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1 [GO] Advances in Education 2023―Nov―29 Teaching Reform and Practice of “Structural Mechanics” during the COVID-19 Epidemic 绍云 邓
2 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Nov―10 Research Progress on Respiratory Rehabilitation of Patients with “Long COVID-19 娜 魏
3 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Oct―10 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Cardiovascular System Diseases 秀秀 高
4 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―Oct―09 Application of Matching to Analyze Early COVID-19 Data 川博 周
5 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Sep―21 A Predictive Model to Estimate Immunogenicity after Receipt of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines in People with Gastrointestinal Cancer 靖杰 王
6 [GO] Advances in Education 2023―Sep―18 Comments on the Learning-Outcome-Based Education Model (OBE) of Our International Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic 亮 吴
7 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Sep―11 Analysis of the Risk Factors of Mortality in Patients with Severe COVID-19 丹 吴
8 [GO] Nursing Science 2023―Aug―14 Research on the Influencing Factors of Stress Sources for Nursing Interns under the Background of COVID-19 Epidemic 曼曼 夏
9 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2023―Aug―11 Impact of Uncertainty Caused by COVID-19 on Household Food Waste-Based on a Moderated Mediation Model 佳玲 沈
10 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2023―Aug―02 COVID-19 Impact and Corporate Leverage Manipulation 书婷 汪
11 [GO] Advances in Education 2023―Jul―31 An Analysis of the Influence of COVID-19 Virus on College Students 卫东 廖
12 [GO] Advances in Education 2023―Jul―27 New Problems and Exploration in Clinical Practice of Respiratory Department during COVID-19 Infection 建江 罗
13 [GO] Computer Science and Application 2023―Jul―26 Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Suspected Coronavirus Personnel 韦宇 朱
14 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Jul―24 Post-Pandemic: Recommendations for Better Living with COVID-19 鹏宇 陈
15 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Jul―20 Progress in Research on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 and Female Reproductive System 明伟 王
16 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―Jul―03 Research and Analysis on the Selection of COVID-19 Prediction Models and Evaluation of Epidemic Prevention Capability 林 陈
17 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Jun―28 An Intervention Study of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on Parent-Child Relationship of College Students under the Background of COVID-19 宜函 李
18 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Jun―25 Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in COVID-19 Imaging 菲 刘
19 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2023―Jun―15 Positive Discourse Analysis of Fighting Covid-19: China in Action on Attitude System of Appraisal Theory 慧敏 杨
20 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Jun―08 Research Progress of COVID-19 Vaccination in Patients with Chronic Liver Diseases 必琼 张
21 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―May―31 A Dynamics Model of COVID-19 with Transition from the Asymptomatic to the Symptomatic Infected Individuals 德玉 郭
22 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―May―29 Novel Coronavirus Model Based on Vaccination and Its Analysis: A Case of Shanghai 彩霞 宋
23 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―May―25 Application of Bayesian Spatio-TemporalModel in the Risk Assessment of COVID-19 佳安 牛
24 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2023―May―22 The Limitations of Single Use of Syndrome Differentiation in the Treatment of COVID-19 from the Current Situation of TCM Diagnosis and Treatment 启明 孟
25 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―May―22 Comparative Analysis of the Differences in Mental Health Indicators between Inpatient Psychiatric Patients and Medical Personnel after Infection with COVID-19 (Omicron) 兴娟 胡
26 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―May―17 Clinical Investigation of Headache after COVID-19 红燕 谢
27 [GO] Advances in Analytical Chemistry 2023―May―11 Development of Electrochemical Immunosensor for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Using Reduced Half-Antibody Fragments 安安 徐
28 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2023―May―10 The Impact of Investor Sentiment on China’s Stock Market Trading in the Context of the COVID-19: Based on a Multivariate Parallel Intermediary Model 佳雄 余
29 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2023―May―04 The Relationship between COVID-19 Risk Perception and Prosocial Behavior: The Mediating Role of Empathy and Humanization Perception 萌 薛
30 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Apr―28 Research Progress of Novel Coronavirus Vac-cine in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease 露 王
31 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2023―Apr―27 A Review of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Tertiary Industry 瑾 赵
32 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Apr―24 Research Progress on Cardiac Rehabilitation in Patients after Myocarditis Caused by COVID-19 Is Cured 艳丽 孙
