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1 [GO] Modern Management 2021―Sep―24 Research on the Social Service Effectiveness of Central Park in High-Density City during the COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control-Taking the Macau Taipa Central Park as an Example 济泰 李
2 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Sep―22 Research on Social Work Intervention in Building a Community of Common Health for Mankind under COVID-19 秋俊 吴
3 [GO] Journal of Oil and Gas Technology 2021―Sep―10 Prevention and Control of COVID-19 on Offshore Projects-Taking Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park Project (Phase1) as an Example 士贤 廖
4 [GO] Overseas English Testing Pedagogy and Research 2021―Aug―30 IELTS Teaching and Learning in COVID-19 Era: Massive Transition from Offline to Online 仕峥 刘
5 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Aug―27 Comparative Analysis of Industrial Development in China and the United States under the Impact of COVID-19 Based on Multiple Linear Regression 佳俊 何
6 [GO] Modern Management 2021―Aug―24 Analysis of Influencing Factors of College Students’ Preventive Behavior in Response to COVID-19 Epidemic 芸 旷
7 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Aug―17 Research Status of Aerosol Inhalation Drugs in COVID-19 Outbreak 浩然 秦
8 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Aug―05 Quantitative Definition of “Pandemic” Disease Based on COVID-19 元珂 刘
9 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Aug―05 A Survey of Anxiety on College Students at Home during COVID-19 Epidemic 雯 沈
10 [GO] Finance 2021―Jul―22 Charitable Donations and Corporate Financial Performance-An Empirical Study Based on Corporate Donations during the COVID-19 Epidemic in China 欣欣 车
11 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Jul―20 Clinical Observation of the Application of ACEI or ARB Drugs in Patients with COVID-19 and Hypertension 运凤 厉
12 [GO] Open Journal of Legal Science 2021―Jul―16 The Conflict and Coordination between the Protection of Personal Privacy and the Needs of Public Health Safety under the Background of Pandemic Situation 宇锟 阮
13 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2021―Jul―06 Derivation and Verification of the Attributes of Six Evils of Novel Coronavirus by Five Elements’ Motion and Six Kinds of Natural Factors 言琪 卢
14 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2021―Jun―28 The Ecological Analysis on Multimodal Metaphor of News Cartoons on Fighting against COVID-19 from the Perspective of Conceptual Blending Theory 凌晨 李
15 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Jun―25 SEIR-Based Prediction of COVID-19 and Optimization of Hospitalization 鸿芳 陈
16 [GO] Journal of Oil and Gas Technology 2021―Jun―24 Risk Response Measures for International Projects under COVID-19 法福 刘
17 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Jun―24 Visualization Analysis of COVID-19 Research 金玲 刘
18 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2021―Jun―23 The Analysis of COVID-19’s Impact on the Hubei Stock Market-Based on the Event Analysis Method 云梦 张
19 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Jun―23 Study on the Efficacy and Safety of Thymalfasin for Treatment of Critically Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Patients 启惠 冉
20 [GO] Advances in Geosciences 2021―Jun―18 Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Pollutant Concentration in Guiyang, Southwestern China 志华 苏
21 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2021―Jun―18 A Comparative Study on Multimodal Visual Narrative Structure of COVID-19 Reports between Chinese and Foreign Universities 乂 付
22 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Jun―11 The Impact of Physical Exercise on the Sense of Meaning in Life of College Students during the COVID-19 文吉 周
23 [GO] Nursing Science 2021―Jun―09 Analysis on the Attitude of COVID-19 Vaccination and Influencing Factors among Higher Vocational College Students in Wuhan 明皓 潘
24 [GO] Hans Journal of Computational Biology 2021―Jun―09 Novel Coronavirus DNA Sequence Visualization Based on Entropy Distribution 宸 杨
25 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Jun―08 SEIR Model for COVID-19 Dynamics Considering Death Factor and Contact Numbers in Different Periods 儆轩 张
26 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Jun―08 Awareness and Attitude Survey of Rational Drug Use among the Public during Novel Coronavirus Epidemic 原 徐
