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1 [GO] Practical and Professional Nursing 2023―Nov―23 The Initial Experiences of intensive care unit staff during the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey: A qualitative study Mehmet Gulsen
2 [GO] Pulmonary Medicine & Respiratory Research 2023―Nov―08 Impact of Sarcoidosis on Outcomes of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: A Nationwide Retrospective Cohort Study Garad Ibrahim, Afsah Zaigham
3 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2023―Oct―18 Challenges in Management of Oral Cancer Cases Among the Indigenous Nicobarese Tribe of the Remote Car Nicobar Island, India during COVID19 Pandemic-A Case Report Series Rehnuma Parvez
4 [GO] Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research 2023―Oct―16 Eye Symptoms in Online Education, During Pandemic Period: A Cross Sectional Study Marsida Krasniqi
5 [GO] Cancer Biology & Treatment 2023―Sep―26 Novel Coronavirus (2019-Ncov) -Quarantine of CPEC Chinese officials in Military Settings of Pakistan Nayab Mustansar, Rizwan Rafi
6 [GO] Cytokines Their Relation with Mineral Dust Induced Diseases 2023―Sep―25 Neurotransmitters: A Computational and bio mathematical approach at the time of COVID-19 Bin Zhao
7 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2023―Aug―09 Does Maintenance Therapy for Patients with Substance Use Disorder and Comorbid COVID-19 Infection lead to Adverse Outcomes? John Arianda Owiti
8 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2023―Aug―07 Influence of Enhanced Amino Acid Compositions on Human Cognitive Functions after COVID-19 Valverde R
9 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2023―Aug―07 Triglyceride Levels and COVID-19 Severity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Shengkai Yan
10 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2023―Jun―29 The International Application and Standardization of Chinese Medicine for Preventing and Treating COVID-19: An Analysis of International Clinical Guidelines and ISO Standards Xuejie Han
11 [GO] Alcoholism Drug Abuse & Substance Dependence 2023―Jun―28 Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on Organ Donation from Deceased Donors in the United States Allison Y Zhu
12 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2023―Jun―23 Perceptions and Practices of Social Distancing in Physicians during Covid-19 Pandemic Saad Bin Zafar Mahmood
13 [GO] Nuclear Medicine Radiology & Radiation Therapy 2023―Jun―23 The Current Scenario of COVID-19 Status in Jharkhand
14 [GO] Nuclear Medicine Radiology & Radiation Therapy 2023―Jun―23 Immunity-Boosting Measures and Hydroxychloroquine Prophylaxis Against Fight of COVID-19
15 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2023―May―19 Euglycemic Ketoacidosis in Pregnancy Complicated by COVID-19 Kyle Le MD
16 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2023―Apr―17 Assessing Risk for Chronic Disorders Caused By Human Papillomavirus Vaccines and mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Arthur E Brawer
17 [GO] Archives of Surgery and Surgical Education 2023―Mar―22 Surgical Sub-specialties and the Match: The Ongoing Impact of a Global Pandemic James Butterworth
18 [GO] Clinical Dermatology & Therapy 2023―Feb―14 Vitiligo Development after COVID-19 Vaccination Ashley A Barras
19 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2023―Jan―11 Vaccine Free, Natural Broad ‘Immune Booster’ Effect Following 24 Months of Severe COVID-19 Infection could be Correlated to Massive Cytokine Storm and High C-Reactive Protein Level Girish J Kotwal
20 [GO] Anesthesia & Clinical care 2023―Jan―09 Does Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy affect clinical outcomes in COVID-19-associated ARDS? Rabia Yilmaz
21 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2023―Jan―05 The Expanding Spectrum of New Onset Rheumatic Disorders Following Covid-19 Vaccination Arthur E Brawer
22 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2023―Jan―05 Boost Your Immune System with Negative Ions during the Pandemic Maria Kuman
23 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2023―Jan―04 Reviewing the Impact of SARS-Cov-2 Infection on Human Fertility Ana Beatriz De Almeida