33 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Apr―21 The Relationship among Mental Health, Sleep Quality and Multidimensional Life Satisfaction of College Students during the COVID-19 Epidemic 玉敬 党
34 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2023―Apr―21 Research on the Problem of Social Governance in Response to Public Health Emergencies-An Example of Fighting of COVID-19 in City S 明紫 陈
35 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Apr―20 Research Advances in SARS-Cov-2 Vaccination of Bell’s Palsy 怡 余
36 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2023―Apr―19 The Impact of COVID-19 on Wholesale and Retail-Based on a Stock Perspective 瑾 赵
37 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Apr―17 Prevention and Nursing Strategy of Skin Injury of Front-Line Medical Staff under the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-COVID-19 常英 牛
38 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Apr―14 The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccine Accepted in Patients with Rheumatic Immune Diseases 芳谊 朱
39 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2023―Apr―03 Discourse Analysis of Domestic E-Commerce Consumers Based on Evaluation Theory in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 育灵 刘
40 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Mar―30 Formation Mechanism of Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Green Products in COVID-19-Based on Event System Theory 良 严
41 [GO] Dispute Settlement 2023―Mar―29 Criminal Policy of Combin-ing Leniency with Severity to Deal with Public Health Emergencies-Taking the COVID-19 Epidemic as an Example 敏娟 洪
42 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2023―Mar―22 A Study on College Students’ Risk Perception of COVID-19 and Influencing Factors 德云 王
43 [GO] Open Journal of Natural Science 2023―Mar―22 Application of Electrochemical Biosensor in Detection of SARS-CoV-2 燕娇 邹
44 [GO] Open Journal of Natural Science 2023―Mar―15 The Clinical Application of Ivermectin in COVID-19 土玲 车
45 [GO] Pure Mathematics 2023―Feb―23 To Study the Transmission Trend of COVID-19 in Hong Kong Based on SEIRS Model of Quarantined Population 慧敏 郭
46 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2023―Feb―22 Clinical Research of Auricular Point Pressing Interferes with COVID-19 Based on Data Mining 娟 魏
47 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Feb―14 Analysis on the Treatment of Hip Fracture under COVID-19 春林 刘
48 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Feb―10 Relationship between Coronavirus-Related Suffering and Depression: The Mediating Role of Meaning in Life 秋俊 樊
49 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2023―Feb―08 The Research Progress of COVID-19 Related Kidney Injury 娜 谢
50 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Feb―07 Study on Mental Health Status and Its Influencing Factors of Medical Staff in COVID-19 Epidemic Situation 俊华 郑
51 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Feb―07 Psychological Analysis of Drug Addicts under Uncertain Conditions and Construction of Aid and Support Mechanism-Taking Closed Management in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic as an Example 李双 陈
52 [GO] Art Research Letters 2023―Feb―06 Image Characteristics and Style Differences between Eastern and Western TV Dramas about COVID-19 尔玉 王
53 [GO] Nursing Science 2023―Feb―06 Research Progress of Chinese Nursing Students’ Professional Identity during COVID-19 毓 徐
54 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Jan―29 The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adult Mental Health under the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Chain Mediating Role of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion 红芳 江
55 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Jan―28 Sleep and Anxiety in Middle School Students under Temporary COVID-19 Lockdown: The Mediating Role of Mindfulness 晓伟 周
56 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Jan―18 Study on Volunteer Psychological Adjustment Scheme of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics under COVID-19 枝枝 原
57 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2023―Jan―16 Literature-Based Analysis of the Regularity of COVID-19 and SARS in Symptoms and TCM Syndromes 淑敏 孙
58 [GO] Asian Case Reports in Oncology 2023―Jan―13 Analysis of Clinical Characteristics of the Ma-lignant Tumor Patients Infected with 2019 Novel Coronavirus Omicron Variant 贤俊 孙
59 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2023―Jan―12 Analysis of the Mental Health in Children and Adolescents under the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic-A Case Study of Ordos City 珊 郑
60 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2023―Jan―11 Predictive Analysis of COVID-19 Based on Bidirectional LSTM Model 秀子 张
61 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2023―Jan―10 Analysis on Domestic Literature Related to Novel Coronavirus 海 刘
62 [GO] Computer Science and Application 2023―Jan―09 Design and Implementation of COVID-19 Prediction and Visualization Systems 宽宽 张