27 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―May―28 Analysis of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Countermeasures Based on Game Theory 英 马
28 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―May―28 Prediction of COVID-19 Epidemic Situation Based on ES-GARCH Method 永华 马
29 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―May―27 Study on the Effect of COVID-19 Epidemic on Panic Psychology of First-Born Children 雅慧 刘
30 [GO] Advances in Education 2021―May―25 Reality and Revelation of Online Foreign Language Teaching in the Context of COVID-19 Epidemic-Take A University in Guizhou Province as an Example 辰洋 胡
31 [GO] Geographical Science Research 2021―May―24 Spatial Distribution of COVID-19 in Shandong Province, China 怡昕 戴
32 [GO] Advances in Education 2021―May―24 The Analysis and Study of Online Flipped Teaching Modes of College English Course during COVID-19 Pandemic 驭舟 杨
33 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―May―21 The Influence of Neuroticism and Coping Style on Depression of College Graduates during the Epidemic of COVID-19: A Moderated Mediating Model 小玲 毛
34 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―May―20 Comparative Analysis of Changes in Household Financial Management and Consumption under the Background of COVID-19 夏怡 贾
35 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―May―20 Effects of COVID-19 on Woolen Textile Industry in Jiangsu Province and Its Post-Epidemic Development 钰 刘
36 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―May―19 Detection of Critical Signals in Local COVID-19 Outbreaks Based on Landscape Network Entropy 仁豪 洪
37 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―May―18 The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Children and Coping Strategies 心歆 廖
38 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology 2021―May―11 Investigation on Mental Health Status of Medical Staff during COVID-19 Epidemic and Analysis of Influencing Factors 拓 韩
39 [GO] International Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology 2021―May―07 The Effect of Global Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Levels of Public Anxiety in China 勤明 邱
40 [GO] Modern Management 2021―Apr―29 The Influence of Major Public Health Emergencies Such as COVID-19 on Doctor-Patient Relationship 海云 李
41 [GO] Modern Management 2021―Apr―28 Impacts of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Job Hunting-An Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data 永钊 李
42 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2021―Apr―26 Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Clustering Characteristics and Influencing Factors of COVID-19 Epidemic in Guangdong Province 肖凤 黄
43 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2021―Apr―23 Comparison of the Current Situation of “MOOC” Cognition of Nursing Students in a University before and after the Pandemic 静波 田
44 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Apr―22 Research on the Construction of Training System for Drug Quality Inspectors in Institutes for Drug Control during COVID-19 Epidemic 震 刘
45 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Apr―16 Research Progress on the Mechanism of COVID-19 Complicated with Renal Injury 媛 刘
46 [GO] Advances in Environmental Protection 2021―Apr―15 Technical Analysis of Air Sterilization Based on the COVID-19 Epidemic 毅荣 林
47 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2021―Apr―15 Urban Distribution Characteristics of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease in Guangdong Province under the Background of Population Mobility 肖凤 黄
48 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Apr―09 A COVID-19 Model Based on Game Theory: A Case of India 洋 于
49 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2021―Apr―08 On the English Translation of China’s Publicity Texts amid Covid-19 under Newmark’s Translation Theories 玉玲 申
50 [GO] Asian Case Reports in Surgery 2021―Mar―31 Therapeutic Experience of Acute Biliary Py-ogenic Thrombosis Obstruction during the Epidemic Period of COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Case Report 立民 刘
51 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2021―Mar―30 Effect of Yinghuang Qingfei Capsule and Lopinavir/Ritonavir Treatment in Patients with Mild COVID-19 昱升 阎
52 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2021―Mar―30 Study on Uncovering Blindness Requirements and Protection Rate in the Midterm of Phase III Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine 如云 王
