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1 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Sep―27 Re-testing the psychometric properties of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19s) Louiegi Laus Garcia
2 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Sep―15 Guidance as A Key Factor for Quality Outcomes in Experiential Learning and Its Influence on Undergraduate Management Students throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic Anat Shteigman, Michal Levi-Blech, Arie Reshef
3 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Sep―06 Saudi EFL Learners’ Attitudes with Regard to Using Online and Virtual Solutions for Learning English Accents during the Covid-19 Pandemic Khaled Almudibry
4 [GO] Business and Management Research 2022―Aug―10 COVID-19 and Manufacturing Industries in India and Role of Human Resources Management V. Bharadwaj, Vivek Sharma, Apurva Bhatnagar
5 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2022―Aug―10 From pandemic to endemic: A comparison of first, second, and third waves of COVID-19 for applicability in communicable disease management Kierstin Cates Kennedy, Gregory N. Orewa, Allyson G. Hall, Sue S. Feldman, Ferhat D. Zengul, Tim Peters, Kristine R. Hearld
6 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―Aug―08 Teachers’ Communities of Practice in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Will Innovation in Teaching Practices Persist and Prosper? Pilnam Yi
7 [GO] International Research in Higher Education 2022―Jul―27 Global Education Styles Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Hajar Saeed Al Hubaishi
8 [GO] International Journal of Business Administration 2022―Jul―14 The Economy in Profound Transition: The Disruptive Realities of the Pandemic and the New Industrial Revolution David M. Savino
9 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Jul―14 Nurses’ professional identity and information needs in the time of Covid-19: A latent cluster analysis Veronika Anselmann, Benjamin Bohn
10 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Jul―08 The lived experience of nursing students caring for COVID-19 patients Shravan Devkota, Alee Friemel, Priscella Correa, Collette Loftin, Sherri Drinnon
11 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―Jul―01 Students’ Insights on the Suitability and Adaptability of Two Undergraduate Medical and Dental Curricular Pathways before and during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-sectional Survey Christy Okoromah, Jennifer Okei, Goodness Udotong, Oluchi Buchi-Njere, Jessica Ike, Adebisi Anthonia Adeyeye, et al. (+4)
12 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Jun―30 COVID-19, maternal and child health, and nutrition repository: A portal to provide updated information to health professionals amid a pandemic and continuously evolving environment Natalie Busath, Mija Ververs, Melissa Chao, Jeslyn Tengkawan
13 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―Jun―30 Investigating Students’ Motivation toward the Use of Zoom Meeting Application as English Learning Media During Covid-19 Pandemic Dumaris E. Silalahi, Haposan Siallagan, Bangun Munthe, Herman Herman, Partohap Saut Raja Sihombing
14 [GO] World Journal of Education 2022―Jun―25 Coronavirus Era: Implications for Reconceptualization of Curriculum Delivery in Kenyan Primary and Secondary Schools Caleb Imbova Mackatiani, Sarah Naliaka Likoko, Navin Mackatiani
15 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Jun―09 Teaching Grammar to Iraqi EFL Students of Al- Hamdaniya University during COVID-19 Pandemic: Problems and Solutions Zahraa Muharam Salman, Ali Hussein Hazem, Dina Fahmi Kamil, Muhammad Hamza Kanaan
16 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―May―26 The Pilot Study of Students’ English Writing Improvement through Online Peer Feedback during the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Southern Border Province of Thailand, Yala Rajabhat University Sirikarn Kuyyogsuy
17 [GO] Case Reports in Internal Medicine 2022―May―26 Activating Dormant Strongyloidiasis Secondary to COVID-19 Treatment Fahad A AlKaabba, Holman Li, Farrah Ibrahim
18 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―May―25 Effect of Optional Assessments on Student Engagement, Learning Approach, Stress, and Perceptions of Online Learning during COVID-19 David M Beauchamp, Jennifer M Monk
19 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―May―24 Increased workplace bullying against nurses during COVID-19: A health and safety issue Rozina Somani, Carles Muntaner, Peter Smith, Edith M. Hillan, Alisa J. Velonis
