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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
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1 [GO] Green Finance 2021―Sep―23 Impact of COVID-19 on energy prices and main macroeconomic indicators-evidence from China's energy market Yilin Wu, Shiyu Ma
2 [GO] Foundations of Data Science 2021―Sep―22 A study of disproportionately affected populations by race/ethnicity during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic using multi-population SEIR modeling and ensemble data assimilation Emmanuel Fleurantin, Christian Sampson, Daniel Paul Maes, Justin Bennett, Tayler Fernandes-Nunez, Sophia Marx, Geir Evensen
3 [GO] Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis 2021―Sep―17 Spatial dynamic analysis for COVID-19 epidemic model with diffusion and Beddington-DeAngelis type incidence Tao Zheng, Yantao Luo, Xinran Zhou, Long Zhang, Zhidong Teng
4 [GO] Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis 2021―Sep―17 Transmission dynamics and high infectiousness of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Shunxiang Huang, Lin Wu, Jing Li, Ming-Zhen Xin, Yingying Wang, Xingjie Hao, et al. (+3)
5 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Sep―14 Analysis of a COVID-19 compartmental model: a mathematical and computational approach Zita Abreu, Guillaume Cantin, Cristiana J. Silva
6 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Sep―13 Optimization strategies of human mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic: A review Soumyajyoti Biswas, Amit Kr Mandal
7 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Sep―06 A stochastic metapopulation state-space approach to modeling and estimating COVID-19 spread Yukun Tan, Durward Cator III, Martial Ndeffo-Mbah, Ulisses Braga-Neto
8 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Aug―31 The role of proactive behavior on COVID-19 infordemic in the Chinese Sina-Microblog: a modeling study Fulian Yin, Hongyu Pang, Lingyao Zhu, Peiqi Liu, Xueying Shao, Qingyu Liu, Jianhong Wu
9 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Aug―27 Assessment of knowledge of COVID-19 among health care workers-a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study in a tertiary care hospital of India Sukhbir Singh, Manjunath B Govindagoudar, Dhruva Chaudhry, Pawan Kumar Singh, Madan Gopal Vashist
10 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Aug―26 A comparative study of SIR Model, Linear Regression, Logistic Function and ARIMA Model for forecasting COVID-19 cases Saina Abolmaali, Samira Shirzaei
11 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Aug―24 Spatial spread of COVID-19 outbreak in Italy using multiscale kinetic transport equations with uncertainty Giulia Bertaglia, Walter Boscheri, Giacomo Dimarco, Lorenzo Pareschi
12 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Aug―23 Impact of COVID-19 for people living and working with ADHD: A brief review of the literature Jack Hollingdale, Nicoletta Adamo, Kevin Tierney
13 [GO] National Accounting Review 2021―Aug―18 COVID-19 and firms' financial health in Brescia: a simulation with Logistic regression and neural networks Alberto Bernardi, Daniela Bragoli, Davide Fedreghini, Tommaso Ganugi, Giovanni Marseguerra
14 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2021―Aug―16 Weighted generalized Quasi Lindley distribution: Different methods of estimation, applications for Covid-19 and engineering data SidAhmed Benchiha, Amer Ibrahim Al-Omari, Naif Alotaibi, Mansour Shrahili
15 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jul―26 Physical activity and sitting time prior to and during COVID-19 lockdown in Austrian high-school students Klaus Greier, Clemens Drenowatz, Theresa Bischofer, Gloria Petrasch, Carla Greier, Armando Cocca, Gerhard Ruedl
16 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jul―22 Assessing the association between area deprivation index on COVID-19 prevalence: a contrast between rural and urban U.S. jurisdictions Christopher Kitchen, Elham Hatef, Hsien Yen Chang, Jonathan P Weiner, Hadi Kharrazi
17 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jul―19 Extracted features of national and continental daily biweekly growth rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths via Fourier analysis Ray-Ming Chen
18 [GO] Green Finance 2021―Jul―19 Mobile banking during COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: A novel mechanism to change and accelerate people's financial access Most Nilufa Khatun, Sandip Mitra, Md Nazirul Islam Sarker