53 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Mar―24 Influence Mechanism of Social Support on Positive Coping Behaviors of Health School Student during the COVID-19 Prevention 勘 时
54 [GO] Hans Journal of Computational Biology 2021―Mar―23 Visual Distribution of Information Entropy on SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein 可 吴
55 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2021―Mar―16 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Academic Conference for Continuing Medical Education 扬 秦
56 [GO] Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine 2021―Mar―03 Research Progress of Wild Bird Coronavirus 晓云 米
57 [GO] Modeling and Simulation 2021―Mar―01 Optimization of Prevention and Control Strategies Based on the COVID-19 芷涵 陈
58 [GO] Advances in Education 2021―Feb―26 Self-Reliance and Self-Improvement in Science and Technology as the Support of the National Development Strategy-Further Understanding of the Importance of Science and Education Innovation from Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Event 靖 黄
59 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Feb―24 Reflection on the Construction of Community Mental Health Service after the COVID-19-Based on the Survey Results of SCL-90 in Six Communities of Wuhan City 珍 金
60 [GO] Nursing Science 2021―Feb―23 A Study on Relationships between Resilience, Professional Benefits and Coping Behavior of ICU Nurses Fighting against Pneumonia Caused by a Novel Coronavirus Infection 敏 徐
61 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2021―Feb―22 Analysis and Forecast of Epidemic Situation in Novel Coronavirus 颖秋 瞿
62 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2021―Feb―03 Analysis of the Impact of Temperature on the Spread of COVID-19 Based on DLNM 阳 胡
63 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Jan―27 Mental Health Status of Public and Medical Staff's Relationship with Positive and Negative Emotion during Novel Coronavirus Disease Epidemic: An Online Survey 珊珊 王
64 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Jan―26 On the Manifesting and Refinement of Chinese National Governance Ability in the Prevention and Control for the COVID-19 Outbreak 义顺 周
65 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Jan―21 The Impact and Transformation of COVID-19 on Global Public Health Governance System 可欣 王
66 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Jan―20 Causes and Countermeasures of Medical Supplies Market Chaos during COVID-19 Epidemic 晓瑜 魏
67 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2021―Jan―20 Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Hospital Personnel Recruitment and Allocation under the Background of Epidemic (COVID-19) Normalization 文 武
68 [GO] Open Journal of Legal Science 2021―Jan―12 Study of Government Governance in the Sudden Outbreak-Taking the COVID-19 as an Example 哲 陈
69 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2021―Jan―07 Impacts of Solitary Coping and Meaning in Life on University Students’ Mental Health during the Resuming Study Period of the COVID-19 Epidemic 永菊 于
70 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Dec―28 Application Effect of WeChat Group in Extended Nursing of the Patients with Indwelling Tube after Urological Surgery during the COVID-19 Epidemic 婷 王
71 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Dec―28 The Impact of Media-Oriented Social Conflicts in the COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth Risk Perception 皓君 佘
72 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Dec―25 Characteristics of Residents’ Intertemporal Decision during the Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic 芝伶 刘
73 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2020―Dec―21 Based on the Application of the ARIMA Model in the Cumulative Number of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in the United States 旺 谢
74 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2020―Dec―16 Influence of Online Course on University Students Activities under the Epidemic Situation of COVID-19 彦伶 陈
75 [GO] Computer Science and Application 2020―Dec―16 Analysis of the Application of Information Systems in the COVID-19 Epidemic under the Background of Big Data 雪颖 古
76 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2020―Dec―09 The Construction of Hero Image of Mass Media against the New Coronavirus Based on Corpus 春艳 何