20 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―May―21 Development of Core Competencies for University Students during the Pandemic, Crisis of Public Health Ju-kyoung Kim
21 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―May―21 Means to Cope with Difficulties Related to Online Learning Experience during the Pandemic: A Focus Group Interview Study with College Students Pyong H. Kim
22 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Mar―22 The Impact of the Pandemic on Teachers' Attitudes toward Online Teaching Irina Rotnitsky, Roman Yavich, Nitza Davidovich
23 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Mar―17 The Upshot of L2 Instructors’ Motivational Strategies in South Indian Technical Classroom Milieu during COVID-19 L. Saranraj, C. Gangalakshmi, S. Rajkumaran, R. Ebenezar Sam Paul, Vishwalingam M S
24 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Mar―16 Post pandemic Era: English Language Teachers’ Perspectives on Using the Madrasati E-Learning Platform in Saudi Arabian Secondary and Intermediate Schools Muneer Hezam Alqahtani
25 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Mar―15 COVID-19’s Implications for Accounting Courses’ Competence Development: The Case of Portugal Alexandra Domingos, Manuela Sarmento
26 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Mar―14 An Exploratory Study of a Korean EFL Teacher’s Identity Shift during the Pandemic Jinsil Jang
27 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Mar―10 Undergraduate Students' Stress Level during the Spread of COVID-19 Situation Kuantean Wongchantra, Prayoon Wongchantra, Uraiwan Praimee, Kannika Sookngam, Suparat Ongon, Likhit Junkaew, et al. (+3)
28 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2022―Mar―02 Teaching Special Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study Leena Philip, Aasita Bali
29 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Feb―15 The Impact of Implementing Full E-learning During Covid-19 on the Students’ Academic Performance in the Courses of Accounting and English Language (A Case Study: Students of the Department of Administrative Sciences - Community College in Khamis Mushait- King Khalid University- KSA) Musa Mohammed Ahmed Abu Tomma, Ismail Mohammed Hamid Rushwan, Auwal Garba
30 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Feb―14 COVID-19 Pandemic as A Catalyst for Fostering Reformed Pedagogy in Science Education Lydia Mavuru, Sam Ramaila
31 [GO] World Journal of Education 2022―Feb―13 Conditions Fostering International Graduate Students’ Happiness and Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic William S. Ankomah
32 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―Feb―13 Alternative Approaches to Clinical Practice in Medical Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic Iryna Borysiuk, Olena B. Haioshko Haioshko, Oleksandr Korniichuk, Yaroslav Tsekhmister, Mykhailo Demianchuk
33 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Feb―07 First-Year Students’ Perceptions of Learning and Connection to the University in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic World Dana J. Tribble, Amy Baldwin, Louis S. Nadelson
34 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Jan―25 Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on nurse recruitment and retention in a hospital setting Sarah Oakley
35 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2022―Jan―24 Technology Adoption Readiness in Disadvantaged Universities during COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa Kehinde Aruleba, Nobert Jere, Obert Matarirano
36 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2022―Jan―21 Self Control Counseling for Students during Covid-19 through Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan Curriculum Ahmad Lahmi, Mahyudin Ritonga, Raviusman Raviusman, Yusida Imran
37 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2022―Jan―06 Evaluating intentional quality rounding for undergraduate student nurse training during COVID-19 Shea Polancich, Connie White-Williams, Laura Steadman, Kaitrin Parris, Gwen Childs, Terri Poe, Linda Moneyham
38 [GO] Clinical Nursing Studies 2022―Jan―06 Converting threats from COVID-19 in long term care into opportunities for improvement Leona Konieczny
39 [GO] International Journal of Business Administration 2022―Jan―06 Resilience in the Context of Pandemics and Disasters: A Framework for Public Governance, Ecosystem Innovation, Co-creation, and Co-production Greiciele Macedo Morais, Henrique Cordeiro Martins, Valdeci Ferreira Dos Santos