19 [GO] AIMS Biophysics 2021―Jul―13 An efficient method of detection of COVID-19 using Mask R-CNN on chest X-Ray images Soumyajit Podder, Somnath Bhattacharjee, Arijit Roy
20 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jul―12 A mathematical model for the dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 virus using the Caputo-Fabrizio operator Tahir Khan, Roman Ullah, Gul Zaman, Jehad Alzabut
21 [GO] AIMS Molecular Science 2021―Jul―08 Kawasaki like disease in SARS-CoV-2 infected children - a key role for neutrophil and macrophage extracellular traps Ahmed Yaqinuddin, Abdul Hakim Almakadma, Junaid Kashir
22 [GO] Big Data & Information Analytics 2021―Jul―05 Accounting for the Trump factor in modeling the COVID-19 epidemic: the case of Louisiana Antonio N. Bojanic
23 [GO] AIMS Allergy and Immunology 2021―Jul―01 Investigation of the factors potentially responsible for the significant different prevalence of COVID-19 between African-Africans and African-Americans Canping Chen, Wenxiu Cao, Xiaosheng Wang
24 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jun―30 Mathematical modeling of intervention and low medical resource availability with delays: Applications to COVID-19 outbreaks in Spain and Italy Sarita Bugalia, Jai Prakash Tripathi, Hao Wang
25 [GO] AIMS Biophysics 2021―Jun―25 Screening coronavirus and human proteins for sialic acid binding sites using a docking approach Chia-Wen Wang, Oscar K. Lee, Wolfgang B. Fischer
26 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jun―21 Stability and bifurcation analysis of $ SIQR $ for the COVID-19 epidemic model with time delay Shishi Wang, Yuting Ding, Hongfan Lu, Silin Gong
27 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jun―18 The risk of future waves of COVID-19: modeling and data analysis Sha He, Jie Yang, Mengqi He, Dingding Yan, Sanyi Tang, Libin Rong
28 [GO] AIMS Geosciences 2021―Jun―17 Impact of COVID-19 on tourism sector: a case study of Rajasthan, India Rajeev Singh Chandel, Shruti Kanga, Suraj Kumar Singhc
29 [GO] Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis 2021―Jun―09 Data-driven optimal control of a seir model for COVID-19 Hailiang Liu, Xuping Tian
30 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2021―Jun―07 Hedging with financial innovations in the Asia-Pacific markets during the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of precious metals Abdulsalam Abidemi Sikiru, Afees A. Salisu
31 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jun―07 Track the dynamical features for mutant variants of COVID-19 in the UK Ray-Ming Chen
32 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2021―Jun―07 Topological approach for decision-making of COVID-19 infection via a nano-topology model M. El Sayed, M. A. El Safty, M. K. El-Bably
33 [GO] Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis 2021―Jun―04 Analysis of COVID-19 epidemic transmission trend based on a time-delayed dynamic model Tailei Zhang, Zhimin Li
34 [GO] AIMS Medical Science 2021―Jun―04 Determinants of perceived stress in health professional students during the COVID-19 pandemic Belgüzar Kara
35 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jun―03 Providing care to patients with COVID-19 in a reference hospital: health care staff intentional behavior and factors that affect it Theodoros Pesiridis, Petros Galanis, Eleni Anagnostopoulou, Athena Kalokerinou, Panayota Sourtzi
36 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jun―03 On the relationship between COVID-19 reported fatalities early in the pandemic and national socio-economic status predating the pandemic Kathleen Lois Foster, Alessandro Maria Selvitella
37 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jun―03 COVID-19-related music-video-watching among the Vietnamese population: lessons on health education Nguyen Tuan Hung, Vu Thu Trang, Trinh Van Tung, Nguyen Xuan Long, Ha Thi Thu, Tran Song Giang, et al. (+7)
38 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―May―08 Older adults: panoramic view on the COVID-19 vaccination Boris G Andryukov, Natalya N Besednova
39 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―May―06 A cross-sectional population-based study on the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on incomes in Greece Dimitris Zavras
40 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Apr―30 COVID-19 and underlying health conditions: A modeling investigation Chayu Yang, Jin Wang
41 [GO] National Accounting Review 2021―Apr―29 COVID-19 and liquidity risk, exploring the relationship dynamics between liquidity cost and stock market returns Jawad Saleemi