63 [GO] World Economic Research 2022―Dec―30 Research on the Impact of the COVID-19 on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Taking the Consumer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry as Example 燕萍 黄
64 [GO] Bioprocess 2022―Dec―29 Biological Characteristics of Coronavirus with Disinfection by Ultraviolet Rays 冬冬 袁
65 [GO] World Economic Research 2022―Dec―28 Monetary Policy under the Impact of the COVID-19 依 李
66 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Dec―26 Analysis of Trade Potential between China and Countries along the “The Belt and Road” under the COVID-19 宝宇 韩
67 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2022―Dec―23 Exploration of Three-Step Blending Teaching in the Field Teaching Practice for Botany under the COVID-19 Epidemic 楠 林
68 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Dec―21 COVID-19 Epidemic Situation Hastens Parturition of “Home Chemistry” Course in Colleges and Universities 美芹 王
69 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2022―Dec―19 Analysis of People’s Willingness to Vac-cinate and Its Influencing Factors from the Perspective of Integrated Media-Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine as an Example 文艾 陶
70 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Dec―13 Characteristics of College Students’ Anxiety and Sleep Quality during COVID-19 Dormitory Control Period and the Moderating Effect of Social Support 寒秋 潘
71 [GO] Interdisciplinary Science Letters 2022―Dec―12 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Trend of Career Globalization 嘉浩 耿
72 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Dec―06 The Influence of Emotional State and Moral Sensitivity on Moral Judgment-A Study Based on Covid-19 Epidemic Background 逸琳 沈
73 [GO] Modeling and Simulation 2022―Nov―25 Application of ARIMA Model in Transmission Prediction of the COVID-19 得新 孟
74 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Nov―24 An Empirical Study on the Employment View of Fresh Graduates in Yili Normal University under the Influence of COVID-19 龙 马
75 [GO] Hans Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2022―Nov―24 Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking of SARS-CoV-2 3CL<sup>pro</sup> Inhibitors 云 黄
76 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―Nov―23 Research Progress on the Correlation between Vitamin D Level and Coronavirus Disease 2019 新彤 吴
77 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Nov―18 A Study on the Prediction of COVID-19 Based on the BiLSTM Model 莎 郭
78 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Nov―18 Mental Health Status of Freshmen before and after COVID-19 Epidemic 宁 葛
79 [GO] Hans Journal of Computational Biology 2022―Nov―09 Mutation Sites and Evolutionary Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Spike Protein 秀兰 吴
80 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Nov―04 A Corpus-Based Study on Metaphors in News Reports on COVID-19-A Case Study on People’s Daily 荣慧 郭
81 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Nov―01 Meta Analysis of Mental Health Problems of Medical Staff under COVID-19 倍倍 李
82 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Oct―26 Status of Mental Health Literacy and Influencing Factors of College Students in Shaanxi Province under the Background of COVID-19 寒秋 潘
83 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2022―Oct―24 Verification on Agenda Setting Based on Machine Learning Algorithms and Social Network Analysis Methods-A Case Study of “Chinese Assistance” in the Early Stage of COVID-19 鑫 万
84 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Oct―12 The Study on Modality in China’s COVID-19 News Discourse from the Perspective of Systemic-Functional Grammar 丽萍 陈
85 [GO] Hans Journal of Biomedicine 2022―Oct―11 Detection of COVID-19 Disease Based on YOLOv5 庆华 苏
86 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Oct―10 Meaning Construction of Multimodal Metaphor under Conceptual Blending Theory-Taking the Cartoon “Fighting the Coronavirus” in News Cartoon as an Example 雅典 刘
87 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Sep―29 A Study on the Relationship between Mode of Emotion Regulation, Anxiety and Psychological Stress of Cadets in a Military Academy under COVID-19 柱 黄
88 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2022―Sep―29 To Explore the Rationality of Deducing the COVID-19 Epidemic Trend Based on the Six Qi Theory in Huangdi Neijing 言琪 卢
89 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―Sep―26 Analysis of the Psychological Status and Influencing Factors of Nucleic Acid Sampling Personnel during the Pandemic of COVID-19 梅 薛
90 [GO] Sustainable Development 2022―Sep―26 Research on the Travel Behavior of Beijing Residents during the COVID-19 Epidemic 嘉磊 卢
91 [GO] Frontiers of International Accounting 2022―Sep―26 Research on the Financial Risks and Countermeasures of Catering Enterprises under the COVID-19 Epidemic-Taking Haidilao as an Example 文秋 陆
92 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2022―Sep―26 Clinical Observation on the Treatment of Mild Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia with Skin Safe Acupoint Application Formula 光辉 覃
93 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Sep―20 Study on the Profitability of Catering Enterprises under the Background of COVID-19-A Case Study of Haidilao Limited Company 睿 裘
