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1 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2022―Apr―22 An Analysis of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Air Transport Services in Romania Natalia MANEA, Corina Ionela DUMITRESCU, Nicoleta NICULESCU, Răzvan Mihai DOBRESCU, Roxana Adriana PUIU, Simona Ana SIRBU
2 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2022―Apr―22 COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Company Activities in Romania Corina - Ionela DUMITRESCU, Natalia MANEA Răzvan, Marian MARINESCU, Nicoleta NICULESCU Răzvan, Mihai DOBRESCU, Roxana - Adriana PUIU
3 [GO] Journal of Internet and e-Business Studies 2022―Apr―05 COVID-19 Pandemic as Accelerator: Opportunity for Digital Acceleration Cezar SCARLAT, Gabriela Doina STĂNCIULESCU, Dan A. PANDURU
4 [GO] Journal of Financial Studies & Research 2022―Apr―05 The Influence of Financial Wealth and Net-Worth during Covid-19 Pandemic Case Study: Romania Florin PUCHEANU, Ruxandra DINULESCU, Alexandru-Mihai BUGHEANU
5 [GO] IBIMA Business Review 2022―Apr―05 Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on Health Systems Kirathimo Muruga
6 [GO] Journal of Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management 2022―Apr―05 Supply Chains Strategies during COVID-19: Green Supply Chain vs. Supply Chain Sustainability Miroslav MANDEL, Marcel Rolf PFEIFER
7 [GO] IBIMA Business Review 2022―Apr―04 Exploring the Impact of Transformation to Web-based Learning: Business Students perspective During COVID-19 Out-Break Chaudhry Kashif Mahmood
8 [GO] IBIMA Business Review 2022―Feb―16 Financial and Economic Impact of Brexit and COVID-19 in the United Kingdom Darina Saxunova, Corlise Liesl le Roux, Manuel Oster
9 [GO] Journal of e-Health Management 2022―Feb―11 Romania’s Health Management In The Context of Covid-19 Ioana A. PADURARIU
10 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2022―Feb―11 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Collaborative Tourism Industry: The Case of Airbnb Elena Stiubea, Simona Ardelean, Alina Badulescu
11 [GO] Journal of e-Learning & Higher Education 2022―Jan―27 Financial Challenges for School Principals during the Covid-19 Pandemic Alina Cristina CĂLDĂRARU, Gabriella SZEKERES, Mihai PĂUNICĂ
12 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2022―Jan―21 Factors affecting School to Work Transition: SARS-CoV 2 Pandemic as a Perception Game Changer Simona NICOLAE, Ioana-Ruxandra LIE
13 [GO] Journal of Internet and e-Business Studies 2022―Jan―21 Electronic Commerce During The Global Pandemic: Strategic Analysis Over Trends, Advantages And Disadvantages Elena MIRCEA
14 [GO] Journal of Human Resources Management Research 2022―Jan―10 Brand´S Image Perceptions During Crisis:Brazil Versus Portugal On COVID-19 Luisa Lopes, Lara Santos, Salete Esteves
15 [GO] The Journal of Economics Studies and Research 2022―Jan―03 Repercussions of the COVID-19 Health Crisis In the Peruvian Informal Sector Vilma Andia-Choquepuma, Daniza Juana Leon-Escobedo, Himer Avila-George, orge Sánchez-Garcés, Ruth Elizabeth Villafuerte-Alcántara, Nelly Rosario Moreno-Leyva
16 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2021―Dec―22 Understanding the Changes in the Tourists Perceived Risk after Covid-19 Ana GARCEZ, Ricardo Fontes CORREIA, Adriano COSTA
17 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2021―Dec―22 Management of Cash Flows during Covid-19 Adriana-Mihaela IONESCU, Ramona-Alexandra NEGHINA
18 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2021―Dec―22 Innovative Solutions to Overcome the Health Services Crisis within the Covid-19 Era Elena Iuliana PASCU-GABARA, Andrei CEPOI
19 [GO] IBIMA Business Review 2021―Oct―06 Impact of National Measures Connected to Covid-19 Pandemic on the Hotel Front-Office Communication Themes Stepan Chalupa, Karel Chadt, Jirina Jenckova
20 [GO] Journal of Administrative Sciences and Technology 2021―Sep―13 The Level of Preparedness and Response of Nonprofit Organizations in A Pandemic Crisis: An Exploratory Qualitative Research Lara SANTOS, Luísa LOPES
21 [GO] Journal of EU Research in Business 2021―Sep―13 Study Regarding the Leadership Styles Practiced in Catalan SMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic Laurențiu MIHAI
22 [GO] Journal of EU Research in Business 2021―Sep―06 COVID-19 Pandemic and its Effect on the EU Industry Maria-Daniela TUDORACHE, Tamara Maria NAE, Ionuț JIANU
23 [GO] Journal of Marketing Research and Case Studies 2021―Aug―03 Gravitating towards Consumers’ Use of Contactless Payment: A COVID 19 Pandemic Perspective Lennora PUTIT, Amirah AHMAD SUKI, Mohamad Fariz ABDULLAH, Norsiah AHMAD, Nor Fazalina SALLEH, Nini Hartini ASMAWI
24 [GO] Journal of e-Learning & Higher Education 2021―Aug―02 Deployment of Open and Distance Learning to Persevere Teaching and Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia Faddliza MOHD ZAKI, Noor Masliana RAZLAN, Nurulannisa ABDULLAH, Nurhidayah NASHARUDIN, Norhidayu MD YATIM, Noor Faraliza SAMSUDIN
25 [GO] Journal of e-Learning & Higher Education 2021―Jun―17 COVID19 and Management Impact of Covid-19 on Education Management in Lebanon Chirine Khalil NASSAR
26 [GO] Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business & Economics 2021―May―31 The Revamped World by The Coronavirus Pandemic Andreea M. MANTA
27 [GO] Communications of the IBIMA 2021―Mar―16 A Descriptive Study on Cybersecurity Challenges of Working from Home during COVID-19 Pandemic and a Proposed 8 step WFH Cyber-attack Mitigation Plan Glorin SEBASTIAN
28 [GO] Journal of Organizational Management Studies 2021―Feb―09 The State Aid Instruments in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis Paulina Kubera
29 [GO] Journal of e-Learning & Higher Education 2021―Feb―09 Transition to Online Learning during COVID-19: What do Students Think? Hiyam Al-Kilidar, Alan Sixsmith

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