42 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Apr―29 A closer look at the spreaders of COVID-19 in Wisconsin and the US Sherry E Scott, Keisha J Cook, Kamal Barley
43 [GO] AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2021―Apr―27 Cyber security during the COVID-19 pandemic Lidong Wang, Cheryl Ann Alexander
44 [GO] Green Finance 2021―Apr―23 Paradigm shift in the concept of corporate social responsibility: COVID-19 Valentinas Navickas, Rima Kontautiene, Jurgita Stravinskiene, Yuriy Bilan
45 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Apr―16 Why COVID-19 strengthens the case to scale up assault on non-communicable diseases: role of health professionals including physical therapists in mitigating pandemic waves Elizabeth Dean, Margot Skinner, Homer Peng-Ming Yu, Alice YM Jones, Rik Gosselink, Anne Söderlund
46 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2021―Apr―15 Rabdomyolysis as a serious complication of COVID-19 Uri Adrian Prync Flato, Karina Vilariço Ferreira, Piero Biteli, Daniela Ortega Balbo Rodrigues Reina, Fábio Tadeu Rodrigues Reina, Fausto Tucunduva Vernaschi, et al. (+8)
47 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Apr―15 Social contacts, epidemic spreading and health system. Mathematical modeling and applications to COVID-19 infection Mattia Zanella, Chiara Bardelli, Mara Azzi, Silvia Deandrea, Pietro Perotti, Santino Silva, et al. (+3)
48 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Apr―15 Modeling the cardiac response to hemodynamic changes associated with COVID-19: a computational study Luca Dedè, Francesco Regazzoni, Christian Vergara, Paolo Zunino, Marco Guglielmo, Roberto Scrofani, et al. (+4)
49 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Apr―06 Mathematical modeling and dynamic analysis of SIQR model with delay for pandemic COVID-19 Hongfan Lu, Yuting Ding, Silin Gong, Shishi Wang
50 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2021―Apr―02 A single-cell mathematical model of SARS-CoV-2 induced pyroptosis and the effects of anti-inflammatory intervention Sara J Hamis, Fiona R Macfarlane
51 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Mar―31 Pandemics of COVID-19 and racism: how HBCUs are coping Komanduri S Murty, Tamara B Payne
52 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Mar―24 Modelling and predicting the spread of COVID-19 cases depending on restriction policy based on mined recommendation rules Vitaliy Yakovyna, Natalya Shakhovska
53 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Mar―23 COVID-19 among LGBTQ+ individuals living with HIV/AIDS: psycho-social challenges and care options Aditi Tomar, Mandy N Spadine, Taylor Graves-Boswell, Lisa T Wigfall
54 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2021―Mar―17 COVID-19: data-driven dynamic asset allocation in times of pandemic Anna Timonina-Farkas
55 [GO] Big Data & Information Analytics 2021―Mar―16 Mathematical modeling of transmission dynamics of COVID-19 Shuqi Wang, Wen Tang, Liyan Xiong, Mengyu Fang, Bingsong Zhang, Chi-Yang Chiu, Ruzong Fan
56 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Mar―16 Linking dynamic patterns of COVID-19 spreads in Italy with regional characteristics: a two level longitudinal modelling approach Youtian Hao, Guohua Yan, Renjun Ma, M. Tariqul Hasan
57 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Mar―11 Automatic COVID-19 disease diagnosis using 1D convolutional neural network and augmentation with human respiratory sound based on parameters: cough, breath, and voice Kranthi Kumar Lella, Alphonse PJA
58 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Mar―09 Electrostatic features for nucleocapsid proteins of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 Wenhan Guo, Yixin Xie, Alan E Lopez-Hernandez, Shengjie Sun, Lin Li
59 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2021―Mar―08 A literature review on COVID-19 disease diagnosis from respiratory sound data Kranthi Kumar Lella, Alphonse PJA
60 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Mar―08 Modeling of daily confirmed Saudi COVID-19 cases using inverted exponential regression Sarah R. Al-Dawsari, Khalaf S. Sultan
61 [GO] Journal of Dynamics & Games 2021―Mar―05 Systems theory and analysis of the implementation of non pharmaceutical policies for the mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic John Leventides, Costas Poulios, Georgios Alkis Tsiatsios, Maria Livada, Stavros Tsipras, Konstantinos Lefcaditis, et al. (+2)