40 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Dec―28 Understanding the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Management Accounting Students Sharon Zunckel, Mbali Portia Msomi, Stephanie Caroline Samuel, Ferina Marimuthu
41 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Dec―22 Effect of a comic story on orphan children's knowledge and hand washing practice about pandemic of COVID-19 Hoda Mohamed Nafee, Eman Abd Elsamea Elguoshy, Omayma Mustafa Abu Samra
42 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Dec―17 Tracking COVID-19 Decease Through Rolling Conditional Variance Cesar Gurrola-Rios, Ana Lorena Jimenez-Preciado
43 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Dec―14 Impact of COVID-19 on hospitalization, death rate, and other inpatient measures among Asian patients in hospitals in California Luong Ly, Thida Win, Jessica Mantilla, Ching-Hsiu Chiu, Allan Leung, Chia-Hsing Yeh, et al. (+5)
44 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Dec―14 Operationalizing the emergent management of psychiatric patients during the COVID-19 pandemic at an academic public hospital Ynhi Thomas, Sara Andrabi, Nidal Moukaddam, Asim Shah, Greg Buehler, Jennifer Carnell, et al. (+3)
45 [GO] International Journal of English Language Teaching 2021―Dec―14 Post-Traumatic Growth and Identity Construction in Covid-19 Messages Delivered to the People of Ghana by President Nana Akuffo Addo Cynthia Logogye, Bernard Asafo-Duho, Joseph B.A. Afful
46 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Dec―01 Student internship experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic Maarten van Garderen, René Van Leeuwen
47 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Nov―30 The psychological effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on rural appalachian nurses Annette Lynn Ferguson, Jessica Maynard
48 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Nov―22 Representation of Pragmatism in Scholarly Publications on COVID-19 Makhulu A. Makumane, Simon Bheki. Khoza, Blossom Bulelwa Piliso
49 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2021―Nov―11 Factors Affecting Stress of Online Learning due to the COVID-19 Situation at Faculty of Education, Thailand National Sports University Chonburi Campus Thitipong Sukdee, Jirawat Khajornsilp, Saranya Netrthanon, Kamonwan Pechsri, Wanvisa Saisanan Na Ayudhaya
50 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Nov―04 The Academic and Social Impact of COVID-19 Among College Students: Perspectives from the United States of America, Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria Ernest Kaninjing, Ivette A. Lopez, Che Wankie, Elizabeth O. Akin Odanye, Roland N. Ndip, Yussif M. Dokurugu, et al. (+6)
51 [GO] Business and Management Research 2021―Oct―27 Better than Nothing?: Consequence of Incomplete Treatment of COVID-19 Yasunori Fujita
52 [GO] World Journal of Education 2021―Oct―15 Post Covid-19 Metaphoric Perceptions of Preservice Music Teachers on the Concepts of “Distance Education, Home, Graduation, University and Future” Ömer Bilgehan Sonsel, Özlem Ömür
53 [GO] International Journal of Healthcare 2021―Oct―15 Telework during COVID-19 outbreak: Impact on mental health among Italian workers Vincenzo Bertino, Veronica Nisticò, Armando D'Agostino, Alberto Priori, Orsola Gambini, Benedetta Demartini
54 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Oct―09 What Now for the Zimbabwean Student Demonstrator? Online Activism and Its Challenges for University Students in A COVID-19 Lockdown Bekithemba Dube, Baldwin Hove
55 [GO] World Journal of Social Science 2021―Oct―09 The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health of Under Graduate Students of Nadia District in West Bengal During Covid-19 Pandemic Santu Biswas, Dibyendu Bhattacharyya
56 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2021―Oct―08 Revisiting the Effectiveness of Blackboard Learning Management System in Teaching English in the Era of COVID-19 Mohammad H. Al-khresheh
57 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Oct―08 Efficiency of coronavirus inactivation on environmental surfaces: A comparison study of two available disinfectants Kelli L. Barr, Shannon E. Ronca, Rodney X. Sturdivant, Debra D. Harris
58 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Oct―08 Attitudes of School Teachers in the State of Kuwait Towards the Experience of Distance Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Houli, Talal Ibrahim Al-Mesad, Eisa Mohammed Al-Kandari