77 [GO] Advances in Physical Sciences 2020―Dec―02 Analysis of Sports Consumption Dilemma and Research on Coping Strategies in the Context of COVID-19 世波 卢
78 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Nov―30 Analysis of the Effect of Sandplay Therapy on Improving Psychological Capital of High School Students during the Outbreak of COVID-19 晓莹 杨
79 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2020―Nov―27 Research on the Content, Type and Response Mode of “Moment Rumors” during the COVID-19 雨蝶 董
80 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Nov―20 Interpretation of Child-Related Contents of Infectious Diseases Society of America Guidelines on the Treatment and Management of Patients with COVID-19 志龙 穆
81 [GO] Advances in Education 2020―Nov―18 Discussion on University Physical MOOC Course under COVID-19 观圣 贺
82 [GO] Advances in Education 2020―Nov―17 Thinking on the Teaching Model of Enterprise Management Course in the Later Period of 2019 Novel Coronavirus 苗苗 王
83 [GO] Advances in Education 2020―Nov―06 Practical Research on Group Perception Effect in Improving Students Tardiness of Online Learning at Home during the Epidemic of COVID-19 慧 周
84 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Nov―04 The Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV 超 陈
85 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2020―Oct―28 The Macroeconomic Impact of the COVID-19 橙 刘
86 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2020―Oct―21 Classification and Definition of Pandemic in the Context of COVID-19 纪元 邱
87 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Oct―20 A Qualitative Study of Nursing Staff Participating in the Treatment of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients 顺 黄
88 [GO] Creative Education Studies 2020―Oct―16 Practice and Thoughts of Online Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the Background of COVID-19 Epidemic Situation 美芹 魏
89 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Oct―12 Analysis on the Effect of Psychological Care for COVID-19 Patients during Isolation 凤娇 王
90 [GO] Hans Journal of Surgery 2020―Sep―29 Therapeutic Experience of Laparoscopic Operation for Periappendiceal Abscess during the Epidemic Period of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia: A Case Report 柏江 万
91 [GO] Pharmacy Information 2020―Sep―25 Rational Drug Usage Suggestion for COVID-19 Patients at Prime Stage 谨成 杨
92 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Sep―24 An Overview of Characteristics and Causes of COVID-19 in Children in China 瑜 赵
93 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Sep―23 Perioperative Nursing of the Patients Undergoing Urological Surgery during the COVID-19 Epidemic 婷 王
94 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Sep―18 Analysis of Mental Health Status of Medical Students in the Late Stage of COVID-19 Epidemic 士慷 杨
95 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Sep―16 Understanding of 2019 New Coronavirus Pneumonia and Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures in China 小霞 段
96 [GO] Service Science and Management 2020―Sep―07 The Social and Economic Value of Information Advisory Service in the Epidemic of COVID-19 Pneumonia-A Case Study of Library Institutions 江 贾
97 [GO] Hans Journal of Computational Biology 2020―Aug―31 2019-nCoV Traceability Research Based on Cellular Automata Diagram 广富 薛
98 [GO] Advances in Environmental Protection 2020―Aug―28 Selection of Disinfectants in COVID-19 Epidemic and Its Impact on Environment 攀 朱
99 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Aug―28 Implementation and Ef-fect Evaluation of Three-Level Pre-Examination and Triage in Outpatient Department During Epidemic of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia 丝雨 晋
100 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Aug―26 A Patient with Secondary Septic Shock from COVID-19 Was Successfully Rescued 月飞 潘
101 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Aug―25 Relations between Emotional Problem and Parenting Style among Preschool Children under the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic 敏芳 赵
102 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Aug―24 Analysis of Factors Influencing Viral Shedding Time in Severe and Critical COVID-19 Patients 启惠 冉
103 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2020―Aug―21 A Study on the Translation Quality of China’s White Paper about Fighting COVID-19 from the Perspective of CES 冰冰 宋
104 [GO] Journal of Oil and Gas Technology 2020―Aug―19 International Engineering Contracts and Law Responses to COVID-19 光 杨