62 [GO] AIMS Medical Science 2021―Feb―25 Telehealth during COVID-19: why Sub-Saharan Africa is yet to log-in to virtual healthcare? Dolapo Babalola, Michael Anayo, David Ayomide Itoya
63 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Feb―24 Corneal transplantation during COVID-19 pandemic: need for special considerations-A live review Anuj Kumar Pandey, Nidhi Mudgil, Yogesh Wadgave, Sidharth Sekhar Mishra
64 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Feb―22 Global dynamics of COVID-19 epidemic model with recessive infection and isolation Rong Yuan, Yangjun Ma, Congcong Shen, Jinqing Zhao, Xiaofeng Luo, Maoxing Liu
65 [GO] AIMS Allergy and Immunology 2021―Feb―08 Case fatalities due to COVID-19: Why there is a difference between the East and West? Ahmed Yaqinuddin, Ayesha Rahman Ambia, Tasnim Atef Elgazzar
66 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Feb―05 COVID-19 restrictions: experiences of immigrant parents in Toronto Sepali Guruge, Paula Lamaj, Charlotte Lee, Charlene Esteban Ronquillo, Souraya Sidani, Ernest Leung, et al. (+4)
67 [GO] Green Finance 2021―Feb―03 Oil and stock markets volatility during pandemic times: a review of G7 countries Tahir Mumtaz Awan, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Inzamam Ul Haq, Sarwat Kazmi
68 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Feb―02 A rapid review of recent advances in diagnosis, treatment and vaccination for COVID-19 Srikanth Umakanthan, Vijay Kumar Chattu, Anu V Ranade, Debasmita Das, Abhishekh Basavarajegowda, Maryann Bukelo
69 [GO] AIMS Medical Science 2021―Feb―02 COVID-19 and papular manifestations pattern in 3 patients: a retrospective case series Hossein Sheibani, Elham Azmoodeh, Amirhessam Kheirieh, Khadijeh Aerab Sheibani
70 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Feb―01 Regional forecasting of COVID-19 caseload by non-parametric regression: a VAR epidemiological model Aaron C Shang, Kristen E Galow, Gary G Galow
71 [GO] AIMS Allergy and Immunology 2021―Jan―26 Systematic review on the clinical presentation and management of the COVID-19 associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) Marah Shaikh Yousef, Nur Syazana Idris, Charles Yap, Abdulaziz Abdullah Alsubaie, Pramath Kakodkar
72 [GO] AIMS Biophysics 2021―Jan―26 Charged amino acids may promote coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 fusion with the host cell Piotr H. Pawłowski
73 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2021―Jan―12 Relationship between knowledge on COVID-19 and psychological distress among students living in quarantine: an email survey Areeb Khalid, Muhammad Waqar Younas, Hashim Khan, Muhammad Sarfraz Khan, Abdur Rehman Malik, Adam Umair Ashraf Butt, Basit Ali
74 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jan―05 Special issue: Modeling the biological, epidemiological, immunological, molecular, virological aspects of COVID-19 Daozhou Gao, Daihai He
75 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jan―04 Deterministic and stochastic models for the epidemic dynamics of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China Damilola Olabode, Jordan Culp, Allison Fisher, Angela Tower, Dylan Hull-Nye, Xueying Wang
76 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2021―Jan―04 Detecting time-changes in $ PM_{10} $ during Covid pandemic by means of an Ornstein Uhlenbeck type process Giuseppina Albano
77 [GO] Foundations of Data Science 2020―Dec―31 An international initiative of predicting the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic using ensemble data assimilation Geir Evensen, Javier Amezcua, Marc Bocquet, Alberto Carrassi, Alban Farchi, Alison Fowler, et al. (+6)
78 [GO] National Accounting Review 2020―Dec―23 Do activities of foreign investors affect main stock exchange indices? Evidence from Turkey before and in time of Covid-19 pandemic Mustafa Tevfik Kartal
79 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Dec―22 Patriarchy at the helm of gender-based violence during COVID-19 Sumbal Javed, Vijay Kumar Chattu
80 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2020―Dec―14 Bayesian inference of dynamic cumulative residual entropy from Pareto Ⅱ distribution with application to COVID-19 Abdullah Ali H. Ahmadini, Amal S. Hassan, Ahmed N. Zaky, Shokrya S. Alshqaq
81 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Dec―14 Controlling the spread of COVID-19 on college campuses Molly Borowiak, Fayfay Ning, Justin Pei, Sarah Zhao, Hwai-Ray Tung, Rick Durrett