94 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Aug―31 A Study on Developing Evaluation Model for Online Teaching Competencies in Primary Education in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic-Based on a Social Learning Theory Perspective 仰平 陈
95 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―Aug―30 The Research Progress on Diagnostic Methods for COVID-19 帅 张
96 [GO] Dispute Settlement 2022―Aug―22 Analysis of General Exception Clauses in International Investment-A Case Study of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures 媛 李
97 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Aug―19 Online Learning Satisfaction of Senior High School Students in the Context of COVID-19 Normalized Prevention and Control-Taking the Course of Mental Health Education as an Example 玲玲 姬
98 [GO] Advances in Environmental Protection 2022―Aug―18 Analysis of the Reasons for the Decline of the Ambient Air Quality Compliance Rate in the Main Urban Area of Dazhou during the COVID-19 Epidemic Control Period 蕴明 胡
99 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―Aug―17 Covid-19 Nucleic Acid Detection Pharyngeal Swab Sampling Leads to Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature 星祥 付
100 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―Aug―12 Research Progress in the Application of Laboratory Markers for COVID-19 晓娟 潘
101 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Aug―11 Study on the Factors Affecting the COVID-19 Vaccination Volume in D City 菲 孙
102 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2022―Aug―08 Research on Teaching Reform of Undergraduate Online Practical Courses under the COVID-19 鹏 彭
103 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Aug―03 Research on the Improvement of Government Digital Governance Ability under the COVID-19 谷生 刘
104 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Jul―27 New Usage of Idioms in the context of COVID-19 镁灵 向
105 [GO] Business and Globalization 2022―Jul―22 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Performance of Streaming Media Companies-Taking Netflix as an Example 静 李
106 [GO] Modern Management 2022―Jul―20 Discussion on Tax Policy in Public Health Emergencies-Taking SARS and COVID-19 for Example 洪夷 石
107 [GO] Modern Management 2022―Jul―20 An Analysis of Community Crisis Governance under COVID-19-Based on a Public Policy Implementation Perspective 秋月 冯
108 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Jul―18 Research on Administrative Law and Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Teaching Cases of Ideological and Political Courses under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation 雪莲 刘
109 [GO] Dispute Settlement 2022―Jul―18 Legal Solution to the Dilemma of Consular Protection for Overseas Students under COVID-19 佳成 耿
110 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Jul―15 The Impact of COVID-19 Public Environmental Risk Perception on Protective Behavior-The Moderating Role of Death Anxiety 其云 黄
111 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Jul―14 A Study of the Impact of College Students’ Perceptions of Illness and Negative Emotional Reactions on Life Adaptation under the Normalized Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic 茹 孙
112 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2022―Jul―14 Research on Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on Automobile Consumption and Regional Differences in China-Based on Spatial Statistics and Econometric Models 长强 赖
113 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Jul―12 Analysis of Teaching Practice of Ideological and Political Education in the Course of Business English Correspondence under the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic 燕苹 仇
114 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Jul―07 Research Hotspots and Visual Analysis of Online Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools under the COVID-19 Pandemic-Based on the Perspective of Social Network Analysis 明珠 娄
115 [GO] Asian Case Reports in Emergency Medicine 2022―Jun―29 Pulmonary Imaging Evolution before the Diagnosis of Imported COVID-19 艳 郭
116 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Jun―28 A Study on Chinese Uygur Translation of News Attitude Resources of COVID-19 from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory 曼古丽•巴拉提 阿
117 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2022―Jun―28 Study on the Influencing Factors of Wuhan University Students’ COVID-19 Vaccination Behavior 瑞佳 马
118 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―Jun―28 Prediction of COVID-19’s Transmission Based on SIR Network Model under Epidemic Prevention Measures 沛文 严
119 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Jun―27 Application of PBL Teaching Method in Colorectal Tumor Distance Education during COVID-19 旭 高
120 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Jun―27 Whether the Mental Health of Clinical Practice Nursing Students Has Been Affected by the COVID-19? 文垚 耿
121 [GO] Nursing Science 2022―Jun―21 Investigation on the Current Situation of Medical Occupational Protec-tion in Medical Students under the Background of New Coronavirus Pneumonia 乾乘 彭