24 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2023―Jan―03 Distance Learning and Leadership in Brazilian Physiotherapy Education Program during COVID-19 Pandemic Flavia Mazzoli-Rocha
25 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Nov―14 Efficacy of a 6-Week Mindfulness Intervention in Underserved Residents Receiving Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder during the COVID-19 Pandemic in New Jersey: A Multisite Pilot Feasibility Study Suchismita Ray
26 [GO] Angiology & Vascular Surgery 2022―Nov―08 In-Hospital Clinical Ooutcomes of COVID-19 Patients Treated with Oral Anticoagulants Salih Sahinkus
27 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Oct―26 COVID-19: Critical Review on the Clinical Laboratory Investigation Of SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic Umamaheswari K
28 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2022―Oct―19 A short Commentary on “Network Pharmacology, Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of the Molecular Targets and Mechanisms of ChuanKeZhi in the Treatment of COVID-19 Yan Shang
29 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2022―Oct―13 Prognostic Value of Sleep Disturbances in Covid-19 Patients Renzo Rozzini
30 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Sep―28 Bored Boys Bet: Predictors of Sports Gambling Behavior by University Students during the COVID-19 Lockdown Goernert PN
31 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Sep―28 Youth Perspectives about the Impact of COVID-19 on Substance Use McCarty CA
32 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Sep―28 Alcohol-related Problems during the COVID-19 Pandemic Razvodovsky YE
33 [GO] Surgery Current Trends and Innovations 2022―Sep―06 Impact of SARS CoV-2 Pandemic on Surgical Volume &Outcomes - Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital Teaching Hospital in India Asuri Krishna
34 [GO] Angiology & Vascular Surgery 2022―Aug―04 Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens as the Initial Sign of COVID-19 Infection John F Eidt
35 [GO] Angiology & Vascular Surgery 2022―Aug―04 Is COVID-19 the New Atherosclerosis? Acute Aortic Dissection Type A in the Early Period after COVID -19 Infection Stavros Vergopoulos
36 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2022―Jul―12 Essay on Perceived Occupational in the Covid-19 Era Cruz García Lirios
37 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2022―Jul―12 Vaccination for COVID-19 in Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Igor Schonhofen
38 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2022―Jul―12 Acute High Lateral Myocardial Infarction in a Patient with Covid-19 Pneumonia with Normal Coronary Arteries Oguz Kilic
39 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jul―04 Network of Meanings around Occupational Biosafety in the Face of COVID-19 Maria Luisa Quintero Soto
40 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jul―04 Pesticides and World Covid-19 Deaths Craven JS
41 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jul―04 Pathological Features of COVID-19-Associated Liver Fibros Bin Zhao
42 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―May―02 Substance Abuse during the Pandemic: Implications for Labor-Force Participation Karen Kopecky
43 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2022―Apr―26 Fetal Deaths due to Covid-19 Leonard Evans
44 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2022―Apr―26 Telemedicine Satisfaction in Pregnant Women during the Covid-19 Pandemic Eliana L Garcia
45 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2022―Apr―19 Association of Loneliness, Social Isolation and Daily Cognitive Function in Mexican Older Adults Living in Community during the First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Sara Gloria Aguilar-Navarro
46 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Mar―25 A Study of the Relationship between Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Addictive Behaviors in University Students in Japan Tetsuro Noda
47 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2022―Jan―19 The Dual Impact of COVID-19 and Racism on Substance Abuse: A Call to Action for Mental Health Scientists and Practitioners Peteet B