82 [GO] AIMS Microbiology 2020―Dec―07 Biologically active compounds from marine organisms in the strategies for combating coronaviruses Tatyana S. Zaporozhets, Nataliya N. Besednova
83 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Dec―05 A mathematical model for the impacts of face mask, hospitalization and quarantine on the dynamics of COVID-19 in India: deterministic vs. stochastic Akhil Kumar Srivastav, Pankaj Kumar Tiwari, Prashant K Srivastava, Mini Ghosh, Yun Kang
84 [GO] AIMS Agriculture and Food 2020―Dec―04 Socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic: Empirical study on the supply of chicken meat in Indonesia Doppy Roy Nendissa, Muhaimin Abdul Wahib, Maria Haryulin Astuti, Putu Arimbawa, Maximilian M. J. Kapa, Evi Feronika Elbaar
85 [GO] AIMS Geosciences 2020―Dec―04 Geopolitics of Covid-19: global challenge at national borders Giuseppe Terranova
86 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Nov―25 Modeling and analysis of COVID-19 based on a time delay dynamic model Cong Yang, Yali Yang, Zhiwei Li, Lisheng Zhang
87 [GO] AIMS Geosciences 2020―Nov―25 Risk narrations and perceptions in the COVID-19 time. A discourse analysis through the Italian press Giulia de Spuches, Francesca Sabatini, Gabriella Palermo, Emanuela Caravello
88 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Nov―23 Bioengineering applied to Covid-19 pandemic: from bench to bedside Rogério Leone Buchaim
89 [GO] AIMS Medical Science 2020―Nov―20 A meta-analysis to estimate the incidence of thromboembolism in hospitalized COVID-19 patients Ayema Haque, Areeba Minhaj, Areeba Ahmed, Owais Khan, Palvisha Qasim, Hasan Fareed, et al. (+4)
90 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Nov―13 Modelling the transmission of infectious diseases inside hospital bays: implications for COVID-19 David Moreno Martos, Benjamin J. Parcell, Raluca Eftimie
91 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Nov―13 The impact of intervention strategies and prevention measurements for controlling COVID-19 outbreak in Saudi Arabia Adil Yousif, Awad Ali
92 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Nov―12 Association of climatic factors with COVID-19 in Pakistan Yasir Rehman, Nadia Rehman
93 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Nov―11 A dynamical framework for modeling fear of infection and frustration with social distancing in COVID-19 spread Matthew D. Johnston, Bruce Pell
94 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Nov―04 Generalized Richards model for predicting COVID-19 dynamics in Saudi Arabia based on particle swarm optimization Algorithm Rafat Zreiq, Souad Kamel, Sahbi Boubaker, Asma A Al-Shammary, Fahad D Algahtani, Fares Alshammari
95 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Nov―02 Extended SEIQR type model for COVID-19 epidemic and data analysis Swarnali Sharma, Vitaly Volpert, Malay Banerjee
96 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Oct―30 Transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in Algeria: The impact of physical distancing and face masks Ali Moussaoui, El Hadi Zerga
97 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Oct―28 Studying social awareness of physical distancing in mitigating COVID-19 transmission Xiaoying Wang
98 [GO] Big Data & Information Analytics 2020―Oct―27 Modeling the COVID-19 epidemic in Bolivia Antonio N. Bojanic, Alejandro Jordán
99 [GO] Electronic Research Archive 2020―Oct―22 On a model of COVID-19 dynamics Jorge Rebaza
100 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Oct―22 Mathematical modeling and analysis of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria Enahoro A. Iboi, Oluwaseun Sharomi, Calistus N. Ngonghala, Abba B. Gumel
101 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Oct―16 A new dynamical modeling SEIR with global analysis applied to the real data of spreading COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia Hamdy M. Youssef, Najat A. Alghamdi, Magdy A. Ezzat, Alaa A. El-Bary, Ahmed M. Shawky
102 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Oct―12 Mathematical analysis for COVID-19 resurgence in the contaminated environment Haonan Zhong, Wendi Wang
103 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2020―Sep―27 A stochastic epidemic model of COVID-19 disease Xavier Bardina, Marco Ferrante, Carles Rovira
104 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2020―Sep―27 Impact of the novel coronavirus on stock market returns: evidence from GCC countries Raéf Bahrini, Assaf Filfilan