122 [GO] Advances in Microbiology 2022―Jun―14 Research Progress of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant 康泓 王
123 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2022―Jun―14 Multi-Dimensional Teaching Model of Experimental Technical Courses Based on COVID-19-Taking the Teaching Model of Agriculture Science Instrumental Analysis as an Example 丙文 王
124 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2022―Jun―14 Explorations on the College Physics Experimental Teaching for International Students in China during the Pandemic 斌 李
125 [GO] Dispute Settlement 2022―Jun―13 Legal Challenges and Measures to Online Arbitration in the Light of COVID-19 Pandemic 劼 沈
126 [GO] Dispute Settlement 2022―Jun―06 Research on the Intellectual Property Waiver for COVID-19 Vaccine under International Sight 野 徐
127 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Jun―02 A Transitivity Analysis of China Related News Headlines on COVID-19 Pandemic in African Mainstream Media 叶英 潘
128 [GO] Finance 2022―May―31 Research on Current Situation and Problems of Commercial Health Insurance under the Background of Covid-19 Normalization 丹一 刘
129 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―May―31 A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of British Public Signs-A Case Study Based on British Multi-Level Anti Pandemic Public Signs 小萌 张
130 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―May―31 Analysis of the Pathogenesis of Liver Injury Caused by COVID-19 美玲 张
131 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―May―31 The Impact of COVID-19 on Depression and Anxiety during Pregnancy 星晨 叶
132 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2022―May―27 Measurement of Global COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution 菊 徐
133 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―May―26 Influence of Mindfulness Practice on Anxiety and Depression in Medical Students during COVID-19 文丽 廖
134 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―May―26 Study on the Spread of the Virus Based on SALIR Model -A Case Study on COVID-19 恬恬 周
135 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―May―26 Conceptual Metaphor Analysis of News Reporting of Public Health Emergencies-Taking China Daily’s English-Language Coverage of COVID-19 涵铮 王
136 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―May―25 Teaching Research on Combining Probability Theory with Social Major Event Analysis-Taking Single and Mixed Samples in COVID-19 Test as an Example to Conduct a Teaching Research on the Independence and Mutual Exclusive Events 凤 程
137 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―May―24 Characteristics of Spatial and Temporal Distribution and Influencing Factors of COVID-19-A Case Study of Shijiazhuang City 淑鑫 邓
138 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―May―23 A Survey on Mental Health Status of Returning College Pre-Graduated in Low-Risk Areas of COVID-19 绍旭 黄
139 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2022―May―23 Application of Bronchoscopy during the COVID-19 Pandemic 正相 惠
140 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―May―20 The Carbon Emission Right Option Pricing and Empirical Analysis under COVID-19 青 刘
141 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2022―May―19 Construction of “Extended Classroom” Digital Teaching System-Taking Online Music Teaching during the COVID-19 as an Example 雨梦 何
142 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2022―May―19 COVID-19 Network Reconstruction and Topology Characteristic Analysis in Nangong City, Hebei Province 改琴 董
143 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―May―13 The Impact of Parents’ Marital Quality on Adolescents’ Internalization Problems in the Context of COVID-19 舒怡 王
144 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―May―11 The Relationship between Marital Quality and Coparenting in Quarantined Couples: The Moderating Role of COVID-19 Fear 子聪 王
145 [GO] Open Journal of Legal Science 2022―May―11 Discussing the Revision of the Law of People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases from the Perspective of the Overall Function Display of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 妍 董
146 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―May―10 Training Strategy on the Practical Ability of Medical Undergraduates Based on Post Competency in the COVID-19 Pandemic 宁 刘
147 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2022―Apr―28 Study on the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on Chinese Tourism Industry 鹏飞 段
148 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Apr―26 Critical Discourse Analysis in “New York Times” COVID-19 News Concerning China 月玲 潘
149 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Apr―24 Research on COVID-19 and Emotion-Bibliometric Analysis Based on CiteSpace 安 鲍
150 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Apr―21 A Study on Translation Strategies of Fighting Covid-19: China in Action Based on Newmark’s Translation Theory 佳欣 李
151 [GO] Advances in Education 2022―Apr―19 Analysis on the Implementation Path of International Personnel Talent Training for Material and Metallurgy Major in Wuhan University of Science and Technology during the Epidemic of COVID-19 响亮 万