48 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jan―06 Rising Cases of COVID-19 Among Inmates in South Africa: A Concerning Public Health Matter Nozuko Mangi
49 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jan―06 Minding Mental Health in Times of COVID-19 Shivali Aggarwal
50 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jan―06 Can't Sleep During the Covid-19 Lockdown? Tips to Get your Sleep Cycle Back on Track Cosmos Mugambi
51 [GO] Community Medicine & Public Health Care 2022―Jan―06 Nursing Fundamentals: Light between the Shadows of Covid-19 Pandemic Mercedes De Dios Aguado
52 [GO] Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery 2022―Jan―06 Tinnitus Increase during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Brazil Adriana Perez Ferreira Neto
53 [GO] Non Invasive Vascular Investigation 2022―Jan―06 Intracranial Hemorrhage Associated with Therapeutic Anticoagulation in Three Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients: A Case Series Ahmad Hallak
54 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2022―Jan―05 Hip Fracture Management in an Orthogeriatric Clinical Care Center during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Bogotá, Colombia1 Carlos Mario Olarte
55 [GO] Psychiatry Depression & Anxiety 2022―Jan―05 Burnout of Frontline Health Care Workers Working during Sporadic and Cluster Periods of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Study Oyunsuren D
56 [GO] Surgery Current Trends and Innovations 2022―Jan―05 The Controversial COVID-19 Pandemic: Across Europe and the United States of America Dennis Adjepong
57 [GO] Angiology & Vascular Surgery 2022―Jan―05 COVID-19 Related Acute Lower Limb Ischemia Treated Via Percutaneous Thrombectomy and Catheter Direct Thrombolisis Francesco De Santis
58 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2022―Jan―05 Arthropod-Borne Disease May Lead to a More Resilient Type I Interferon Response to Coronavirus by Reducing Genetic Defects of Innate Immunity by Natural Selection Martin Balzan
59 [GO] Clinical Dermatology & Therapy 2021―Dec―01 Dermatological Findings in COVID-19 Patients: A Review Regina Dantas Jales De Oliveira
60 [GO] Clinical Dermatology & Therapy 2021―Nov―30 Dermatological Findings in COVID-19 Patients: A Review Regina Dantas Jales De Oliveira
61 [GO] Cytokines Their Relation with Mineral Dust Induced Diseases 2021―Nov―12 Anosmia in COVID-19: Celecoxib Appears to Speed Recovery Tomera KM
62 [GO] Cytokines Their Relation with Mineral Dust Induced Diseases 2021―Nov―12 Mathematical Analysis on The Epidemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bin Zhao
63 [GO] Cytokines Their Relation with Mineral Dust Induced Diseases 2021―Nov―12 Remdesivir for The Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Patients Admitted in ICU: A Case Series Rosanna Carmela De Rosa
64 [GO] Journal of Atmospheric & Earth Science 2021―Nov―02 The Role of Remote Sensing in Epidemiological Studies and the Global Pandemic Surveillance Dukiya JJ
65 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2021―Oct―12 Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Shunxiang Li
66 [GO] Archives of Surgery and Surgical Education 2021―Oct―05 Use of Melatonin as Adjunctive Treatment and Prophylaxis during COVID-19 Felix Polyak
67 [GO] Archives of Surgery and Surgical Education 2021―Oct―05 Customized Facial Protection Shield during COVID-19 Pandemic to Protect Surgeons Wearing Surgical Loupes While Performing Surgical Procedures Pradipkumar R Atodaria
68 [GO] Practical and Professional Nursing 2021―Jul―16 The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among Emergency Front-Line Nurse during the COVID-19 Outbreak: A Cross Sectional Study in Wuhan, China M Chen
69 [GO] Archives of Surgery and Surgical Education 2021―Jul―05 A Recovered Case of Massive Pericardial Effusion with Impending Cardiac Tamponade: An Atypical Presentation of COVID-19 Noor-E-Elahi Mozumder
70 [GO] Pulmonary Medicine & Respiratory Research 2021―Jul―05 Utility and Safety of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in Patients Infected with COVID-19. A Case Series Gabriella Patricia Roa Gomez