59 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Sep―28 Telemedicine use in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic among community dwelling U.S. Medicare beneficiaries Mary Lynn Davis-Ajami, Zhiqiang K. Lu, Jun Wu
60 [GO] International Research in Higher Education 2021―Sep―24 The Impact of COVID-19 on College Students' Consumption Behaviors Xiaoran Chu
61 [GO] International Research in Higher Education 2021―Sep―23 A Study on the Level of Comprehension and Satisfaction With Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Hiroko Kanoh
62 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Sep―16 Virtual connecting amid COVID-19: Mackenzie Health’s experience Mary-Agnes Wilson, Maya Sinno, Karoline Courtney, Kristen Palomera-Dinglasan
63 [GO] Case Reports in Internal Medicine 2021―Sep―15 Significant bradycardia in patient with COVID-19 sepsis: Full management review Lac Nguyen, Chuong Le, Steven Pham, San Tran, Thanh Hoang, Khiet Nguyen, et al. (+8)
64 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Sep―13 Evidence-Based Course Modification to Support Learner-Centered and Student-Driven Teaching in A Pandemic: Leveraging Digital and Physical Space for Accessible, Equitable, and Motivating Experiential Learning and Scientific Inquiry in A First-Year Biology Course Lisa Robertson, Elizabeth Porter, M. Alex Smith, Shoshanah Jacobs
65 [GO] International Journal of Healthcare 2021―Sep―09 Work, stress, and well-being of healthcare and human service professionals during outbreak of COVID-19 Kenny Kwong
66 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Sep―06 The Transition Online: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Impact of COVID-19 on Students with Disabilities in Higher Education Laura E Mullins, Jennifer Mitchell
67 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Sep―01 Nursing students’ resilience in response to stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic Joset E. Brown, Persephone Vargas
68 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Aug―23 Development of an Online Learning Management Framework for Vocational Students in Thailand in the New Normal under the COVID-19 Situation Rawiphon Charunphankasem Rawiphon Charunphankasem
69 [GO] Discussion of Clinical Cases 2021―Aug―07 Covid-19 pneumonia: Timing of pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax in 11 patients Mostafa Al Turk, Maria Mitri, Kawthar Jarrah, Joanna Abi Chebl, Georges Juvelekian
70 [GO] World Journal of English Language 2021―Aug―04 Foreign Language Students’ Voices on Blended Learning and Fully Online Classes during the COVID-19 Pandemic Daniel Ginting, Fahmi ., Yusawinur Barella, Andini Linarsih, Beny Hamdani
71 [GO] International Research in Higher Education 2021―Jul―23 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Internationalization of Higher Education Simon Kanjera
72 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jul―22 A Comparison of Selected Assessment Results before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic in One University in South Africa Tafirenyika Mafugu
73 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jul―20 Engaging Student Teachers in An Online Teaching Pedagogies Module during COVID-19 Peter Tiernan, Jane O'Kelly, Justin Rami
74 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jul―19 Exploring the Adoption and Usage of Learning Management System as Alternative for Curriculum Delivery in South African Higher Education Institutions during Covid-19 Lockdown Bongani T. Gamede, Oluwatoyin Ayodele Ajani, Olufemi Sunday Afolabi
75 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Jul―15 Working on a designated COVID-19 unit: Exploring nurse perceptions and experiences Michelle Dellaria Doas
76 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jul―13 The Impact of the Peer-Tutoring Online Discussion (POD) Class Model during the COVID-19 Pandemic Taeyoung Kim, Sung Kyung Chu, So Yeon Byeon, Hae Gyung Yoon, Yongha Kim, Hyunmyung Jo
77 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jun―30 Pre-Service Teachers’ Levels of Adaptations to Remote Teaching and Learning at A University in A Developing Country in the Context of COVID-19 Lydia Mavuru, Oniccah Koketso Pila, Anesu Gelfand Kuhudzai
78 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jun―17 The Classroom Re-Imagined and Re-Designed: The Pandemic-Ready Teaching and Learning Station Daizal R. Samad, Ashwannie Harripersaud