105 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Aug―19 Psychological Counseling for Parents of Children Recovering from COVID-19 耀隆 陈
106 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Aug―19 Relationship Satisfaction Related to COVID-19 Anxiety: A Mediated Moderation Model 研维 王
107 [GO] Journal of Oil and Gas Technology 2020―Aug―12 Under COVID-19 Outbreaking Situation International Contractor Claims Management and Industry Development Prospect 猛 姚
108 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Aug―10 Meta Analysis of the Correlation between COVID-19 and Heart Injury 小玉 潘
109 [GO] Operations Research and Fuzziology 2020―Aug―07 Study and Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic in Wuhan Area Based on SEIR Revision Model 彦琳 邹
110 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Jul―31 Emergency Management of Care in the Context of COVID-19 雅莉 王
111 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Jul―28 Psycho-Behavioral Survey and Analysis of Children in Hubei Province before and after Home Confinement under COVID-19 Pandemic Influence 石倩 柏
112 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Jul―24 Negative Emotion Model of College Students during the COVID-19 Epidemic 彤 叶
113 [GO] Hans Journal of Biomedicine 2020―Jul―24 Traceability about the Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Pneumonia-The “Conspiracy Theory” of Artificial Virus 博 李
114 [GO] Advances in Microbiology 2020―Jul―23 A Preliminary Study on the Origin of COVID-19-The Multi-Source Theory 红兵 胡
115 [GO] Sustainable Development 2020―Jul―17 Study on Food Safety Problems and Countermeasures in Tourist Scenic Spots under the Situation of Prevention and Control of COVID-19-Taking Liaocheng City as an Example 童童 杨
116 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Jul―15 The Influence of Social Support on Individual Public Crisis Ability under Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Situation of COVID-19 段林 奎
117 [GO] Open Journal of Natural Science 2020―Jul―15 Comparison of 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Detection Primers between CDC and WHO 季荣 马
118 [GO] Hans Journal of Biomedicine 2020―Jul―14 MRET Treated Water as a Possible Agent for Inhibition of Coronavirus Life Cycle Smirnov Igor
119 [GO] Open Journal of Legal Science 2020―Jul―10 On the Fulfillment of Transportation Contract under the COVID-19 长青 张
120 [GO] Open Journal of Legal Science 2020―Jul―10 The Realization Path of Citizens’ Basic Rights: The Concept of Limited Rights-Take the Justification for Controlling COVID-19 for Example 铭育 尹
121 [GO] Service Science and Management 2020―Jul―08 Employment Effect of Financial and Artificial Intelligence Enterprises in the COVID-19 Epidemic-Based on Regression Discontinuity Design 文绪 张
122 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Jul―08 Clinical Characteristics and Treatment of COVID-19 Patients in the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University 登 潘
123 [GO] Modern Linguistics 2020―Jun―30 A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Diction in News of China, the UK and the USA: Taking the Reports on COVID-19 in China Daily, BBC and VOA as Examples 续燃 王
124 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Jun―29 Clinical Study on Treatment of COVID-19 in Convalescent Period Treated with Lianhua Qingwen Capsule Combined with Interferon α-2b 江建 陈
125 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―Jun―28 Thoughts on the Distribution and Treatment of TCM Syndromes in 209 Convalescent COVID-19 Patients 锁芳 史
126 [GO] Advances in Physical Sciences 2020―Jun―22 Discussion on the Webcasting of Physical Education in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on COVID-19 祥柱 招
127 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Jun―18 Application of Continuous Shift Scheduling Model in the Management of High-Stem Wards during COVID-19 Outbreak 晋慧 翟
128 [GO] Asian Case Reports in Emergency Medicine 2020―Jun―16 Blood Routine for Early Differential Diagnosis in COVID-19: A Retrospective Analysis-Blood Routine for COVID-19 婷婷 周
129 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―Jun―08 Discussion on the Treatment of COVID-19 Lung Intestine from “Lung and Large Intestine” 莉杰 石
130 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Jun―05 A New Mental Health Service Model Based on the Internet+-Attached the Application of the Analysis during the COVID-19 Outbreak 小民 吕