71 [GO] Pulmonary Medicine & Respiratory Research 2021―Jul―05 The Expanding Spectrum of COVID-19 Lung Imaging: Exploring Inputs from Radiologic-Pathologic Data for Disease Detection Venkatraman Bhat
72 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2021―Jun―17 Communication 2.0 as Action to Fight Covid-19 Concerns during Pregnancy Carlo Dorizzi
73 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2021―Jun―02 COVID or Coincidence: Retained Foreign Bodies Removed from the Urogenital Tract during the COVID-19 Pandemic Kaitlin Gonzalez
74 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2021―Jun―01 Physical and Psychological Care of Health Care Workers During COVID-19 Outbreak: A Difficult Challenge Martina Corsi
75 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2021―Jun―01 Electrocardiographic Control with Portable Device during COVID-19 Pandemic Nerea T orres González
76 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2021―Jun―01 The Risk of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions in Patients Treated for SARS-CoV-2 Brandariz Nuñez David
77 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2021―Jun―01 Comparison of the SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate Virus Neutralization Test (sVNT) Assay and Direct Binding ELISA (S-IgG) with the Cytopathic Effect Assay (CPE) in Analyzing the Neutralization Antibody of Vaccination People Xiiang Yang
78 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2021―Apr―20 COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention Protocol: Perspectives and Approaches John S Makary
79 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2021―Apr―07 Quality of Life in Infertile People Forced to Suspend Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment during the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Michela Di Trani
80 [GO] Gastroenterology & Hepatology Research 2021―Mar―31 Hospital Reconversion of the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Service at The National Medical Center November 20 Issste During the Covid-19 Pandemic Teresa De Jesús Galicia Gómez
81 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2021―Mar―17 Antiviral Activity and Synergy of Herba Andrographidis and Radix Eleutherococci Preparations against SARS-CoV-2 Infected Vero E6 Human Primary Embryonic Kidney Epithelial Cells Alexzander Asea
82 [GO] Food Science & Nutrition 2021―Mar―10 Bioactive Compounds from Plant Sources as Natural Antivirals in Combating RNA Based Viruses Including COVID-19 Asima Shah
83 [GO] Food Science & Nutrition 2021―Mar―10 Safety Recommendations for Grocery Store Workers and Employers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Evan McElroy
84 [GO] Food Science & Nutrition 2021―Mar―10 Implementing a Higher Education Food Science Laboratory Course during the Covid-19 Pandemic Kathleen Border
85 [GO] Emergency Medicine Trauma & Surgical Care 2021―Mar―01 Mass testing and containment of Covid-19 Momiao Xiong
86 [GO] Emergency Medicine Trauma & Surgical Care 2021―Mar―01 Covid-19: Double Tragedy for Women in High-Density Suburbs of Zimbabwe
87 [GO] Emergency Medicine Trauma & Surgical Care 2021―Mar―01 Coagulation/Fibrinolysis and Thrombosis in Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Review Based on Up-To-Date Knowledge
88 [GO] Nephrology & Renal Therapy 2021―Mar―01 Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic in Hemodialysis Units in Mexico Bueno-Hernández JF
89 [GO] Anesthesia & Clinical care 2021―Jan―28 COVID-19: A Physician’s Perspective Rose Berkun MD
90 [GO] Anesthesia & Clinical care 2021―Jan―28 Protection Strategy And TCM Diagnosis And Treatment Plan For Patients With New Coronavirus Pneumonia Tanghua Liu
91 [GO] Advances in Microbiology Research 2021―Jan―12 An Overview On Transmission Of Diseases In Special Reference To COVID-19 And Potential Targets To Control This Pandemic Vibha Yadav
92 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2021―Jan―11 Post COVID-19 Reactive Arthritis: An Emerging Existence In The Spectrum Of Musculoskeletal Complications Of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Muhammad Shariq Mukarram
93 [GO] Clinical Studies & Medical Case Reports 2021―Jan―11 Coronavirus Is A Biological Warfare Weapon Robert Skopec