79 [GO] World Journal of Education 2021―Jun―15 COVID-19: Ensuring Continuity of Learning During Scholastic Disruption in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria Kunle Olawunmi, Grace Nwamaka Osakwe
80 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Jun―08 Learning nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic: The importance of perceived relatedness with teachers and sense of coherence Britt Karin Utvær, Tove Engan Paulsby, Hanne Torbergsen, Gørill Haugan
81 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jun―07 Adapting Literature Critique Engagement Activities for Online Learning Due to COVID-19: Use of Online Learning Groups to Promote Scientific Literacy Capabilities in Undergraduate Nutrition Education David M. Beauchamp, Genevieve Newton, Jennifer M. Monk
82 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Jun―07 Relationship between pregnant women and their partners during COVID-19 and the role of accompanying persons during childbirth Elizabete Pumpure, Dace Rezeberga, Gunta Lazdane, Ieva Briedite, Darja Mihailova, Ieva Pitkevica, et al. (+4)
83 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―May―27 Bridging theory-to-practice gaps in a long-term ventilated unit during the COVID-19 pandemic Jose Arnold Tariga
84 [GO] Discussion of Clinical Cases 2021―May―24 Pandemic and modern medicine: Time to recognize and correct previous misconceptions Igor Klepikov
85 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―May―22 Banking Services Marketing via Social Media Platforms and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic in Jordanian Banks: Mediating Role of Innovation Marketing Naseem Abu Roman
86 [GO] Journal of Management and Strategy 2021―May―19 Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Industry: Challenges and Opportunities Naipeng (Tom) Bu, Honggen Xiao, Haiyan Kong, Feiran (Cathy) Dong
87 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―May―14 Limiting transmission of COVID-19 in an inpatient psychiatric hospital using a special care unit as a behavioral health model - Michigan, March 1-August 31, 2020 William Sanders, Kimberley Greenwald, Joshua Foster, David Meisinger, Richelle Payea, Harmony Gould, et al. (+2)
88 [GO] Case Reports in Internal Medicine 2021―May―11 A case of INR elevation with remdesivir and warfarin in a hospitalized patient with COVID-19 Liyan Yao, William Byas, Matthew Li, Merjona Saliaj
89 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―May―10 Academic Deanship in a Post Pandemic Institution Kenneth M. Coll, Charles P. Ruch
90 [GO] Journal of Business Administration Research 2021―May―09 COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Implications on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Operations in Zambia Clement Mwaanga, James Mulenga, Mary Lubinda, Moulen Siame, Kunda Kaliba-Chishimba, Mulenga Chonzi Mulenga, Chilala Sheila Kafula
91 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―May―06 Centering Ukama Ethic (Relatedness) in the Covid-19 Pandemic ‘New Normal’ in African Higher Education Joseph Pardon Hungwe, Amasa P. Ndofirepi
92 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―May―06 Exploring Online Student Engagement During COVID-19 Pandemic in Mongolia Zoljargal Dembereldorj
93 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Apr―29 Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic in Personal and Family Savings in Albania Elona Fejzaj, Ilir Kapaj, Ana Mane Kapaj
94 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Apr―25 A Study of COVID-19 and Its Impact on Well Being of Society and Business Amrita Sidhu, Pretty Bhalla, Inass Said Salamah Ali
95 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Apr―20 Health uncertainty among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic Daniel L. Hall, Christina M. Luberto, Alexandros Markowitz, Helen Mizrach, Nevita George, Giselle K. Perez, et al. (+5)
96 [GO] International Journal of Healthcare 2021―Apr―20 COVID-19 creating challenges in a rehabilitation facility in Australia: A discussion paper Janet Green, Joanne Vallance, Rebekah Choong, Georgina McBride, Jeyanthi Arockiam, Sarah Jane Monaghan, et al. (+2)
97 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Apr―19 American Indian/Alaska Native community infrastructure limitations amid the COVID-19 threat Christine Samuel-Nakamura, Felicia Schanche Hodge
98 [GO] World Journal of Education 2021―Apr―17 Factors Influencing Adjustment in Physical Education and Sports Learning after the COVID-19 Pandemic among Students in the Faculty of Education at Thailand National Sports University Thitipong Sukdee, Dittachai Chankuna