131 [GO] Sustainable Development 2020―Jun―03 Inspirations of the Wuhan Lockdown on Global Urban Public Health under the Outbreak of COVID-19 Epidemic 琦淇 黄
132 [GO] Hans Journal of Data Mining 2020―Jun―03 Empirical Study on New Cases of COVID-19 in Italy Based on Nonlinear Polynomial Fitting Function 安娜 王
133 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Jun―03 Influence of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia on Mental Status and Its Factors 卓彦 王
134 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―May―28 The Pathogenesis of Dryness Should Be Paid Attention to in the Clinical Management Difficulties of COVID-19 Pneumonia in Gengzi-Year 超明 翁
135 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―May―28 Clinical Study on Treatment of Cases of COVID-19 Treated with Viable Bifidobacterium Tablets Combined with Sanren Decoction 双 汪
136 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―May―27 Traditional Chinese Medicine Suggestions on Diagnosis and Treatment of Puerperium COVID-19 志春 金
137 [GO] Service Science and Management 2020―May―20 Reviewing the Problems of Economic and Management Online Experimental Teaching in University under the Influence of Coronavirus 千驹 冯
138 [GO] Hans Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2020―May―18 Study on the Relationship between COVID-19 Control and Selenium Nutrition 静 阳
139 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2020―May―18 An Epidemic Model of COVID-19 Incorporating Both the Latent and the Asymptomatic Infectious 雪萍 王
140 [GO] Emergence and Transfer of Wealth 2020―May―09 Take SARS as an Example to See the Effect of COVID-19 on Foreign Trade 艺雯 郭
141 [GO] Statistics and Applications 2020―May―08 Price Trend of Agricultural Products after the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in China-Prediction Analysis Based on Chebyshev Polynomials 琳 林
142 [GO] Business and Globalization 2020―May―07 Analysis of the Spreading Trend of New Coronavirus in Europe 恩赤 刘
143 [GO] Advances in Applied Mathematics 2020―May―06 The Differential Equation Model for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia by Time and Region 雯雯 朱
144 [GO] Hans Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2020―May―06 Density Functional Theory Calculation Aided Screening of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Polymerase Inhibitors 莉 张
145 [GO] Sustainable Development 2020―Apr―30 Study on Tourism Service Strategies Targeting Physical and Mental Recovery of Medical Staff for COVID-19-Based on Beidaihe’s Tourism Resources Advantages 东珂 吕
146 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Apr―29 Application of Simplified Version of Transforming Symptom-Images into Nothingness in Psychological Crisis Intervention of COVID-19 Pneumonia 霞 周
147 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Apr―29 Investigation onthe Psychological Status, Social Support and Coping Styles of Nurses during the Epidemic Prevention of 2019-Novel Coronavirus 洁凤 谢
148 [GO] Nursing Science 2020―Apr―27 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Strategy in Non First-Line Ward 英 陈
149 [GO] Advances in Social Sciences 2020―Apr―21 Analysis about the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on Private Companies and Countermeasures-Taking Dongguan for Example 碧涛 石
150 [GO] Advances in Environmental Protection 2020―Apr―15 A Retrospective Review of the Ecological and Environmental Emergency Monitoring of Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Infected by Novel Coronavirus 绵红 史
151 [GO] Advances in Psychology 2020―Apr―14 Psychological Reactions Occurring in the Public Health Events of the New Coronavirus (2019-n-CoV) and Corresponding Psychological Intervention Measures 庭韫 李
152 [GO] Service Science and Management 2020―Mar―26 Suggestions on Improving the Hand Hygiene for the Prevention and Control Personnel during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic Outbreak 嘉宏 王
153 [GO] Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020―Mar―26 TCM Analysis of Pathogenesis of Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia Inflammatory Storm in Gengzi-Year and Countermeasures 超明 翁
154 [GO] Advances in Clinical Medicine 2020―Mar―11 Novel Coronavirus Control and Prevention by Using Self-Made Ophthalmic Slit Lamp Microscope Baffle 超 李
155 [GO] Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research 2020―Feb―27 Preliminary Study on Transmission Model and Prediction of New Coronavirus 福义 杨


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