152 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Apr―18 Research on System Causes and Countermeasures of COVID-19 Affecting Economic Development 兴敏 张
153 [GO] Advances in Environmental Protection 2022―Apr―13 Analysis of PM<sup>2.5</sup> Components and Pollution Sources during the COVID-19 Epidemic in 2020 in Xiangyang City 芳 纪
154 [GO] Geographical Science Research 2022―Apr―13 Analysis of Spatiotemporal Differentiation Characteristics of Public Travel Emotions under the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic-Taking Weibo Text as an Example 阳 褚
155 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2022―Apr―11 Measuring the Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Confidence Index 思敏 崔
156 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2022―Apr―08 Public Opinion Analysis of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Based on Machine Learning 婷 谢
157 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Apr―08 A Phenomenological Study on the Hesitation of College Students to the Coronavirus Vaccine 怡涵 王
158 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Mar―29 A Comparative Study on the Report of the COVID-19 in China and the United States from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory 静颐 刘
159 [GO] Sustainable Development 2022―Mar―03 Study on the Impact and Spatial Spillover Effects of COVID-19 Epidemic on Regional Economy in China 沛颖 吕
160 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2022―Feb―16 Research on the Establishment Path of Long-Term Emergency Management Mechanism in Rural China under the COVID-19 Situation -Evidence from a Case Study from Xinyang City, Henan Province 西琳 陈
161 [GO] Geographical Science Research 2022―Feb―14 Study on the Correlation between Population Activities and Spatiotemporal Distribution of COVID-19 in the United States 卫红 李
162 [GO] World Economic Research 2022―Feb―07 Research on Public Health Emergencies on TFP of Textile Enterprises-A Case of COVID-19 洁 俞
163 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Jan―21 The Impact of Subjective Support on Mental Health under COVID-19: Analysis of Multiple Mediating Effects of Hope and Sense of Security 霞 周
164 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2022―Jan―18 Language Functions in Current Political News Reports-A Case Study of COVID-19 Epidemic News 燕 宋
165 [GO] Sustainable Development 2022―Jan―10 Research on Targeted Poverty Alleviation under the COVID-19 Pandemic 嘉婕 孙
166 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2022―Jan―04 The Influence of Marital Quality on Parent-Child Relationship in Preschool Children during the COVID-19 Epidemic: A Moderated Mediating Model 欣 沈
167 [GO] World Economic Research 2021―Dec―30 Empirical Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on Global Automobile Market-Based on Spatial Econometric Model 沛颖 吕
168 [GO] Computer Science and Application 2021―Dec―30 Semantic Segmentation Method of COVID-19 Lung CT Images Based on Improved DeepLabV3+ 光宇 王
169 [GO] Modern Management 2021―Dec―30 Prevention and Control Strategy of Gynecological Outpatient Department in Special Hospital during New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak 兰玉 肖
170 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Dec―28 Investigation and Analysis of Mental Health Status of Civil Aviation Crews under the COVID-19 伶 杨
171 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2021―Dec―24 Study on Trend and Characteristics of Spatio-Temporal Evolution of COVID-19 Epidemic in China-Based on Spatial Markov Chain and STL Time Series Model 小英 张
172 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Dec―23 Research on the Construction of Harmonious Ecosystem of College Students’ Psychological Development under the Background of Normalization of COVID-19 Prevention and Control 义利 王
173 [GO] Medical Diagnosis 2021―Dec―20 Clinical Observation of ACEI/ARB in Treating New Coronavirus Pneumonia Complicated with Hypertension 宇宁 陈
174 [GO] Nursing Science 2021―Dec―13 Construction of Emergency Management System for General Ward in Non-Communicable Diseases Hospital during Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia 小霞 付
175 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2021―Dec―09 The Teaching Strategy of Medical Functional Experiment in the Period of Continuously Fighting against COVID-19 森 李
176 [GO] Nursing Science 2021―Dec―06 Observation of the Adverse Reactions of Coronavirus 2 Inactivated Vaccine after Inoculation 蒙 吴
177 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Nov―25 An Effective Analysis of 15 People Suffered from Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Treated by Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine 宏博 刘
178 [GO] Hans Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2021―Nov―23 Study on the Mechanism of Jibei Kechuan Capsules Intervention’ Action on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) Based on Network Pharmacology 漂 余
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341 [GO] Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research 2020―Feb―27 Preliminary Study on Transmission Model and Prediction of New Coronavirus 福义 杨

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