99 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Apr―14 Survival in critically ill admissions with and without COVID-19 at an academic medical center during the height of the pandemic Caroline A. Ricard, Janelle O'keeffe Poyant, Sharon L. Holewinski, Stanley A. Nasraway Jr
100 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Apr―14 Frontline clinician concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative inquiry Rachel Vanderkruik, Helen R. Mizrach, Sydney Crute, Cayley C. Bliss, Louisa G. Sylvia, Lara Traeger, et al. (+9)
101 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Apr―01 Economic and Financial Consequences of Pandemics Vahid Gholampour
102 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Apr―01 Emergency Remote Teaching in Higher Education During Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities Nokukhanya N Jili, Chuks I Ede, Mfundo Mandla Masuku
103 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Mar―29 A narrative inquiry of nursing experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic Susan Ann Vitale, Maureen Lowers-Roach, Lisa A. Lumley
104 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Mar―26 Developing and validating a nursing strategic plan for COVID-19 pandemic Magda Atiya Gaber
105 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―Mar―18 Implications of COVID-19 Lockdown on South African Business Sector Chucks I Ede, Mfundo Mandla Masuku, Nokukhanya N Jili
106 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Mar―17 Personal and professional factors influencing career choice regret during the COVID-19 pandemic Mary Kathryn Gaffney
107 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Mar―15 Healthcare workers’ knowledge, risk perception, safety-relevant practices, and work situation during the COVID-19 pandemic: A quantitative survey from Switzerland Marco Riguzzi, Shkumbin Gashi, Iren Bischofberger
108 [GO] Case Reports in Internal Medicine 2021―Mar―12 A unique COVID-19 case Asa Kessler, Yoav Hershkovitz, Matan Fischer, Ittamar Gork, Fares Darawshy, Hila Fruchtman-Brot, et al. (+2)
109 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Mar―06 COVID-19’s Impact on the International Political Economy of Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa Gamel Abdul-Nasser Salifu
110 [GO] Business and Management Research 2021―Mar―06 COVID-19 Impacts on Teaching within Business Schools Husam Alfahl, Sami Aldejwi
111 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Mar―03 Higher Education in the First Year of COVID-19: Thoughts and Perspectives for the Future Stefano Cesco, Vincenzo Zara, Alberto F. De Toni, Paolo Lugli, Giovanni Betta, Alexander C.O. Evans, Guido Orzes
112 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Feb―25 Development of an employee call center for healthcare workers with symptoms and exposures to COVID-19 Bimal Ashar, Benjamin F. Bigelow, Renee Demski, Clarence Lam, Jennifer Parks, Saira Huggins, et al. (+2)
113 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2021―Feb―24 Teaching during COVID-19: Perceptions of nursing faulty Jolene J. Lynn, Peggy Ward-Smith
114 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―Feb―22 The Early Impact of Government Financial Intervention Policies and Cultural Secrecy on Stock Market Returns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From Developing Countries Fouad Jamaani, Manal Alidarous, Abdullah Al-Awadh
115 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Feb―21 Human Fear of COVID-19: Social Protection Over Self Interest Noura Abdel Maksoud Eissa
116 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Feb―20 Characterization of community-based donation of personal protective equipment to an academic health center during the COVID-19 pandemic Alexandra N. Fuher, James T. Pathoulas, Nathan Rubin, Lisa M. Hursin, Molly A. Wyman, Ronda S. Farah
117 [GO] Journal of Business Administration Research 2021―Feb―18 The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Egyptian Women Psychological Empowerment and Work-Life Balance Maha Ahmed Zaki Dajani, Bassant Adel Mostafa
118 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Jan―19 The Role of Social Marketing in the Prevention of Corona Virus (Covid-19) in Jordan Khaled Tawfeq Al Assaf, Mahmoud Hudaib
119 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Jan―12 Characterization of community-based donation of personal protective equipment to an academic health center during the COVID-19 pandemic Ronda S. Farah, James T. Pathoulas, Nathan Rubin, Lisa M. Hursin, Molly A. Wyman, Ronda S. Farah
