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1 [GO] Филология научные исследования 2023―Feb―11 Integration of English Language Borrowings and Neologisms into Different Structured Languages (Based on the Material of Lexical Units of the Coronavirus Period) Zarrina Vladislavovna Todosienko, Roza Filaritovna Bryleva, Rimma Flyurovna Mingazetdinova
2 [GO] Право и политика 2022―Dec―30 Constitutionality of Legal Regimes During the Spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection Maksim Sergeevich Demchenko
3 [GO] Филология научные исследования 2022―Nov―14 COVID-19 target Sphere in English-language media text (based on The Economist magazine) Umsalimat Bagautdinovna Abdullabekova
4 [GO] Право и политика 2022―Nov―07 The Spread of COVID-19 as a Force Majeure Circumstance in the Context of Exemption from Civil Liability Mariya Vladimirovna Vronskaya
5 [GO] Право и политика 2022―Oct―26 Russian E-commerce Market During COVID-19: Legal Regulation and Trends Mariya Vladimirovna Vronskaya, Maksim Andreevich Isaev
6 [GO] Налоги и налогообложение 2022―Sep―11 Assessment of regional measures of tax support for business in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Evgeniya Mikhailovna Popova, Guzel Mukhtarovna Guseinova, Aleksandra Vladimirovna Goncharova
7 [GO] Налоги и налогообложение 2022―Sep―11 Tax tools for smoothing the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic: foreign experience Evgeniya Mikhailovna Popova, Guzel Mukhtarovna Guseinova
8 [GO] Политика и Общество 2022―Sep―10 The Effectiveness of Mexico's Humanitarian Diplomacy to Address the Challenges of a Pandemic Valentina Andreevna Dmitrieva
9 [GO] Национальная безопасность / nota bene 2022―Apr―03 Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis: Reindustrialization of Modern Russia Aleksandr Alekseevich Vakarev, Valerii Valerievich Vinogradov, Ol'ga Mikhailovna Burdyugova, Natal'ya Vladimirovna Ievleva, Aleksandra Vasil'evna Sycheva
10 [GO] Культура и искусство 2022―Jan―21 The dynamics of worldwide sociocultural transformations in the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic Marya Sergeevna Lebedeva
11 [GO] Психология и Психотехника 2022―Jan―15 The concept of emotional burnout at work in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic Ekaterina Yurievna Andreeva, Mariya Olegovna Kleshnina
12 [GO] Международные отношения 2021―Nov―01 Vaccine diplomacy during the COVID-19 pandemic on the example of the Republic of Serbia Aleksa Filipović
13 [GO] Психология и Психотехника 2021―Sep―29 The experience of psychodiagnostic and counselling work of the hotline in the conditions of pandemic in Transnistria Yulia Bondarenko, Natalia Kilinskaia, Alla Buchkova
14 [GO] Право и политика 2021―Sep―07 Prospects for bringing countries to international responsibility for the spread of mass diseases (on the example of the People’s Republic of China and COVID-19 pandemic) Kira L'vovna Sazonova
15 [GO] Психология и Психотехника 2021―Sep―07 The peculiarities of male fears during the COVID-19 pandemic Marina Ivanovna Rozenova, Valentina Ivanovna Ekimova, Alexey Vladimirovich Kokurin, Marina Gennad'evna Sorokova
16 [GO] Филология научные исследования 2021―Aug―16 The Impact of pandemic upon the attitude of the audience towards the communicator Nataliya Aleksandrovna Kontsevaya
17 [GO] Национальная безопасность / nota bene 2021―Jul―31 Challenges and prospects the global IT-industry in the situation of COVID-19 pandemic Sergey Aleksandrovich Sinitsa
18 [GO] Международные отношения 2021―Jul―23 The specificity and prospects of the current leadership of Germany in the European Union: settlement of the eurozone crisis, migration crisis and COVID-19 crisis s Daria Sevastianova, Leili Rustamova
19 [GO] Право и политика 2021―Jul―23 State support for self-employed citizens during the coronavirus pandemic Susana Arsenovna Kirakosyan, Elmira Azretovna Akaeva
20 [GO] Филология научные исследования 2021―Jun―29 Linguistic manipulation as a method of influencing public opinion in the time of COVID-19 pandemic Elena Vasilevna Andreeva, Mariya Petrovna Arkhipova
21 [GO] Тренды и управление 2021―Jun―25 Real estate market in the time of pandemic: current trends and projections Irina Alekseevna Korostelkina, Nadezhda Vladimirovna Voronkova
22 [GO] Право и политика 2021―May―31 Problematic issues pertaining to conclusion of marriage in the context of coronavirus infection: analysis of law enforcement practice in the context of legal regulation of family relations Anna Viktorovna Borovetс, Arina Igorevna Nefedova, Danil Yaroslavovich Shpakovskii
23 [GO] NB Административное право и практика администрирования 2021―Apr―15 Legal liability in the mechanism of countering current threats to national security: a novel coronavirus infection Dmitriy Anatol'evich Lipinsky, Nikolai Vladimirovich Makareiko, Ivan Evgen'evich Popov
24 [GO] Политика и Общество 2021―Jan―12 New era of uncertainties: COVID-19 and its impact on Brazil Mark Vladimirovich Shugurov
25 [GO] Политика и Общество 2021―Jan―12 New era of uncertainties: COVID-19 and its impact on Brazil Johnatan Da Costa Santos
26 [GO] Политика и Общество 2021―Jan―12 On specificity of organization and conduct of elections during the COVID-19 pandemic (certain aspects) Valentina Ivanovna Chekharina
27 [GO] Полицейская деятельность 2021―Jan―12 The methods of training of the Patrol-Guard Service officers in the midst of the novel coronavirus infection Maxim Yurevich Koynov
28 [GO] NB Административное право и практика администрирования 2020―Nov―17 Vaccination against coronavirus: legal issues Vladimir Vladimirovich Maslyakov, Natal'ya Nikoaevna Portenko, Ol'ga Nikolaevna Pavlova
29 [GO] Право и политика 2020―Oct―30 Problems of protection of human rights in criminal procedure under the conditions of pandemic Lyudmila Mil'tonovna Volodina
30 [GO] Право и политика 2020―Aug―18 Pandemic as “pregnancy test” and herald of social transformations? Vadim Markovich Rozin
31 [GO] Право и политика 2020―Aug―13 Impact of proliferation of the new COVID-19 infection upon the changes social security legislation Ivan Vladimirovich Grigorev

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