94 [GO] Journal of Translational Science and Research 2021―Jan―08 Lessons From COVID-19 Epidemic? Rocchi E, Peluso S, Sisti D, Rocchi M, Carletti M
95 [GO] Psychiatry Depression & Anxiety 2021―Jan―08 The COVID-19 Pandemic Management In Psychiatric Patients An Experience From Kigali Rwanda Balthazar Nkundimana
96 [GO] Non Invasive Vascular Investigation 2021―Jan―07 Coronavirus Disease 2019 And Cardiovascular Disease: Does This Novel Disease Directly Affect The Cardiovascular System? Shoji Haruta
97 [GO] Nephrology & Renal Therapy 2021―Jan―05 Renal Transplants In Covid-19 Pandemic
98 [GO] Pulmonary Medicine & Respiratory Research 2021―Jan―01 Mortality Due To Failure To Quarantine During The Covid-19 Pandemic Klena JW
99 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 Dominance Of SARS-CoV-2 D614G Variant Explained By The Requirement Of COVID-19 For Calcium; Proximate Therapeutic Implication(S) For COVID-19 Daniel P Cashman
100 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 Geriatric Patients With COVID-19 Infection Gala Serra Carlos
101 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 Statistical Short-Term Forecasting Of The COVID-19 Pandemic Jurgen A Doornik
102 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 COVID-19 Pandemic, National Response Strategies And Marketing Innovations Shibo Li
103 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 A Survey Of Negative Emotions And Related Factors Of Hospitalized COVID-19 Positive Patients Yongming Tian
104 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Dec―30 COVID-19: Are We Underestimating Its Neuroinvasive Potential? Review Of Literature Verónica López Pérez
105 [GO] Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders 2020―Dec―29 Antibody-Mediated Immune Response And COVID-19 Zhaleh Najafi
106 [GO] Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders 2020―Dec―29 Molecular Association of Coronavirus with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Pakistan Samreen Riaz
107 [GO] Stem Cells Research Development & Therapy 2020―Dec―22 Would The End Of COVID-19 Infection As A Chronic Disease? Kieu C D Nguyen
108 [GO] Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative Diseases 2020―Dec―16 Are “Sartans” the Common Treatment for COVID-19 and Parkinson’s Disease? Adonis Sfera
109 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Oct―23 Caring For Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19 Crisis: Integrating Simulation Training With Hospital System Towards Actualizing Occupational Safety, Health And Well-Being Cheung Victor Kai-Lam
110 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Oct―23 New Global Challenges For Patients With Immune Thrombocytopenia During The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Sun Jing
111 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Oct―23 Rapid Recovery Of Reintubated COVID-19 Patient With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Following Plasmapheresis Treatment Supplanted By Infusion Of Convalescent Plasma: Case Report A. Talalaev LT Michael
112 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Oct―23 Therapeutic Plasma Exchange And COVID-19: A Rapid Review Makkar Sarabjot Singh
113 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Oct―23 Delirium In Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2 Infection: A Point Of View Vázquez Javier C
114 [GO] Reproductive Medicine Gynaecology & Obstetrics 2020―Oct―20 Pneumothorax In A Spontaneously Breathing Post-Partum Woman With COVID-19 Infection Megan Savage
115 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2020―Oct―14 Protecting Older Adults Of Sri Lanka Amid COVID-19 Keshini Madara Marasinghe
116 [GO] Surgery Current Trends and Innovations 2020―Oct―10 NCOVID-19 Could Determine Your Death Date, The Associated Mental Health Crisis In An Uncertain World. A Narrative Review Dennis Adjepong
117 [GO] Physical Medicine Rehabilitation & Disabilities 2020―Oct―01 Fears Of COVID-19 Catastrophe As Nepal Reports Death From New Coronavirus Hom Nath Chalise
118 [GO] Physical Medicine Rehabilitation & Disabilities 2020―Oct―01 Exploring Doctor Shortages During And After The Pandemic Of 2020: Some Dire Consequences But Few Solutions Bernard F. Pettingill