120 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―Jan―11 Impact of Covid-19 in the European Start-ups Business and the Idea to Re-energise the Economy Stavros Kalogiannidis, Fotios Chatzitheodoridis
121 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―Jan―11 Remuneration, Personnel Expenses and Third Party Expenses in Times of Covid-19 in the Financial Sector Anderson Arcos-Leon, Margaret Diana Colqui-Estrella, Anny Paula Sugasti-Arivilca, Wagner Enoc Vicente-Ramos
122 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2021―Jan―05 Self-efficacy of Saudi English Majors after the Emergent Transition to Online Learning and Online Assessment during the COVID-19 Pandemic Zeineb Amri, Nasser Alasmari
123 [GO] Discussion of Clinical Cases 2021―Jan―04 Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on some medical institutions in a certain region Junliang Li, Junying Li, Huiqin Zhang, Xiuli Bai, Lingfeng Wang
124 [GO] Research in World Economy 2021―Jan―03 How Do Inflation Rate, BI Rate, and Balance of Trade Directly Affect IDR to USD Exchange Rate and Indirectly Affect IDX Composite Index in Initial Stage of Covid-19 Outbreak? Hilarius Bambang Winarko, Julius Caesare Wahono, Yuniningsih Yuniningsih, Sri Tunggul Pannindriya
125 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2021―Jan―02 The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council States due to Low Oil Prices Khaled Abdalla Moh'd AL-Tamimi
126 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2021―Jan―01 Emergency department utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic Regina K. Saylor, Andrea Blome, Derek Isenberg, Daniel A. DelPortal, Wayne A. Satz, Kraftin E. Schreyer
127 [GO] World Journal of Education 2020―Dec―29 The Hard Teacher’s Leadership Coping to the COVID-19 Pandemic Jorge Carlos Aguayo Chan, Martha Vanessa Espejel López, María de Lourdes Pinto Loria, Efrain Duarte Briceño
128 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2020―Dec―25 Virtual objective structured clinical examination for family nurse practitioner students using a Zoom platform in the time of COVID-19 Tracie Walker Kirkland, Michelle Zappas, Alan Liu, Susan E. Hueck, Jo Fava Hochuli, Win May
129 [GO] Research in World Economy 2020―Dec―20 Covid-19 Pandemic and the Market Performance Analysis: Evidence From Indonesia Achmad Nurdany, Muhammad Ghafur Wibowo, Izra Berakon
130 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2020―Dec―17 Nurse adaptability: Implementing clinical trials in the midst of a pandemic Sarah J. Mendez, Brian Raimondo, Patricia Hughes
131 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2020―Dec―16 Nursing education during a pandemic: Perspectives of students and faculty Cheryle Levitt, Marguerite Goulet, Jamie Murphy, Rebecca Norman-Eck, Ami Bhatt
132 [GO] International Journal of Higher Education 2020―Dec―08 A Comparison of Undergraduate Students’ Perception of Tutorials Before and During the COVID-19: A Case of the University of Kwazulu-Natal in the Discipline of Public Governance Jabulani Nyawo
133 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2020―Dec―01 Αn Eclectic Discussion of the Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on the World Economy During the First Stage of the Spread Stavros Kalogiannidis, Fotios Chatzitheodoridis, Stamatis Kontsas
134 [GO] International Journal of Financial Research 2020―Dec―01 Firm Performance and Corporate Social Environmental Initiatives in the Wake of a Health Pandemic Osereme Omoike, Uwalomwa Uwuigbe, Philip Alege, Bukola Uwuigbe, Osazuwa Peter Nosakhare, Osariemen Asiriuwa
135 [GO] Journal of Curriculum and Teaching 2020―Nov―30 A Virtual Community Pharmacy Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) in Response to COVID-19 Robin Moorman Li, Eric F. Egelund, Jessica Reid, Carol A. Motycka, Ashlan Kunz Coyne, Eric Jakab, et al. (+3)
136 [GO] Journal of Hospital Administration 2020―Nov―27 Resilience engineering in practice: Reflecting on a pediatric hospital’s preparation for unknown coronavirus outbreak Shanqing Yin, Chia Yin Chong, Kee Chong Ng, Khai Pin Lee
137 [GO] Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2020―Nov―23 Prevention measures against COVID-19 performed by people with diabetes mellitus Sherida Karanini Paz De Oliveira, Amelina de Brito Belchior, Rhanna Emanuela Fontenele de Lima Carvalho, Natércia Brígido Linhares Fernandes, Rebeca Furtado Fernandes, Natasha Albuquerque Vasconcelos, Patrícia Freire de Vasconcelos
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