105 [GO] AIMS Microbiology 2020―Sep―24 Molecular docking between human TMPRSS2 and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: conformation and intermolecular interactions Mushtaq Hussain, Nusrat Jabeen, Anusha Amanullah, Ayesha Ashraf Baig, Basma Aziz, Sanya Shabbir, et al. (+2)
106 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Sep―23 Optimal control on COVID-19 eradication program in Indonesia under the effect of community awareness Dipo Aldila, Meksianis Z. Ndii, Brenda M. Samiadji
107 [GO] Big Data & Information Analytics 2020―Sep―23 A data driven analysis and forecast of an SEIARD epidemic model for COVID-19 in Mexico Ugo Avila-Ponce de León, Ángel G. C. Pérez, Eric Avila-Vales
108 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Sep―21 Lifting mobility restrictions and the effect of superspreading events on the short-term dynamics of COVID-19 Mario Santana-Cibrian, Manuel A. Acuña-Zegarra, Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez
109 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Sep―14 Analyzing the effect of duration on the daily new cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths using bivariate Poisson regression: a marginal conditional approach Rafiqul Chowdhury, Gary Sneddon, M. Tariqul Hasan
110 [GO] AIMS Allergy and Immunology 2020―Sep―11 An overview of the prominence of current diagnostic methods for diagnosis of COVID-19 Muhammad Sadeqi Nezhad, Farhad Seif, Ilad Alavi Darazam, Azam Samei, Monireh Kamali, Hossein Aazami, et al. (+5)
111 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Sep―10 Mathematical modeling of COVID-19 transmission: the roles of intervention strategies and lockdown Sarita Bugalia, Vijay Pal Bajiya, Jai Prakash Tripathi, Ming-Tao Li, Gui-Quan Sun
112 [GO] AIMS Allergy and Immunology 2020―Sep―04 Contribution of antibody-dependent enhancement to the pathogenesis of coronavirus infections Yu. A. Desheva, A. S. Mamontov, P. G. Nazarov
113 [GO] AIMS Energy 2020―Sep―02 Dynamic spillover effects between oil prices and stock markets: New evidence from pre and during COVID-19 outbreak Ngo Thai Hung
114 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Sep―01 The magnitude of COVID-19 related stress, anxiety and depression associated with intense mass media coverage in Saudi Arabi Yosef Mohamed-Azzam Zakout, Fayez Saud Alreshidi, Ruba Mustafa Elsaid, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed
115 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Aug―31 Reported handwashing practices of Vietnamese people during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated factors: a 2020 online survey Le Thi Thanh Huong, Le Tu Hoang, Tran Thi Tuyet-Hanh, Nguyen Quynh Anh, Nguyen Thi Huong, Do Manh Cuong, Bui Thi Tu Quyen
116 [GO] AIMS Microbiology 2020―Aug―28 Six decades of lateral flow immunoassay: from determining metabolic markers to diagnosing COVID-19 Boris G. Andryukov
117 [GO] AIMS Mathematics 2020―Aug―28 An SIHR epidemic model of the COVID-19 with general population-size dependent contact rate Shuyun Jiao, Mingzhan Huang
118 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Aug―19 The dynamics of COVID-19 spread: evidence from Lebanon Omar El Deeb, Maya Jalloul
119 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Aug―12 Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 infection model with two modes of transmission and immune response Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi
120 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Aug―06 Role of MOH as a grassroots public health manager in preparedness and response for COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka Pamila Sadeeka Adikari, KGRV Pathirathna, WKWS Kumarawansa, PD Koggalage
121 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Aug―05 Global stability of COVID-19 model involving the quarantine strategy and media coverage effects Ahmed A Mohsen, Hassan Fadhil AL-Husseiny, Xueyong Zhou, Khalid Hattaf
122 [GO] National Accounting Review 2020―Jul―30 In COVID-19 outbreak, correlating the cost-based market liquidity risk to microblogging sentiment indicators Jawad Saleemi
123 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Jul―27 Differences in how interventions coupled with effective reproduction numbers account for marked variations in COVID-19 epidemic outcomes Fan Xia, Yanni Xiao, Peiyu Liu, Robert A. Cheke, Xuanya Li
124 [GO] AIMS Molecular Science 2020―Jul―24 SARS-CoV-2; from vaccine development to drug discovery and prevention guidelines Amir Khodavirdipour, Fariba Keramat, Seyed Hamid Hashemi, Mohammad Yousef Alikhani