119 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2020―Sep―04 Prospects For THz Therapy: Effective Treatment Of Affections Caused By COVID-19 NT Bagraev
120 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2020―Sep―04 Impact Of COVID-19 On Obese Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And Integrative Medicine Mingjun Liu
121 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Aug―27 The Roles of traditional Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of COVID-19 Lin Zhao
122 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Aug―27 Covid-19 in Puerto Rico: Perspective from an Internal Medicine Resident Physician Elizabeth Pabon-Vazquez
123 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Aug―27 Observations on Accomplished COVID-19 School Reopen in Taiwan Fang Lin Chao
124 [GO] Cell Biology & Cell Metabolism 2020―Aug―27 COVID-19: A New Coronavirus José Luis Corona Lisboa
125 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Aug―27 Life and Livelihood during the COVID 19 Pandemic Syed Amin Tabish
126 [GO] Journal of Medicine Study & Research 2020―Aug―26 Clinical Course And Risk Factors For Mortality Of Adult In Patients With COVID-19 In Wuhan, China: A Retrospective Cohort Study Fei Zhou
127 [GO] Archives of Zoological Studies 2020―Aug―25 Automatic Extraction Of Epidemic-Related Sites In Covid-19 Media Reports Of Webpages Based On Conditional Random Field Model Bin Zhao
128 [GO] Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2020―Aug―24 Scylla And Charybdis: COVID-19 And The Opioid Crisis Robert G Smith
129 [GO] Nephrology & Renal Therapy 2020―Aug―24 A Patient’s View Of Infection-Control In The Context Of Covid-19 In Hemodialysis Centers Uppaluri Ramakrishna Rao
130 [GO] Stem Cells Research Development & Therapy 2020―Aug―08 An Argentinian Proposal: Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Convalescent Plasma And Dexamethasone In Covid-19. Could Be A Triple Strategy Effective For The Treatment Of Severe Pneumonia Complications? Matias Cristian Fernández Viña
131 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 Rehabilitation During The COVID-19 Crisis: A View From The Periphery Iuly Treger
132 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 Protected Population Immunity, Not A Vaccine, Is The Way To Stop Covid-19 Pandemic Richard Z Cheng
133 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 COVID-19 Pandemic And Digital Transformation In ICU Javier Perez-Fernandez
134 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 Responding To COVID-19: Recent Advances And Challenges In Diagnosis Kaichun Wu
135 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 Complications Of Treatment Against SARS-CoV-2: Risk Of Hepatitis B Reactivation Associated With Corticosteroids J Varona Pérez
136 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―14 Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary, And Pancreatic Manifestations Of SARS-CoV-2: What Do We Know And Where Are We Heading Srinivas R Vunnam
137 [GO] Journal of Ophthalmology & Clinical Research 2020―Jul―01 Association Of Covid-19 With Conjunctivitis Aastha Gandhi
138 [GO] Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine 2020―Jun―22 Resilience For Psychological Impacts Of COVID-19 Pandemic On Older Adults In Thailand Rangsiman Soonthornchaiya
139 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2020―Jun―10 Impact Of COVID-19 On Individuals With Breast Cancer And Integrative Medicine Frank Valentin Silva
140 [GO] Alternative Complementary & Integrative Medicine 2020―Jun―10 The Historical/Evolutionary Cause And Possible Treat- Ment Of Pandemic COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, 2019-CORONA VIRUS): World-War III: The Blackout Of The Modern World By Neglected Small Infectious Agent Sorush Niknamian
141 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―May―15 Digital Technology In The Covid-19 Pandemic Eduardo Vigil Martín
142 [GO] Clinical Immunolgy & Immunotherapy 2020―May―15 Response-Ability Facing Covid-19: A Matter Of Psyche, Behavior And Civism Anne Frédérique Naviaux
143 [GO] Surgery Current Trends and Innovations 2020―Apr―21 NCOVID-19, Key Questions For Impact Analysis: A Worldwide Pandemic Dennis Adjepong

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