korean peninsula fight against coronavirus Alexandr Vorontsov
184 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2020―Sep―25 Priorities of external labour migration in Russia: a historical overview from the imperial past to the period of COVID-19 pandemic Aleksey Sedlov
185 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2020―Sep―16 COVID-19 pandemic influence on global food security Boris Kheyfets
186 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2020―Sep―08 COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria: challenges and forecasts Tatiana Denisova
187 [GO] Latinskaia Amerika 2020―Sep―01 The coronavirus pandemic in the Latin America: factor of the rollback to the past or a drive for development? Andrey Budaev
188 [GO] Asia and Africa today 2020―Aug―27 Vietnam’s stand-off with COVID-19: success factors Igor V. Britov
189 [GO] Gosudarstvo i pravo 2020―Aug―07 Legal regulation of merchant ships entering foreign ports in conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic V. Gutsulyak
190 [GO] Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk Seriya Geograficheskaya 2020―Jul―29 COVID-19: пространственная динамика и факторы распространения по регионам России С. П. Земцов, В. Л. Бабурин
191 [GO] Российский физиологический журнал им  И  М  Сеченова 2020―Jul―29 Ангиотензин-превращающий фермент 2-го типа, как молекулярный посредник для инфицирования клетки вирусами SARS-CoV и SARS-CoV-2 А. О. Шпаков
192 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2020―Jul―24 Asmolov Two Koreas against COVID-19 Konstantin Asmolov
193 [GO] Problemy Dalnego Vostoka 2020―Jul―24 China - USA - Russia: Geopolitics and Pandemic Andrew Davydov
194 [GO] Obshchestvo i ekonomika 2020―Jul―23 The euro after BREXIT and COVID-19 pandemic Mikhail Zharikov
195 [GO] Chelovek 2020―Jul―20 The Pandemic Phenomenon Through the Prism of Its Metaphysical, Anthropological, and Social Dimensions В. Маrkov
196 [GO] Биохимия 2020―Jul―09 Активация транскрипционного фактора Nrf2 как подход к предотвращению цитокинового шторма при COVID-19 Р.А. Зиновкин, О.А. Гребенчиков
198 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2020―May―12 The Consequences of COVID-19 for International Relations Alexey Gromyko
199 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2020―May―12 COVID-19 Pandemic - shall we expect radical changes? Sergey Rogov
200 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2020―May―12 Coronavirus is not a disaster, but a challenge for scientists, authorities, and society Alexey Kuznetsov
201 [GO] USA & Canada Economics – Politics – Culture 2020―May―12 Social responsibilities at the time of struggling to control coronavirus pandemic and its consequences Liudmila Lebedeva

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