125 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Jul―23 Metabolic syndrome and COVID-19 Júlia Novaes Matias, Gyovanna Sorrentino dos Santos Campanari, Gabriela Achete de Souza, Vinícius Marinho Lima, Ricardo José Tofano, Claudia Rucco Penteado Detregiachi, Sandra M. Barbalho
126 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Jul―23 Corona pandemic: awareness of health care providers in Pakistan Sadia Minhas, Rabia Mushtaq Chaudhary, Aneequa Sajjad, Iram Manzoor, Atika Masood, Muhammad Kashif
127 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2020―Jul―22 The determinants of main stock exchange index changes in emerging countries: evidence from Turkey in COVID-19 pandemic age Mustafa Tevfik Kartal, Özer Depren, Serpil Kılıç Depren
128 [GO] AIMS Medical Science 2020―Jul―22 COVID-19 pandemic and hemodialysis: A review of the literature Belgüzar Kara
129 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Jul―22 Physical exercise and COVID-19: a summary of the recommendations Eduardo Federighi Baisi Chagas, Piero Biteli, Bruno Moreira Candeloro, Miguel Angelo Rodrigues, Pedro Henrique Rodrigues
130 [GO] AIMS Molecular Science 2020―Jul―16 Familiar fixes for a modern malady: a discussion on the possible cures of COVID-19 Amrit Krishna Mitra
131 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Jul―15 Using a partial differential equation with Google Mobility data to predict COVID-19 in Arizona Haiyan Wang, Nao Yamamoto
132 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Jul―15 On stiff, fuzzy IRD-14 day average transmission model of COVID-19 pandemic disease Prasantha Bharathi Dhandapani, Dumitru Baleanu, Jayakumar Thippan, Vinoth Sivakumar
133 [GO] AIMS Geosciences 2020―Jul―13 Environmental knowledge, risk prevention, renaissance suggestions in the time of COVID-19 Piero Farabollini, Francesca Romana Lugeri, and Emy Fuffa
134 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Jul―13 Analyzing the effects of public interventions on reducing public gatherings in China during the COVID-19 epidemic via mobile terminals positioning data Lei Nie, Xin Guo, Chengqi Yi, Ruojia Wang
135 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2020―Jul―13 Covid-19, oil price and UK economic policy uncertainty: evidence from the ARDL approach Saeed Sazzad Jeris, Ridoy Deb Nath
136 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Jul―08 Possible effects of mixed prevention strategy for COVID-19 epidemic: massive testing, quarantine and social distancing Toshikazu Kuniya, Hisashi Inaba
137 [GO] AIMS Microbiology 2020―Jul―06 Insights of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) disease outbreak, management and treatment Dharmender Kumar, Lalit Batra, Mohammad Tariq Malik
138 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2020―Jul―03 The behavior of Sovereign Credit Default Swaps (CDS) spread: evidence from Turkey with the effect of Covid-19 pandemic Mustafa Tevfik Kartal
139 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Jul―01 Are SAARC countries prepared to combat COVID-19 to save young, working-age population? Farhana Sultana, Hasan Mahmud Reza
140 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Jun―24 Impact of household quarantine on SARS-Cov-2 infection in mainland China: A mean-field modelling approach Junyuan Yang, Guoqiang Wang, Shuo Zhang
141 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―Jun―23 COVID-19: A master stroke of Nature Sushant K Singh
142 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Jun―18 Analysis coronavirus disease (COVID-19) model using numerical approaches and logistic model Ayub Ahmed, Bashdar Salam, Mahmud Mohammad, Ali Akgül, Sarbaz H. A. Khoshnaw
143 [GO] Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2020―Jun―15 Modeling the transmission dynamics and the impact of the control interventions for the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak Fernando Saldaña, Hugo Flores-Arguedas, José Ariel Camacho-Gutiérrez, Ignacio Barradas
144 [GO] AIMS Bioengineering 2020―Jun―15 Insights into the development of effective materials to suppress replication of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Fumiaki Uchiumi, Yoko Ogino, Akira Sato, Sei-ichi Tanuma
145 [GO] Quantitative Finance and Economics 2020―May―29 Asymmetric impact of COVID-19 induced uncertainty on inbound Chinese tourists in Australia: insights from nonlinear ARDL model Sudeshna Ghosh
146 [GO] AIMS Public Health 2020―May―22 Parameter estimation and prediction for coronavirus disease outbreak 2019 (COVID-19) in Algeria Soufiane Bentout, Abdennasser Chekroun, Toshikazu Kuniya
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